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I have been quiet. I am fully aware of this. There has not been much to say or I just haven't really wanted to get into it. That and I didn't really want to dump a whooooooooole bunch of "I played Mass Effect 2 and flailed immensely" on my LJ/DW.

...I saved that for Tumblr.

And in fact, most of the flailing I am likely to do concerning ME3 will also be found on Tumblr. I have played it. I do like it. I am a little worried that my graphics card is not handling it overly well. There are moments that made me really happy. There has been only one minor problem: spoilers.

It happened before the game even came out. This is more or less to be expected, but I had safeguards against that! Look, it was really simple; I kept it to Tumblr, wherein a little Greasemonkey app called Tumblr Saviour actually blocked any posts marked with appropriate tags. And most people were actually really good about tagging posts. Text posts, anyway. Screencap posts that gave away recurring characters who would have been a really nice surprise had they actually been a surprise? Reblogs of other people's posts? Their replies to replies they got to their posts? Not everyone checked those. Eventually I had to unfollow those people for a few days until I got the game.

And then there's the other one. I have been liveblogging ME3 (under all appropriate tags, and being very careful that everything I post on the subject - reply, reblog, whatever - has those tags) and I expressed an opinion. This individual did not agree with my opinion. She said so. I conceded the point and expressed my intent to keep an open mind but that I stuck by my opinion. This apparently was the prompt she needed to explain to me the basics of a conversation I might (emphasis might) strike up later on in game, because knowing about the conversation I won't be having until later would surely get me to drop this clearly erroneous opinion. I asked her to please drop it because knowing about the conversation and the kinds of things things that the other character would say therein counted as a spoiler, however vague. The response: "It wasn't a spoiler! I just wanted to let you know what was coming up!"

...Does that strike anyone else as the textbook definition of a spoiler?

I am debating whether to unfollow, block or just confront this person. She seems nice but she is one of those people who goes on the offensive when someone disagrees with her opinions on matters fandom-related. I am side-eyeing her with extreme prejudice right now. But that's not a decision I am going to make right now because I have been up all night. Yes, I took the day off to play ME3. I know myself too well. I wasn't tired until 20 minutes ago.

The game itself is pretty awesome, what of it I have actually managed to play in between various bits of flailing. Seeing Jack again gave me the warm fuzzies, and Garrus ... well, I knew he was going to be back but that didn't stop me hugging my monitor. Pilek or whatever the Prothean guy from the DLC is called is ... what is it with Bioware and avatars of Vengeance lately? Okay, it's not as literally as Anders/Justice/Vengeance psychospiritual menage a trois was but STILL. My world is all askew about Udina and the turian councilor being the only two council members who are not being complete dicks, particularly when they spent two games being the two biggest dicks in Dicksville, New Dicksico. Liara got BADASS. I seem to have three people on board the ship who I can talk to and one I can feasibly romance but cannot actually take into combat with me - but I like Steve and Samantha's useful like Kelly was but without that ... sense that she's just a little kicky skirt and set of pom-poms away from a pep rally. James ... is a lot more endearing than I thought he was going to be. Kaidan had better watch out, given that his arse is still parked in the hospital. (I'm leery about him being a Spectre, and more so about Udina asking him to be one. I suppose it's the right move for Udina politically, having a Spectre firmly devoted to the Alliance on side given the whole 'threat to humanity' thing, but long-term it's a problem. By-the-book don't cut it, Sonny Jim...)

And then there's Joker and EDI. Actually, the EDI-gets-a-body thing was the thing I got spoiler-dumped about. EDI underwent something that could have killed her or corrupted her data - the AI equivalent of brain damage - so badly that she wouldn't be the entity that Joker is fond of, cares for, whatever. She did it so that she could have a physical body that could go out and get shot at. And also probably to get Joker's attention. Since ME2, Joker has clearly had more respect and affection for EDI. In the first few segments of game, it's clear that he's protected her from people retrofitting the Normandy so that they wouldn't panic and disconnect her. But when he finds out what EDI's done, does he express concern? Does he express that particular breed of anger that comes with relief and guilt? Does he even seem to give a shit that she went offline and could conceivably have stayed that way to get control of that body? Noooooooo. He was just, "WOO! Lookit her, she's sexy now!" I am reliably informed that you get some extra info about this whole thing (though it is admitted to be not all that much) but ... I'm sorry, this is feeling like the ending of ... well, a lot of high school movies. The guy you like doesn't feel quite the same way yet? Get all sexy and he'll be all yours. I don't care what the spoilerrific one said; if I don't see some serious affection that doesn't give a crap about the body she's in, I am going to be very, very disappointed. And I am never going to forgive the writers for missing the opportunity to have Joker go, "Look, yeah, it's awesome to have physical company ... in here ... I mean, in the cockpit ... I mean ... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN but anyway, it's good and all, but don't do shit like that again! I don't want to lose you!" SHEPARD sounded more concerned about EDI's well-being than EDI's designated love interest WHAT THE FUCK?

Okay. Better now.

I need coffee or a nap or something. Actually, I need food in the house.


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