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I'm gonna do some eee-vil
I'm gonna do some eee-vil...

(It's scene night yay!)
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And a very happy birthday to [ profile] the_blonde_one!

As a present ... well, it may not be a drabble based on any of the prompts - hell, it may not even be drabble - but you will have something HIPPIE-related to read through by the end of the day. Damnable migraine notwithstanding. *emphaticnod*

Yeah, it's been a bad few days, what with RID and a nasty migraine. Plus last week I finally realised that chocolate is one of my migraine triggers, so ... well, it's a good thing I prefer gummy sweets, is all I can say. Still, no chocolate in any quantity of note if I don't want to spend three days in agony? *whimper*

...At least it wasn't coffee. Gods, that would be a fate worse than death...

The other news that's fit to print, really, is that the last couple of days have been trying to get a scene run with [ profile] courtcat79 and [ profile] therealsherbs' Sidhe characters. On the one hand, this is great fun; I am reminded once again that I am evil and that no one seems to mind (I am reminded yet again of [ profile] cholten99 saying, "I only come here for the abuse!"). On the other hand, the time zone thing is a little frustrating. What with two of us being in the UK and only one of those is insane enough to stay up to the obscene hours of morning I usually do on a workday, and the other one being in the US, our overlap window is a bit short for a scene of any decent length. So we're doing it in snippets and that's alternately fun and frustrating as we look for a decent pause point (or a cliffhanger; I can live with that). It could be worse; at least in chat-based RP, we have scene logs to remind us of what came before.

Today will probably not see a continuation of the scene, though. [ profile] therealsherbs has a trip to the gym planned and as for me ... well, if I'm feeling up to it at all, Thursday night is Wish List Night on my LS in FFXI. This week I have the urge to ask whether anyone wants to help me with my Rank 5 mission. If I keep this up, I'll get Rank 6 in no time and I'll be able to join the gang on their Sky and Sea runs. I also need to remember to return Ctown's Noble's Bed, and work out what I'm going to do about the storage space I don't particularly want to lose by handing my Mahogany Bed over to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo (he's hurting for Mog House space worse than I was earlier this week). Then again, there's that quest involving an armoire, which I'd need to buy in San d'Oria, and ... ye gads, I have quests to do. Which is just as well, because I'm skint again. Or rather, I will be once I've shelled out for the spell scrolls I need. There has to be a list...

...Of course, if I'm not up to it I'm going to end up curled up in bed, whimpering. Either way.

Right. Back to the grind. I will get through today; really, I will.
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Doctors are intelligent people. They pretty much have to be, to get through med school. I have nothing against doctors, really. I don't even have anything against doctors who obviously didn't qualify in this country; prejudice is not my style, and foreign accents aren't that hard to render once you get used to the speaker's particular ways of pronouncing things. However ... I really wish the ones whose first language isn't English would take pity of those of us in this English-speaking country whose first language is, in fact, English and ... you know, use it correctly.

It takes me no time at all to audio type, really; what takes the time is reparsing what I'm hearing so that it's coherent. The constant, unnecessary and occasionally inappropriate use of the passive voice and the split infinitives are one thing - sometimes that's stylistic issues that just make my brain hurt, and while I'll change it for brevity, I acknowledge that it's a valid means of expression. However, there are the conjugation issues - pity's sake, people, pick a verb tense and stick to it! Preferably the appropriate one for the job at hand. And sometimes the sentences are just so badly constructed that I have to type out the whole thing in all its ungrammatical glory before I can parse it well enough to fix it.

I'm not really just a typist. I am an editor. I take the perfectly understandable mistakes of someone who has not paid the remotest bit of attention to how English grammar works and sort of makes it up as they go along and I turn it into legible prose on the fly. I basically keep perfectly intelligent people who just happen not to be au fait with the language from looking like complete morons to their peers.

