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May. 6th, 2005 02:07 pm
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Your Birthdate: February 10

Your birth on the 10th day of the month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life.

The number 1 energy suggest more executive ability and leadership qualities than you path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 10th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.

You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.

I suppose that fits as well as anything else. Which goes to show, after reading what [ profile] dodgyhoodoo got, that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I've taken up two shelves of the bookcase now. One shelf is devoted to fantasy novels; the other is straight literature. Both are books I haven't read in awhile and/or ones I think [ profile] dodgyhoodoo would be interested in reading. Eventually I'm going to have to get the rest of my books from [ profile] cholten99's place; not only is the vast majority of my Stephen King collection in there (that's probably going to take up a fair bit of shelf space in the smaller bookcase in the bedroom), but it's also got my non-fiction books in it. I'm kind of stuck on "Wormwood and Chamomile" at the minute and really need my copy of Deadly Doses for inspiration. Oh well; it's not like there's a shortage of other projects to work on. Of course, it'd be so much easier if I didn't get blocked on all of them at some point or another, but I suppose alternation is a good thing.

I'm going to go and poke around with the RPG now. I've spent the past hour doing that; I started this entry over an hour ago, thought I'd have a quick look-over projects in progress and forgot all about the entry in favour of poking around with attributes, skills, backgrounds and advantages. I think I've nearly got a handle on the dice system now, so there might actually be play testing in the offing by summer. [ profile] nightskywarlock says that when you get creative people gaming, it's only a matter of time before they start trying to write their own RPG, and I guess he's proven right. Sheesh.

I need to take a break, and then I need to decide what I'm going to work on after the break. I'm strongly considering just rolling a d6; 1 for the RPG, 2 for "Wormwood and Chamomile", 3 for "Deadheader", etc... But then again, that really does make me a RPGeek.

By the Book

May. 6th, 2005 09:58 am
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I figured out the coffee maker! Woo-hoo! Hot, scrummy caffeine is a definite bonus. And there's at least another cup and a half keeping warm.

I've done the job application thing (again and again and again), and now looking for other ways to spend the day. I actually started the "stick to your guns and write something, you silly cow" regime yesterday, so I may go back to that. However, I don't think my Excel spreadsheet does exactly what I want it to do if I'm going to be working on lots of different projects in a single day (case in point: yesterday I did the typing up for those bits of "Deadheader" and made some edits and additions to "Wormwood and Chamomile"), so I may have to set up something new. Plus the actual writing bits. I'm trying to ensure that I get 50,000 words per month from now on -- hell, if I could do it in November, I can do it now.

Speaking of writing, there's some RPG-related stuff I want to get done. For one thing, I should do an [ profile] infernalfencer update while last night's session is still fresh in my mind. Also, I need to do some serious reading on Camarilla vamps in preparation for Sunday's Mage session (it's either the Elephant Inn or carpet picnic again, isn't it? At some stage, I'm going to have to properly cook for a gaming lunch when there's only the four of us). And last but certainly not least, I need to do some characters for Forsaken, which I believe starts next week. I've got a few in mind, but it's getting a little complicated because a) I don't know if [ profile] cholten99 wants to be involved and b) I have to make provision for [ profile] corone, who can't make next week. I think I can swing it, but it does mean that I have to pre-gen something specific for him so that he's in place when the rest of the party gets to point A. It's doable, but it does mean I have to make sure I organise something he's going to like. But then, the same can be said for all of them. When I have the player list together, I'll be able to say for sure. But I can at least make a start, I guess, knowing I have at least six people.

Then, of course, there are the more mundane tasks. A couple of days' worth of washing up, for one. The upgrades on Lenore, for another. Plus the sentaku and trying to get at least some of the books out of the boxen and into the bookshelves. Must also remember to get 'round to [ profile] cholten99's place in the not too distant and try to get at least some of my stuff out. I'm most feeling the lack of my Preacher, Strangers in Paradise and Sandman (plus assorted Gaiman bits). I thnk my non-fiction collection is also still in that box, but I'm not really sure -- two weeks and I haven't looked at the book boxen.

