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Booked my hostel bed for Brighton Below today. Only had to put down a 10% deposit, too, so provided I'm not completely jobless and screwed to the wall in July, all systems are pretty much go. Whoopee! I know it's over two months away, but I may as well start getting excited for it now...

In other news, there really isn't any. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my weekend, when it gets here. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was talking about going to see Iron Man on Sunday, which might be a good thing - the headaches, while not entirely gone, have got a sight better since I got the new glasses. Though to be fair, given how varifocals work, I'm not sure whether going to the cinema is going to be better or worse for me. I suppose a decent film (and it does seem to be decent, all told) isn't the worst way in the world to find out.

Oh. Right. Daz said something about Astrid and Portia getting to chat to ChibiCultistTim on Saturday. 8ish, if I recall it right. Well, that's another chunk of weekend taken care of, really. And depending on circumstances, I might get to go through another Changeling application with a view to approval - it seems that [ profile] ilyena_sylph has finally succumbed to the puppyeyes and is working on an Eshu for the site. Whee! I do hope she gets everything finished in time for the Dreaming wilderness survival thing on Wednesday. I'm going to have so much fun with that one. I'd say that's something else to keep me busy over the weekend, planning for that one, but if I did that, I couldn't keep myself occupied statting things during working hours and on public transport. Nothing says "portable discreet distraction from work" like statting skitter critters.

And finally, I am in the market for a new cellphone now, I think. I like my brick, don't get me wrong, but I could do better. The damn thing's five years old. And I'd like something a little more ... well, just a little more, really. In a way, it seems a bit pointless since I only really use it for texting anyway, but ... mneh. I'll see what I can find. I've always wanted one of those little clamshell click-open dealies, though I know how sad that is. And something that can play a decent ringtone would be nice.

In short, I am bored out of my skull and want out of here right now. And considering myself very very sad for actually wanting the next Sims 2 Stuff Pack (Ikea furniture, of all things - but at least it stands not as ugly as the H&M clothes...). Actually, the next expansion ought to be pretty good too - it lets Sims actually live in proper apartment blocks. I assume it's a lot like the dorms in Sims 2 Uni, only with the full-flat thing. Finally I get to design Silent Hill 4's Apartment World properly!
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Watched Saw III this evening. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, and at first I was justified in that expectation or lack thereof. But then ... then it all turned around. Then it was like, "Wow. Workable sequel. How'd that happen? Oh, who cares? Yay for the sequel!" This just goes to prove that Leigh Whannell is far too fucking talented for his own good. My only consolation in this is that I get the general idea that he starts writing, wonders how the hell he came up with that particularly twisted climactic bit, then reads back and realises that he's been setting it up all along without realising it. Why, you ask, does this comfort me? Because I do the same godsdamned thing. Usually with RPG plot. Definitely in recent RPG plot. So ... you know ... there's hope for me yet. I have a vague idea that I'm mentally refining - I have until November. This year's NaNo target will be 75k words minimum. 50k? Not so much a challenge anymore.

I managed to make Sims 2 Bon Voyage work properly. A hack that made those stupid public phone booths look less plastic and fake was making them unusuable, which meant I couldn't get my Sims back to their respective hotels, which made them tired and cranky. I eventually weeded through my prodigious Downloads folder and pulled the damn thing out, and now it works again. So I've now explored two out of the three available holiday destinations, with the third upcoming tomorrow, most likely. And then I'll be ready to build my own! (Heeheehee - finally a good way to use my Silent Hill downloads...)

So ... you know, apart from unemployment and the recent character application I received (oh gods, don't even get me started), things could be worse. Circadian rhythm fuck-upedness and persistent migraine notwithstanding.

And speaking of, as I've been RPing a lot longer now, a revived and very old RPG character meme: This is going to get LONG... )
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I caved and did that career meme thing. Some of the responses? I just don't get.

And 'Secretary' doesn't appear even ONCE... )

Common themes: Detailwork and giving advice / giving instruction / bossing people about. So ... yeah. I'm a control freak. But then, we knew this.

Oh, and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is too sweet to me sometimes. He came home today with a copy of Sims 2 Bon Voyage! Whee! Can't wait to try it out! *bounce*

I have RP, and Sims, and a lovely fiance, and my mood has much improved.
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The Deathgnome lives!

