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Oh, it occurs to me. I never actually spun out the Cookie Saga, did I?

So ... you remember awhile back there was that whole deal where I posted my geektastic recipe for "Sten Approves" cookies? I first posted this on Tumblr, and the recipe ... it got around. The first person who actually made those cookies apart from me, as part as I'm aware, was Reg, otherwise known as skiesovergideon, who started following me because of some alternadialogue I posted to a reblog of her Reg Liveblogs Dragon Age routine. Anyway, she baked the cookies and she loved them. Lots and lots.

Enter Reg's Mom. Who had, by this point, already seen her daughter playing Dragon Age and asked at least once "Why isn't Sten your boyfriend?" (Reg's Mom has a very interesting view of the IC/OOC divide.) So Reg's Mom asks what Reg is baking and Reg tells her. Reg's Mom likes them.

This is where it starts to get complicated.

I think Reg's Mom had at some point watched Reg play Warcrack and got the general idea about crafting food items, and it all got a little mixed up because of the name I gave the cookies, and to sum it up, Reg's Mom thought (maybe still thinks, for all I know) that this particular cookie is something that your Warden can craft in-game and give to Sten to make him like you better. And that a dev gave the fans an actual recipe so that they could make these crafting items IRL. Also, apparently, that I am a dev. (At least she gets the hang of the fact that I'm female now...)

It ... doesn't stop there. For varying reasons, my cookies being the icing on the proverbial cake, Reg's Mom decides to play Dragon Age. In part to be looking for that crafting recipe. Which doesn't exist. Which did not stop her looking. From this was born Dragon Age According to Reg's Mom. Which has kind of exploded to the point where it's damn near a Tumblr-fan-community meme. Gaider has actually been made aware of this and replied to tweets about it at least once. (This involved a potential Chris Evans look-alike as a party member, as Reg's Mom suggested - with the addition of the comment, "We're sending him cookies; he'd better". Yes, apparently Reg's Mom wanted to send the Bioware crew what were responsible for Dragon Age some Sten Approves cookies as a thank-you, or something. She has since started playing the city elf origin and has rescinded this bit of nice out of protest on the subject of Vaughan.)

...All I did was suggest that this was an awesome alternative to the bog-standard choc-chip cookie recipe... I mean, I clearly can't take a whole terrible lot in the way of credit, since it's Reg and her mother who have all the funny here, but I feel like I may have catalysed this. Just a tiny bit. Iiiiittybittybit.
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Because of some conversation on Tumblr, I decided that this weekend was Fereldan Food Weekend and set out to make some interestingness. The first thing I tried - ironically the quickest and easiest of the dishes on offer - was what I call Sten Approves +100 Chocolate Chip Cookies with Seheron Spice. Because I am a fangirl and an utter dork.

My base recipe was Felix's Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I made the following changes:

1) At the 'flour/bicarb/salt/baking powder' stage, I added a quarter-teaspoon of nutmeg, a teaspoon of ginger powder and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

2) Instead of just softening the butter, I melted it down on the stove on low heat, adding a quarter-teaspoon of whole clove. I let that stand for a few minutes then strained the cloves out, then added the sugar/eggs/vanilla extract.

3) Instead of chocolate chips, I crumbled a half a bar of chilli chocolate and half a bar of orange chocolate into the resultant dough.

After that, I followed the recipe as written. Then I tasted the dough. Raw chocolate chip cookie dough is always awesome, but this was truly spectacular.

Then I baked them and tasted the result.

I HAVE CREATED THE ULTIMATE COOKIE. Seriously, try this. It is gorgeous.

Next up? Alistair's Fereldan Lamb and Pea Stew (with Improvements by Leliana).
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I am all alone in the office this afternoon. Everyone has gone home early, or had the day off, or worked from home or something. I don't know what the girls downstairs are doing, but it's peaceful, just me. And at least someone gave me the key code for the office door up here, so if I have to leave the office, I don't have to worry about leaving the door open. Apparently, we don't do that when the office is empty. Which makes a certain amount of good sense. (It still doesn't justify the fact that the other float still forgets to lock down her computer before she leaves her desk despite my having shown her how, mind you. I'm going to have to remind her. I think I'll maintain a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy there; I've told her, and she gets two reminders before I report her.)

I wonder if anyone would mind if I borrowed someone else's desk for the next couple of hours. See, there's one minor problem with my current office space; it faces a window. A west-facing window. And the blinds are missing a few slats so it does not block out the sun. Everyone knows I'm pretty prone to migraines, right? Well, imagine how it feels to spend from about 2pm 'til sundown getting comprehensively blinded by the sun shining right in my face with no hope of blocking it out. Right now I'm managing by adjusting how I sit so that the slats that are actually in the blinds are blocking the sun from my direct line of sight (mostly) but that's just doing in my left shoulder. I'd shift my computer but there's no actual room to do so, because 'my' desk is actually storage space for I don't know what-all rubbish from the IT department. Gods almighty, I hate this place sometimes.