Right. I know what comes first, then.
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This one's grepped from an e-mail forward that came to the woman I'm temping for. I thought it'd make a good LJ thing. ”So:” )

In any case, we should have broadband back at the house at some point. This will be a good thing because, no matter how good the tech is in this place (18” flatscreen monitors, split keyboard, DVD writer for some unknown reason), it’s not really the right kind of set-up for anything but a quick browse. My boss sits behind me in a glass-walled office, y’see, and never seems to leave the office for lunch. However, right now he’s running around like a blue-arsed fly trying to get ready for a flight to Glasgow, so I’ll at least have some alleviation from the sheer boredom.

Well, look – it’s a little silly, all things considered. We’re not getting anywhere near the mail volume for logging that I would have expected, so all I really have to do is read this stupid Framework for Safety document and make a table of all the action points so no one else has to read it. I don’t blame them for not wanting to, either – it’s been written by engineers, and the grammar makes me want to hit things. So rather than just making a table of the action items, I’m also having to rewrite the stupid action items so that they make the remotest bit of sense. Argh.

Anyway, you can’t fill a day with that, so I wind up poking around the quizzes and forwards received by the girl who normally sits at this computer. Hence the quizzy thing. Feh.

At least I have something with which to occupy my mind today, even if I have to spend most of said day reading bad grammar and turning it into good grammar. I’m running that BESM campaign tonight, so I can spend most of the day having a good think about how I’m going to set this up when all three of the characters I’ve got are loners. Well, that lot know how to roleplay and metagame, so I’m sure we’ll be alright.
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Today seems to be involving many visitors to the new flat (it's only been a little over a week; it's still new). First, it was the landlord -- he was supposed to be coming in on Saturday to check the new three-piece suite but somehow neglected to get in touch about it until today. When he did, he gave about 20 minutes' warning. Hooray for landlords who live close to. Sheesh.

Then [ profile] cholten99 is coming by to dump some of my leftover stuff from the big box nobody could lift. Not that I won't be happy to have the stuff, but sheesh, it's Sunday morning! Admittedly, I'm getting kind of used to waking up obscenely early on the weekends (okay, comparatively). After all, I now live with a morning person. Still, there's no way to relax with people pottering in and out of the place.

And then, of course, there's Mage. I spent a happy hour or two yesterday coming up with stats for the new NPCs, and badgering XP-garnering writing projects out of [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, who's saving up to get Skank Arete 4. He's done a fantastic job, as you can see with some of them, so now he gets a Seeking. Hee! And he's remembering to charge Thig so all the bits he gave me in the last one (mental defrag -- the transition between Geoff Woad and Skank Fetish) can be used against him. I repeat -- Hee!

Oddly, this is not being written on Thig. I'm managing to pull this update from the Frankenbox, because someone in the area has a completely wide open wireless connection, which I have somehow managed to pirate. I won't be doing it for very long, because we're getting our own broadband on Tuesday, but it seems silly not to take even a teeny bit of advantage. This may make me a bad person but it beats hell out of 1p per minute and sitting on the floor in the entry hall.
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There is still no broadband, but at least there is brief internet access at home. Huzzah.

News is as follows:

1) I've been working. The company I'm with builds roads and thinks that having me read a document and put the salient points into a table so no one else has to read it is a worthwhile use of a temp's time. It's only a week. But damn, the premises are nice and everyone's so organised. I could get used to the private sector.

2) I may have a permanent job soon. One of the agencies is arranging for me to interview with a pharmaceuticals company. I will hear soon.

3) Sourcebook Central 2.0 is shaping up nicely. Games are being planned. Muahaha.

4) We're having a minor networking problem at the minute. Computers cannot see each other. Provided they can see the internet when we finally get broadband on Tuesday, we don't mind so much. If they can't, we're all screwed.

Mage tomorrow. Oh, that should be all kinds of amusing, particularly when [ profile] weaselbitch and [ profile] nadriel get a look at all the books I need for the campaign but couldn't bring due an aversion to the idea of crippling myself more than I normally do when hauling sourcebooks to games. Oh, and [ profile] nadriel? A [ profile] kuo_li update would be nice. ([ profile] weaselbitch already remembers she owes one.)
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Ah, Charing Cross EasyNothing. Welcome to Memory Lane, population: Me. Same crappy keyboards, same creepy patrons, same "let's screw the tourists" overcharging. Now I know why I did not miss this.

