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There are things I will simply never get. I mean, last night, there was me - virtuously eschewing coffee after 9pm in favour of fruit juice, heading to bed at half-past midnight ... and then tossed and turned and could not get to sleep at all except in snippets. I sleep better when I'm hopped up on caffeine, seriously. Insomnia blows dead rats. Then again, I figure at least some of it was stress over having to go back to work. Which is actually fair enough because with Mr I-Don't-Want-To-Do-My-Job who was giving me so much shit on Friday away for the day, I'm having to sit in the actual department office with MsMoo. The actual department office is a nightmare, make no mistake. There are no windows, as the consultants' offices get the windows and we get their office doors (so if their office doors aren't open, we're screwed for little things like fresh air and natural light). My current chair is more or less right in front of one of the consultant's office doors, which is fun when people heading into and out of said office have to slalom around me. The room is tiny, so between the two desks, the piles of notes that everyone refuses to send back to medical records, and various bits of unnecessary furniture ... well, there is no such thing as 'personal space' in this office. I hate it in here. At least I won't have to be in here for the rest of the week because Mr I-Don't-Want-To-Do-My-Job will be back. And then there's MsMoo, the other admin in this department. I haven't seen her in awhile (thank the gods for small mercies), but I am not a fan of this one, any more than the other one. She, too, ducks her duties on a regular basis but is also unpleasant to people on the phone the few times she doesn't ignore it ringing, cannot follow simple instructions and essentially is the kind of admin who ... well, isn't. Apparently she was in radiology but could not hack the workload so, rather than sacking her, they shopped her off to another department to make their lives a misery. I don't even know. All I do know is that on top of all that, she's one of those people who will pat your arm while talking to you, heedless of whether you might not like invasions of your personal space by people you don't know in an overly familiar way. Getting bumped into on the Tube or scrunched past on the train? That's one thing. That's unavoidable. However, I do not appreciate people patting my arm when I don't know them well, I have not invited contact and I don't actually like them all that much.

Still, despite being weary and more or less fed up, I do have some bright shining light at the end of the tunnel that this week has begun to resemble. Not only is Monday a bank holiday, but I have the rest of the week off as well! Woo! I booked it a little last-minute, and was careful to tell my office manager that I could rearrange if it was inconvenient, but as it turns out, it's really not - in fact, is better than convenient given the bank holiday being there anyway. So I can have an entire week off that doesn't involve me being flat on my back with gastric flu ... which is good because that week is supposed to involve a roleplay date with someone who absolutely cannot manage getting online before 2am my time. Usually I get around this by early evening naps instead of good nights' sleep but this is a much better way of going about it.

Meanwhile, out in Azeroth, the gamut of test characters continues. Yeah, I'm not getting heavily invested in any of these until I've decided exactly what I want to have as main and alts and everything. Which is at least part of why I'm naming them all after medical terminology of some sort or other, thinking about it - at least I won't run out of those for awhile. The list is as follows:

Porphyria: You've heard about her - my Forsaken Warlock. Currently on level 6, I think. Like the class, not sure about the race. And I hate the starting zones. It's grey and rainy and emo as unholy fuck. I think I'm going to ditch her soon and roll up some other Warlock.
SisterQ: Mage Gnome. Named in honour of my Cultist of Ecstasy on Chicago. Level 5 at last look. This one I intend to stick with as there has to be a Mage Gnome.
Ellowyne: Human Hunter. You've heard about her too. Level 10 and climbing. I like her ... though I might possibly ditch her and make a Hunter of another race. I like the class way better than the race.
Glioma: Blood Elf Rogue. I think I stopped at level 5 with her. Like the race, not sure about the class. Maybe if I ditch Ellowyne, I can roll up a Blood Elf Hunter or something. That might work.
Keppra: Tauren Shaman. Another surprise there: I did not remotely expect to enjoy playing a moocow. Or a Shaman. And yet I'm currently really enjoying this character and the area in general.

I think it helps that I'm working out how to do stuff with little in the way of ... y'know, investment. Look, when I started Satomi, I had paid for one character. If I screwed things up in the starter levels, I was living with that mistake. Here, I can have multiple characters without having to pay extra, which means that I can noodle around with it all until I settle on a few I actually like, and in the meantime learn how to do the little things like ... professions, for example. I am currently having a serious problem with fishing. I found a fishing rod. I settled near a fishing trainer. I followed the instructions on WoWwiki. And ... I keep getting that I need a target. THERE'S A FUCKING LAKE RIGHT THERE! HOW ARE YOU NOT FINDING A TARGET?!? I need serious help. It was fairly simple on FFXI; I just typed /fish. Or selected the bit on the menu bar that said 'Fish'. Over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over again. (I could be very patient about my fishing.) What I did get the hang of is skinning. At least, once I finally found a NPC that could sell me a skinning knife. Thunder Bluff is pretty but a bitch to navigate, kthnx. Now if I could just get hold of some flour so I could contemplate levelling cooking? That'd be awesome.

