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Still no Armageddon. None of us are really up for Armageddon. Maybe next week, though there does have to be a certain amount of scrubbage for landlord visit a week tomorrow. [ profile] weaselbitch likens this to the bunch of people allied to the Christian Scientists who keep telling the Fortean Times that the world's gonna end and then politely apologising for being wrong...

Received another trade offer or two for my fantasy NHL team. (I really need to check more...) One got cancelled (Sykora was involved in that one, so kind of a shame, but whatever) and the other ... someone wants one of my goalies. Someone is not getting said goalie. I like Manny Fernandez. I have a thing for good goalies. Actually, all three of my goalie picks kick arse, so losing one would probably not kill me, but ... no. Not for that offer, anyway.

More Vana'diel money matters )

My knees are killing me. Argh.


Jan. 15th, 2007 06:43 am
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I haven't slept at all, but am surprisingly awake. Also very amused.

I haven't even thought about the fantasy hockey league I'm in for quite some time - between illness, job stresses and FFXI, it just wasn't a priority. I was just reminded rather forcibly of its existence and how cool I generally think it is by the simple expedient of two other players trying to offer up a trade for one of my best players - one Brendan Shanahan. (Yeah, sorry; I've only just now checked the email address that offers go to - I promise I'll check more regularly.) One of them is my good friend [ profile] tolshak. Neither of them actually made an offer I could in all good conscience accept, but the other guy came closer to a good offer, I will admit. Now, of course, I've rejected both offers inviting the lads to try again, but after having a look at my roster, it'd take a lot to get me to part with Shanahan. Eh, it's fun, anyway. At least the other guy has a player I might consider trading for if he threw in a decent defenseman, whereas I couldn't think of anyone [ profile] tolshak could offer that would make me want to trade the best player on my team. This is why I didn't make a counter-offer; sorry.

See, on the one hand, I could be really mercenary about this, and that would probably mean that I should accept the other offer. However, the other part is presentation of the offer - whereas [ profile] tolshak just said, "I'm making a push for the top spot", the other guy specifically named [ profile] tolshak as the guy to beat. Probably not a wise negotiating tactic, telling the person that you want to do business with that you want to make one of their best friends lose. I'm not sure if this necessarily means that [ profile] tolshak can get away with more. More that the other guy can get away with less. If that makes sense.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna start paying attention again. Y'know, actually update the roster once in awhile. I'm second-to-last, but the season ain't over yet...
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And so it's hockey season again, and I am once again taking part in [ profile] tolshak's Fantasy Hockey league (The Good Old Hockey Game; this is maybe my fourth year). This year's a little bit different in that, rather than clinging to my old team name of "The Kestrels", I have decided to ring the changes by naming my team "The Deathgnomes". [ profile] dodgyhoodoo says that he imagines a team full of feral Tarutarus, which is sort of what I was going for. I'm actually kicking some arse this week, which is nice. But the week's not over yet, of course...

The original deathgnome Satomi, however, is not doing quite so well. I've become aware of a particular issue when soloing Tahrongi Canyon which makes my life difficult. The easier creatures won't aggro, but some of them - Canyon Rarabs are particularly guilty of this - will help their fellows. I was beating on a Canyon Rarab despite relatively low HP, and next thing I know I'm being hit from behind by another fucking Rarab. So I had two choices: I could pummel that one and hope I got a decent spell off before it killed me stone dead, or I could cast Bind on it and run like fuck. Next time ... remind me to cast Bind and run. I got killed. Lost a lot of XP. Am not exactly thrilled by this. Still, that sent me home with a packet of grain seeds, which I summarily planted. I was going to go back, but I've been taking the long way to Tahrongi via West Sarutabaruta (over Starfall Hillock, past the stupid Outpost, up to the far end where I still get XP for killing some things, then into East Sarutabaruta and across towards Tahrongi) and random kills filled my inventory so that there wasn't any point in hitting Tahrongi because I'd lose any decent drops I got. Oh well; I'm not really complaining, as killing Goblins and Yagudo for gil is still lucrative and the drops I got on my way out were good.