I'm only here to check my e-mail and friends list briefly before heading off to yet another interview-testing thing. Oh, and I might have a job by Friday -- the agency I signed up with last week found something that lasts just over a week, but at least it's a start and someone wants to find me a job. This is always a good thing.

Yeah, we're all pretty much moved in, by the way. Our bookshelf came with missing bits so that's something we can't unpack, but we've found homes for just about everything else. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is quite impressed by the 5.1 sound on my DVD player, which showed up yesterday, but we're kind of having to lay off the subwoofer in the house, particularly when watching action movies.

The only problem with this is that I managed to do my back in on Saturday and it's still not fully healed. It's not agony, but occasionally it feels like I'm being stabbed in the region of the kidneys. I think I tore something. Whoopee. Oh well, it's bound to heal up soon.

So we're now pretty much Sourcebook Central, anyway. I think the only rooms in the house that don't contain sourcebooks are the kitchen and bathroom. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo has been reading through Hunter, and I've been contemplating a Saturday evening run of Forsaken. But it hasn't all been planning new games -- I've been looking through the old Changing Breeds books (Ananasi ... hee! And you can blame him for that, but I suppose indirectly me because I did ask him to write some pre-Restart Skankness and that's what he came up with) and a couple of the Mage and old WoD stuff (Demon Hunter X! Hee!). It's a creative, gaming, character-torturing house.
Right. Must head off and be a professional person. Yick.


Apr. 15th, 2005 10:55 pm
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Packing done? Mostly. Nothing's left that I cannot shove in a bag tomorrow morning when packing up the rest of the shit. In fact, most of what's left can't be packed because it's wet clothes or stuff I need in the morning. Whee.

Mess cleared up? Um. Mostly? I think? Well, it's pretty tidy compared to the rest of the house, which admittedly isn't saying much.

I just can't face the rest of the pick-up. I'm too damn depressed. My last day here at casa [ profile] cholten99 and I've spent it entirely on my lonesome. Then again, the whole thing was so sudden that I can't blame [ profile] cholten99 for having plans. Though I do wish he'd remembered about the gig before promising he'd help with the move -- help with box-lugging would be appreciated, but I know how he is at gigs so probably not. In his own words, he is going to be "the whingeing bloke driving the car" and no more. From what I can tell, plans for tomorrow go something like this:

1) I crawl out of bed unfeasibly early for a Saturday, grab my letter from Enfield Council, and head out to Finchley for the lease signing and key delivery.

2) I come back here with or without [ profile] dodgyhoodoo (who might appreciate further packing time but could be a helpful set of arms when it comes to moving boxen) and load up [ profile] cholten99's car. By this time, it'll probably be about midday, so I shouldn't feel too bad about waking [ profile] cholten99.

3) Unload the car at the new flat.

4) Help [ profile] dodgyhoodoo load his stuff (or as much of it as will fit) into the car.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's boxen have been removed from chez [ profile] weaselbitch.

6) Unpack.

So I should probably shower and get some sleep. Yeah, like that's going to happen. Currently kind of depressed for no good reason (I hate RID) and keyed up. Sleep may not come easy tonight, and my aromatherapy shit is packed. Bugger.

I'll be offline for the duration (we haven't got the broadband set up yet, and probably won't until next weekend) so talk to y'all when things are a little more sorted.
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Well, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is running around like a headless chicken as regards the whole packing thing. I, on the other hand, am being more zen about it. Then again, I can afford to be, given that at least 2/3 of my stuff is already in the boxen.

I'd have had a lie-in but the delivery [ profile] cholten99 warned me about last night turned up about half nine. So got up, signed for that ... then went back to sleep. So I guess I had my lie-in after all.

Currently thinking how best to tackle the small amount of stuff I have left to pack, not to mention the huge amount of stuff I have to throw away. I figure loads of bin bags and no mercy for that latter. Then I'm pretty much ready to go, with the exception of disconnecting the Frankenbox, which will be done as late as possible on Saturday, thanks. Need to make sure I have that proof of address letter that the letting agency wants, though -- I'm fairly sure it's in Mrs Robinson's Bag, but I won't be completely sanguine about it until I have it where I can see it.

