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Yeah, I know, the posting has fallen by the wayside. Again. You should be pleased as hell that I have decided not to bore you all with the tiny minutiae about my life (DOCTORS WHO CAN'T SPEAK OR SPELL OMG). Still, it's been awhile since I checked in, so here's the news that doesn't involve rampant bitchery about my workplace (not that such doesn't have its place but I like to save it for the real arsehaberdashery and lately it's just been mundane 'jobs in general tend to suck' whingeing) and the like.

So I have now been in my flat for two months and I am still very pleased with it, despite a serious issue with storage space. There is noplace to put my clothes. Like, anywhere. At all. I have a wardrobe and an end table with drawers, but since most of my clothes fold and I have few clothes hangers anyway, this becomes an issue when I want to keep the place tidy. Which, and I realise how out of character this may seem, I actually do. I think I have a couple of storage space solutions that might do the trick but I have to go out and purchase the things, which I have had not really had the time to do, though at least now I have the money. So that's probably today's chore once I finally get my arse in gear.

So I was chatting to a friend of mine from my current online oWoD RP and she just picked up the Sims 3 base game for Christmas. I don't entirely remember how it came up but I started poking around again to see if maybe, finally, some enterprising soul had managed to crack that draconian "NO CUSTOM CONTENT BUT OURS!!!" thing that EA set up back in the day. And lo and behold ... several enterprising souls have. So my big news of the day is SIMS 3 CUSTOM CONTENT! Finally, I can ignore the ugly hair and pudding-like complexions and boring furniture! Finally I can build decent-looking Sims! That's the only damn reason I liked the games in the first place, and now I can do it again! So pleased. My hard drive ... is less pleased, as now there is far less space on it. Ah well. Shit happens. I'm also enjoying the last couple of expansion packs more than I thought I would. There's actually a reason to play the game again, and I'm thrilled to bits.

Of course, it's not all shiny awesome on Hardison, my poor abused PC. There is something up with the disc drive, I'm convinced. I don't think it's a huge deal - I think what I need is a drive cleaner. It's just that when I'm playing anything that requires the disc drive in any serious way, the game randomly slows down. This is really annoying when trying to work in Create-a-Sim, and beyond annoying when you're trying to fight your way through the Tower of Ishal and everything starts going grindingly slow when a half-dozen genlocks are firing arrows at you.

Yes, I still play Dragon Age Origins. I like it. I don't like much of the DLC and I hate Awakening but I still like the game. And I still repeat Elven Mage as often as I can. Don't judge me. :P

Seriously, I'm actually really looking forward to Dragon Age 2 when it comes out. I didn't preorder it for the same reason that most people who haven't pre-ordered it decided to wait - I want to make sure my computer will run the bastard thing. It looks cool and I don't have to play it like a console game, or so say the previews - I can continue with my pause-and-play strategy and tactics set-up, which I really liked about the first game, and while it's a damn shame that there's no option for different character races in game, I think it'll be pretty cool. But I want to wait until I can hold the box in my hands and read the back for exactly what my computer will need to be able to run it. I've already got two games I can't play because I can't for the life of me find a decent USB controller that'll work with bloody Vista so I can play the stinking things and the keyboard controls are a nightmare on wheels. Those I don't mind overly because they were cheap, but to buy a brand new game and then not be able to play it because it won't run on Hardison would simply suck. And I don't really care about all the optional extras one could get for pre-ordering the 'deluxe edition', mostly because I imagine that they'll unlock those for people anyway at some stage.

Right. I really need to get my arse in gear. For some reason I was awake at 7 this morning but refused to get out of bed until 10am on general principles - it's Sunday, for fuck's sake! But now it's midday and if I want to get anything done (clean out the fridge, travelcard renewal, grocery shopping, pick up some storage things so my clothes aren't all over everywhere), I'd best get moving. I don't want to, but needs must. Off I go!
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So to break up the TV show meme, it's time for another little rant about my ongoing pet peeve - Bioware/EA. More to the point, their attitude towards patches and DLC. Oddly enough, this rant is prompted by an announcement that should technically make me happy: the fact that Bioware has begun work on the next patch for Dragon Age, 1.04.

This shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean, I have Issues with this game, much as I love it. There are problems with the dialogue, but that's sheer laziness; they coded for the 'canon' game and missed a few necessary options for other origin stories. I have issues with the fact that it crashes with no reason, or there's lag at the most inconvenient moments, or the various party members won't follow their set tactics or the actions you deliberately set ... or, in fact, anything at all. I have issues with having to reload because the party selection screen has borked out and you can't actually mouse over the characters in question anymore. I have issues with the bug in Awakening that gives me the boss battle kill-shot cinematic over and over and over and over and over again, among others (like the fact that rogue characters seem unable to detect traps in the expansion pack no matter how maxed their Cunning is). I have issues with the game, love it though I do. I don't see a conflict of interest there.

Now it looks like they're starting work on a new patch. This should make me happy, right? Well ... yes and no. Yes because there's hope that things will get fixed. No ... well, no for a number of reasons, the main one being that I have lost faith in Bioware's l33t patching skillz. Look, 1.02 nerfed several spells. Some people complain that the big spells make the game 'too easy', but some of us play for the story and would actually prefer to get through the battles with a minimum of frustration. That is why some of us play on Easy. Besides, if they don't like Mana Clash, there's no force on the planet making them use it. I don't want them to nerf mages again; I just want to nuke things and get to the story. If I wanted to play a game where every update nerfed the job class I like just a little bit more, I'd go back to FFXI. There's also the fact that 1.03 broke more than it fixed. It was a patch predominantly dedicated to prepping the game for synching with Awakening. However, it borked Pickpocketing and actually increased the likelihood of game crashes. Bioware is saying that they've taken the comments in the fan forums on board, and my question is "Which ones?" And then comes the question, "What will they break to fix the bits they want fixing?" Because it doesn't seem like anyone who actually coded the game can tinker with the code without breaking anything, which is ironic because the fans seem to be able to mod-fix some of the in-game issues with little problem and no effect on the rest of the game.

Then there's the fact that they are saying that they have only just started work on 1.04. 1.03 came out a few weeks before Awakening's release in late March. Since then, there have been two bits of downloadable content made available (the 'Feastday gifts and pranks' pack and the disappointing Darkspawn Chronicles) and the announcement of a third, 'Leliana's Song'. This more or less shows where the priorities are at this point. (And one day I will have a bit of a rant about how Bioware is moving away from the 'something for everyone' appeal of the base game in favour of appealing to those who only like a 'hack and slash' game, but not today.) This is bad enough, but it's not my main issue. My main issue is release dates, or lack thereof. Bioware announced that they were starting work on patch 1.04 at about the same time that they announced the new DLC. The DLC has a release date - 6 July. The patch? Well, they're not talking about when the patch might be released. Maybe they're being cagey about the patch release because they want to be sure that they're actually fixing everything, but part of me feels that this announcement is to shut the fans up. Because a lot of fan reaction to yet another bit of DLC was, "I'm not buying shit from you until you patch my game, Bioware!" This may well be Bioware's way of saying, "Okay, okay, we're working on it, but we need your money to make it happen so buy our DLC!"

Okay, I'm a cynic. I admit it freely. But there is the minor matter of my being a fan of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. You know, the one written by George RR Martin, who states that everyone complaining about the constant delays in the latest installment of the series as being 'an example of the instant gratification generation'? I'd agree with that more if it hadn't been five years since the last one was released, and if he hadn't claimed at that point that the next one was more than halfway finished, or if he showed even the slightest bit of interest in the series as a whole beyond selling things related to it. Plus he's never living down the comment he made about "I don't like writing; I like having written". Anyway, I think I've got more or less jaded about things that people say they're working on but refuse to give an actual date for. I'll apologise to Bioware if they actually get a patch out that doesn't screw up the game worse than 1.03 did, and release it in short order. I'd like for them to at least pretend that customers matter to them beyond being the ones who give them money for whatever crap they choose to produce.

Baby Face

May. 21st, 2010 05:44 pm
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I am in hiding from the rush hour.