And to think, I failed English grammar the one time I took it in high school.*

In other news, there is not much other news. I'm booked solid RP-wise until Sunday (Thursday - conversation with Jack, gods help me; Friday - [ profile] therealsherbs wants a scene with my mortal and I sense doom; Saturday - Midsummer Tourney at the Court of the Bard, all interspersed with whatever else needs to get settled in other arenas, more or less), when I will be taking a break from all that to have a bit of a horrorfest with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo. And possibly some attempted levelling of some FFXI job or other over the weekend. I could level BRD, I suppose - now that there's nomad moogles in Selbina, it's not so much of an utter and complete bitch to try to get to the Dunes and level. Either way, I'm thinking moochunks on Sunday - simple and tasty, as it were.

...It does amaze me how much I can overplan a weekend that basically involves "Oh, you know ... just faff, really".

* = Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. However, fact is I only ever studied grammar in French, owing to the French Immersion programme I was saddled with in elementary school. I can construct a grammatically viable sentence perfectly well, but can't deconstruct one to save my life. And when we did a unit on grammar in my American high school - the only time we were ever going to study it, apparently - I was a little lost and went to my English teacher for help. My English teacher hated me and refused to help me, I got a few things backwards and flunked the quarter. This is what kept me out of Advanced English Lit in 10th grade. I hated that man.


Jun. 11th, 2008 02:20 pm
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Doors again. I don't even have to write the villains when there's doors about.

I have to ask, because I'm curious now. Those of you I've run for, or have heard rumours about what I've run to date, RP-wise: what's the nastiest, doomiest, most unconscionable horror I've inflicted on a player as the GM/ST of any given game? In your opinion. I really want to know.

Also, if you can come up with one: what's the daffiest, silliest, most generally ludicrous thing I've ever presented to players in game?

Seriously: I don't know how I'd react to some of the stuff I've pulled on players in game. Well, in most cases. I'd like to know what really had an impact. If no one minds sparing the time to answer.
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Things I Have Thrown At People in RP Campaigns/Scenes:

- Government agencies
- Crazy sadistic Denizens
- Nephandi by the bucketload, all in positions of authority
- Really really vicious big chimera, up to and including manticores
- Very powerful elder Vampires
- Shadow Court
- Maeljin Incarna
- Silent Hill

Things That Have Most Commonly Stumped People in RP Campaigns/Scenes:

- Doors*

...I love my guys. Really. I hadn't laughed so hard in weeks.

I'm actually considering taking Wednesday off. I have scene on Tuesday and I'd like to not have to worry about getting up in the morning. Plus [ profile] dodgyhoodoo has the week off and it'd be nice if we could ... you know, do something. And it'd be nice to divide up the week a bit. But we'll see how I feel, and how my office manager takes to the idea. It's not like I haven't been working my arse off, or like I haven't eaten the backlog like it was a bag of chocolate coated espresso beans, or like I can't afford the contribution I need to make to household finances on a four-day week and still have enough money for travel expenses and discretionary cash. So ... it's a 'we'll see' all around.

Now, though, I am very tired. I intend to spend much of the day sleep-typing.

(* - I am not immune to this. I've been in group scenes in which the entire party has been held up by a door for a half-hour. However, at the very least we didn't go through four different attempts at subterfuge in order to get in once we'd decided to knock, partially because one of the characters hit the guy who wasn't letting us in over the head with a half-brick in a sock.)
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Booked my hostel bed for Brighton Below today. Only had to put down a 10% deposit, too, so provided I'm not completely jobless and screwed to the wall in July, all systems are pretty much go. Whoopee! I know it's over two months away, but I may as well start getting excited for it now...

In other news, there really isn't any. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my weekend, when it gets here. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was talking about going to see Iron Man on Sunday, which might be a good thing - the headaches, while not entirely gone, have got a sight better since I got the new glasses. Though to be fair, given how varifocals work, I'm not sure whether going to the cinema is going to be better or worse for me. I suppose a decent film (and it does seem to be decent, all told) isn't the worst way in the world to find out.