Anyway, I've at least had a think about game plan, so I should probably go start carrying it out. But first, [ profile] corone-quizzage strikes again:

You scored as The Master of NOM. You are a villain so secretive your name doesn't even appear on this quiz. Other villains are your minions and don't even realise it.


The Master of NOM


Giovanni Villanova


Captain Reis


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Cardinal Estaban Verdugo


Which 7th Sea Villain are you?
created with


Apr. 13th, 2005 11:10 am
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I've got another interview with yet another agency. At this point, I'm just hoping that some bugger finds me a job soon. Okay, it's convenient not working this week, with the packing and everything, but I really need a job soon. The only problem with being employment next week is that my nearly-stepfather is coming by Monday with all my stuff and I'd be sticking [ profile] dodgyhoodoo with the pick-up duty all on his own. Still, at this point, I'm going to have to take what I can get, at least in the short term. I suppose "she had to work" is still an excuse and doesn't give away the fact that I'm currently between jobs, which I haven't told my mother about. I have no plans to do so, either. She's reasonable at the minute but I'm taking no chances on her barging in and taking things over again.

So it's back to the packing intense-style today, as I won't have time tomorrow (interview at midday). Last load of laundry is in, I think I can pack away most of my clothes now, I need to repack Box 1 (which can barely be lifted, given the sheer weight of sourcebooks etc that's in it at the moment) but at least I have more boxen in which to pack stuff. This is a good thing.

So the timetable:

Today: Weed out clothes necessary for next few days. Open Box 1, remove half of the sourcebooks, replace with clothes. Pack rest of sourcebooks, rest of paperbacks and miscellany in Boxes 2 and 3. Add clothes as appropriate.

Tomorrow: Interview. Add what clothes are dry to Box 3.

Friday: Throw out all rubbish. Bring all unwanted but possibly useful items to Oxfam. Pack Box 3 with any leftover clothes and miscellany (evening).

Saturday: Unplug computer and TV/DVD thing. Load all things into car. Move. Unpack.

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And another must-read [ profile] metaquotes moment for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and any of my other friends who sensibly avoid communities because of the sheer weight they add to friends lists.

I am home with boxen. I have decided to do nothing with the boxen tonight. This is at least partly to do with the fact that [ profile] cholten99 is in and I don't really want to do the packing thing when he's in and trying to sleep, since I kept him up on Sunday with Buffy S7, apparently. I would require entertainment of a more noisy nature to keep me interested in shoving my personal possessions in various-sized boxes, and I want to be nice to him anyway because he's going to be helping both [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and I move in a few days.

Speaking of people being nice and hauling my shit to Finchley, communication has begun anew with my mother. Partly this was her informing me that she and her SO are finally getting married in July. In New York. No, I'm still not going. At that point, though, I figured it'd be best to let her know what-all's going on with where I'm going to be living at the very least -- in case of emergency, you understand. From there, she told me that she'd send my soon-to-be-stepfather over to the flat with the stuff I left in Tooting lo these many moons ago, which is nice. She's also telling me she's fine with communication going at my own pace, including e-mail for the duration. The reasonable nature of her last mail makes me want to mount a scouting expedition to her end of London to hunt for the pod, but never mind.

Right. I probably should go to bed either now or soon, but I'm not really sleepy so I will turn off the sound on my computer and play Sims 2 or something.
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Most of my books are packed. Okay, well, half of my books are packed. There's some more that can fit into the wheelie-case, but Yuki is currently sleeping atop it. While I was doing the packing, Yuki kept getting up on top of the case, blocking my access, and cried. She really isn't quite as daft as she looks. I think she knows exactly what this clearing of the shelves means, and she doesn't like it. Muh! At least it's going reasonably well, the packing -- another load of laundry went in, huzzah, and my bookshelves are clearing quite quickly.

Another agency rang, this one on the med-sec side predominantly. Been applying for jobs like mad on one of the sites [ profile] dodgyhoodoo sent me links for yesterday -- this one mostly deals with creative and media stuff, so there's a lot of stuff I think I'd be good for. If I spread my CV around enough, I'm bound to find something, no? Soon would be nice.

