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Kermit pulls a Johnny Cash.

My friend [ profile] ethangilchrist posted this directly on his journal, but I tend to avoid that on the NSFW principle and size issues.

I may be traumatised by this. I'm not sure, though. It's too early in the morning to tell.
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When I was quite young - maybe six - my mother took me to some skeevy wax museums, mostly horror-themed, in Niagara Falls. I recall crying and having to leave very quickly. You'd think someone that was reading Stephen King a year later wouldn't have had that problem. Now, thanks to [ profile] kixie, I think I may have figured out why said wax museums distressed me so.

If any of the models were this bad, it's no fucking wonder I started to cry.


In other news, for the first time in about a year, there is nothing on the floor on my side of the bedroom except for shoes, furniture, and the laundry hamper. And the lady from the recruitment agency is still trying to chase down the Royal Brompton people but says that if that one doesn't come up, there's another one with the Royal Society of Medicine that has an actual end date, pays a fair bit less but is a good foot in the door. And at this point, I can hardly turn down a job that will actually pay me money. The lady from the recruitment agency knows that I would prefer the Brompton job, but does understand that I want to be employed now. So she's doing her best. It's nice of her to keep me posted, anyway. If only everyone was so good at, for example, returning my godsdamned phone calls.

Apparently there might be some sort of Pagan Federation 'do on Saturday. Between being ill, being depressed and being hacked off at the world at large, I'm not sure I'm going to make it even if it does go ahead. However, I realise that a goodly portion of my stress and depression has to do with a very, very limited ability to get out and do anything. I know that going out will make me exhausted and queasy and in pain, but I am sick to death of being at home, trying to drag jobs out of agencies and doing as much cleaning as my substandard energy levels allow. It's frustrating. Bleh.

Seriously, though, I've missed everything in the last few months. I haven't been able to run a Mage session in weeks (though okay, there was the HIPPIE thing but that was out of necessity), I missed Beltane Bash, Dragonmeet, Feast of Fools and more pub meet-ups than I can count due to illness and I only ever seem to go out for Waitrose runs these days. And just cleaning up my side of the bedroom has reduced me to a state where I feel I can do little more than curl up in bed and go comatose for a couple of hours. I'm tired of missing things, I'm tired of being ill and I am sick to fucking death of being stuck at home.
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Well, there is some good news for today. [ profile] cleolinda is back with a vengeance. Or possibly with a vendetta. Well, she did V for Vendetta in 15 Minutes, anyway. Look, forgive the lame-arse attempt at wit; I'm so damn sleep-deprived I missed my mouth with the coffee mug just now. I will wake up, honestly; just five more minutes...

(Incidentally, speaking of V, [ profile] guido_was_taken reminds me that I loaned out my V for Vendetta graphic novel to [ profile] nadriel, which was a relief because I could not for the life of me remember who borrowed what (turned out that [ profile] guido_was_taken had the household Transmetropolitan collection). One of my work colleagues wanted to borrow it, y'see, and I didn't remember that I'd loaned it out. Neither did I know that I wouldn't get it back for a month instead of for a fortnight because of Glasgow-related scheduling conflicts. So now one of my work colleagues still wants to borrow it and I'm not going to have it back for a week and a half but at least I know where it is.

In other news, I got some alternate referee suggestions as a 'to-do' for today. One of them is supposed to be going to a Dr Gordon. Apparently, the universe has a movie theme for me today. However, it does mean that a) I have this sudden bizarre yen to watch Saw again (though we watched it just the other week, I only saw it in snippets because I was working on Sims architecture) and b) I now have the creepy voice and the equally creepy theme music (want the soundtrack. Want. WANT!) stuck in my head.

Waaaaah wanna go home and go back to bed...
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I must look eminently approachable. It's the only explanation I can think of for some of the events of the last couple of days.