Oh. Right. Daz said something about Astrid and Portia getting to chat to ChibiCultistTim on Saturday. 8ish, if I recall it right. Well, that's another chunk of weekend taken care of, really. And depending on circumstances, I might get to go through another Changeling application with a view to approval - it seems that [ profile] ilyena_sylph has finally succumbed to the puppyeyes and is working on an Eshu for the site. Whee! I do hope she gets everything finished in time for the Dreaming wilderness survival thing on Wednesday. I'm going to have so much fun with that one. I'd say that's something else to keep me busy over the weekend, planning for that one, but if I did that, I couldn't keep myself occupied statting things during working hours and on public transport. Nothing says "portable discreet distraction from work" like statting skitter critters.

And finally, I am in the market for a new cellphone now, I think. I like my brick, don't get me wrong, but I could do better. The damn thing's five years old. And I'd like something a little more ... well, just a little more, really. In a way, it seems a bit pointless since I only really use it for texting anyway, but ... mneh. I'll see what I can find. I've always wanted one of those little clamshell click-open dealies, though I know how sad that is. And something that can play a decent ringtone would be nice.

In short, I am bored out of my skull and want out of here right now. And considering myself very very sad for actually wanting the next Sims 2 Stuff Pack (Ikea furniture, of all things - but at least it stands not as ugly as the H&M clothes...). Actually, the next expansion ought to be pretty good too - it lets Sims actually live in proper apartment blocks. I assume it's a lot like the dorms in Sims 2 Uni, only with the full-flat thing. Finally I get to design Silent Hill 4's Apartment World properly!
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Amusement of the Day:

- An Eshu sends a Sidhe, who is a trial employee at an Eshu-run bookstore, on a supposed wild goose chase for books that don't exist in reality, bar the one at the end of the list that actually exists.
- The Sidhe finds all but the last, which has been out of stock for fifteen years.

Why This is Funny:

- Answers on a postcard...
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I've started leveling again...

And the Cure IIs just keep on coming... )

So WHM 39. Now I need to get my Tele-Yhoat and Tele-Altep scrolls. Those I'm definitely questing for - 80k gil or more at the AH! Dear gods! Apparently getting the Altep scroll is easy but Yhoat sucks - it's a farming thing much like the start of the SMN flag quest. Yeesh.

And in other news, there's been stats upgrades in Mage. I'm thrilled. Got more than I asked for, and all of it made a fair bit of sense, and ... you know, *happydance* in general. I need to actually get on and scene more. I haven't much of late.

My head still hurts. Argh.

ST Glee

Feb. 24th, 2008 03:07 am
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My guys are made of awesome.

Yes, it's late and I'm tired and I really should go to bed, but this is an important thing to say. My Changeling players are made of pure WIN. And more of them should come play so that they can participate in the win. That includes the shy guy who occasionally wears a straw boater, whose hedgehog Pooka I would like to see before I have to retire the character for inactivity. *meaningful look*

I mean, seriously! The Eshu-Nocker fraternal twin combo is now rivalling the House Liam Sidhe for the Doctor Dolittle award - Gwen's got freakin' cockatrices and Lucy-Anne just adopted a mastiff (read: BIG FREAKIN' DOG. That'll go down well with the manticore her brother picked up at the arena a couple of months back). They set a gryphon on an attacking Redcap; how awesome is that? Okay, most of the bad guys got away and they never did get to see the fairly awesome haunted house I dreamed up, but at least the Carnival of Evil's shut down, the chimera are free (and there's a gryphon hanging around the park, which'll hopefully find a trod out of the Autumn or fade on account of banality before it eats anyone else) and they do have one captive to make up for the several that got busted out of the dungeons a couple of weeks ago.

And just in general? Quick thinking under pressure, graceful taking of wounds and all-out fantastic RP.

