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Rob T Furball (cat) is being a yowly attention-sucking pest. [personal profile] mitchy has been offering him the requested space on the sofa, but he has been ignoring it and pestering me.

Me: I am trying to write! I am just going to ignore you!
[personal profile] mitchy: ...Did you say you were writing?
Me: Yes.
[personal profile] mitchy: (to cat, very loud) OFF!
Cat: *scarpers at speed*

In short, even if you are too cute to be turned into furry slippers, do not get between a [personal profile] mitchy and the object of her fan-squee.
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Ganked from too many sources to accurately list:

Year in Brief )

Ooh, pearls of wisdom. Anyway. I am now going to pour myself some cola, ensure that there is some halfway healthy food available to me immediately (read: I am going to slice a couple of tomatoes to munch on as well as the crisps, Sour Patch Kids, Hershey's Kisses and Crack-Stix) and then head back onto FFXI. I have levelling to do.

I am proud of myself for one thing, though - I managed to find a way to keep Yuki from disappearing behind the bed in the study. We have the boxes left over from when we moved in, and I have now stored them behind the bed instead of behind the wardrobe. Now there is no room for the cat to get in behind the bed and claw the mattress where I can't immediately stop her. I R Clever.
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Kitty's on crack. Kitty's currently having a 'time out' in the box the food processor came in.

We're off to dinner at Mum and Stepdad's place in a couple of hours. Oh, yay. I mean, it shouldn't be so bad really, but I didn't sleep all that well and don't feel particularly fantastic. Still, I suppose it won't be a whole lot of effort on my part, except for the travelling and such - we're going to sit and have a drink or two and open presents, and then there will be dinner and coffee, and then we go home. Somewhere in there will be Mum showing off her new kitchen and us sitting down and getting me registered for Phoenix Rising. 'Cos, of course, I'm not missing this one.

Speaking of getting things organised, I also made some agency calls to remind them that I exist and would like work. Why is it that they only call when I'm either working or swamped with hospital appointments? Anyway, they said I'd hear from them, so here's hoping that I hear a) soon and b) about a really good long-term temp job, or a good series of short-term temp jobs.

It occurs to me that it would be nice if life were more like FFXI. Stuck for money? Go out and kill monsters! Or go fishing or grow things in your garden or something. Cut for FFXI news. )

And now I need to consider what I'm going to wear and then go get some cash so I can top up my Oyster card and get smokes. Really all I want to do is crawl back into bed, though...
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The problem with not having many friends who are into FFXI is that sometimes there's nobody to warn you when you're about to get in over your head. Kyr's fab, and it's nice to have someone to whinge to who understands, but given that she's never done the quest that's currently kicking my arse...

Poor dead Deathgnome... )

In other news, my morning started off with me deciding that some oatmeal and a nice cup of herbal tea would be a nice way to start the day. However, Yuki decided that she was going to attempt a flying tackle of me as I moved to the study with my full bowl of oatmeal and cup of tea. The tea sloshed, but I dropped the bowl and it, and my oatmeal, went smash-splat all over the floor. I've cleaned it up, but am not happy about it. This was hours ago and now the cat, after hiding and napping for most of the day, is being even more of an attention-suck. It's going to be difficult for her when I go back to work.

Of course, I have also hidden and napped for most of the day - well, after breakfast, at least until 2pm or so. I'm still pretty consistently exhausted. It sucks, but I suppose there's not a lot I can do about it. Still a week to wait before I can go back to the GP and ask if the gastro specialist has any clues as to what's wrong with me.

Tomorrow, I must go and ship Christmas presents to Missouri. Yeah, I know it's not even December yet, but the post takes forever around this time of year. So [ profile] ilyena_sylph and [ profile] darkdanc3r, if you want anything added to the parcel like sweets and so on, please let me know in the next 24 hours or so.