Been a busier day than most - deathgnoming, went out for dinner fixings, did the washing up and am going to cook later. Kind of wish I hadn't been quite so active, though, as now I am feeling worse. I'll still manage cooking dinner, but it may be a gamble as to whether I eat any of it. Thank goodness for multivitamins, which at least put paid to the whole "you're going to get scurvy and die" fear. Hate being sick...
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The cramps have not yet gone away. I don't get it. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do. Minimal coffee, no cola, taking my meds, eating - when I can eat at all - reasonably. And yet my stomach is still this cramping mess of pain. So I have decided on the following. Today and tomorrow (because pain like this, much as I wish it would, does not go away overnight) I will wait and see if the meds show any signs of kicking in. If they do not, I am going back to the doctor on Wednesday and saying, "Okay, this appears not to be working. Please tell me when I should worry because I can't go in to work this way". That'll be two weeks out with this mess. I hate this whole damn mess. The really stupid thing is that despite going to bed rather late last night (cramps, plus sceneage to take my mind off the cramps), I am up and would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed if not for the gastric pain.

Hockey season is on its way. [ profile] tolshak has sent out the invites to the Fantasy Hockey League. At first I didn't think I was going to have the time - I mean, it's all about following the games and the general league stuff so you know when to laugh in someone's face when they offer you a stupid trade and changing your roster appropriately and so on and so forth, and I seem to commit myself to an awful lot of internet-related faffing. Then again, at least two of the three online RPs I committed two have been pretty effectively chucked (you may have noticed a subsidance in the bitchery factor of late) and, while Final Fantasy fills the hole pretty effectively, it's fifteen minutes maximum on a daily basis, excluding public holidays, and gives me a reason to keep abreast of the league doings, so I don't spend the season finding things out from [ profile] nightskywarlock and going, "Why didn't I know this?" So I think I'll sign on. Worst that can happen is, like last year, I'll do reasonably and then get caught up doing other things midway through the season and probably place miserably. But I'll probably place miserably anyway. That's kind of not the point. And so it is done.

Now I think I am going to do a quick web comics peruse and then go lie down. Being recumbent helps the cramping somewhat. I am going to get so bored... I think this may be my cue to sprawl on the sofa at some stage with iMisc and DVDs. I have been meaning to rewatch the Buffy eps "The Replacement" and "Intervention" because ... well, interesting trivia for the Buffy fans among you. The alternate Xander in "The Replacement" was not CGI. That was Nicholas Brendon's twin brother Kelly, who is the older twin by three minutes. He also does most of Nicholas Brendon's stunt work and, when Nicholas Brendon got ill during the filming of "Intervention", Kelly stood in for awhile. That must be really neat for ... well, somebody, having a main character with a built-in understudy. Though I can see it sucking to be Kelly, whose own acting career is in a weird stuntman limbo because his little brother's given that face a degree of fame. Anyway, so now I want to watch "Intervention" to see if I can tell which scenes were Nicholas and which were Kelly. I doubt I'll be able to, but it's worth a shot.

Plus, when I have laid down for awhile ... LEVEL SIXTEEN, BEEYOTCH.
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Well, I must say, I'm impressed. The Good Old Hockey Game has become rather interesting in terms of player trades ... or at least offers. Yep, the battle is still on for Kovalchuk, who is apparently having the season of a lifetime, the number of times people have offered to trade for him. However, [ profile] tolshak of The Demons has made me an offer that I could actually take seriously: Hejduk, Samuelsson and Khabibulin for Kovalchuk and Garon. I thought about asking for Theodore instead (ah, 2003 Habs goalies...) but Khabibulin is actually the better offer so I left that alone. Samuelsson was a surprisingly good trade but as far as wingmen go, I much preferred Naslund to Hedjuk. And I threw in Perezhogin, who's not bad, as a sort of a deal-sweetener. Look, given that I've had two offers for Kovalchuk twice already, I'm going to trade hard for him. This is, of course, open to negotiation, so I expect a counter-offer. We'll have to see how that looks. And incidentally, I won the last match-up, so my Skyhawks are now no longer dead last, that spot being reserved for the Peshawar Pickleheads.

In further hockey news, my Habs are 4th in the League standings. Yay! Go Habs!