I love you guys. Seriously.
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I am now in possession of the following:

* A little container of Season-All Seasoned Salt (a brand of which you can't get here)
* St Hubert BBQ Sauce mix
* Sloppy Joe seasoning
* Multi-pack of oatmeal (apple & cinnamon, cinnamon and spice, and my personal favourite, maple and brown sugar)
* New shampoo, conditioner and shower gel from a nifty new herbal cosmetics, toiletries & sundries shop
* A very pretty white gold bracelet / earrings set
* The complete series of Angel on DVD box set
* An Oyster card that reads me as having unlimited travel between zones 1-4 for the next three months
* A receipt for two pairs of varifocal spectacles, one of which are prescription sunglasses, to be picked up in 7-10 days
* Much shorter hair

Happy belated birthday *squee*! My mother's awesome sometimes. She also wants me to take her shopping more often, because she's finally realised that I have a kind of radar for good places to shop and eat and wants to take full advantage of it as well as spend time with me.

In other news, a "You will be sadly missed" to [ profile] doccy, whose RL has eaten him to the point that he has now had to retire from the Werewolf ST-ship over on Jus Noctis. Hope you're okay, man, and thanks for all the Doom.

At some point, I'll have to go into detail about the recent developments in Changeling and Mage, but that's rants for another time. For the time being, I'll just enjoy the lack of utter batshit crazy, and look forward to taking [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's RDM through various bits and pieces of Vana'diel so he can get some more of his stone monument impressions, his Mea crystal and a first-hand look at Windurst. And then go play a sociopathic vampire who tortures people for 'fun' and talks to the dead in her spare time.
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I will stop giggling. Soon. Very very soon. I promise.

...But damn those two are funny!

The cast:

Sir Gregory ap Eiluned: Unseelie Sidhe, knight errant who recently swore fealty to the Court of the Bard, and has, among other Flaws, Overconfidence. Arrogant, haughty, stuck-up sonofabitch, basically.

Lucien Chime: Eshu, dashing swashbuckler sort, very big on freedom for all things, loves animals - chimera in particular - and can't resist twitting arrogant nobles. Also possesses, on top of Eshu-born recklessness, both the Overconfidence Flaw and the Curiosity Flaw.

So they clambered into the back of a horse trailer headed who-knows-where. And wound up in the vehicle bay of some clapped out warehouse-ish building (which I realise came straight out of last week's episode of Torchwood, now that I think about it...) with no idea exactly where they were or what they were expecting to find there. Because it's not as if Sir Gregory informed Lucien about the carnival-in-preparation, oh no. They were far too busy snarking at each other on the ride in.

Of course, then they split up. Sir Gregory indulged in a bit of kleptomania, nabbing an awful lot of documentation and a laptop. Lucien, for his part, found the hostage chimera, and happened to notice a very beautiful Sidhe lady walk past, but disregarded her and went straight for the animals. He couldn't open the cage doors despite them not being locked or latched, and they both ended up in the vehicle bay to discover a nicely penned note, basically going, "We insist that you partake of our humble hospitality". Also discovered that the room with the chimera in was ... well, either suddenly empty or the door just led somewhere else; they never worked that one out.

Then they discovered that the doors were sealed with Weaver Ward. From Thursday night through Saturday night. Note to the players: next time, try talking to the people. Trying cage doors can wait five minutes. I gave them every chance, honest!

I will stop giggling over this. If I can just get Lucien's phone message to his fraternal twin Lucy-Anne (Nocker, and just as brilliant as the Eshu) out of my head for five minutes...

"Also, I would appreciate it if you brought cake."

*debilitating gigglefit*
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Hundreds of Anonymous types protest in front of not one, but two Church of Scientology centres in London. This happened all over the world yesterday.

Day-am, but I love the internet.

Okay, there was a time some thirteen/fourteen years ago when I quite literally did not see the point. The internet has evolved so much since then. Oh, sure, it's got more than its fair share of the stupid, and I still don't quite get the appeal of this LOLcats stuff (though I'll admit it's a giggle when people aren't treating it like the epitome of all wit), but at the end of the day, when it can do something like this? Internet memes FTW, as they say.