In other news, I participated in the Secret Swooper deal for the [ profile] swooping_is_bad LJ community; basically it's Secret Santa for DA fanworks, or Yuletide with a specific fandom. I wrote a piece of Anders-centric fic that I'm actually fairly proud of (I may post it later, but I want to wait until the person I'm Secret Swooping for sees it; it's their present) and I got the loveliest bit of fanart. But of course, my working on this kind of thing shows how much of a dork I can sometimes actually be, because as per usual with this kind of thing, I planned so many bits and pieces of fanwork (a fanmix, a couple of pieces of fic that are half-written already, stuff like that) and then just hit on this idea and bashed it out in an hour and a half and posted that rather than agonise over it anymore. So this whole thing actually just generated way more fan-stuff than just the one gift-piece. Is that what these things are supposed to do? I've never done anything like this before, so the fact that I accomplished it at all is pretty stunning. Maybe I'll actually try Yuletide next year.

Or maybe someone should hit me in the face with a shovel before I fic again.

Aaaaaaaanyway. Yes, I'm goofing off. I'm alone in the office, I've worked my arse off all week and the weekend's coming up in not very long at all. I think I'm entitled to a little bit of goofing. I still do more work than the girls downstairs. This weekend is going to be more or less chores, too - grocery shopping, laundry, stuff like that. I may buy a tiny artificial Christmas tree if I can clean off enough shelf space to put the sodding thing, and there are at least a couple of Christmas gifts I should likely pick up, though I imagine most will be purchased online. (Not that there are that many to begin with.) So ... busy busy. You know how it goes.

Right. Now to Google gingerbread recipes. Also, type letters.
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There is nowhere near enough weekend. Just sayin'.

So I got the shopping in on Saturday. That went well - I remembered to get all the stuff I'll need to pack a lunch at work, I got breakfast bars so I won't starve in the mornings because a half-hour bit of sleep wins over breakfast every time, I got food for the week. I feel accomplished about this because last week I was mainly reduced to picking up something vaguely dinner-like on my way home in the evenings because I just did not have the energy to do a full week's shopping. So ... yeah. House full of food. Which is awesome. There's going to be spaghetti bolognaise and sausage hotpot in my future, but this weekend was lamb breast and pork belly slices (Saturday and Sunday respectively) with corn on the cob and butternut squash. Nom.

Did some Warcrackery, but mostly it wasn't the typical "go out and kill things for quests" thing. I dug up ruins for my Archaeology secondary, and did a lot of mining in the process, which was pretty much below my current level so I put all of that up for auction. That's been working out well so far. Also did a few daily quests (more profession stuff, mostly, except for the one where my toon got to ride a freakin' dragon into battle) and crawled through a quest chain or two. It's not specifically what I'd call 'having a life', but it'll do in a pinch.

But then there will be tomorrow and I will have to go back to work. Weekends are too short. Again, just sayin'.
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So I may have been awake earlier than intended. This has something to do with the arsehole ringing my doorbell at 8am. I did get in some further napping time, but I somehow did not find that all that refreshing. Ah well. I did at least get out and get stuff done today. More than I bargained for, in point of fact.

It is a sad and sorry thing when I have to truck my buns all the way up to Angel to get the treats of my childhood. But then again, it's probably better than not having the treats of my childhood at all. So I am currently drinking cream soda ... which, I'll be honest, I'm starting to regret. I really don't remember it being this sweet. But there's root beer and Mountain Dew Code Red (not exactly 'of my childhood', but I liked it ten years ago) and other stuff, which is nice.

EA seems to think I live in the US. That's the only excuse I have for the fact that they got me all excited sending me an email telling me that the new Sims 3 EP was coming out today when actually, it comes out Friday here. But to be honest, I don't mind so much. See, if I'd not gone out looking for it and been disappointed, I wouldn't have drowned my sorrows with a trip to the bookstore. The second book in the Mira Grant series that started with "Feed" is out, and it happened to be there. Just one copy. Sitting there as if waiting for me. One of the many books in a three-for-two offer. And it doesn't seem to matter how old I get, I will still hug books that please me and squeak with joy. In public. I think it was Brian who said something about how I'm immune to embarrassment. Which I suppose is true with people I've never met, will never meet and likely will never even see again. *shrug*

Which probably explains my reaction when the girl at the till made a face at my new Mira Grant novel. I mean, hey, I know the whole deal about being a liiiiiiiittle fed up with the bog-standard zombie apocalypse deal in modern fiction. I get how it's stupid to assume that no one's seen a horror movie. But I don't get someone making a face at someone else's book just because the back blurb talks about zombies. Cue me spending five minutes explaining to a chastened and increasingly interested-looking sales clerk about how it's not your standard zombie story, it's not the Apocalypse per se; that it's about society and how it evolves to deal with anything ... and finds a way to turn the damnest things and tragedies into a political manoeuvre. I explained the premise without giving away the plot, and explained that it's not your standard small-group-of-survivors zombie story. By the time I was done, I think she was planning on picking up the first one. So ... ha. Take that, judgemental sales clerk.