First of all, the bus to Covent Garden over lunch break yesterday. Not only was there little old lady in the funny hat running her fingers over the embroidery on the satin panel on my skirt (and, consequently, over my knee as well), there was the little old lady with the big glasses who patted my hand as a thanks-and-fare-thee-well when I gave her directions to Holborn station. I don't know if it was different in their day or if it's just me, but ... strangers with the touching ... no, no, no. It's hard enough to keep a bubble of personal space intact in this city without random old ladies doing the laying on of hands routine. I think I handled it well ... at any rate, I wasn't rude. I probably would have been, though, if the people doing the touching had been male and / or under seventy.

This morning, however, was a whole different matter. Nobody actually presumed to touch me in any way, but ... well, look, do you ask random people in fast-food restaurants for medical advice?

To explain: I'm going off to Neal's Yard over lunch so I can spend obscene amounts of money on herbs and suchlike as weapons in my ongoing war with migraine, digestive upsets, insomnia and all the other health problems that proliferate at Sourcebook Central 2.0. Unlike yesterday, I came prepared, and spent the commute alternating between Mastering Herbalism: a Practical Guide and the Neal's Yard catalogue, so I know what I need to get and what I can expect to be spending. Over the bus and Tube journeys, this was fine, but I was dreadfully hungry when I got out of the Tube station and didn't have time for my usual faff-fest at the Sainsburys Local down the road, so I figured to pick up something at the local McGreaseball (hash browns are at least edible; there's not much you can do to fuck up frozen hashed potato patties). In the queue, there was a man waiting for his breakfast sandwich to be prepared and when I got up to the front, he asked (in a broad Glasgow accent) if I wanted to trade a fiver for his five pound coins. As I know many people who don't like carting around shrapnel, I said fine and made the swap. This is all fine and normal, and something about which you can approach a stranger in a fast-food restaurant. This is fine.

As the counter lady is bagging my hash browns, however, Mr Glasgow notices my book. He then proceeds to tell me that he's about to have a thyroid operation and asked what sorts of things he could do herbally to help, with particular emphasis on dealing with the incision (antiseptic and scar minimisation, I can only assume).

...Muh? I'm in a fast-food restaurant, where it is safe to assume that I want to be gone in the minimum amount of time possible. I happen to be carrying around a book on herbalism, yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm any good at it. In short, I am not about to pull a herbal remedy out of my arse on no information, or stand around talking symptoms and browsing through my book, when I need to get to the job that pays me. I basically told him to go to Neal's Yard or somewhere similar and ask them for advice. Then I scrammed with all due alacrity.

I must give off vibes.

Two more things:

1) No Fading Suns yesterday. Horrible moods. Horrible.

2) "Kittens...too cute...strength...failing....KAHN!!!!!!!"
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I did this chibi avatar thing days ago, but with everybody else posting theirs, I figured I'd redo mine and actually post it this time.

So, here we go: ChibiMe.

Image hosted by

[ profile] dodgyhoodoo says mine is more convincing than his. He should have gone for the emo glasses, IMHO.

Right. Smellies for the Hoodoo, then writing writing writing!

This is the mad season.
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This bore saying.

Christians are unfairly represented a lot. I mean it. I am speaking as a person who's suffered psychological abuse at the hands of religious nutjobs, and even I know that it's unfair to tar them all with the same brush. I knew a guy while I was doing my A-levels and he was a born-again, and we had some lovely conversations in wihch he did not judge me because of my faith or lack thereof in 'his' God, and in fact we could just debate philosophy like rational adults. We didn't do it very often, but it was enough to consider the fact that most religions come down to the same thing; "Be excellent to each other". This man had taken "Judge not" very much to heart, and we could be friends despite our very different views on faith.

But those aren't the ones who speak out, generally. They attend the same churches as the hatemongers in some cases, and they hear the same sermons, and they are aware of the actions taking place in their community and in their country, and they think that it is wrong. I believe that they honestly believe that the actions of their fellow Christians are generally morally wrong. But they say nothing, and that's wrong too.

Any Christians who read my journal? Please, defend what you believe in. Speak out.
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Predominantly for [ profile] weaselbitch: Jin Wicked has finally started selling her rattie hammocks. And she ships overseas.

I have copy typing for the first time in nearly a year. Wow. Not that it's a hard task or anything; it's just been so long...