And now I sit and wait for deliveries to arrive. The T-shirts for myself, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and [ profile] weaselbitch are due to arrive today as well as the Player's Guide proof, so I'm a little anxious, as you can imagine. But so far, no post. And lack of sleep has given me something of a headache, but there will be painkillers and I will feel better. Then I will do some writing (I could actually get the NaNo done today, if I work at it) and probably work on my Silent Hill Sims 2 neighbourhood -- I've built Alchemilla Hospital as a shopping mall and my next step is to build the Forest World set from SH4. Hey, at least I have the meshes, objects and general miscellany to do it: as [ profile] dodgyhoodoo says, I find the weirdest downloads...

But most of all, I wait. Argh. Waiting sucks.


Nov. 18th, 2005 10:45 am
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In other, non-Affils related news, I am still dead last in The Good Old Hockey Game fantasy league thing. And Thugtuzzi Crisis is still trying to trade me for Kovalchuk. He made me a halfway serious offer this time, at least (offered me Murray), but not quite serious enough for me to consider it. Obviously laughing in his face when he offered me Weekes for Hasek has made him take me just a liiiiittle bit more seriously.

You won't have seen a word count bar in the last couple of days, mainly because I haven't written a goddamn thing since the last one. Between various stresses, disappointments and the back-wrenchy, I haven't been in the mood. It's a good thing I'm so far ahead or I would be unutterably screwed. As it is, I'm probably going to finish off most of it this weekend. Hey, if I can do 10k in a weekend, 12k and a bit shouldn't be so hard. I just need to start earlier in the day or something. Still, I'm looking forward to spending at least some time with my Sims this weekend, and it's so much better doing it during the day for some reason. Staying up all night writing makes one feel accomplished; staying up all night playing Sims 2 makes one feel like a social outcast who hasn't got anything better to do.

I'm kind of torn at the moment. You see, [ profile] weaselbitch texted awhile ago asking if we were going to go see Goblet of Fire this weekend. I think [ profile] dodgyhoodoo would be quite happy to go and see it now, but I'm dead set on waiting at least two weeks, with the deadline set at post-Dragonmeet. This is mainly because I don't want to share the cinema with a bunch of ill-disciplined kids and possibly their parents. However, most of the people I know who want to see this film, whether I'm likely to see it with them or not, want to see it RightNowThisMinute. The thing is, if I don't go see it RightNowThisMinute, I'm stuck with listening to people either rave about or critique it for two weeks, not to mention depriving myself of the social outing aspect of the cinematic experience. Still ... screaming kids. Ugh. No.

Fair Trade

Nov. 9th, 2005 08:21 am
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Since I have nothing of note to say about any of the serious projects at the moment, on to Fantasy Hockey League.

The Thugtuzzi Crisis is still trying to trade with me. He's trying to get Dominik Hasek off me, trading for Kevin Weekes, of all people. Yes, he is trying to throw in Scott Gomez to sweeten the deal, but I'm looking at the stats and, well, here's how I put it to the Crisis.

"Would it be rude if, after looking at the stats for the people you're offering me for my one good goalie, I just said 'BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'?"

Seriously. Weekes = League Average. Gomez = League Average. Hasek = Above League Average. That trade? NO. I have one good goalie and I am going to keep him!
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I suddenly realise I have no one to rant sports with. At least, not in any major way.

I play Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey with [ profile] tolshak and his happy band of hockey maniacs. Which is generally good, though I am bottom of the league because half the time I forget to update my starting lineup and wind up having everybody who's playing on the day on the bench and am therefore racking up no points. Generally, I am someone that someone else is playing. I don't contribute much, never ask for trades and just generally coast.

Until the manager of The Thugtuzzi Crisis, another team, asked for a trade. Marleau for Kovalchuk. So basically he wants to trade my absolute best player (7th in the League tables) for Marleau, 81 in the league with a slightly less impressive scoring record long-term. I had a look at the stats -- while they're pretty much even on scoring terms over a season, I discovered a trend -- Marleau peaks early and then keeps a relatively stable scoring record, while Kovalchuk tends to not do so well in the first little while but peaks mid-season. I could get a lot better mileage out of him long-term than I could out of Marleau, so I said no deal.