Packing break to involve meeting [ profile] dodgyhoodoo at O'Neill's in a couple of hours, then dinner for three chez [ profile] weaselbitch. This is becoming a habit, not that I mind (and I hope no one else does). Might grab a couple of [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's boxen while I'm there; I just don't have enough stuff to pack stuff in. I'd like something large enough to lay my suitably-wrapped athame flat.

I need a timetable, but it's a little hard to gauge what I'm going to need for the rest of the week. I suppose I don't have to leave any books out once I get the boxen, as there's [ profile] cholten99's book collection and the Internet. I'm probably just going to throw my aromatherapy oils in Mrs Robinson's Bag just before I leave the flat, along with all the cables that connect the Frankenbox to a power supply. I guess I can leave a couple of my own books out on that principle. Still, argh. Packing sucks.

It comes to me that I'm never going to have to make that trip from Enfield to Golders Green by bus ever, ever again. And I was in too much of a rush last night to appreciate it. Damn.
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There is one -- count them, one -- packed box. Unfortunately, I may have to repack it because I can barely lift it, much less get it down a flight of stairs. Then again, it does contain all my sourcebooks, DVDs and manga. There's just too much heavy lumpy stuff, but at least it packs down well. There's still the other books, the oils, toiletries, clothes and so forth ... there isn't enough box. I just hope there's enough car. Given the computer and the little TV/DVD thing, there's a need for space. Glad [ profile] cholten99 has a larger car than Dorabelle, seeing as he's been gracious enough to help me move.

I'm not used to this. Most of my moves to date have involved having a nervous breakdown and ditching all my stuff first. Now I have all this stuff that [ profile] dodgyhoodoo calls "kipple", or existential lint. Too much stuff to drag around. Sometimes I miss being able to live out of a rucksack.

So Annie's friend doesn't want to take Yuki. And [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's colleague can't take Yuki. Irritating and worrisome, since [ profile] cholten99 feels like he can't take care of her properly or devote enough time to her or something. This just gets more and more complicated.

All the same, I am looking forward to the move. I look at it this way -- if [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and I can manage the relationship thing with all this stress going on, it bodes well for the future.

Must go. I might be late for gaming, but I'm not sure.


Apr. 11th, 2005 12:08 pm
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Because I know he only reads [ profile] metaquotes over my shoulder, here's a link for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo. I'm trusting he's at least seen Mary Poppins...

Trying another agency, this one focusing on the medical side. It looks like I'm stuck with med sec until judgement trump. That's kind of depressing, when you think about it.

Sentaku. Lots and lots of sentaku. I'd like to get everything clean before the packing. I figure today I can pack the sourcebooks and the like. Maybe weed out all that crap on my end table. But for the time being I'm just waiting for the first load of laundry to finish up, watching "Conversations with Dead People" and downloading Sims stuff. Ugh. I need a life.
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Turned out [ profile] nadriel got out of his tournament early and was able to turn up for Mage after all, just a little late. That worked out perfectly for what I had in mind, though I wish I'd known before I left the house, so I could bring more books and stats. Oh well, never mind. Cry havoc! )

Tired, but not sleepy really. Going to dick around with the Sims some before bed, I think. Then tomorrow, packing. Less than a week before I move. Agh!
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I cleaned the kitchen. I am the first person to actually clean the kitchen in about two weeks. I think I may have destroyed at least two colonies of newly-created life forms in the process, but at least the kitchen is now clean. It is now also full of [ profile] dodgyhoodoo ... on a number of levels.

Still on the hunt for Sims 2 downloads I like. I'm thinking I might be able to at least salvage some of the clothes from my old Downloads file. The problem is that, unlike with Sims 1, you can't actually tell which is which unless you read the file names. Argh. So instead I check out the sites I normally go to, and their links sites, and the links sites on those until I find lots of fun stuff. Last time I surfed this much net was when I was looking for appropriate pictures for the Mage: Year Restart site (which oh my God I have to update at some point this week).

Move-in date is definitely Saturday next. Must remember to e-mail my mother and let her know that yes, David can come in that day with stuff. Must also pack and clean this room. Also finding alternate homes for Yuki, as Annie's friend seems to be a little less sure of taking Yuki as she was a few days ago. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's workmate seems keen to take her, and to be honest, I'd prefer that -- it feels like fewer degrees of separation. But we'll see.