It sounds like I spend way more time on this game than I do, doesn't it? Really, I don't spend that much time on the game, or at least not dedicated time. It doesn't take a lot to power through the early levels even for a total noob like me. And there are things I still want to try. I figure on at least trying out every race and class in game before I make up my mind on which I want to stick with. And ... y'know, various permutations and combinations. That's another thing where WoW has it over FFXI; you may not get to change your character's class at will, but there's a lot of variety in races that's lacking in FFXI and the ability to have multiple characters means you get to try things out more easily. Anyway, my next thing is to do another DA:O playthrough to import to DA2, as sometimes the savegen mucks up some of the flag. Or maybe it's the game that does, I dunno. Egh.

And finally, a bit of amusement from the brief trip out to the shops I made yesterday: unfortunate if accurate translation issues on food packaging. Polish manufacturer. Soups and tinned goods aisle. Little packet of instant soup mix. Label bears a picture of a chicken and a bowl of broth. Label reads: 'Cock Soup'.

...Yeah, so not going there.
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Annnnnnd another moment that makes DA2 so worth playing...

I was at the docks with Isabela, Fenris and Varric, just having talked to the last surviving Harrowmont for some quest or other, and as we're looting Carta bodies, this random wandering-around-the-area NPC chick out of the blue comes out with:

NPC: I know your face. The boys from Orlais named an itch after you.
Isabela: A sneer on your lips but want in your eye.

Okay, I know the recycled areas annoy everyone. But if that's the price of little moments like that, where the wandering NPCs randomly react to the people you've got in party? I'll pay it gladly. (Yes, it would have been nice if they'd done both. But then it'd load slower and we'd have had to wait forever for it to come out.)

[Edit: Shit, everyone in the docks talks to Isabela!

NPC: Didn't ... didn't you board us once in Rivain! Woman, you left us drifting!
Isabela: I'm sorry; I don't speak 'never-gets-sex-again'.

*gigglefit* Love this game so hard...]

In other news, my bank holiday weekend is going smashingly, thank you. The weather has been delightful, I haven't shut my window since Thursday night, and ... well, okay, I haven't actually been outside beyond a couple of shopping forays, but it's sunny. I don't do well in sunny. It tends to trigger my migraines. This is not good. The number the pollen's doing on my sinuses and the fact that my glasses are scratched all to hell is bad enough. I'm not adding sun-triggered migraine to the low-level hurt already there.

There will have to be chores, eventually. Dishes. Laundry. That kind of thing. Right now, though? I'm happy enough just faffing, playing video games and chatting to people. Though I do need to take my stupid antihistamines. I so need this long weekend, you have no idea.
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I have been on my second playthrough on Dragon Age 2, and there's this quest in Act 3...

Cut for the disinterested; requires at least one playthrough of Origins to get... )

Seriously, those two so remind me of Pietro and Alison, you have no idea.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled radio silence.
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Scene: the office, 4:55pm, after a tea break that included various tales of How My Life Is Insane.

Me: So glad it's the weekend. Though actually, I want it to be next weekend.
Co-Worker: Oh? Why?
Me: Well, there's this thing whose release date is the 11th and I'm really looking forward to it...
Co-Worker: Oh! So is someone you care about getting out of jail?
Me: ...................No!
Co-Worker: Oh! Well, it's just that your life is like a soap opera and I just figured...
Me: No, it's a video game!
Co-Worker: Oh. All right, then!

Moral: sometimes there is no percentage in trying not to look like a geek at work. Especially when conversations like that are followed with:

Me: Actually, I'm really looking forward to next month, 'cos Doctor Who is back!
Half the office: Yes!

Bird Lords

May. 25th, 2010 05:23 pm
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As seen via someone else's LJ:

Doctor Hoo.

I did not come up with the pun. But ... c'mon. Owls.
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*on using Sims to make Dragon Age characters to see what they do*
Mitchy: So ... let me get this straight. You're using a computer game to make characters from another computer game ... to see what they do.
Me: There's more free will involved! And besides, this means I can make [character] and torture him to death! *laughter*
Mitchy: I let you into my house voluntarily?
Me: Oh, come on. You know I read books on poisons and you eat my cooking.
Mitchy: ......meep......

Someone please reassure her that I'm not going to kill her. She won't listen to me!
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Me: *typity-type-type response to semi-recent Twitter tweet*
Mitchy: *cringe*
Me: *looks up; notes cringe* I'm not ranting.
Mitchy: ...Okay.
Me: *goes back to Twitter response*
Mitchy: *cringes more; eyes me warily*
Me: I am not ranting!
Mitchy: ...You sure?
Me: *giggling* Yes!
Mitchy: ...Okay...

Apparently, just the idea of me ranting is enough to strike fear into the hearts of ... you know, moderately sane people. I'm not really sure how to feel about that.
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(Scene: two young women sitting and poking around on their respective computers.)

Me: *switches on Sims 3*
EA Download Manager: *bingley bingley beep! please look at this advert for other EA products that might take your fancy!*
Me: *twitch*
Mitchy: Mmm?
Me: *quotes from advert* "Dragon Age Origins, a dark fantasy epic..."
Mitchy: ..... (maniacal laughter)
Mitchy: It's obviously destined!