Yeah, now that I'm getting paid regularly again, I can finally justify renewing my Content IDs, and thus Satomi the Deathgnome (and Lifegnome, and Chefgnome, and All-Singing, All-Dancing Buffgnome) is now running rampant through Bastok. Why Bastok? Well, mostly because of the old "bug broth = monumental gil return" dodge - Deathgnome was also Skintgnome. Again. Still. Whatever. So now I'm currently ensconced in Bastok making bug broth and earning vast amounts of gil for it (2.5k to 12.5k in about a half-hour? I'd call that a win) so that I can afford spell scrolls and suchlike. Then I help [ profile] dodgyhoodoo get to Jeuno (I know [ profile] weaselbitch did it on her own, and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo could probably manage equally well, but it's bound to be easier with three, particularly when one of them's using Sneak and Invisible for the last leg of the trip; for me, this is a farming mission, plus with the three of us we can nuke those bloody tigers and get the stone monument impression we need in Jugner Forest), and then it's back to Bastok and into that bloody tunnel. Deathgnome will advance past level 30, godsdamnit! Someday, I'm going to have to advance Bard past whatever the hell level it's at, but not right now - I want to level Black Mage, then White Mage, and get to a point where I can do the whole Telewhoring thing, and then I want to go and camp out in Buburimu, nuking leeches for that damnable ruby for the Summoner quest. Plus I could do with a Buburimu farming excursion anyway - nuking Bull Dhalmel for meat and giant femurs tends to be a good thing.

Today was nice and relaxing - mainly involved me giving Deathly Hallows a second chance (I didn't want to punt it out the window quite so much this time, but I still don't think it's a particularly good book), cooking steak subs for dinner and watching a few episodes of Buffy. It's so much more fun watching it with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo than alone; laughing's always better in company, and I really had forgotten how good an episode "Doppelgangland" is. On the whole, a nice relaxing Sunday. Just what I needed, really. Must do more of that. Tricky sort of thing to manage, what with rediscovering Sims 2 and FFXI at about the same time, but I'm sure I'll sort something out.

Speaking of Sims 2 - Sims 2 Bon Voyage looks like so much fun! I got into the Sims quite late, all things considered; after I lost interest in consoles (at around the original Nintendo stage) I wasn't much of a video game person for quite some time. When I did get into the Sims, I pretty much stopped at Unleashed but always rather wanted to have a look at Vacation, even if Superstar and Makin' Magic didn't really do it for me. Then Sims 2 came along and kicked the living crap out of the original, and I'm not even sure I could take original Sims graphics anymore. Still, I did always want to send my Sims on holiday, and now I can! And I bet you can build your own resort hotels and stuff! Whoopee! Though the new 'Stuff' expansion coming out amuses me - Teen Style Stuff. After the horrendous disappointment of the H&M Fashion Stuff EP, this looks like it should at least be more fun, and the outfits shouldn't be hideous this time. So yay! More things to spend my paycheque on.

There's not a whole lot to say about stuff like work - it's ... well, not all that much like work, really. It's nice to have a reasonably low-pressure job for a change, you know? Without total fuckwits in the workplace? Most of the time? Seriously, if the worst I have to deal with are a couple of secretaries who don't keep me appraised of what's going on in my bosses' diaries, then I'm doing very, very well.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:50 am
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Still half-dead from flu. I am surviving predominantly on Imperial Spice tea (thank you, [ profile] tithenai) and stubbornness. This is not your average flu bug - I never had vomiting with the flu before. I could take the rest of it, but this ... not so much. I absolutely have to be into work on Friday to tidy things up before my boss returns from two weeks working in her GP practice, so dear gods I hope I'm feeling better by then. The throat's shown some improvement, anyway. Now I just can't breathe through my nose and nausea has me. I have had tea and meds, so I'm thinking back to bed for a few hours and see how I feel.

I may try to set up iMisc so I do not have to sit in the study chair to surf and chat and stuff. But it partly depends, I think, on whether I decide Sims 2 might distract me from the misery. It's good and mindless, at least. And I have a commoner's freehold to design, as well as some thinking/planning to do with Islington on JusNoctis. Apparently, with the old head ST gone, we're supposed to 'make the game our own', and since it's not really feasible to have a bunch of Redcaps just clear out of an area after they've made a stand, I have to think of something scarier to put in their place. I think I have an idea or two, but ... it's going to be interesting. I may have to save my first plot idea for when I'm not about to throw this kind of crap at players. It wouldn't be a worry if the new Pooka didn't want to go explore Islington after being repeatedly told not to by one of the local knights...