See, I had to meet up with my mother. This had something to do with my beloved shoes (Doc Marten flats - no laces, just your typical pair of office-flats) having been so much loved that I'd worn holes through the soles. Which I discovered earlier in the week when I stepped on someone's still-smouldering cigarette butt. Owowow. Anyway, I now have a pair of clogs, a pair of kind of funky black suede things with wooden platform and heel, a bag full of Lush bath and beauty products and a selection of DVDs (Being Human S1&2 box set, Good Will Hunting, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas because Mum insisted I had to see this film and my own copies of Dead Poets Society and Blood Diamond, the latter four courtesy of HMV's 2-for-£10 sale). I am apparently to consider this a finder's fee for the various DVDs, the pair of Birkenstocks, the Lush products and the new cocktail bar I helped Mum find, as well as for being the primary plotter of our early summer weekend in Brighton. (Mum likes it when I take her places because I apparently know all the awesome bars/restaurants/shops/hotels/etc, though gods know I have no idea how I know. I tell you, it's radar!) Not complaining.

Certainly not complaining (but laughing a lot) at the fact that I got carded today. They weren't operating Challenge 25 either; they honestly thought I looked under 21. This is really only vaguely annoying because I don't have a lot of ID that proves my age. Thankfully, I carry my expired passport with me everywhere and that at least states my date of birth. The bartender looked surprised as hell when he saw 1977 as my year of birth, and even more so when my mother returned to the table from her trip to the loo while I was being carded. Mostly because she giggled and told him, "She's my daughter, for Christ's sake".

My mother looks maybe 40. This does not really help my case for getting a drink.

In any case, we did get served (Bellinis are awesome) and now I'm sitting in a cybercaff, hiding from the rush hour. It says a lot about me that I'm here and not holed up in a pub someplace. But this is cheaper entertainment, really. I might go dump £1 into the DDR machine in the nearby arcade if I get really bored, and I probably ought to grab dinner at some point.

At least I finished the stupid Dragon Age parody fic last night. (Yes, I set Dragon Age: Origins - or at least the mage origin of same - to the songs of The Wizard of Oz. I blame [personal profile] mitchy for her obsession with that "Over the Rainbow" talent search competition programme on the BBC. Dear gods - first real introduction to the fandom is a Wizard of Oz parody fic. If I ever write romance/angst/adventure, the fandom might have a collective aneurysm.) Now I can focus on the last couple of chapters of Birth Rites. I've made a good start on Chapter 22, so there's that at least, and I know how it's going to end. Bonus. Then I can stick it in a drawer and forget about it for a couple of weeks.
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1) Job thing ... went. Apparently the NHS is getting really picky about hiring people without three years' worth of references with no significant breaks therein. Which ... well, I don't have. They're trying to see if a personal reference will be acceptable in this instance and I will know by Monday. I just ... *flail; sigh*

2) Playing DA:O, the only origin stories that I have played through right to the end are Human Noble and Elven Mage. Feeling somewhat adventurous, I decided to plough through with my Dwarf Commoner, mostly because I liked the origin story way better than I thought I was going to and was curious to see what would happen around about Orzamarr. Dwarven Noble was going to be next, but now I'm thinking I might move on to one of my non-mage elves instead, for one simple reason: the bloody Fade.

Spoilers for Circle Tower shenanigans hello... )

So there's grumbling, a bit. But never mind. Tomorrow is lunch with Mum and I'm sure there will be sushi. Mmmmmm, sushi. Nom.
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This ... this is going to be long.

Cut not for spoilers but for length. )

So ... not without its charms, but I'm kind of afraid to play it now. At least now I won't have crushing disappointment about the ending, knowing what to expect, and I can play through and maybe work it so that I can find out what missed quest stuff was down to bug and what was down to shoddy creature design. It's the bugs that are the problem. I don't want to end up playing through it only to have to end it by looking at repeating Big Boss Kill cinematic that I thought was sadly below par.

Right - now that that's out of the way, a question: If you bought software and it's full of bugs that make it annoying and frustrating but not technically unusable, do you:

a) expect a patch to come out to fix the problems within a few weeks, and complain when it doesn't, first to whatever customer services agents you can nail to the floor and then to the 'unofficial' user forums when customer services says that this is where you must go to find solutions to their problems?
b) accept the situation despite being stuck with a faulty and annoying product and pretend that there's nothing actually wrong with it?
c) as b), but then go onto the 'unofficial' user forums where people are trying to get help and/or attention from someone in a position to patch the software and telling them that they are overreacting for complaining about a product that doesn't actually work as advertised?