Oh gods, so tired. Not fair. It's my week off. I should have been allowed to sleep in. Why can't we greet salespeople at the door with bludgeons?
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So I finally levelled up a WoW character past level 10. And once again, I surprise myself unutterably.

Did I level up past level 10 with the Mage!Gnome? No.
Did I level up past level 10 with the Human!Hunter, despite her being at level 10 and it being no effort whatsoever? No.
Did I, in fact, level up any Alliance character past level 10, for all my talk about not wanting to play Horde? ...No.

What did I level up past level 10?
The shiny new Tauren!Shaman.

Yeah, I actually deleted my original Tauren!Shaman (because I forgot to customise that character), started all over again and whaddya know? Level 12. And have just hoofed it (no pun intended) over to Thunder Bluff to run around the place like someone set my tail on fire, doing various diddy-quests and generally having a fine old time. No, it's not a time-sink to the level of FFXI, which is good because ... well, I like having something that approximates a life, thanks ... but it is fun to have around.

So it's Sunday, and currently I am enjoying the hell out of just vegging out, thanks. There's a chunk of brisket marinading in the fridge, and I'm going to get started on cooking that as soon as I've gone out to get some butter for the veg. I knew there was some reason I had to leave the house today (and something I forgot on my massive shopping excursion yesterday). Boo. Ah well. Brisket, baked potato and veg, and side salad. With mango chunks and strawberries for dessert. This is gonna be awesome.

The question is: what shall I watch while I am eating dinner of awesome? I have new DVDs from last week, y'see (there was a sale on). I could watch Strictly Ballroom. Or possibly Pirates of the Caribbean. Probably not Ring or Let the Right One In, as they're not strictly speaking meal-friendly movies. Or I could just go back to one of my old standbys. I dunno. I'll think of something.

I know that I wouldn't have had to go into work tomorrow anyway, given as how there's that whole thing with the bank holiday and all. But knowing that there's a whole week of this kind of vegging out for me? It's just so satisfying, somehow. But it says something about my job that I can be this relieved at not having to go in for a week, doesn't it? Ah well.
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Happy New Year, y'all! May the worst day of 2011 be no worse than the best day of 2010, yeah?

The evening did not go exactly as I planned. It never does. For one thing, while I knew there were going to be leftovers from the Chinese, I did rather expect to at least finish the starters. But my appetite went on strike and now I've got prawn toast leftover along with all the main course dishes. I'm going to be eating leftover Chinese until Wednesday, I'm telling you. I'm not actually complaining about this, mind; leftover Chinese is food of the gods as far as I'm concerned. Still, I do find myself peckish again so I'm going to go finish the starters and then see how I feel.

Sims 3 Late Night is ... actually kind of cool. It's nice to have a reason to go out and ... y'know, socialise, as the last few expansions, beyond a few missions in various holiday spots, really didn't focus much on that. Of course, my luck being as it is, I was just finally getting the hang of stuff when the whole thing crashed on me. And of course, I hadn't saved. Oh well. We'll call that a trial run. Like my first elven mage in Dragon Age. I'll probably give it a bit more of a prod before I go to bed tonight.

So less food than I thought, crashed game ... but there is liiiiiittle bit of alcohol and leftovers and now there'll be a bit more Sims 3-ing and then there'll be bed, hopefully to get some decent sleep. That'd be nice.

And for those of you still lingering in 2010 ... welcome to the future. We'll keep it tidy for you. *g*


Mar. 14th, 2010 01:09 pm
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Two quick things:

1: There is nothing in the world like a Sunday brunch of French toast and sausage. Omnomnom. Though I really need to learn to be more careful when hot oil is concerned. My lack of concern for my own well-being in the oursuit of the nommable ... well, it's kind of epic.

2: Lucked out on Dragon Age Origins fan art. Fan comics, actually. Aimo is about ten different shades of awesome. I am a little fearful of actually looking up fanfic and fan art on the grounds of ... well, this is the internet we're talking about. I have The Fear.

And just to remind y'all that there's still drabble challenge a few entries down the page. Requests, they still be open.
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To elaborate from the Twitter aggregate comment on what I got up to last night: birthday get-together, much belated, and I finally went to Belgo after years of hearing about how awesome their mussels are.

(Side note: their mussels are awesome.)