Anyway. I will now take to bed with various sourcebooks and see how I feel later. Whee.
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The headache. Is not. Going away.

I'd forgotten about these ones - the week-long bouts of misery and strife where there is no moment where my head doesn't hurt at least a little. I will, I promise, start appreciating my migraine-free states more.

I don't think that it helped that, within about four hours of making Changeling ST, I got the full wrath of R flung at me. Something about me being unwelcoming. Apparently this was due to my explaining that I'd rather not look at her character idea right then, as it was 1am and I was tired and I wanted to give the idea my full attention to give it a decent opinion. Thankfully, I ran it by the admin and was informed that no, I was not rude and unwelcoming. This pleases me - I'd hate to think I fucked it all up in the first few hours.

Well, never mind. Today, I have vegetating time - nukeable fajitas for lunch, probably some Sims 2, followed by the not-quite-so-welcoming-cos-the-guy-we-were-welcoming-tried-to-kill-one-of-us party at Potion over on JusNoctis. And Sunday? Sunday [ profile] tithenai, Jess and Ollie come back through London so I get to tour them around. Must pull out my comfiest shoes for this one...
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The Now Show is back yay! Unfortunately, they're no longer doing podcast. This was apparently an 'experiment', which they have chosen not to continue. Wah, I say. Wah.

I am currently hacking through A Game of Thrones, one of two gifts brought to me by Jess from California. That was unbelievably nice of her, and shall be repaid in kind with Daria episodes, music of various descriptions, tea blends and aromatherapy stuff. Though apparently A Game of Thrones was not entirely altruism on her part because she wants to get me hooked on the series so she can have someone else to rant about it with. Which, y'know, fair enough. Anyway, I am finding it a good read thus far, but won't say anything more due to having to go to work soon. This is one reason among many that I am not currently jonesing like a mad thing for HP7. Not to say I won't actually be getting up in the morning on Saturday to pick it up, but frankly, that's more wanting to see the damn thing end than anything else.

And so it goes, really. I spent £10 on the H&M Stuff pack for Sims 2, only to find that most of the women's clothes at least are as ugly as sin, and actually need fan mods to make them look halfway decent. Haven't looked at the guys' stuff yet. That's next on the list. I'm going to have to make an entire huge family just to see what's available in one fell swoop, really. But eh. At least now I have the meshes for the stuff I actually liked the look of on Mod the Sims 2...

Now. Can I get out of the house with my legs feeling like someone is crushing them by inches from the inside? That is the question.
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I have Harry Potter OSTs. And am currently listening to "Do the Hippogriff". I just thought I ought to point that out. You know, because ... well, the funny, maybe?

I have pain. I don't like pain. It hurts me. See, I developed a couple of moderate to nasty blisters on the bottom of my right foot - must've been Wednesday, I guess. So I've been favouring my right foot for the last several days. This has caused everything from my knees down on both legs to hurt like fuck, because I'm putting extra stress on my left leg, my right calf has been put under stress with the whole thing and then there's the arthritic knees in the muggy, humid weather we've been having. I really want to go out and get the new Sims 2 stuff pack that's been out for ages, but I don't want to hobble all the way out to Game or Woolworths. Because, y'know, the pain. I didn't even want to go as far as the Heffalump for lunch; I'm going to want to go out several blocks further why? *sigh* Well, at least I'll have to go out to the Waitrose or something, thus satisfying my 'fresh air' quota for the weekend. Stupid feet.

Oh, job of boredom. I'm applying it for it permanently. I figure, I'm fairly good at it and it's paying £24k per annum, and I get to use the computer as I see fit as long as there's not work to be done. What's not to like? I'll give the interview a shot anyway, though there might be better applicants on the whole 'talking people into representing the College at working groups etc' end of the job.

So that's all the news that's fit to print, leaving aside various whinges relating to JusNoctis. Put it this way: My character can be out of the damn city and her life becomes difficult. And now, I go contemplate lunchfood, Sims 2 stuff packs and back to work on the JusNoctis Sim neighbourhood - I was so nearly done with Hawthorn House and the entire damn game crashed on me so I am pissed right the hell off at having lost four rooms' worth of stuff but I suppose at least I got to download more stuff that might fit better so that's okay. Ish. Maybe I ought to just do Rhys' flat first - it's smaller.
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The first day of my long weekend! The weather is lovely (strange for a bank holiday), I got to lie in so I'm at least a bit less tired, and life is generally good.