Now, though, I'm going to Waitrose for cola. I'm not sure what's happening with dinner, but either way it's going to wait until [ profile] dodgyhoodoo returns from the pub with [ profile] weaselbitch (I might join them, depending on how I'm feeling; hate being ill) so I might do well to get real food too. I'd like to manage a full three meals for once - wouldn't that be a hoot?
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A slow and boring day. I let Yuki go for a wander for awhile because she was driving me buggy, and one of the neighbours saw her loitering around outside the back door and knocked to ask if she was all right. I said she was fine - she obviously knows her way home. Also, she knows to come in when I open the door and call. Well, it worked this time, at any rate. Unfortunately, she managed to knock part of the huge stack of DVDs we keep next to the TV onto the floor behind the makeshift home entertainment centre (TV, DVD player, PS2 and Xbox) and reclaiming them is going to be difficult. However, it will also be necessary, because the top of the pile contains the favourites - the ones that get watched the most often. So ... yay.

I've been basically fart-arsing about with FFXI this morning. My deathgnome has been pottering around West Sarutabaruta in a bid to find a stone monument for some stupid quest or other. Still, it's all good gil, so I shouldn't complain overmuch, and I'm going to need a map of Crawler's Nest one of these days. There are a whole bunch of Selbina / Mhaura quests that I can probably do now that I can ride a chocobo through the nastier bits or just warp out if I need to. So I'm going to think on a game plan for that one because I could use the gil. Still, probably best if I just do the easier stuff first so I'm not spending quite so much on chocobo rental.

And now I'm going to leave the kitten dozing on the wardrobe and go find something to have for lunch, which I will eat while sitting in front of something televisual (probably while reading a book as well - yay multitasking). It's a long slow kind of day, but at least I've got things to keep me occupied.
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Quiz-thing ganked from [ profile] beepbeep. I don't do these things very often, but this one spoke to me.

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

Well ... yeah.

Speaking of Beep (well, the other Beep), we have Mage today. Which is why I'm awake before sundown. Yay. Well, that and the cat's been on crack so the house has been full of [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's bellows of "YUKI NO!" for the past hour or so. Makes a good alarm clock.
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Yuki is currently going through a phase of wanting to be allowed outside. Of course, this has to happen when it's too cold to keep the windows open all the time, but the cold does not seem to be a hinderance to our fluffy little crackhead. No, she'll happily roam around the house and yowl. And yowl. And yowl. Generally while sitting in front of windows and looking out longingly.

The other day, I accidentally left the kitchen window open after I was done cooking. (Odd thing about our flat - the smoke alarms are sensitive enough that even cooking food sets them off, though oddly cigarette smoke does nothing. We'd just take out the batteries while we cook but the damn things are tapped into the mains, so there's nothing we can do but keep the kitchen door closed, the extractor fan on and the window open, and even then sometimes the smoke alarm goes off for no reason. It happens in the other flats, too.) Anyway, we found this out because Yuki had gone off for a little jaunt through it, which we only realised when we heard scrabbling at the window and saw her clambering back in without a care in the world. Seems kitty at least has enough sense to come back to where the food is.

Anyway, so every now and then we open the window and let the cat out. Today, it took me opening the back door and calling her before she'd come back, but if we don't let her have her jaunts, she's never going to give us any peace. So what we're going to do is put a collar and tag on her and, when we're home and can call her back, we're going to let her roam and hope she doesn't get run over by anything. This seems like a good compromise.

Thing is, while I was in Waitrose this evening, looking for cat treats for the kitty, I spotted some flea collars and realised something. Outdoor cats get fleas. Yuki with fleas would be bad. Humans with fleas would be worse. Therefore, a flea collar would be a good idea. So I bought a couple of flea collars (they come in packs of two, and aren't too costly) and brought them home. They are pretty things - purple velvetish material, with a little bell on them. And Yuki didn't object too badly to having it put on. Now all we have to do is get a tag, write our phone number and her name on it and attach it to the flea collar. Except for one minor issue, all is well.

The 'one minor issue' is this: Yuki's a little bit spastic at times, and likes playing with things that make noise. The fact that I left the bell on the collar means she jingles when she moves. Ever seen a cat try to play with her own neck?
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There hasn't been much going on lately, unless you count the ongoing CbN clusterfuck. Yes, it's still going. Yes, it just keeps getting worse and worse for my character ... though, admittedly, not as much as it's about to suck for a local Verbena elder...