[personal profile] mitchy and I started at the Lamb and Flag, another place that I've been hearing about for years (my Daria fandom friend Padre, aka Father Martin, and I met up in London for drinks many years ago and we pondered the Lamb and Flag because of its fantastic ale and good sausages but it was too crowded so we ended up somewhere else). I did not have the ale, because I don't actually like beer, with a few very random exceptions (Labatts, Newky Brown, that Mexican stuff where you jam a wedge of lime into the bottle neck... but only very rarely in the case of all three). Instead, I had a half-pint of cider and two packets of crisps because I honestly anticipated a longer night and did not want to dump more alcohol on an empty stomach than necessary.

We honestly didn't expect to see anyone at the L&F, on the grounds of very last minute decision of which pub to go to. However, thalinovel turned up along with random and unexpected but very nice to see him again tyrell. Albeit briefly for tyrell, which was a shame, but at least there was a few minutes of conversation and "Yes, we do know each other from more than online, even if I've only been at Brighton Below three times before my character died" with added "no, let's not talk about the job hunt because frothing at the mouth often offends".

And then it was off to Belgo, with me serving as navigator because someone who is actually very familiar with the area and wandered said area frequently not so long ago trumps the bother of looking at a map. :) And I did get us there, though admittedly I took us the long way around. Mostly I did this on the grounds of my firm belief that there is no point in going to Covent Garden if you're not going to blow past the Covent Garden Market and up from there past the station because missing the buskers is criminal. Actually, there was more entertainment in the two girls in the brightly coloured coats doing a little hoppy-dance and singing "Reach for the stars" out of absolutely nowhere, but the point stands. In any case, we met adelpha and kelemvor in the reception foyer and minmorton turned up a bit later and we were, on the whole, quite the group.

And so there was food and fruit beer. I was dubious about the fruit beer thing (see above about not liking beer) but I was assured that it didn't taste like beer. So mango beer was, in fact, a revelation, though of course it turned out that I liked everyone else's drink better than I did my own. But seriously. Mango beer. Anyone who knows my fondness for the humble mango knows I had to try it, and it was really nice. It was just, ironically, the most beery-tasting of the three I tried. In any case, there were also the mussels and these really nice salmon cakes and there might have been dessert if not for the fact that 95% of the dessert menu involved chocolate in some way and I was already developing what promised to be a monumental migraine. Belgo is a lovely place with great food and good service but it is also sardine-tin crowded, rather close and excessively loud. This is never good for me anyway, but I wasn't about to dump chocolate on top of it - I still had hopes of actually beign able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

...Of course, that entirely relies on 'the rest of the evening' not involving London pubs on a Saturday night. Crowded and loud is my bane, and ... well, y'know, West End. In the end, I had to bail early, with the rest of the merry crew happily ensconced in a hard-won table at the Captain's Cabin, after a protracted game of musical chairs that managed to span both floors of the establishment. I was really sorry to have to leave but it was for the best - there were painkillers and a relatively early night (for a Saturday) and unfortunately rather broken sleep and now it's afternoon and while the head still hurts, I don't feel specifically like I'm going to pass out any time soon. Bonus. Added bonus: haven't had one that bad in quite awhile.

Further bonus: it's a pretty nice day. I will finish my coffee and possibly find food and go for a stroll, and then sit down and figure out what to do with the rest of the afternoon. It may or may not involve DAO (about which I kept conversation to a minimum last night, go me!) but will definitely involve roasting turkey bits later on.

So to those at the birthday dinner celebration thingie, thanks for the company and lovely conversation, and I hope to see you all again at some point.
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A recipe

This one is, yet again, fairly hard for me, mostly because I don't often cook with a hard and fast 'recipe'. Mostly I look up cooking times and various suggestions and then experiment from there. I've been doing that ever since I was a little girl and decided to liven up vegetable soup and make my own salad dressings. (Like I said in yesterday's entry, I bored easily as a kid, and started taking my turn at making dinner quite young owing to a mother coming in late.)

Still, there's one quasi-recipe that's been floating around my family for at least three generations now. While not limited to use in wooing, traditionally it's cooked for the men we Cullen/Rudick/Neilson women fancy as an 'early stages in the relationship and we want to impress without going overboard' meal. We call it 'party pork chops'.

So the recipe: brown as many pork chops as you need for the number of people you're feeding in a deep frying pan, spicing to taste. Then add a tin of tomato soup, half a tin of water, a sliced green pepper and a sliced onion. Season the soup/sauce to taste (I generally use seasoned salt, garlic pepper, worcestershire sauce and, for preference, a drop or two of tabasco sauce) and let simmer for about twenty minutes. If you prefer your peppers a bit crunchy, I recommend adding them halfway through the cooking stage, rather than right when the simmering starts. And ... really, that's it. Simple enough, eminently tasty, and I generally serve it with jacket potatoes and either broccoli or acorn squash, as it's nice to have vegetables and spuds that can soak up the sauce well.