I've punted [ profile] dodgyhoodoo out of the house for the day. See, weekends and bank holidays and such tend to see him sitting around faffing and going, "I don't know what to dooooo" and then complaining at the end of it that he wasted an entire day/weekend/whatever not getting anything done. Seems the only way is to insist that he get out and do something. "Stalk your inspiration," I told him. "Go out and stalk it and then POUNCE!" And he said, "And then I will lick it for hours because I don't know what else to do with it..." My basic reaction to that was, "Well, yeah." So he went out with his camera and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time.

Me? I'm in the study with the curtains drawn, downloading Sims 2 stuff. The woman who runs Retail Sims has finally got her head out of her arse and stuck her site back up (she closed it down in protest of a site called "Pay Sites Must Be Destroyed", who distribute 'donate only' custom content at no charge because they take offense to the fact that some people are making all their custom content donate-only and making a lot more than they need to cover their bandwidth costs, which goes against EA policy) so I got to replace some of my favourite community lot items. I'm going to go out in a minute and stock up on smokes and lunchfood, and then I'm going to switch on Sims 2 Seasons and do some community lots. Before that, though, I think I'll fire up Body Shop and do some new outfits - there are some great meshes out there I'm quite keen to recolour.

I don't know if all this truly counts as 'making the most of my bank holiday', but I've got Voodoo Glow Skulls on iTunes, projects galore, and caffeine. Now all I need is more smokes and some food, and I'm good! Hooray for holidays!


Mar. 28th, 2007 06:03 pm
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I literally could not get out of bed this morning. Pain plus exhaustion = inability to move until 9:15am, whereby of course I was far too late for work. At which point, I decided "Screw this" and called in sick. I feel somewhat better for it - still achy, but not with the bone-deep exhaustion. That job really is going to kill me one of these days.

However, I finally managed to rouse myself a bit at about half-twelve and did the Sims 2 downloads shtick. I've just switched it on to let it load and ... my gods, it actually loads. Within a minute! Even with two evenings' downloadings' worth of custom content! Looks like the problem really was the Frankenbox's age and general borkingness. Wow.

Blech. Tonight is going to be dinner, hot bath, something fun on the DVD player, and more sleep. I'm still tired, surprisingly.
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Well, after about an hour's worth of installation and disc-swappage, I have finally got my Sims 2 stuff up to date. And I think I am just going to re-download everything rather than port it over from the Frankenbox - I had so much crap I never used. I'll be fine enough with the stuff I know how to replace. Plus it'll help load time. So ... now I get to spend the rest of my awake-time tracking down the downloads I really loved and getting hold of them. Should be fun. I'll admit I've missed the quest for Sims 2 gorgeousness. But I swear to myself that I will be a lot more selective this time around.

Other thing I'm doing is FFXI-related - I bought a half a stack of fruit seeds and have planted them in my lovely little MH garden. Going for growing Yagudo Cherries and Rolanberries, which tend to sell well. Well, I certainly can't use them yet, and my last bit of gardening turned up nothing but bloody marguerites and a black rock. Well, at least that can get passed along to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo - he's been working on Goldsmithing and once he gets past level 16 or so, he can turn it into an Onyx. Then a few levels more up the line, he can turn that Onyx into an earring or a ring. Finally, someone I can give my rocks to.

Anyway, back to the downloading. I want to get at least three of the sites I like cleared of items I want before I go to bed ... and make sure the game works, of course.


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:28 pm
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My music, she loads. She loads slow. I am eternally grateful for my brand new 300GB hard drive.

So, yeah, it was definitely something borking seriously on the Frankenbox, and I'm still betting it's the mobo. Either way, having the new box has solved a whole lot of problems. Probably all of them, but I can't say that conclusively until such time as I get everything installed and moved over from the Frankenbox. Still, FFXI runs smoothly and there hasn't been even the hint of a freeze, and iTunes hasn't even threatened to skip while playing off iStress. So ... yeah, for the most part, looks like problem solved. Still, it's going to take a good long while to get all my music from the Frankenbox over to the new box, never mind the rest of my stuff, so I'm currently running both boxen simultaneously - they're both connected to the network so I can just sit back and let things run their course in that regard.