I don't want to go home. Too much work waiting, plus tired, cranky [ profile] dodgyhoodoo who I can't lavish with attention because I don't have the time. Which might almost be able to slide out of my head for awhile under the morass of "Too tired but must work" if it weren't for the NaNoWidow stuff. Don't believe he's still doing roast dinner thing when he's as tired and hacked off as I am.

NaNoWriMo is rapidly losing its charms. I don't want to feel bad about this. I don't want to feel perennially knackered, or pressured to let people read the bloody project when they're done, and I really don't want to ignore my boyfriend on and off for a month. Right now, all I really want to do is curl up under the desk and cry. But I suppose it's just fatigue; that tends to fuck with the emotional control.

But I'm not going to curl up under the desk and cry. Frankly, I don't have time. I am going to finish my copy typing, try to get some other work done while I'm here, nap on public transport on the way home to try to get something resembling a second wind, and then get back to work, breaking for dinner at some point. There's not a whole lot else I can do.

I'll be glad when this is over.

Meat is...

Oct. 23rd, 2005 10:05 pm
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The lengths to which PETA will go to make a point.

Dear PETA,

Thank you for once again demonstrating that fanatics are, by and large, about as smart as the tofu they consume instead of meat.

First, we are designed to eat meat. Maybe not as much of it as we do as a culture, but we are designed to eat meat. We have canine teeth for a reason. Suck it up.

Second, is there any point in going to a restaurant and harrassing the diners by waving lumps of dead animal in their face? Even if they did have any sympathy for you (which I doubt, since they're eating a flame-grilled chunk of animal flesh in the first place), they aren't going to have any once you've spattered them with the juices of their own dinner. If you want to get your point across, try sensible, well thought out speeches, not temper tantrums. And honestly, you're wearing a cow costume spattered in red paint. How seriously are we going to take you? I think the past few years should have taught you that terrorism (and that's what you're doing, albeit at low levels; you're trying to scare people into doing what you want, aren't you?) does nothing but get people angry and defiant.

Now, let's talk about your target. If it is your intention to make people ashamed of the way they're treating their fellow mammals, a chain restaurant is not the place to do it. It's likely that many of the patrons of the establishment in question have never even seen a cow in real life, and the waitstaff don't get paid enough to spend the hours before the restaurant opens personally butchering animals for the meat on the tables. If you want to save the animals, fine. Go picket a slaughterhouse. You'll do more good there. Or would that not get you enough publicity? If you're doing it because "no publicity is bad publicity", then you're in the wrong business. That's fine for actors and the like, or banned books. All you're doing is ensuring the whole world is watching while you make idiots of yourselves. And if you're trying to get the restaurant shut down, if you think that's going to help, you really do need medication of some sort. You're picketing a solitary branch of an international chain when you picket the Outback. If you get one place shut down, it'll probably be a McDonalds four months later anyway. It's like cutting off the head of a hydra.

Oh, and incidentally, calling KFC branches and insisting that the workers quit to shut down the entire chain? Not your best idea ever. The only reason people put up with the crap they get in food service day in, day out is the paycheque, and some PETA nutter is not going to get rid of them if the thousands of Entitlement Brats, drunks, scam artists and clueless morons haven't shifted them yet. All you're doing is adding one more shred of crap to their day by calling again and again and again during the lunch rush. Besides, if these people sympathised with you in the slightest, do you think they'd be working there?

In short, you may want to rethink. Try cute pictures of fluffy white lambs and big-eyed calves and baby chicks and so forth. Try not pissing people off. They'll start upping their red meat intake just to spite you, I guarantee.


A guilt-free carnivore*

* technically omnivore, yes I know, but my parents do occasionally refer to me as a carnivore -- it's a thing from childhood involving embarrassing baby photos and I'm not going into it
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Oh, this is just creepy.

In other news, James didn't do a damn thing while I was away. Not. One. Thing. Oh well, at least it's not that bad but seriously, I did kind of want to take a couple of days off next week and now I'm kind of afraid to. Well, I'll see how far I get on the backlog today. I should know by lunchtime if I can go on holiday or not. I'm guessing so, seeing as most of it was piddly stuff anyway (so why couldn't he have just filed a few things? Guess since that's my job now, he doesn't have to. 'Cover' apparently means 'I'll only do it if it's really urgent').