So ... there you go. Recipe. Sort of. Insofar as I ever do cooking instructions, anyway.


Sep. 12th, 2009 08:19 pm
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I'm pleased to note that once again, however many treats and things I received during my lunch outing with my mother, I did actually give as good as I got ... in a sense, anyway. For someone who has technically lived and worked in London a bit longer than I have, I seem to know London a lot better than she does, and whenever we go out, it's like she finds a bit of London she didn't even know existed. This usually works out very well for us both.

I bought lunch, though Mum paid for the wine - it was a standard trip to Ikkyusan for sushi and gyoza, but it wasn't even crowded, which was a nice surprise. I picked up my birth certificate (next step: apply for passport) and we had a good long chat. In the course of that, we discussed the computer thing, and Mum's going to get onto my stepdad about how, while she knows he wants to be thorough, I need a new computer and I need it now because my current one is dead and I can't manage without a computer. So hopefully things will be sorted so that the PC will either be delivered ASAP or be available for collection at the nearest shop. Please please please SOON I miss my music collection and my vids and my games... I paid for my FFXI time and can't use it agh!

*ahem* Sorry.

Afterwards, we were going to get me some shoes, as my Doc Marten flats are really wearing out, but they only had them in two or three sizes too small for me, so we more or less gave up on the shoes and, after stopping for a drink at the Montagu Pyke, I showed Mum Forbidden Planet, which she hadn't even heard of. A sci-fi/fantasy fan who doesn't know where Forbidden Planet is ... can't be allowed. Mum happily gravitated to the anthologies and picked out a couple (though she now suspects that she already owns one of the ones she got, which she apparently does a lot), and then allowed me convince her that yes, she really wanted to buy Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box because no, even though he's Stephen King's son, he is not a Stephen King copycat. Then she did the usual thing of getting me to pick out a book. One book. Does anyone know how hard it is for me to pick one book out of the however many I wish to own? Show of hands? Exquisite torture. Anyway, in the end I decided on A Fistful of Charms, as I'm working on getting the whole set of Kim Harrison novels. Not doing too badly, either - only missing Where Demons Dare and White Witch, Black Curse, which I haven't even read yet and refuse to until I own the others. Yes, even though I've read library copies of everything up to Where Demons Dare.

There were other bits and pieces too. We happened to breeze by a Sanrio equivalent and I came away with a dice bag shaped like a panda bear face, a 1-Up mushroom cushion, a new notebook and a paper fan with cats printed on it. (I bought my mother a box of unicorn-print plasters. It's an in-joke.) And apparently I could not leave Forbidden Planet without the pin badge reading "My imaginary friend doesn't like you". Afterwards, we decided to stop for one last drink before heading for King's Cross to renew my monthly travelcard (I hadn't expected her to, but am glad she did) and then heading our separate ways. Since we were in the area, I suggested the little bar where we had the NaNoWriMo launch party a few years ago - the one [ profile] dodgyhoodoo went to and gave me the idea for Voudon Udon.

Mum was going to stick with wine, but changed her mind when she saw what I'd found on the cocktail menu. It was called an espresso martini, and consisted of espresso, sugar, kahlua and vanilla vodka. There are no words to describe the awesome of that cocktail. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Mum has now decided that we have to end every London meet-up we have there for one of these. I'm not arguing because I can't justify the prices at that place very often. But surely I will be able to make it myself at some point.

So ... it's been a pretty good day, and with luck I'll have a working PC by the end of the week. *crosses fingers*


May. 3rd, 2008 06:53 pm
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Short-ish lunch with parental unit should not be this tiring. I am fragged. However, as we were in Chinatown (I showed my mother the Tokyo Diner and she liked it, so yay, I win again) and then stopped in Covent Garden to hit the Maple Leaf and the Canada Store, I came home with the following:

- Something like 8 packs of ramen, and 2 udon packs
- A 1L bottle of soy sauce (because we're always running out)
- Mochi!
- A box of Kraft macaroni & cheese
- A bag of 'that cherry-flavoured plastic' (read: Nibs)
- 1 Coffee Crisp bar
- 1 jar pickles (you can get them here but they're not the same, damnit)
- 1 can A&W root beer (I had a craving)
- amazingly, 1 can Mountain Dew. I didn't even know they sold that stuff in the Canada Store but hey, now I have some! Woo-hoo!
- 4 buffalo wings (that aren't really - [ profile] tolshak would be so disappointed) left over from Maple Leaf snack food

That on top of the oatmeal and sloppy joe mix and St Hubert BBQ sauce, same as the last time. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I haven't even finished the last stuff yet. She also got me a new handbag 'cos the zipper on mine's busted. So now I have this kind of awesome tan-ish cloth bag with all manner of pockets, so less need to wear a jacket. Which is good because I nearly sweltered to death out there today.