I'm currently debating whether or not I want to shunt all of my Sims 2 downloads onto the new box. I mean, some of them, not to put too fine a point on it, suck rocks. And then there's all the stuff I don't even use. I'm beginning to think that my best bet is to install all the games, then go back onto my favourite sites and download only the stuff I actually use and like. That'll certainly help with the load time issues, anyway. Not to mention that a fair bit of the old stuff isn't compatible with the new EPs, while some of the better sites are updating their stuff to accommodate, for example, pets. I can get all the stuff I really wanted back easily enough (for example, search Mod the Sims 2 for the term "Silent Hill" - hee!) and the stuff I don't get back ... well, we'll just see if I miss it, shall we?

Now all I need to do (apart from installing that many Sims 2 EPs, not to mention spend a good day or two going through favoured Sims 2 custom contents sites - always kinda fun, really) is decide on a name for the new box. It's currently listed as Palahnuik ([ profile] dodgyhoodoo says this is because he had to call it something), and in a way that fits - twisted, wordy and kind of disturbed. However, I think I'll be calling the new box Eshu. Wandering storyteller box. Works for me.

So give me a day or two to sort out the brain transplant, and I'll be rarin' to go on my brand spanking new box! Huzzah!
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My computer desperately needs an upgrade to be able to run the new Sims 2 EP properly.

I can't figure out how to make the Sims have snowball fights.

I can't figure out the best way of making sure someone gets hit by lightning.

I have no fucking clue how to cure Sim!Skank of the whole "got turned into a plant" thing.

And if I want to have them attack leaf piles, it might be an idea to put trees on the property in question.

However, the snow is fun. When it snows, you get random acts of penguin - this penguin wanders up for no apparent reason and starts trying to communicate with any snowmen on the lot. Much like in FFXI, you can fish, except there's no limit to your storage capacity that I have as yet encountered, so it's much less annoying. Also, there is gardening, which is fun and profitable on the whole. All I can say on the subject of Sims 2 Seasons is "YAY!"

Oh, and I really should get to sleep at some point. You know, before the sun comes up.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 09:59 am
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I don't generally like being awake at this time of morning, particularly not on a weekend, but circumstances are such that I really don't mind today. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo went out this morning and came home with a copy of Sims 2 Seasons for me. Which of course is cause for *squee*age and generally shouting from the rooftops "BEST. FIANCE. EVER" because I desperately needed cheering up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to back up my download, collection and camera folders, do some installation, and then go see if I can get Sim!Lucius pasted in the face with a snowball.
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Things I must remember throughout the course of the day:

1) I love my [ profile] dodgyhoodoo. That and the fact that I wouldn't be able to manage rent alone keeps me from taking him up on his suggestion of cutting his head off as a cure for the snoring that keeps me up nights and, in today's case, wakes me up an hour before I have to be out of bed when my wake-up call is 5:30 am.

2) 8am interviews are not evil. They are merely a show of absolute willing to an agency that is bound to be good to me, as the lady who saw my CV was very enthusiastic and says, among other things, that Canadians are her favourite people in the world.

3) My mother is not a ditz for not ringing me last night or indeed checking her email at all as regards dinner plans. She is merely not one of those people who checks her email every day. This is acceptable, if annoying, and I can always see her on Monday. This is not cause for the grumpy.

4) No matter how cool it looks, I can survive without Sims 2 Seasons for a week or three.

5) Ditto FFXI.

6) We have a new router, which means stable internet access for the first time in a week or so; what more do I actually need at this point?

7) Being unemployed does not make me a useless lump in the current circumstances; it's not like I'm not trying.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get dressed up in relatively smart clothes and sell myself to three different agencies over the course of the day. I swear, it's like whoring with a socially acceptable wardrobe.
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Oh yeah - Sims 2 Seasons is out tomorrow. *whimper* This is the problem with being skint - even when some money does look to be headed your way, it tends to be committed elsewhere and spent before things like this can be properly considered.