I don't get the people who follow the path of c). I get not taking the entire thing too seriously - it's a game, after all. But the fact is that people bought a product that is not performing up to any kind of reliable standard. The patches that have come out thus far have either failed to fix the initial problems, created more problems or both. (1.03 is responsible for the 'both', really - they put out the patch to get ready for the buggy expansion and managed to bug the base game in whole new ways in the process.) Customer service refuses to be of any help and there has, as yet, been no word about when we can expect a further patch to fix some of the mess the game is in, despite the game having been out for over a month in the US and the first bug reports having hit the forums within hours of the expansion's release. People are relying on fans to not only create custom content to enhance the game experience but to fix the mistakes left in the product by the company. Surely this is something to complain about.

Except apparently, some people are content not only to not complain, but to hassle anyone who does complain. These people insist that "it's just a game" and "the bugs don't make it entirely unplayable" and "what's the big deal?" The 'big deal' is that people were given a faulty product and it is their right to have a product that works, given that they paid for it and all. I get not being a bitch to customer services, but I also get not bending over and letting yourself be shafted by accepting a faulty product without at least trying to say something about it. Is that how it is now? Are we just accepting that we're going to pay good money and get crap and there's nothing we can do about it? Is that how it is?

*looks at upcoming election*

...Don't answer that.


Apr. 14th, 2010 10:31 am
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So now that I've actually got through ... well, most of the game (I shut down last night just before the final boss battle), I shall give a quick review of Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. Spoiler-free, too.

The story is good to a point. It doesn't have the flow Origins did, at least in part because the bugs railroad you into a certain general order of companion collection. Mostly, though, it's the impossible transition between "going out to save the world by the sword" and "coming back and having to deal with niggly politics". Origins managed to get the characters making political decisions with long-reaching consequences in such a way that didn't trip up the players mid-story. Not to mention that the base game had one ultimate goal, and the player knows it from the beginning: stop the Blight. At least with that objective in mind, there's less a sense that you're flailing around the map with no damn clue. Awakening basically throws quests at you until shit starts making sense ... and then breaks its own novel-established canon later on, but never mind; I haven't read The Calling anyway. Basically, if DAO was Doctor Who, the base game would be written by Moffatt (broad strokes, sometimes hitting you over the head with the point and the odd bit of necessary hand-wavey but generally a nice narative progression whose main flaw is sometimes being a bit too obvious) whereas Awakening would be a Davies creation ("Let's not explain anything because hey, sometimes things just happen and we'll have people flailing around until they trip over endgame by default!") Both occasionally have their moments, but in the end, I prefer ... y'know, structure in my narrative.

Gameplay ... technically it's not really any different than the base game, beyond the fact that the players are even more powerful. By the time you get to endgame, it's actually hard finding useful things to put those last skill points in, just because you've already become like unto a tiny god three levels before. In the end, it's not even so much the monsters that are all that challenging (though there are a few that ... euuuugh) - it's the freakin' terrain. This was a game designed for a console user, and anyone playing on the PC is at a severe disadvantage. It sort of felt like the level designers were just showing off at some points, because seriously - fighting darkspawn on a narrow spiral staircase is a bitch. Particularly when it's a walled-off narrow spiral staircase and the tactical view only gives you a look at a damn wall. I also wish that there was more time to do things - get to know one's companions, for a start. The inability to initiate a conversation with a party member at will really cripples that 'getting to know you' thing.

On the whole, there are some great moments, and Awakening can be great fun if you remember that it's not the same game as Origins was. On the other hand, it also has the potential to be gruelling and thankless, which is not necessarily what you want in a video game. I'm sort of hoping that my next playthrough will involve a little less ... unpleasantness at 'home base' ... but at least I like it enough to play it again.
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I have been trying very hard not to blog too hard about DO:A, because I am desperately afraid of boring people with it. However, I tried a different ending this time around, and I will say this for the record: I AM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN. Not because it was bad - oh, no, it was a very good ending, as endings go - but because I am a total sap and refuse to risk getting visibly teary over a bloody video game when in company.

Cut for spoilers. )

So that this isn't entirely me rambling about the same bloody video game, have a meme ganked from [personal profile] lithiumdoll:

Name a fictional canon/fandom I know, and I'll tell you:
01. The first character I fell in love with:
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
03. The character I would shag anytime:
04. The character I'd slap:
05. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
06. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
07. Which character you're most like.
08. The coolest thing about the canon:
09. The lamest thing about the canon:
10. My guiltiest pleasure in this fandom:
11. What story/vid I wish I could read:
12. What story/vid I wish I had written/still want to write:


Mar. 14th, 2010 01:09 pm
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Two quick things:

1: There is nothing in the world like a Sunday brunch of French toast and sausage. Omnomnom. Though I really need to learn to be more careful when hot oil is concerned. My lack of concern for my own well-being in the oursuit of the nommable ... well, it's kind of epic.