...In other news, generous Mitchys may have been poking Amazon about early birthday presents in about that vein. I have the squeaking glee, and the Cunning Plan. Moo hoo ha ha.
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Discussing icy road conditions and how this affects driving:

Mitchy: Those boxes in the back of my car* have been an absolute lifesaver these past couple of days. They give some weight to the back end, 'cos it's not a very heavy car, and ... yeah, those are staying there until the roads improve.
Me: So basically you're saying that your life's been saved by RP sourcebooks.
Mitchy: Oooh, so true! And in more ways than one!

That one just speaks for itself.

(* - There are still a couple of boxes of my stuff in Pippa's** boot. One contains my RP sourcebooks and the other I think is just plain books, though I suspect my Chucks are in one of those boxes somewhere.)
(** - Pippa = Her Mitchyship's shiny new blue Peugeot. Named after the MitchyBoggan over on JusNoctis, back in the day.)
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Watching the TotP 2 'Annual', chock full of Christmas hits. Kate Bush turns up

Mitchy: I can't figure out whether she's just totally loopy or on some really serious drugs.
Me: A little like Bjork, really.
Mitchy: Yeah, except ... well ... actually, yeah, pretty much.

Which just goes to show, perhaps, that there's one in every generation. Like vampire slayers. Or something.

On the whole, this is amusing to watch. I may not be a desperate fan of everything that comes on (don't even get me started on East 17), but some of it was fun and ... oh dear gods, now there's the Alexandra Burke version of "Hallelujah" and oh that's just atrocious. I'm not generally all that bad on covers, but I liked that song better when Jeff Buckley sang it. Hell, I liked it a lot better when Leonard Cohen sang it. Does it have to be so diva-tastic? *sigh*

It's saying something when Petula Clark is a relief.
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Rob T Furball (cat) is being a yowly attention-sucking pest. [personal profile] mitchy has been offering him the requested space on the sofa, but he has been ignoring it and pestering me.

Me: I am trying to write! I am just going to ignore you!
[personal profile] mitchy: ...Did you say you were writing?
Me: Yes.
[personal profile] mitchy: (to cat, very loud) OFF!
Cat: *scarpers at speed*

In short, even if you are too cute to be turned into furry slippers, do not get between a [personal profile] mitchy and the object of her fan-squee.

Theme Tunes

Oct. 5th, 2009 05:30 pm
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Had to share, for the Lovecraft fans on my LJ: courtesy [ profile] theglen


It's time to wake the Old Ones
It's time the stars are right
It's time to call Cthulhu
On the Lovecraft Show tonight!

It's time to worship Hastur
It's time to die of fright
All hail the King in Yellow
On the Lovecraft Show tonight!

Why do we always come here?
It costs us sanity
When cultists chant Ftaghn
Or scream Tekeli-li!

So let's summon Ithaqua!
We'll all summon Ithaqua!
Nothing rhymes with Ithaqua!
On the most mind shattering, bloodstain spattering, insane chattering, time/space tattering...
This is what we call the Lovecraft Show!!!

...Now I want to see this show air.
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I had to share this. Thank you to Lore (tithenai on LJ)!

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I just had to pass this along. Thanks for the hysterical laughter, [ profile] tyrell!


Apr. 19th, 2009 12:08 am
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Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Days of our Lives and Splinter Cell.
The story should use furries as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

...I want to see this episode of DooL SO BADLY you have no idea.


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:19 pm
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Cthulu religious tract.

(I saw this on reddit and figured half my friends list would be amused.)
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Co-Worker: Oh, they must have brought Catherine Tate in on Doctor Who because viewing figures were dropping; I mean, I only watched it because she was in it!
Me: Not sure that worked so well when they brought in David Tennant...
Co-Worker: Oh, I thought he was better in Harry Potter.
Me: I'm not really sure I see much difference... (talking about acting style, really)
Co-Worker: Oh, but he was evil in Harry Potter!
Me: Come on; the Doctor's morally ambiguous at the best of times.
Co-Worker: But no, he was really evil! He tried to kill Harry!
Me: That's not evil. At various points in the last three books, I wanted to try to kill Harry.
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This cheered me up a bit.

Fans of Doctor Who (particularly of the episode 'Blink', which I still haven't got around to watching, bad bad me) will get a kick out of this, I think. And those Doctor Who fans who went to Dragon*Con probably already know.

Damn, that's awesome.
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I will pick up the drabble again tomorrow (probably), but for now, until I do? I just had to link to this: DW/RHPS macro ludicrousness of hilarity.

Somebody? Try EVERYONE.

...Well, except for people who don't want potential spoilers.
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I shouldn't still be up, but in a brief burst of levity following the heart-rending S2 Torchwood finale, I would like to direct you to Trying to Communicate, a Torchwood fic by [ profile] sam_storyteller.

I have as yet never met anyone who could do a convincing LOLCat crossover with anything, but I suppose if it was going to be any fandom, it was going to be Torchwood. Or possibly Who (though it puts those cat-people in S3, ep 2 in some very odd perspective...).

Anyway, it's good for a laugh.


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