I've seen Scientologist-baiting before, but this is better. Active, organised peaceful protest, cleverly done, for a decent purpose. And they so obviously had fun doing it, even while they were making a valid point. The only real 'fear tactic', if you want to call it that, involved in this particular bit of meme was the fact that ... well, imagine you're a Scientologist. Here's several hundred people in V masks camped outside your door, speaking in a language that you don't quite understand but think you should, and pelting you with Rick Astley songs for no apparent reason. This is how protest should be. "If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em."

Much, much love to Anonymous. That ... that was awesome.

In other news ... the mystery of Daz's all-out creepy comes closer to being revealed. See, recently, he came out of absolutely nowhere and said, "I heard about your idea for Astrid using her new steam-powered prosthesis as a focus - I never would have thought of that!" Needless to say, as I hadn't journaled it on JN, hadn't moodposted it yet and had told maybe one or two people, I was ... in absolute awe of the Terrible Mind-Reading Powers of the Mage ST.

Then I realised ... I'd LJed it.

Recent check shows that [ profile] yshala has friended me. She and Daz talk a fair bit. Suddenly, things make sense.

...Actually, I'm now obscurely disappointed. Mystery solved, sure, but ... having a psychic ST is awesome. Oh well. I'll have to settle for psychotic, as do we all. *g*


Feb. 5th, 2008 08:33 am
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This Gratuitous Icon Post was brought to you by [ profile] junior29 of the [ profile] loyal_badger LJ community (associated with [ profile] hogwarts_elite) and a love of irony. I think it's generally directed at fanfic authors, but ... Hufflepuffs ftw!

Of course, there's a bit of a theme in Changeling where Rowling the sphinx-cat does tend to informally Sort anyone she comes across. Thus far it's been: Gregory = Slytherin, Rhys = Gryffindor, Julie = Ravenclaw, and Kendrick & Gwen = Hufflepuff. So now it occurs to me to wonder where the rest of the bunch would wind up. Thus far I've got Lucien, Meredith and Ballad in Gryffindor; Pippa, Damien and Lucy-Anne in Hufflepuff, Emily and Selene in Ravenclaw and Arawn and Quentin in Slytherin. I'm sure I'm missing a few, but ... well, I hurt and it's early. Answers on a postcard...
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I apparently have the honour of having had my character become the game's first cyborg.

Basically, with five lethal of pinpointed damage, Daz had to do something spectacular. And since she was rescued by Sons of Ether ... the idea of giving Astrid a steampunky prosthetic crept up on him. And so Astrid woke up after four days of being unconscious in time to feel the tail-end of the procedure (ow ow ow) and eventually noticed that, hey, her leg was all clockwork and steam powered from the knee down. Which is nice for a Cultist, having a whole segment of her body that she can't feel, when sensation's what they're all about. But then again, they're all about new experiences too, so she's not really sure what to think. As it is, she's just living with the fact that she's going to have to feed the little steam engine in her leg every so often and release the steam pressure valve now and then to keep the pressure in her leg from building and slowing her down or just plain blowing up.

...Steampunk cyborg Cultist. Sometimes this game is psychotic. But it'll be useful. The plan is to give it a little while to let Astrid try to adjust, then have her get the idea that maybe she can use the steam as a sort of a portable essential oil burner; set up a secondary smaller steam vent system, set some really small ampoules of essential oils up on remote control (using the body and some of the guts of her old gen-1 iPod or something) and use that as an adjunct to her Mind magic. After all, what good Cultist would ignore the benefit of appealing to all the senses? I don't think this is quite what Daz had in mind, but hey. *g*

I hate the phone. That is all.
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So, as stated in my placeholder earlier today - I think last night saw the most damage a character of mine ever taken in a RP game of any kind. With the possible exception of the time my Zenith Solar got Essence-fried in Exalted and died briefly. Or that one con game where not one but two of my characters died of being eaten by astral snake. Still, I'm very much impressed with the sheer level of ouch a teeny little Cultist can take in a session.