2: Lucked out on Dragon Age Origins fan art. Fan comics, actually. Aimo is about ten different shades of awesome. I am a little fearful of actually looking up fanfic and fan art on the grounds of ... well, this is the internet we're talking about. I have The Fear.

And just to remind y'all that there's still drabble challenge a few entries down the page. Requests, they still be open.
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We're back on the NPC consistency train again. Because seriously.

More length than spoilers; I seem to be more nit-picking today. )

I nit-pick. It is what I do.
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I may not specifically understand coding, but there is a certain amount of very very basic background stuff that I get - a whole "If / Then" principle, if you like. Not enough to code, no. But certainly enough to exploit. Which means that I think I know every dialogue trigger point in game, as well as which are reusable, so I get to hear all the funny dialogue without randomly blundering all over the map for it - I just walk the party over said dialogue trigger point, making sure to zone between each use of dialogue trigger point, and voila! Funny. There's also at least one ... I dunno if it's a bug or what ... that I have managed to exploit. Sometimes, my knack for pattern recognition and tendency to think waaaaay too much has its advantages.

However, story-wise, some of this is a little jarring. And so the list continues:

Probably spoilers, nothing serious... )
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As a matter of curiosity spawned by recent comments to a Twitter aggregate post on my LJ, I went about looking up voice actors in Dragon Age Origins a bit more thoroughly than the last time, when I noted Kate Mulgrew, Tim Curry, Tim Russ and Claudia Black, among others. During this somewhat more thorough search, I noted a Mr Gideon Emery. Not content to simply list him as "Additional Voices", as they did with so many, IMDB gave us the following list of voice acting credits:

Alarith/Oskias/Saevrin/Frandlin Ivo/Human Mystic Male/Human Male 4/Human Male 29/Human Male 37/Drunken Elf 2/Dwarfman 8

Human Mystic Male must mean the main character voice keyed to 'Mystic' (whatever the hell that means). The rest, by which I mean the ones listed by number rather than name ... I have no idea but it just strikes me comical. I wonder if they list who did the other possible main character voices. I should go look.

But, I mean, really. "Drunken Elf 2". Hee.
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It's a great game. You all know I think this. But even if it's just as an easter egg or something, there are things I want the option of being able to do.

Here there may be spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. )

There will probably be more later, but that's a pretty good start.


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:53 pm
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Ye flippin' gods.

Okay, so I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins ... as you all know. And you also all know that I have been enjoying the hell out of the game. However, I noted that the graphics looked ... different. Not as clear as they'd been on [personal profile] mitchy's computer, or in any of the playthroughs I've watched. I didn't do anything about it or even toy about with it because I was too busy playing the game to bother. But since I actually remembered to install the recent patch today*, I thought I should poke around with the settings, just for kicks.

...Even just going up to Medium from Low ... OMG THE GRAPHICS. The selection of eye colour actually makes a difference! One's character actually does end up being soaked in blood during battle! Now, all I really need to do is to work out the contrast and it'll be perfect!

New project is to set up a game with every conceivable origin story so I can pick them up at will. I'm also feeling a little finicky about character look, so it really will be a 'starting all over again' situation. Not that I mind, or I wouldn't bother. As of now, though, the only origin story that won't be a rerun for me will be Dwarven Commoner. I've managed to blow through all the others (and, in the case of Human Noble and Mage [wherein race matters jack all; just can't be a dwarf], several times over) and [personal profile] mitchy says that the Dwarven Commoner one is good too, so I'm sort of looking forward to it and yet not. I have this love/hate thing with Orzamarr. Political snakepit. Playing through the Dwarven Noble origin didn't really help that impression, and I understand Dwarven Commoner just solidifies it. All Hail Prince Fuckwit!