Well, not entirely no deal. I made a counter-offer. He can have Kovalchuk if he's willing to give up Bertuzzi. There's only a five-player difference between them in the league tables so I'm not losing out so much and he's a good scorer. I'll have to see if he takes it. (That's assuming the Thugtuzzi Crisis is a he.)

Damn. I suddenly realise that I have no idea how the hockey is going. I must check on the Habs...

We're at the top of the NE standings?!? ROCK ON! *squee* And we're still beating the almighty crap out of Boston; we always do. Toronto kicked our arses, the snots. And we play the Sens tonight. Must remember to check the score tomorrow.
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The work is done. Repeat: the work is done. I am an admin god.

Unfortunately, I have found out the hard way how much one bangs the backs of one's hands against things in the course of the average day. All that dead skin on the burned bit of my hand? Well, it's not there anymore. There is a fabric plaster. There is useless micropore tape. There is pain. (There is now no longer useless micropore tape, because micropore tape is ... well, useless. And not sticky. Cat hair sticks faster than that stuff. Then again, cat hair sticks harder than any substance known to man, except possibly SuperGlue or whatever keeps Blair's lips perennially attached to Dubya's arse.) But on the whole, there is pain. Whee.

I booked my annual leave and will be spending those three days ... well, working. Though the commute will be a bitch (heh). Seriously, I plan to get lots and lots of Affils work done next week, barring random acts of kitten and nothing worse happening to my hand. And not being sucked mind, body and soul into the Legacy Challenge thing. Well, I could possibly just get it out of my system tonight, after quick drink with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and [ profile] weaselbitch this evening. Saturday, of course, could go either way until 7 pm, when I'm meeting North London NaNoers (hopefully; some of them can't make Saturday), and Sunday's Mage. And of course, possible random acts of [ profile] lokean.

Oh yeah; a minor note about The Good Old Hockey Game, the fantasy NHL league in which I participate. Well, sort of participate. Um-participate, if you will. I am getting my arse kicked. This is because I never remember to update my team to reflect which of my players are actually playing on any given night. This is either because I am completely overextended, or because I am a dumbarse. I'm really not sure which yet. Either way, at least I'm not dead last. Though that will change after this week because I am, I repeat, getting my arse kicked. 3-10 on points. Ow. I never win these things. Of course, it might help if I had a better idea of how the various players in the League are actually doing rather than relying on stats, but that's not going to happen because, hello! England! No televised NHL hockey except possibly at about 2 am in the middle of the fucking week! And yet I continue to play Fantasy League. I don't know why, but I am leaning towards either national imperative or dumbarse again.

I'm bored. I want to go home.


Aug. 25th, 2005 11:00 am
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Just got an e-mail from [ profile] tolshak. Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League is back! Mostly I like it because it gives me an excuse to follow NHL activity, but it's also just fun. Thanks, [ profile] tolshak; I actually missed The Good Old Hockey Game last year. Stupid fucking strike.

I have slept, and consequently feel somewhat better. Still a little bleary around the edges, but I have caffeine, so this will pass. [ profile] weaselbitch is coming 'round for coffee in about an hour, so I have a little time to browse and faff before she does, so I'll make the most of that.

One of the Sims 2 downloads I got awhile back is a set of buyable Aspiration rewards -- both general and career-related. The career ones are better, frankly, because they don't rely on you being at a certain aspiration level to use them. Plus they're fun, and have helped me build a couple of new lots for Sim-Llandeilo. So far I've got Elise's place (tiny room that comprises living room and bedroom, minuscule kitchen and bath, huge two-room lab) and Lucille's surgery (complete with beds, IV drips and everything a surgeon could possibly need to stay on top of her field, plus living space). Some of the animations are excellent. And now I really can't wait for Nightlife to come out.

Particularly since I'll be able to afford it when it comes out. Whee! Employment! I mean, mostly I'll be doing sensible things with my first paycheque but I have been waiting for this one for months and you have to treat yourself a little bit, right?
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Americans want to buy the NHL?!? Sacrilege! Argh!

Oh, hell with this. I'm going shopping.