So to give a walk-through of the scene, the results of which got [ profile] fearrett saying, "What did you do, fight a Brujah? Blindfolded? After eating rat poison?" ... yeah. It began with two points of damage as nasty Tremere-man nearly broke her right arm. (I am eternally grateful for decent soak rolls there, as well as the very good Dex+Dodge that meant Astrid didn't land wrong when he threw her down the alley...) After that, she got what amounts to Forces-pinned and hoisted about a foot in the air by blood magic (which is nasty shit, thank you). And then, there she was, stuck in an alleyway with not one but two Tremere pointing guns at her. Whee. However, there was rescue at that point, in the form of a funky NPC in a paisley frock coat. So real swashbucklers wear paisley - you heard it here first. Unfortunately, despite being drugged, one of the Tremere managed to get off a few shots with his stupid gun and hit her once ... for five points of lethal damage. And of course, I totally forgot one can't soak lethal. Unfortunately, the bullet was also painted with something poisonous.

- Two bashing, from the manhandling.
- Five lethal, from the gunshot.
- Poison of unspecified type.

Can you say 'Incapacitated'? I knew that you could. So we wrapped at the point of my character just passing out and got Astrid out of retro (because this scene was set on Thursday) by the simple expedient of saying that Astrid's been unconscious in some unspecified location for the last three or four days. I have got to say, that was impressive. Though it's all going to get messy when everything else goes down, I reckon. There's a lot of stuff in the offing now, most of it interpersonal shenanigans. That's a post for another day, or at least a later evening, when I'm in a bit more in the mood to rant about the really piss-annoying little moo who insists that nothing bad that happens to her character is ever her fault even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

For now, I will rant about my day. My day has thus far sucked. It was cold (and Silent Hill foggy, so at least it had something going for it) and the traffic was awful so I was about 15 minutes late for work. Came in to discover that the patient information system is down so I can't access anything or even do anything as simple as log the post properly. At least I can still type, which I suppose is a bonus ... or would be if the phone would stop ringing for ten seconds. This invariably involves people bitching at me because I don't have the access on the system, for numerous reasons, to do things like shift their appointments around or anything like that. Still, in my defence, I did manage to pull off one fairly serious miracle of information retrieval to get a clinic letter I wasn't sure I could even access off the system and to the relevant hospital in record time. Still, then there was the Head Honcho consultant, who really does nothing but grunt "Right, right" at me no matter what I say and doesn't answer his bleep or anything. Also medical records, who keeps ringing us for notes we don't have and obliges me to cross the building on wild goose chases by the score. One of those days, basically. I have had cola and a chocolate bar to ease my pain. Really, though, I just want to go home and pull the duvet over my head.

Can't afford to, though, so I will persevere. And hope that the afternoon sucks less than the morning.
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I think the last 24 hours should be dragged out into the street and shot, thank you.

So yesterday, I went out on my half-hour lunch break. Wandered out, nose in a book, lit a smoke, turned a corner and hung out briefly, happily puffing away and pondering sandwich while reading. And this woman comes up to me, basically brandishing a copy of The Watchtower in my face and going on about how people aren't nice to each other anymore and how it'd be nice if everyone was nice to each other like Jesus wanted. Which, you know, I agree with on a very basic, fundamental level but the actual practice tends to be a bit wiggy. This would not have bothered me if she hadn't started with, "I can see you reading something there so I thought I would come by and give you something to read" (as if I'm not reading already - this seems to translate to, "I know you were busy but you were standing still and thus an easy target, therefore I will make a weak segue based on what appears to be an interest of yours through which to begin my sales pitch". As it was, she didn't take the, "I'm a pagan, actually, thanks" hint, and next thing you know I'm in the middle of a semi-screaming argument about the various fallacies and contradictions in the Bible. This went on for 25 minutes, and bang went my lunch break. Bleh.