Cut in case you find my RP stories boring, which I would understand )

It turns out that endgame happens over the weekend. So there's another few days of this to go. People are trying to be sensitive to the fact that I live in a really screwed up time zone but sometimes, it just doesn't work. Recent group rescue / info dissemination / Roach's mad plan scene went completely fucking pear-shaped because almost no one turned up when they said they would (they have reasons, but it's still irritating), and I'm still trying to get some scenes together to ensure that my character comes out of this somewhat playable. Of course, this is difficult when the shit just keeps on hitting the fan, so it tends to involve tracking the others down, which involves more late nights. Not that I've been sleeping very well lately anyway (I am having what [ profile] dodgyhoodoo refers to [thanks to Transmet] as 'rampaging gut horror') but I'll still be glad when this SL winds down a little. If nothing else, I want to see how it ends.

Final Fantasy's been a no-go lately because of server maintenance. Or something. Won't let me log into Asura anyway. This is a pain. I'm hoping it'll be back online soon. I'd like to go back to that some. I suppose there's the weekend: [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is off to his brother's wedding and after some debate, it looks like I'm not going along. The current reason is that I'm still a little worried about Yuki, who seems to be more demanding than ever lately and might wreck the house if left alone all weekend, even with [ profile] weaselbitch coming in to feed her and stuff. Not to mention the 'having procrastinated on buying something halfway decent to wear' thing and the fact that I just plain don't wanna go 'cos I'll be nervous and uncomfortable and I don't like the idea of going anywhere just because it'll 'look funny' if I don't. Besides, if my stomach hasn't improved by then, it's not going to be any fun at all.

And now it's lunchtime, so I'll stop rambling.
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The cat eats dried mango.

On purpose.

That is all.


Feb. 8th, 2006 11:12 am
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Look! It's still morning, and I'm up! [ profile] dodgyhoodoo left for York this morning and so tonight that just leaves me and the cat, who is currently trying to eat a Watkins bag. Yuki's intellect is the stuff of legends, I tell you.

I'm going to go outside today. Probably not anywhere particularly special; just out. Another part of today's plans involves the anime I got for Christmas (Noir and Boogiepop Phantom yay!) and doing the laundry. Not to mention deciding what the hell I'm going to wear when I meet Mum tomorrow. Ech.

Of course, it would be nice if part of my day could involve reading Mage write-ups. One of the things I wasted my time with last night was a whole bunch of new icons, mostly Transmet-themed (though I have a few Buffy ones that can go up as well). One of them is the one I'm using today. You know who you are.


Jan. 4th, 2006 08:20 am
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Quiz )

Yuki has not taken well to the return to the status quo, work-wise. She's acting up for the attention (no Yukis on the desks!) and only stops yowling when cuddled. Poor needy kitten. Cats are supposed to be independant, not co-dependant. She'll get used to it again, I'm sure. Not that she ever liked it much in the first place...

At least it's Wednesday. I keep forgetting that and then keep reminding myself that Lost is on tonight, which means it's Wednesday, which means that after today's over, it's only two more days until the weekend. Yay! One day back in the workplace and I'm already looking forward to weekends. Not to mention looking forward to my next holiday already. I've only taken about seven of my twenty-five days of holiday (three days off to do some Affils work, one day off to wait for a delivery and the Christmas break, which I'm not even sure counts), so I have about three work weeks left of holiday left until September, when it all starts up again. We were thinking about Edinburgh end of March (some convention or other, plus I've always wanted to go), I generally take a week off in February to celebrate my birthday and then there's Battlemasters in Leicester at the end of April. If I only take off a couple of days either side of the cons, I should still have enough time off left over for a nice week off in July or something. That might be nice. In any case, I can't take my actual birthday off because Angela's still going to be in South Africa, so it's still over a month before my next holiday. *whimper*

Ten minutes left to pet the cat before I have to start getting ready to go. She's already trying to eat my hand so she's going to be a handful when I'm on my way out. Eesh.
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Actually, it wasn't so bad. Okay, I went a little overboard, but the places I went to shop were, for the most part, not too bad for last-minute shoppers. Except Virgin. Virgin sucked. Plus the fun of getting home with all the stuff. Though I shared the very front of the train with a guy and his two dogs, who were very affectionate. That probably explains why Yuki is a bit more on crack than usual, unless it's the odd smell of the new wrapping paper I got for variety (crap, by the way). But there are more presents and I finally found the gift tags (Yuki had knocked them onto the floor) and apart from Christmas dinner, I'm officially done with the whole work aspect of the holiday. Now I just have fun! Whee!