And [ profile] nadriel got his dates mixed up and will be unable to attend Mage Sunday. That leaves me with two players. Thankfully, Kuo-Li has Correspondence enough to take off without warning when he needs to, not to mention access to the Gallery. I have a great idea about where he's gone and why. So this Sunday, Skank and Lucius can still go off on their own and try to stop the impending war, and [ profile] nadriel can rest easy at his tournament thing, secure in the knowledge that he has not so much nudged plot as bulldozed it. That'll teach him to manage his diary better.

Note from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo: "Waitaminit. I have access to the Gallery. Why haven't I just gone in there and looked for Beep? ... Such a muppet..."

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Argh. Fuck EA Games up the arse with a cactus. Sideways.

You have no idea how many reinstalls I had to do to figure out that a lot of my downloads just. Don't. Work with Sims 2 Uni!

It's frustrating as all hell because now not only do I have to salvage the ones that are EP compatible, but I've had to ditch every single custom neighbourhood I created. I liked my Llandeilo, but now it has to be ditched until such time as I can get the downloads I need to make it properly. I've finally at least been able to play, but it's not as much fun without all the funky stuff I downloaded the last time. Plus I haven't even been able to make a start on rebuilding my Downloads folder until now because the router was having a hissy fit.

Watch the same thing happen when Sims 2 Nightlife comes out in the autumn. Bollocks.

If only my current woes were all just computer-related. I mean, shit, I can handle the newly rebuilt and finally functional Frankenbox being a bit of a pain in the arse. But there's the other stuff. Having to give Yuki up when I move. The prospect of cleaning up this shithole I call my room and moving the contents to Finchley. The knowledge that it's still ten days before I can actually move in and those ten days aren't going to be easy on anyone concerned. The fact that none of this seems to be getting easier from an external point of view. All told, it's stress on wheels and I just want to hide under the duvet and hold a "DO NOT FEED THE HEDGEHOG" sign up to anyone who dares try to pull me out of my newfound cave.

And then there's jobs or lack thereof. I really should have just sucked it up and taken the stupid NHS job. It was only three months, after all. Now I have to sit around and wait for them to get their thumbs out of their arses and find me something that please God isn't NHS medical. It's absolutely insane -- I suppose this isn't quite the time of year where tempwork is much necessary, and it does tend to take some time to get started in this kind of thing, but a month?!? Jeez. Well, one bunch calls me tomorrow and I ring the other bunch tomorrow and tell them that I would really like a job now, please. Hell, they should really want to find me something, given my experience. Eesh.

I suppose the saving grace is that the migraine is better and the router's stopped being an almighty pain in the arse. Cold comfort, really. Or maybe the cold is the fact that I've left the window open and it's come over all blustery.
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Good News

After a great deal of irritation, nail-breaking, incomprehensible problems and a lot of help from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, I finally got the Frankenbox back online and working normally. I still haven't reconnected the old DVD drive but frankly, I'm happy with what I have at the moment. I'll work on the rest of the hardware when things aren't so up in the air. For the moment, it's setting things up the way I used to have them -- get Trillian back up, make sure what I just downloaded as a DivX driver means I can actually play my Sims 2 stuff, that kind of thing. Of course, it would be nice if my wireless connection was the remotest bit reliable, but what are you gonna do?

Great News

The references came through just fine, and from what the landlord was saying, we can move into the new place next weekend. I'm going to wait until we've signed the paperwork before I really firm up move-in date, but all the same, I'm all of a *squee*. I brought flowers to Ganesh, as he's been pulling so much overtime on our behalf lately.

Bad News

Not quite enough overtime, though. Still no Yuki in the flat with us. She is getting fussed like mad this week. *sniffle* I'm going to miss my little furry miscreant. Oh well; [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is probably enough of an attention-suck for any sane person. Heh.

So today I'm supposed to be going to see Constantine with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, [ profile] weaselbitch, Kat and Mark. Want to stay in and fuss the kitten, not to mention getting the damnable Frankenbox to work right. But it's a social thing and social things are nice. Besides, I don't want to wind up the last one left who hasn't seen it, as happens with so many films lately, and then wind up having to wait for it to come out on DVD because I hate going to the cinema alone and be left out of all conversation concerning the film in pre-game faff-lunch sessions.