Can't say much about yesterday afternoon on the whole, but it can be summed up to 'sleep patterns fucked up in a new and interesting way'. I got home at about half-six, decided I'd lie down for an hour, and woke up at half past midnight. Made a sandwich, did some online-ness and finally went to bed again at half-four. Alarm went off at about half-six, I slept in until half-seven. Whoops. So I figured, what the hell, I'll take the Tube and still get in on time. Which would have worked wonderfully - I was right on schedule when the train broke down and left us stranded at Hyde Park Corner for 20 minutes. And let's not talk about the massive queue at the single working cashpoint at South Kens station, the impossibility of getting near the sales counter at Pret a Manger, and the continued absence of a timesheet from my temp agency. That latter, at least, should be solved - they texted (!) me to remind me about timesheet faxing and I replied with, "Please fax me a copy as you still haven't sent me one yet!"

I'm looking so forward to the weekend. I've promised [ profile] dodgyhoodoo French toast at some point over the weekend, so must pick up some bacon or something to have with that. I have plans involving putting up my party flag and ... I dunno, doing something in Crawler's Nest on Saturday (I paid for the damn content IDs so I'd best get the full mileage out of 'em), but there should be screen break for a re-watch of Pan's Labyrinth. And on Sunday, there is retro-sceneage of Astrid Doing Something Really Stupid. And then back to work on Monday. Huzzah?

Seriously, though, despite being harried around here, it's actually nice to be working again, and not just because of financial tribulations. I think it does me good to actually see the sun during the day, though the whole thing about interacting with actual people is a little disturbing, if only because of the overabundance of The Stupid. I hate The Stupid. But I also actually like the feeling of accomplishing something, I suppose. After all the running around after people and lugging files and things around and so forth, it's nice to be able to sit down, finally manage to scoff down something resembling breakfast (okay, a chocolate bar, but it'll do until lunchtime) and feel like I've actually earned the break.

Still, TGIF.
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This Disney movie meme I ganked off [ profile] darkdanc3r is pretty good, but I think I'm going to add a little variation to it.

Bold the ones you've seen
Italics if you've seen it in the cinema
Underline if you've been on the Disney ride related to it or 'met' the character

Can you spot the point where I gave up on Disney? )

In other news, the job hunt continues apace. Mid-week, one agency found me two rather nice positions and I had to interview for one yesterday. I was supposed to hear which I'd be in for yesterday afternoon. Nothing. Got a phone call early this afternoon, in which the agency lady said she was having a hard time getting hold of the people she needed to speak to for the job I actually wanted, and that she'd keep trying and get back to me. Phone call from her about 20 minutes ago and ... well, apparently, now both people she needs to speak to - for both jobs - have vanished off the face of the planet. She's going to try again once more Monday morning and if she can't get hold of them then, she assures me that there are loads of other places I could be put.

I sometimes wonder whether I'm the agency equivalent of window dressing. You know, agencies show off my CV and say, "We have this wonderful person..." and then, when clients show interest, the agencies claim that I'm elsewhere and give them someone else so that my CV can stay out as bait for other clients. I should get paid commission, if that's the case.

I am trying to gear up for big scene-thing that takes place on JusNoctis in just under an hour. This involves hoping like hell that the painkillers kick in so that this damnable sinus headache will just go away, already. I have gummy sweets and chocolate coated coffee beans, and I don't want a headache - that will make me a cranky ST instead of a hyper ST. Though then again, it's a real toss-up there as to which is more survivable. Of course, at least one player has also worked out that not one of the characters has the skills required to pull off their cunning plan, so ... heh. They're going to have to think of something else. Poor guys.

And then there's my deathgnome. My poor, skint deathgnome. Yes, okay, I've got just over 55k gil, but seriously, when your next armour upgrade retails at 33k, that's skint. I'm also trying to sell, shift and generally empty my mule's Mog House because dear crap, while I wanted to at least give it a try, I could not play a Galka for long. They are slow. I'd much rather set up a new mule in Bastok and farm for seed packets and stuff than have that bloody Galka tromp through Windurst. Bleeeeegh. Of course, I really need to start levelling the lifegnome again - two more levels to go until I can telewhore. Well, two more levels and three quests because I am not blowing an obscene amount of gil on the scrolls at the Auction House. So basically this is going to involve me running around Gusgen Mines, Garlaige Citadel and Eldieme Necropolis and lords know where else, going, "Sneak - Invisible - Sneak - Invisible - Sneak - Invisible - Sneak - Invisible - RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" This while hoping there are levelling parties in the vicinity to take any mobs off me in case Sneak or Invisible wears in a bad spot. Garlaige and Eldieme are nasty, and Gusgen? Well, I remember the last time I went to Gusgen. Then again, I was at least nine levels below where I am now, so ... maybe I'd take a few more hits before I fell over and died. So it'll likely have to be "STONESKIN! Sneak - Invisible - Sneak - Invisible..." Sometimes this game is complicated. I need a power leveller. But in our linkshell, I am the power leveller.