However, my feet hurt and I'm exhausted. I veg now.
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...Sarah. There's another one I don't bloody believe I forgot. Feh.

Since I got the promised bits done, more Legacies )

Yuki goes to great lengths to get me to cuddle and pet her. Essentially she climbs up on the bed in the study (which is technically the second bedroom, but there's noplace else to put the bed), sits on the corner nearest where I sit and then puts her forepaws on my shoulders and tries to climb on. Suffice it to say, this is distracting. She's only done that to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo the once, but she does it to me all the damn time. Cute, but seriously, I thought cats were supposed to be independent. Then again, it beats "I'll get up on The Man's desk because I know someone'll pick me up to get me off of it!" as an attention-seeking strategy.

Right. Time for shower and bed. Work tomorrow. And I'm typing this one-handed because I have an armful of cat.


Aug. 29th, 2005 12:00 pm
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The kitten is on obscene amounts of crack, and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo has rather tuckered himself out by a) chasing her around the house, b) cleaning up and c) going out shopping for more groceries than any one person can reasonably carry. I'd have helped, but I slept through a) and b), and he didn't think of asking me to help with c) until he actually got home with the majority of the shopping. Eesh. Men.

Still, it's not like I'm not going to have mass amounts of work to do today. [ profile] weaselbitch and [ profile] nadriel are coming over for Bank Holiday roast lunch in a couple of hours, and that'll be me cooking. We couldn't find a whole duck at Waitrose anywhere, so we settled for poussin. So we're each going to get an itty-bitty bird, which will hopefully come out nicely and not in any way burnt, undercooked, dried out or otherwise horrible in whatever way it's possible to screw up a small roast fowl.


Anyway, after that I must sit down and put out some more Affils work. I spent a fair bit of Saturday afternoon working out modifiers for various types of swords (including the Scottish Claymore) and now it's about time I worked on knives and blunt weapons. Then poisons and improv weapons for the GM's guide, plus Casefile: Mack (my way of telling the GMs that, if a character is really screwing up, it might be necessary to have him eliminated rather than just full-on sacked, then explaining that losing a player doesn't mean killing the character necessarily because transfer is an option). Plus bits of chapter-break fiction -- I don't think bits of the old scriptwork are going to cut it, but I'll try to stretch what I have as well as I can. Mostly because at this late stage, I don't think I'm getting anything else. Well, people are busy, so that's okay.

Of course, I also have Tuesday, and Wednesday is new job! Woo-hoo! But first, today. Little bit more faff, getting dressed and then start chopping veg around half-one.

The days are just packed.


Aug. 20th, 2005 10:39 am
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So they've announced the dates for Dragonmeet. (3rd December, 2005 -- yay! More time than I thought I had to prepare Affils! Woo-hoo!) Well, at least, I think they have. It shows up on Google okay, but when I go to the Dragonmeet home page, all it says is "spykids ownz you". View-Source also reveals nothing but "spykids ownz you", so I suspect a hack-job. People are totally fucktarded. Plus the Kensington Conference Centre doesn't say anything about it, but it only seems to list events a month or so in advance. Feh.

Well, extra month notwithstanding, I keep a-working on Affils. Well, actually, I currently keep running around after the kitten, who's taken [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's absence to mean that she can get away with damn near anything on the grounds of "The Man's not here! Waaaaaaaaaah!" (He's gone to visit his mother and I declined on the grounds of needing some head-space.) I've had to put his graphics tablet pen in one of my desk drawers because Yuki keeps using it and its base as a cat toy, and now she's taken to depriving Cthulu of his sacrificial jelly beans.

...sentences I never thought I'd say, but anyway...

I know she misses him, but that's no reason to be on crack. I miss him already and I'm not on crack. In fact, I've had the best night's sleep I've had in days, and if it hadn't been for Yuki pawing at the door and whingeing at half-ten this morning, I'd have slept in a lot later. Still totally knackered and want to go back to bed, but kitten will either whinge or pee on the bed. She wants to have me within sight at all times, apparently. I'm sure this will be better when she knows The Man is home.
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* A cat peeing six inches from your face is not a good way to wake up in the morning.