For example - upon receiving money from Mum, the lion's share of it's going to household expenses (though things are looking up because two agencies have made appointments to sign me up and my regular one has some possibilities for which she is putting me forward). After that, though:

1) I still have some Mage books reserved with [ profile] angusabranson, for which I must pay.
2) I need to renew my FFXI subscription lest I lose my deathgnome (but that's three months away at least so I may wait).
3) I ought to at least chip something into the kitty to buy the new router.
4) I need to upgrade the Frankenbox. I might be able to run Sims 2 Seasons on it, but on the whole I'd be well miffed if I bought the damn game and couldn't even run it on my rapidly borking computer. Not to mention that my one operational hard drive is getting a wee bit full.
5) Miscellaneous personal expenses.

So on the whole, I think I'm going to have to wait a bit on the next Sims 2 expansion. Much as it sucks. I'm getting a little sick of missing out on everything due to job idiocy, but that can't possibly last forever so I'm just going to have to suck it up for the time being.

...I still want the EP, though...
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I'm not sure whether it's the router that's borking or the site, but I cannot get on MTS2 or indeed navigate some sites without waiting two minutes for "Loading..." to clear off and the page to actually load. I'm irritated.

But never mind. I go start building a Cabal House - I found a good picture to start with of a nice end terrace 4-bed that would suit the cabal in question all too well. It's nice when these things happen.

And then, after doing at least a little work on that, I'll go back to FFXI and see if I can't get my rank quests, provided Gjoll or Seifer or someone's about and available. This one involves a loooong climb to the top of Delkfutt's Tower and ... eep.

Of course, main thing is that I'm tired and groggy. For some reason, I got no sleep last night and finally wound up crashing around 9 am. I got out of bed an hour and a half ago. And I'm still tired. Argh.

Oh well, never mind. Architecture.

Oh, and not-quite-GIP! Courtesy [ profile] meteorghost, via [ profile] draxar. Is it not nifty?
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Okay, so I have things to do in FFXI. However, after watching this, I think to myself, "Hell with this; I'm going to make SimHogwarts. Slytherins dancing. Whee! Besides, I've got enough meshes now to do houses properly. I think.

Besides, Vana'diel will still be there in a few hours...

Go, watch the link. See what I mean. Now, must pull out the books and see how many descriptions of places I can find.
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It's maintenance time in FFXI - I think they're fixing a couple of glitches. Not mine, though - turns out that there's something I have to do before I'm allowed to get on the ferry to Al-Zahbi and the whole "EP not installed" message is just a sort of default. I think. I'll have to surf for that. Anyway, it's certainly not that I hadn't installed it because the first thing that happened when I went to reinstall is that it went through the uninstall procedure. *sigh* Uninstall, reinstall, try to get on the ferry ... "EP not installed". Argh.

We eventually decided to delay Restart-related Armageddon for another week or so because [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was really knackered. To be fair, so was I - it's been a rough week. I had planned to grab a hold of G and kill leeches for that stupid Summoner quest, but ... well, maintenance for the next three hours. So instead, I did the following:

1) Tracked down weapons guy in Jugner for this one quest
2) Checked on my chocobo (which can now 'endure my company' instead of 'not caring about me')
3) Tried fishing (the fishing was crap)
4) Did some crafting (pineapple juice - soon I'll have to go back to Windy to up my standing with the Culinarian's Guild)

Then logged out before it could boot me. The leeches and the Dunes will still be there when the maintenance ends ... I think. Then again, I'm not sure what a hardship it would be if we lost the Dunes altogether. But I suppose the stupid would follow us to Buburimu or Jugner.

So instead of beating on leeches or taking [ profile] weaselbitch through her first party, I will switch on Sims 2 and do architecture and interior decorating for the next few hours. Wouldn't want my other main computer game to feel neglected.


Nov. 9th, 2006 09:23 am
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I'm holding off on posting my word count for awhile. Not that I'm doing badly - I've cleared nearly 3k words in the last two hours, after all. It's just that now I'm stuck for a descriptive passage so I need to fire up Sims 2 and design a sorcerous strip club ... or at least the anteroom and bar. Well, I could do it all in my imagination, but where's the fun in that?

I swear, this is all I ever use my Sims 2 stuff for anymore. Sure, Pets is great, and I do play with it from time to time, but in the main it's just a character and set design tool. Well, at least it's a good character and set design tool, particularly with all the downloads I've got. So off I go. I'll get back to writing when that's done. But I suppose I ought to check my downloads bookmarks first, make sure there isn't anything out there that would make my club perfect.

Oh, and I need more coffee. Or a break to go to Waitrose for cola. Or both.


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