First glimpse of the Metro for two days. The weather has gone intensely screwed, hasn't it? We barely have time to wring the last drop of media interest out of one hurricane before another one comes along and flattens some other part of the world. It makes a nice distraction from, I don't know, weeding out the corruption and incompetence that made the devastation caused by Katrina so much worse than it had to be. And, in fact, every other piece of crap that happens in the media. Oh, people apparently want to see heart-rending tales of people suffering a long way away so that they can put a few quid into a charity somewhere and feel like they're Good People. And don't get me wrong -- they are good people, or at least they're better than the people who don't give at all on some weak-arse premise like "Well, most of the money's not going to the needy people anyway". Because some of it is, and a half a loaf is better than none (though I suppose I can understand not wanting to give money to bureaucrats who couldn't manage money if their lives depended on it). It's a combination of schadenfreude and a ploy to make themselves feel all generous and prosperous.

I want real news. I want to know why the government's still pushing these ID cards when they're expensive, supported by a buggy system and generally useless. I want to know why anti-terrorism laws are being used to keep dissenting but overall peaceful voices out of the Labour party conference and keep pedestrians off cycle paths. I want to know why people are being arrested for wearing T-shirts, be they Cradle of Filth ones (two people on record as having been arrested for wearing these under anti-hate laws) or anti-Blair sentiments. I really want to know why all the money that could be used to promote reduced emissions, better healthcare, better anti-drug campaigning, better education and generally a better standard of living is going to fund that unsanctioned bloodbath in Iraq. I want to know all these things, but no one who really knows will tell me. Why? Because they're ashamed of the answers, probably.

I want the answers anyway. I want, just for once, for these people who run our world to own up to what they're doing. I want them to be held accountable. I want them to either stand up and give the people valid reasons for what they're doing -- ones that are open to debate, thank you -- or I want them to admit that what they're doing is wrong. Even if they still refuse to back down from the idiotic mess they're making of society as a whole, the very least they could do is admit to us why they won't do the right thing. People have a right to answers like this.

Yet they don't think they do, because the people in charge tell them that they don't have the right to those answers. We don't have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech (though fat lot of good it's doing the Americans); the only place we have a voice is in the polling booth, and what happens after we get out of it and discover that we have been lied to? Do we rise up righteous and demand to know why the hell we were lied to? Do we use the mouths and brains we were born with to pry the truth out of these eejits so that we can make an informed decision about who runs our country? Do we take down the lying, warmongering, borderline dictatorial regimes and replace them with someone who will, at the very least, not lie, cheat and backstab at every opportunity without giving some kind of reason?

No. Instead, the vast majority of us accept that our news is going to forever consist of natural disaster coverage, the occasional blurb about the horrible things terrorists are doing and celebrity gossip like Sarah Jessica Parker allowing her wardrobe to be held hostage by her four-year-old Beatles-obsessed entitlement brat. Oh, and sport. Can't forget the sport. Bah fucking humbug to the news. There need to be more Spider Jerusalems on newspapers.

Right. Have ranted. Feel better. Back to work.


May. 17th, 2005 11:14 pm
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You can blame [ profile] sclerotic_rings for this:

Slave Leia Pet Costumes.

Also: Darth Vader Pet Costumes.

Worst of all? Yoda Pet Costumes.

And let's not talk about

There are no words.
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From the desk of [ profile] yuki_onna comes this helpful little first-thing-in-the-morning post: Thirty-two Statements About Writing. She is fabulousness personified, and makes some good points.

Must actually do the goddamn writing. I set myself up a little Excel sheet with all the half-finished projects I've got, and it's shameful, really. Of course, a couple of those aren't strictly speaking writing projects, but they are projects of a creative nature and they do belong there. The ones that are strictly speaking writing projects, I'd like to submit something else to TTA before the summer months.

So it's my last day at work, then home briefly, then Angel. I should probably stuff some of those writing projects I've been talking about onto a disc and take them to last day of work with me so I can actually do something about the total lack of work I've got done during my last day of "there's never enough work to keep me busy but I can't go home because someone's gonna need me".