...I have Mountain Dew! *happydance*

And now I'm incredibly bored so am going to go investigate dinner possibilities. Likely it'll be mac n' cheese or something, as I really have no desire to do anything complicated. I'll also go see if I can beat some sense into the DVD player; I managed to make it work yesterday but it borked at the worst possible time and I couldn't be arsed with the Xbox. *sigh*
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Not all of the stories are done yet. However, I have just about decided that I'm going to post one of the ones I finished, mostly because ... well, I've been writing all month and would like to reassure myself it isn't all crap. I'm thinking of the HIPPIE Case Files one, because it's the one I'm least likely to try and publish and I did like that one. It would be a shame if no one read it. Of course, I'm still all nervy about it. I can see that I've improved over the years but I still know I could be better. It's just never perfect, and that aggravates me. But I suppose that's a good thing - the more I strive for perfection, the closer I'll come to getting it someday and the better the imperfect work will be in the meantime.

Still ... a winner is me for another year. At least something's going right. Between the GI illness, not hearing from the agencies and a current issue with one of my wisdom teeth (the left lower side of my jaw is swollen and I look ridiculous; good thing I'm not really going out anywhere these days), I'm sort of counting the blessings I have - writing, RPing, my friends, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and my infinite capacity to amuse myself.

Note to self: must get out to the West End tomorrow to get gummies. Though I might try Atari-Ya first; they're closer and they may have some. Then the post office. Yay for the post office!
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The employment agencies have psychic powers, I swear. I found a phone message from one of the agencies I signed on with over a year ago saying, "We wanted to know if you were looking for temp work..." Okay, so I'm not looking right this second, but I can call them back tomorrow and say, "Can't right now, but I'm looking for temp or perm very soon. Shall I send you an updated copy of my CV?" Damn, that's a load off my mind...

Currently working on learning CSS. There is a reason for this - as soon as my new web host gets off its arse and confirms registration of my domain name (and I find decent bespoke forum and chat software, preferably free or very cheap), I'm going to put up the new oWoD Mage RP site. Set in modern-day London, yippee. I've got two confirmed players already, and the damn thing hasn't even gone up yet - how great is that? It rocks even harder that [ profile] darkdanc3r already seems to have a character concept in mind - she's among the better RPers I've dealt with since I started this online gaming thing and if the poor thing wasn't so unholy busy all the time, I'd probably ask her to staff. Drop wants to, but I want to see a marked improvement in his grammatical skills before I put him in a staff position. I think he's a fab RPer but I can see how some of his anti-grammar could put people off, which is kind of okay in a player capacity but not so much if you're staffing. At the moment, it's just li'l old me in the staff chair. I always wind up doing these things to myself just before NaNo starts. Oh well; I'm writing Creepy-Arse London Short Stories this year anyway, so at least it's all along the same theme.

And now I'm going grocery shopping. I promised I'd cook dinner. Fine, I feel like crud and my circadian rhythms are screwed to the wall owing to abdominal discomfort as much as a snoring partner, but I still like to keep my hand in, culinarily speaking. It's nice to cook for the appreciative. Unfortunately, the fact that [ profile] weaselbitch and I are both sick probably means that tomorrow's trip to Saw 3 is out of the running, but I did wonder whether me and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo showing up at [ profile] weaselbitch's place with takeaway and a rental copy of Saw 2 would be a good alternative. I mean, Saw 3 will still be there at the end of the week. Plus I can bring round stuff for herbal flu remedy tea and the like.

Right. Secret Shopper, away!
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...I want it to be November now. Now now now.

Chatting with [ profile] darkdanc3r about plans for the NaNo. You know, bandying around advice and novel ideas and so on and so forth. And I know it's only a week, but ... it's a long week in which I'm home in front of a computer and can't start yet. I keep having ideas for the short stories I want to include, and because I don't work from notes, I can't even really start yet. I suppose I can jot down potential ideas of what I want to include, but planning how the stories are going to go ... just never works. And just writing down premises and potential titles doesn't kill the absolute jones for writing.


In other news, I've been off the computer for most of today by dint of being asleep. 13 hours and I'm still knackered. And I'm going to take [ profile] dodgyhoodoo out for dinner tonight just 'cos I can, and because I don't want to cook. This is one of my crappier-feeling days, y'see. So we're going for Japanese at Hi Sushi later. I know I'm going to be having Japanese with my mother at Ikkyusan tomorrow but it's no great hardship to eat Japanese food two days running. The real hardship is going to be getting out of bed in time to make a 1:45 meet-up, the way things have been going lately. I may have to get to bed at a decent hour. Hello, Nytol.
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WHM is now up to lvl 9. Which means I can make use of my new spell, Paralyza. No more paralysis for me when dealing with Rock Lizards, thank you. I was trying to get up this one stupid hill for this one quest but could I find the entrance? Could I buggery. Stupid thing. And of course signet ran out halfway through so I couldn't get conquest points for all the lovely goblins that aggroed me and then regretted it as I proceeded to kick the living shit out of them. My fame in Bastok is still negligible, though I have done a couple of quests (and got a really funky hat).