* A note as regards the DAO patch: it says something when the patch notes include a comment along the lines of "In [SPOILER], no creatures spawn where it would break the plot". ...Creatures spawn where it would break the plot? Poor game devs.
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So ... see, at the end of DAO, when you get to the final conflict over in Denerim, you have the option to call armies to help you defeat things like big powerful darkspawn generals. Armies are good when there are hordes of darkspawn and multiple ogres everywhere. Keeps one from dying of almighty squish when a dozen ogres are bearing down on one's little party of four.

Um ... I ... kind of forgot to summon an army in Big Bad General Fight Number Two. I mean, any army. So it was Healer, Warrior and two Rogues against a dozen or so ogres, darkspawn mage and big bad general. And I didn't notice.

I only realised after my little party of four had won the day and I looked over and noticed the Army Picker widget on the right-hand side of the screen, and sort of went, "Oh. Right. Armies. Right." Because we won quite handily. Ogres went down screaming. It was fun.

So ... where's my "Suicidal Self-Sacrificing Stupidity Pays Off" achievement badge?
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DAO news: I sided with Harrowmont rather than with Bhelen this go-round in Orzamarr. That was ... different.

Yes, spoilers. )

In other news, there was writing today. Not fiction (though there's been a little bit of that this week too), but I did get a chance to air out one of my favourite analogies. It'll be out and about soon enough, one imagines. As to the fiction ... I really want to finish Chapter 20 this weekend, but it depends on inspiration hitting on Sunday and what happens Saturday. Apparently there's this very belated birthday dinner-thing and the exchange ... well, if you can call it an exchange with [personal profile] mitchy sort of went, "You're coming, right? Of course you're coming. Right. Good" so barring illness, injury or violent dismemberment, I think my Saturday is spoken for. :)
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How DAO endgame turned out for me: Human Noble )

So I started the City Elf origin. I ... don't really know where to go from there. I'll keep the game going, mostly because I really want to know what happens to the Arl of Denerim Estate dungeon crawl given what happened with a couple of the characters that one meets there. But the origin story doesn't grab me the way the first two did, I admit, and I'm thinking I might go back to Mage. Now that I know what I'm doing, it might not be such a pain in the backside as it was at first. Maybe I'll even try to play it on Normal rather than Easy. ...Maybe.

White Flag

Feb. 13th, 2010 01:43 pm
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Okay, so I more or less gave up on the 30 Days of Blog meme. I'm happy to blog daily if I have something to say, but some of those questions were more or less asinine, and while initially the challenge was interesting, I gave up on writing to a theme in US high school. Besides, the idea of detailing a given day or week just depressed me, and if I'm going to deviate from the meme, I may as well go all the way. And so, I ditch the 30 Days of Blog meme and go back to talking about things that actually interest me.

Cut for length - I will attempt to keep DAO spoilers to a minimum throughout. )

First, though, I think I will go for a walk. It seems a nice enough day and it'd be nice to get fresh air before it starts raining. Then ... armies. Woo!
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A talent of yours.

Well, I think everyone more or less knows that I write. While I'm not much of a tooter of my own horn, I have to admit that I'm pretty good at that sort of thing. Most of you have read at least something I've written, be it RP or HIPPIE or fanfic or just one of my semi-traditional rants, and none of you have complained too much about the writing quality at least. So I think it's safe to assume that my writing is a good talent to flag up. It's the first one that comes up off the top of my head when mentioned, anyway.

And to that end, because my brain is a strange place, I present to you the first of potentially many Lost Cutscenes from Dragon Age Origins. See, I had a high approval rating from both Alastair and Zevran fairly early in game, and they both at least wanted my Elven Mage when I first went to Denerim and discovered that I could buy better mage robes. Then I saw the mage robes available at that point, all very figure-hugging and baring a substantial amount of skin in front (because of course, all game designers are fourteen-year-old boys at heart, or are at least catering to same). And given the mouths on Alastair and Zevran, I figure the reactions might have gone something like this:

Alastair's first line is a paraphrase of something he actually says when he first wanders into that shop in game - that's about all the spoiler there is here. )
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How DAO Endgame 1 Turned Out For Me )

...Now I think I want to play Human Noble Rogue. I'm still just thrilled - I haven't actually won a video game of that sort in a very long time. Not since the NES. Then again, I haven't played a game like this since the NES either. I'm picky, though, so I may not pick very many more of such games. Still, I'll get a lot of mileage out of this one, I think. So many things I want to try! Eee!


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