Though I did get my Craftsman rank in Cooking. Now I'm just stockpiling gil so I can afford the ingredients for Guild-requested items. This gets me Guild points so I can finally buy Raw Fish Handling as a skill, make sushi and never have to worry about gil again. That and the telewhoring. There's always a way, I guess, even if it is long and arduous and involves a lot of gil-creation grind-work.
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Mute. Nightingale. Pooka. With Appearance 4.


Look, Pookas lie. It's what they do. It's their Kith Frailty. You are not going to get around your Kith Frailty. No. Nice try, but no. Particularly not if you're doing it as much for the angst of "Oh, woe, I can no longer express myself, WOE!" (quoted nearly verbatim from the background) as to get around what your Kith is supposed to do.

Not to mention? NIGHTINGALE! Nightingales are plain, dull-looking birds whose claim to fame is pleasing noises. So explain to me how a nightingale Pooka loses her voice at Chrysalis. Mute would be denying her Fae Nature and she'd have died of Banality by the time she hit Wilder. That just can't work.

And let's not even get into "Oh, poor me, I spent my former life locked in a cage because of a wicked, wicked Fiona and now I'm frightened of all Sidhe but I don't really know why..."

Thankfully, when I explained that the background had to be rewritten and that I don't take more than one Attribute at 4 without a very good background reason, I got a message back simply saying, "The character has been deleted". I hate to say it that way, but ... well, it's true. Maybe she'll come back with something a bit more sensible, maybe not. Either way, I suppose we're better off.

I just want one decent Pooka. Another Quentin, or a Dot, or a Virgil, or something totally different but equally of coolness. Is that too much to ask?

In other news, Eshu ate all my Sims 2 downloads. So now I'm weeding through trying to get all the vital stuff back. Augh. So frustrating...
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My sleep patterns are worlds of fucked up again. I tried to get to sleep before the sun came up today, but that didn't work. I thought it might be a need to feed, so I got up and made an sandwich. That didn't help, so I just checked in online to say hi to people and boom - Changeling awesome. Into which I was as close to bodily flung as one can be in an online setting. Not that I'm complaining, exactly.

So now I have a couple of new players. [ profile] brigidsblest is bringing the utter and complete awesome with her Sluagh ([ profile] wingedkami, come online! Meet your sister Sluagh! Actually, there's two new Sluagh girls. There could be tea parties!). I haven't seen [ profile] therealsherbs's shiny new Gwydion Sidhe in action yet, but she was only approved this evening. Along with the other new Sluagh. And then there's [ profile] mapp, who's apparently still talking about joining up, if one of the players on site is to be believed (she came up to me and said, "There's someone who might be signing up to play in your system - if you get a platypus-Pooka, it's him" and it could only be... Though I did inform her that I'd informed [ profile] mapp that I wanted indigenous species).

There's been a serious cavalcade of awesome lately. The list is long and gratifying, and it just keeps coming, given that [ profile] the_blonde_one and his wife are still talking Boggan, as is [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and then there's the eventual Pooka from [ profile] mapp. It makes up for the Creepy Icky Git from a recent post being even worse than usual, and cases like Bee-yotch.

Now, if I could just give all this Awesome the attention it deserves without staying up all night...
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Happy 2008, everybody.

I started mine the way I mean to continue. With Changeling doom.

Hope you all enjoyed drawing a line under last year.


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