I thought about doing this stupid event stuff, but it turns out that because of the event, all the prices on sweets have gone through the damn roof. I'm currently saving for some very expensive armour and haven't got the money to blow on ginger cookies and such, so forget that. Plus I need to buy some Slime Oil for that Warp spell. Still, at least some of the fame quests are getting me some gil, so that's okay.

Now it's my turn to do dinner. Huzzah. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo defaulted to steak as dinner choice for the evening, which is good because I rather fancied that anyway. So I'd better get started. I still feel awful, but I'm determined to get some good food in me at least.
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I could almost understand if they wanted to turn the Intrepid Fox into just another trendy bar. Almost. Note how I say almost. But no. They want to turn it into a block of flats. Who the almighty fuck wants to live that close to Soho? I mean, there is a block of council flats overlooking Berwick Street Market, but everything else in the area is ... well, hookers, mainly. It's the red light district, for crying out loud; what kind of investment is it to put a bunch of newly-developed overpriced flats in an area mainly full of council housing and prostitution? Are these people insane? Or, more worryingly, are they riding the crest of a trend towards ... well, trendy? I do not believe this. And while I desperately want to go over to the Expensive for one last drink before the place closes down for good (because while it would be nice if we could make a difference, I don't think Ken Livingstone is going to listen to a small but die-hard bunch of rock fans over the siren call of increased tax revenues), I know full well that the place is going to be packed to the fucking gills and I'll probably be squished. But of course, I'm gonna go anyway because hell, I have to have one last drink in there. Probably two, actually - one for me and one for [ profile] leopard_lady, who loved that place half to death when she was here.

In other news, we have a nice day yesterday. Well, evening for the most part - as [ profile] dodgyhoodoo puts it, I kicked him out of the flat for a few hours. Well, it did give me some more time for deathgnoming, and it does mean that I don't have to listen to him whinge about yet another wasted weekend, but for the most part I find that he's happiest when he's actually accomplished something and I like my hoodoo happy. So he went out and I deathgnomed and then we met up and had dinner, which was nice and everything but I wish the bloody waitresses had left us alone instead of randomly dumping things into our soup pot at random. Well, I know they were trying to help, but it was irritating. I also decided, on one of my usual whims, to pick up some random J-pop while we were in Chinatown. It turned out to be K-pop in the end (BoA) and it's ... something I'd have to be in the mood for but definitely fits in with my occasional cravings for cheesy electronica. Also went for more oriental sweeties - Pocky, gummies in various flavours, those cherry-flavoured chewy things I like and tiramisu-flavoured wafer biscuits, which are proving popular at home.

And things are moving along apace at the two online RPs I actually give a crap about. We've actually started interacting with NPCs at moot over in Hollow City, and my pack's Philodox is getting rude and uppity at a Shadow Lord after taking exception to said Shadow Lord's tone. There's no damn patience anymore. So I had my Galliard step in, step between and make nice. What else can I do? As for Charleston, we're on our way to the Hill, and things between Nina and the Verditian seem reasonably friendly, as he made comment on Nina's outfit. Given that I expect the most trouble from the totally up herself Flambeau child (sorry, [ profile] courtcat), I'll be glad when the whole damn thing is over, but I can breathe a little easier at the minute, as can the character, who I think still expects to be pilloried.

At work and I don't wanna be here. Oh well. At least there was a long weekend, no?
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The Deathgome is now at level 14, after discovering the Horutoto Ruins. The Horutoto Ruins, as far as I can tell, are three rooms (one large antechamber with two smaller rooms branched off to either side) full of bats and goblins. Goblins everywhere; mostly Thugs with just enough Weavers to piss me off. Of course, given that I've now got a Fire spell that does an average of 60 points of damage at close range, I only occasionally get XP from Goblins anymore, but they do drop a wide variety of wonderous objects for me to sell and I get gil, which is rather necessary when you've just levelled up to 14 and are still wearing level 8 armour. So it's been a long slog through Horutoto Ruins and Giddeus, randomly killing things and praying I get XP out of the deal, mainly. I can one-shot the weaker Yagudo now, but of course I don't get XP for those. It's a pain in the arse, being a mid-level BLM trying to solo. At some point, I'm going to have to try Tahrongi Canyon again, just for some XP.