I am in such a crappy mood.
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And another must-read [ profile] metaquotes moment for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and any of my other friends who sensibly avoid communities because of the sheer weight they add to friends lists.

I am home with boxen. I have decided to do nothing with the boxen tonight. This is at least partly to do with the fact that [ profile] cholten99 is in and I don't really want to do the packing thing when he's in and trying to sleep, since I kept him up on Sunday with Buffy S7, apparently. I would require entertainment of a more noisy nature to keep me interested in shoving my personal possessions in various-sized boxes, and I want to be nice to him anyway because he's going to be helping both [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and I move in a few days.

Speaking of people being nice and hauling my shit to Finchley, communication has begun anew with my mother. Partly this was her informing me that she and her SO are finally getting married in July. In New York. No, I'm still not going. At that point, though, I figured it'd be best to let her know what-all's going on with where I'm going to be living at the very least -- in case of emergency, you understand. From there, she told me that she'd send my soon-to-be-stepfather over to the flat with the stuff I left in Tooting lo these many moons ago, which is nice. She's also telling me she's fine with communication going at my own pace, including e-mail for the duration. The reasonable nature of her last mail makes me want to mount a scouting expedition to her end of London to hunt for the pod, but never mind.

Right. I probably should go to bed either now or soon, but I'm not really sleepy so I will turn off the sound on my computer and play Sims 2 or something.


Apr. 11th, 2005 12:08 pm
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Because I know he only reads [ profile] metaquotes over my shoulder, here's a link for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo. I'm trusting he's at least seen Mary Poppins...

Trying another agency, this one focusing on the medical side. It looks like I'm stuck with med sec until judgement trump. That's kind of depressing, when you think about it.

Sentaku. Lots and lots of sentaku. I'd like to get everything clean before the packing. I figure today I can pack the sourcebooks and the like. Maybe weed out all that crap on my end table. But for the time being I'm just waiting for the first load of laundry to finish up, watching "Conversations with Dead People" and downloading Sims stuff. Ugh. I need a life.
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So last night was such a fabulous bit of roleplaying that I decided to make an issue of it. Hey, guys? You're famous.

Out and about today; lunch with [ profile] weaselbitch and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and then, possibly, meeting the latter's sister. Meep.

Not much else to say, really. Bank Holiday and all. Slight boredom, but hey, that'll be over soon. Meep.
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The Committee to Protect Bloggers declares this to be Free Mojtaba and Arash Day. These two men were apparently arrested by the Iranian government for what they put on their blogs. (Intense oversimplification, but hell, if you want details, read all about it.)

The site says that free speech isn't a cultural or partisan issue. I think what they meant was that it shouldn't be. I used to get into arguments with my mother's SO all the time about whether we had any inalienable human rights at all. He claimed we didn't; only privileges the government gives us. According to him, if the government decides that we should not be allowed to speak, we should accept that.

I think anyone who knows me will know how much of a crock of shit I think that is. I'm with Voltaire on this one; I may not agree with what you say (hell, in the case of the Iranian gentlemen, I might not even be able to read it), but I will defend to the death your right to say it. After all, I'd expect the same to be done for me, and I'm a Golden Rule kind of girl.

Of course, that kind of thing does cause its own sets of problems. What about the people who use their rights to free speech to spread hatred, bigotry, antisemitism and terrorist sympathies? Should hatemongers be accorded the same rights as the rest of us when their messages are so detrimental?

In my opinion, yes they should. Because we have the right to talk back.
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Now, I don't tend to like rap, and I'm not the world's most Christian of women (well, duh), but I do like a good pastiche. Therefore, it's no surprise that I think this is just hysterical. Ganked from [ profile] theferrett.
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Good ways to start your morning: Tiramisu & coffee.

(I said 'good'. Note I did not say 'healthy'.)

Disturbing ways to start your morning: 'Erotic' Smurfette. Also, Papa Smurf gets a rim-job.

Some people have too much Flash ability and way too much time on their hands.


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