* Music hath charms to make mornings not seem quite so bad.

* I should not swear in Mexican Spanish without practice and tutelage from actual Mexicans. However, despite this, I can 'speak' in the voice of a foul-mouthed, overly opinionated, rather stupid Mexican rock musician. Who knew?

* The best laid plans of mice and PCs often get left by the wayside in the face of plot. However, they're still there, waiting to be picked up.

* Too many books, not enough decisiveness to pick one to read on the way to work.

* Caffeine is a godsend.
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I seem to have kicked something somewhere along the line. My left foot is bruised, swollen and hurts like unholy fuck. Now that the pain in my left shoulder has subsided, I feel it rather more acutely. Still can't remember where I got the injury, though. That really annoys me. That isn't just me, is it, who sometimes gets some sort of bruising injury and can't remember how?

Yuki is trying to eat the radiator. Yuki is daft. She has also demonstrated the "Pet-me Roadblock" manoeuvre, whereby she walks up to her target (in this case, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo) as the target passes and drops herself right on the target's feet. But we love the little furry miscreant and she has stopped yowling for attention at three in the morning, so that's okay.

Watched Ginger Snaps and Hellboy this evening. Well, I fell asleep towards the end of Hellboy, but I caught the "You should be running" line, so that's cool. And Ginger Snaps is all kinds of fun. Must watch the borrowed subtitley things at some point in the near future. Well, it's not like I'm going anywhere tomorrow, what with the foot and everything.

Now I'm going to have a brief music listen and a poke-around online, and then I'm going to bed.


Jun. 22nd, 2005 08:23 am
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Still home. Stupid attention-suck of a cat. I love her and everything, but 3 a.m. is not a good time to demand petting. Couldn't get back to sleep until 5. Triggered another migraine. Whoopee. Head hurts and so bored...

Where's my fucking column?
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I still cannot sleep. I think it's the heat. I managed a couple of hours' worth of nap this afternoon, during which time [ profile] dodgyhoodoo did about a thousand words of something sci-fi that he seems to think is crap just because he hasn't necessarily seen plot yet. Silly man. I think it's brilliant.

Did some writing myself. That can be seen on [ profile] non_plot. My next step is to actually do something coherent, but at least with the community challenges, I keep myself in trim. I'll probably also try some of the challenges in the 'workshop' segments of the BBC Get Writing site because hell, if I'm going to ride people about actually writing, I'd be hypocrite of the century if I didn't do it myself.

I need to try to get some sleep. I don't know if I'll be able to function tomorrow if I don't. I tried the aromatherapy bath thing but only wound up feeling marginally less like someone replaced my vitreous humour with napalm.

Yuki peed on the bed. She's definitely home. She's now also being a total attention-whore with both of us, up to and including crawling into my arms because, after all, if I'm typing, I'm not petting her, and we can't have that.

Argh. I will try lying down and getting some sleep now. I don't think it'll work, though -- I seem to be too tired to even think about sleeping. Argh. Argh!
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I did not sleep last night. At all. Part of this was Yuki-related paranoia (oh yeah; she's come to live with us now, landlord be damned. Frankly, I don't think he'll mind all that much, given previous conversations with him), and part of it was [ profile] dodgyhoodoo being ill, and part of it was just the heat. And I slept three hours on Saturday night and maybe five on Sunday. And not at all last night. Neither of us are going to work today; my head hurts and I generally ache, and I'm badgering [ profile] dodgyhoodoo into going to the doctor because the current problem has been a generally recurring problem for days now and needs to be sorted. I know he's really not well because he's not arguing ... only stalling a little, maybe.

I can't get hold of Vera, so I've had to send e-mail to Vera (and boss in case Vera's not coming in either) to tell them that I will not be in today. I had my stupid induction yesterday and I know that if you don't call in, you get marked as unauthorised absence. Now there's documentary evidence that I did let them know; it will not be ChelWest all over again.

I'm goign to go lie down again. Ugh. Well, at least Yuki gets company on her first full day in a new home, be it ever so zombiefied.

P.S. It's probably too early to ask this but it never stopped Royce, so where's my fucking column?


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