Still, I now have the highest level robe I can actually wear, slops to match and a pair of decent clogs. I just need to replace the mitts now, and get more headgear. (I had good headgear, but had to sell it off when I upped to a level 8 tunic and discovered that I couldn't wear it and the headgear at the same time. Maybe I should've kept it, but it would've taken longer to get the slops, and Taru HP being what it is, I figured I should get as well-equipped as I could as soon as I could on the DEF scale.) And again, level 14. My new favourite spell is Fire, obviously, but another really good one I got hold of by giving wild onions to a bunch of NPCs is "Blaze Spikes". Basically, you cast it on yourself and when anyone hits you, you do take damage but so does the enemy - up to 7 points of it. It probably made all the difference in the world when I was battling against three Goblins at once in the Ruins.

In other news, I've put in my XP expenditure request at Charleston. It's about damn time I got Arete 2, I think, and I've put in for a Stealth increase (character stalked and killed somebody) and a Secondary Ability - Aromatherapy (it's one of her foci, after all). I've got 3 XP left to me if all of those go through okay, but I'm saving those for when I can negotiate getting Nina some workable fake ID so she can get a damn job (apparently you can buy Resources if you need to; Drop had to do that after Revel so now I guess it's my turn). So fingers crossed I get those. I'm just not sure if I went about it the right way, as I could not for the life of me find a single piece of info on the site on requested format for XP expenditure requests. Still, I gave all the info I could in as consise a fashion as possible, so I think I should be okay.

And now I'm going to go up my RL cooking skill by making dinner - burgers with bacon and Cajun curly fries. Yay. It's been my day to cook - I tried French toast but that bastard deep pan we mainly keep for the party pork chops is miserable at shallow frying because of the rather noticeable dent in the middle and so I set off the smoke alarm twice due to dry, burning bread matter stuck to the dent. *grumble* Really spoiled my appreciation for the whole thing, though [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was okay. Well, never mind. The burgers will work out better. And hopefully I will not, in my distraction and annoyance, spatter hot oil on my foot. Again. (Ow...)
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I just went down a clothing size, minimum. The skirt Mum got me in a size too small is just comfortably loose now. And I'm not really all that happy about it.

Yeah. Okay. I realise, ladies of my journal, that I should not be complaining. I do understand that my current situation is something that every woman who wants to diet hopes for - an extended period over which you are simply not very hungry, instead of experiencing the constant low-level hunger and cravings of most dieters. Okay, possibly without the nausea after meals, but this is a price that most body-conscious women would be willing to pay. My health does not seem to be deteriorating, because I make sure to eat healthily when I eat at all, and I don't seem to need more than one full meal per day. And given that I'm fat anyway, this is probably a good thing.

Except, of course, for the passingly curious fact that I can't afford to go clothes shopping. So most of my wardrobe now no longer fits. Okay, it's one size, but if this keeps up, my favourite denim skirt is just going to fall off one of these days. Maybe it's a good thing that I never got around to taking some of that 'hasn't fit for ages' stuff to the charity shop, but ... that stuff is all old and ratty. And the skirt Mum got me itches, which will hopefully stop being an issue after I've washed it a couple of times, but...

Argh, this is irritating. I should be pleased or something. After all, now I can fit into stuff I couldn't before. But instead I just consider how inconvenient it is to have to get a new wardrobe, basically. And then I feel bad about complaining because I know this is not as bad a thing as I make it out to be.

Well, I'm going to go play silly computer games until I feel more like dealing with the 'being awake' thing.
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Oh, and Michael needs to die. I got an email from an author who says he sent in a revised paper in early February - during my birthday week off, no less - after I told said author that he needed to get his paper under 3000 words in late January. Michael was covering my email during the period I was away, and told him that the paper had been received; nothing to worry about. However, the paper never came within ten yards of me, and isn't on the system at all. So he lost the fucking paper and now I have to apologise to the author for 'administration errors' (which is usually code for 'I screwed up').

In this sort of situation, on this sort of day, normally I would basically jump up and down screaming "I need comfort food; spirit me away to where there is tempura!". However, even if we went I probably wouldn't enjoy it very much because my appetite is still screwed and I'm still dealing with the nausea and cramps every time I eat anything. So frankly I'm better off sticking with leftovers and ravioli out of a tin. At least I won't feel miserable about not enjoying the whole eating thing very much. Besides, the dupiaza from the other night needs finishing. And there could possibly be salmon sashimi over the weekend; that might help...

*sigh* Roll on October. I've basically decided to take a trip out to the American midwest in a couple of months (I can say this now, having cleared it with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, who kind of figured I'd be doing something like this; isn't it nice how well he knows me?). Plane fare shouldn't be so bad, I get to meet [ profile] darkdanc3r and [ profile] ilyena_sylph, and possibly see some old Daria fans in Wisconsin and Detroit, and definitely stop by on my way home and see [ profile] leopard_lady. I just hope they lift this stupid restriction on what you can take on an airplane before I go. Otherwise I'm going to be ready to bludgeon someone to death by the time I deplane in St Louis.


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