Feb. 21st, 2005 05:05 pm
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*sniffle* They killed the hockey season!

There isn't going to be a Playoff run this year. Last-minute attempts to kill the lock-out and at least have a 28-game season failed. But nooooo, no one wanted to be the one to back down on the pay cap thing. I know hockey's not been the most lucrative sport lately, but sheesh, if people had simply sat and thought about it rationally...

And they keep saying that the sport will never recover because the bloody Americans don't give a toss (sorry to those of you who do). "It's not the national passtime", they say. Excuse me, but fuck you. It may not be the American national passtime, but the Canadians started the goddamn sport, and it's our national passtime, you blinkered fucks. A little respect would be nice, instead of just, "Oh well".

Bettman and Goodenow must die.
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The cat is on such huge amounts of crack. I hope she settles down soon -- I did eventually manage to get some kip but not quite enough to be dealing with Little Miss Crack-Whore. (Well, she's the tart, she's on crack, what else am I going to call her?)

Currently trying to cheer myself up by thinking holiday. On the one hand, GenCon in about six months or so. On the other hand, I miss [ profile] leopard_lady and it's her turn to be visited (the WCB had me last year). So Indianapolis or New York? *sigh*

Of course, my question is currently, why Indianapolis? GenCon's moving to Anaheim in November and if I had my druthers (which I suppose I do, but it's not the same without a group), I'd be going to that one. That way I could have a two-birds-one-stone holiday; a few days at GenCon and then head north to do some visiting. And, were I truly lucky, I might even be able to get some of my long-standing American friends to meet these 'new' people I keep talking about. Also would give various of us more time to save up for it, but that's another thing.

On the other hand ... I've never been to Indiana -- lots and lots of other states, but not Indiana. Not that I expect there to be very much in Indianapolis, mind you, but it'd be nice to say that I've actually been. And besides, were I to set foot in Anaheim, the temptation would be to firebomb the home of the Mighty Fucks of Anaheim. Well, I'm still bitter. Movie tie-in hockey teams backed by the Disney bankroll should not be getting to the Stanley Cup finals. If you want to skate and be affiliated with Disney, go be in Toy Story on Ice, already.

See? Possibly safer in Indianapolis. I don't think they have a hockey team.
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I have discovered an entirely new way to abuse Photoshop and waste my time: Sims skins. Well, at least it's creative.

Bank Holiday weekend. Everybody's suggesting things like barbeques or the cinema. I can't do the cinema without triggering a migraine. Given that the new Harry Potter film's coming out -- the one I said was the Potterfilms' last chance with me -- this pretty much sucks. I might go see it anyway; I get migraines no matter what I do so why should I have to miss out on things I enjoy just because it'll make my head hurt? Well, missing out on cinema excursions isn't actually that bad most of the time. My expectations were at an all-time low with regards to Van Helsing and I really don't want to see Troy. If I wanted to see Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom prance around in skirts, I'd send them both tickets to the nearest Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening. Mmm. Orlando Bloom in a corset and fishnets. Anyway, I think I'll just actually read the Illiad. Less expenditure, less cringeworthy and I won't have to sit there and wait for the credits to find out who Brad Pitt's leg double was.

As for barbeques, this is England. You can't trust the weather as far as you can throw it. And yet people still insist that, despite the changeable climate and the tendency to rain all over everybody, it's a great idea to cook food in the great outdoors. And forgive me, but I'm having trouble with the concept of a vegetarian barbeque. I suppose this is just the stereotype -- big slabs o' meat cooking over coals -- and I know you can have veg-kabobs but it still seems to kind of suck for the vegetarians among us (of which there are at least three).

And the Gathering's impending. Still don't know what I want to go as. Not entirely sure I want to go at all. Sure, the concept of a three-day LARP sounds ace, but I just know I'm going to get this out-of-place feeling that only comes from walking into a mass of people you don't know. Ah, well, it'll do me good to go out and ... meet people oh God I'm going to have to spend a weekend being social.

Summer was not this busy or panic-worthy last year. Last year it was just me, a book and the tail-end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now I'm so busy I don't even know who's winning or how far along they are. Gah.


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