You'd think someone who's had as little sleep as I have over the past few days wouldn't have the energy to babble on like that, right?


Mar. 29th, 2005 10:01 am
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And so, to put the finishing touch on this particular weekend, there is more e-mail from my mother. I can't even bring myself to read it; I've just marked-as-read and stuck it in the folder I reserve for parental e-mail that I don't feel equipped to deal with. And yet it sits there, and I know it sits there, and thinking what it might say is likely worse than what reading what it does say. Still, can't cope with that right now. Head hurts too damn much to be having with that.

Instead I'm going to do the should-do stuff -- tidy my room a bit, go grocery shopping, lie down and try to relax so the headache doesn't eat me alive, that sort of thing. The room thing will be good because I really shouldn't have this much of my wardrobe lying on the floor. Besides, I have the "keep-it-toss-it" thing to do. You know, sort out what I own that I actually want to keep, what goes to the local charity shop and what is really only fit for the bin. No sense in moving things I don't actually want.

So ... yeah. Apparently people shooting me doesn't work because there is the "buzzing dodgyhoodoo resurrecty zap thing" after the shooting. Therefore I must apologise for virtual bullet waste. Which I suppose is somewhat less surreal than the conversation we had recently about being able to do touching Rememberance Day pastorals of Flanders Field on one's hamburger with the otherwise pointless-seeming green ketchup, the more standard red ketchup and mayonnaise (for the crosses, o'course).
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Today started off as such a good day. I think the balance got tipped out of my favour somewhere along the way. But then, things have been going so far my way anyway that I suppose I was ripe for a bit of fallout.

The best part? We got the flat. Well, just about got the flat anyway. Holding deposits and paperwork. We should, all things being equal, move in somewhere around the 15th of April. And, depending on landlord's negotiations with the actual owners of the property (he's mortgaging), we might even get to take Yuki with us.

I think the worst of it, or at least the final straw, is the e-mail I got from my mother. She and her long-term partner are getting married in July. The ceremony's in New York and they want me to be there. I don't want to be there. I don't want to deal with that amount of crap anymore. Not now, not ever again. Sure, there's been some stress lately, but how much worse would it have been with my mother breathing down my neck? I dread to think. "Can't we be in contact?", she asks. No, we fucking can't. It never works. Time and time again we've tried to be in touch with one another and it always winds up with her stepping into my life and trying to run it. I'm not allowed privacy, I'm not allowed my own life, I'm not allowed to make mistakes... I can't deal with that kind of pressure. So I've basically written her saying ... well, not quite that, but that I didn't know if we could be in contact or not. I'll leave it there for now. At least that's out of the way.

As for being in contact, I'm not sure if I want that with anybody for a little while. I feel like such a monumental socio-emotional screw-up right now. That could just be the migraine (it went away, then came back worse), but I don't think so. Well, there was supposed to be a trip to see Constantine in the offing tomorrow (today, technically) but what with one thing and another, I'm not sure that one's going to happen. Another one I'll wind up having to catch when someone loans it to me on DVD or something, maybe. Not that I actually care at this point. I just want to curl up into an insensate little ball and cease to exist.
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So I finally sat down and watched Resident Evil, a fact which I know [ profile] 50ftqueenie will be glad of. I guess I have whole new motivation to watch zombie movies now. And I think the first thing I'll say is "Want the soundtrack now, please".

Just in case you might be spoiled... )

All told, I enjoyed it in a mindless sort of way. So thank you for the recommendation, [ profile] 50ftqueenie, and again to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo for lending me the DVD in the first place. Next up is going to be The Grudge -- original Japanese version rather than Sarah Michelle Gellar version. I would have watched that first except I couldn't face subtitles. I'm tired.

Not to mention a little bit nervous. We have to have a meeting with the landlord tomorrow to discuss some things. It's a good thing I'm not in a job yet, I suppose, since it means I can attend without temp-related faff. In any case, we will get it sorted. We both know what we want, we're both reasonably good with people and I at least have a fair bit of relatively recent experience at talking to letting agents and landlords. So all told, yay; there should soon be guaranteed flat. Fingers crossed.


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