Apr. 17th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Virginia shooter's writing was apparently 'disturbing'."

I am personally waiting for the day that one of these shooter nutballs - high school, uni, postal worker, whatever - is found with any of my fan fiction on their computer hard drives. Thinking about some of the stuff I've written - in a high school setting, no less - I hate to think what would happen.

Seriously, though, while I grant that this was a tragedy, I honestly don't see why people are likening this to Columbine. Yes, it was a student shooting at people. It was a 23-year-old college student. This is not some peer-pressure-driven kid whose parents should have seen some warning signs or indeed paid half a damn bit of attention. This was an adult who obviously had problems, didn't get the help he needed and self-destructed in a messy way. It's unfortunate, but it's more a comment on the mental health care people get these days (not to mention the stigma on mental health problems that prevents people from getting adequate help) than on people's hobbies. But I'm not going to go on about it because I'll likely have a stroke if I try.

Some guy who was on Charleston before my time has apparently decided he can resurrect the board while having no idea why it finally eventually tanked as an online RP group. I'm torn between ignoring it and emailing this guy to say, "You really ought to consider that, given that the staffers left due to being badgered by the players, the players had a bit of a bitch-fight before the third server crash that lost us everything and on the whole, no one could decide what they wanted to do, it's likely that this is a dodo, not a phoenix". I'll probably do the former, though. I don't have the energy to rail at someone right now.
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...I'm going to be bitchy now.

Okay, so the Charleston by Night crew basically decided to change everything. New setting, new characters, new staff (cos most of the old ones quit and more and more I start to see why), everything. Fine. So the Charleston by Night crew start discussing new setting. Great, because some interesting ideas came up and I don't know about some of the other players, but I was personally well chuffed to see that the players were feeling like they could have more of a say.

Then came Ryan. I have received the impression from a couple of sources now that Ryan can be problematic to the staff. So when he turned around, basically derided the decision to open a forum to discuss city choice and told the remaining Admin to just make up his mind already and dump an arbitrary decision on the players, I got a wee bit peeved. Of course, the dittomonkeying of this sentiment by those players who hadn't spoken up about feeling like they had no voice in where the board was going didn't make me feel any better either, so I did my usual thing of verbally bitch-slapping the predominant offending party and then wondering why the hell I bothered.

Then came Rck. Oh, that was lovely. That wasn't just "DB, make a decision already". That was, "DB, if you can't make a decision already, step down in favour of someone who can". So ... let me get this right: this seems to be saying that, if the remaining Admin won't take the steps that these players want, he should no longer serve as Admin. Yeah; brilliant strategy. The one person who's still willing to run anything for this bunch of ingrates and they're trying to drive him out. Bra-fucking-vo. I mean, I know it's frustrating - I offered to staff Mage ages ago and still haven't heard a damn thing - but I don't think he should have to take this kind of crap just because he's not moving fast enough to suit a bunch of people who apparently need their RP fix so badly that they're willing to be obnoxious ingrates to get some play. This instead of maybe finding another damn board.

I'm very close now to just saying "Fuck this whole thing" and walking away from that board. I still talk to the people I'm friendly with from it, and I still run for them in an abbreviated fashion. I'm setting up the London board so that I can have a whole new board to play on, preferably without some of this utter bullshit. I don't see why the hell I'm sticking around to see if I might get a staff position on a board where the most active people seem to be the ones who make a career out of pushing the staff around and being obnoxious at them. Some of the behind-the-scenes stuff I'm hearing now seriously enrages me, and I have this itch to find Ryan and repeatedly smack him upside the head.

It's not so hard, is it? Patience and understanding for the people who have been so good as to give their time, creative energies and in some cases cash to provide free entertainment. I will repeat this until I'm blue - the staff deserve better than this. And yet this is what they get, because some people seem to feel like the world owes them a RP; because they're being a bunch of little entitlement bitches who don't seem to understand the concept of being polite to the people who have worked so hard with no reward to make sure a lot of people have a good time. It just infuriates me.

Please find me someone to throttle...
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I'm trying to avoid the necessary smokes-and-cola run for a little while (it's raining like buggery out there) so here's the news.

I have until Sunday night to get myself back on a halfway decent sleeping schedule, because I have registration with two agencies on Monday. Oh, and one on Tuesday. Not that I've heard much from the agencies since the initial flurry, but at least they know I exist and I won't be panicking about that for another month anyway. If it's approaching Christmas and I still have not seen work, then I'll panic. I've got enough on my plate as it is, what with the whole being ill thing.

Speaking of, that damn barium meal thing is scheduled for next week. Since they couldn't shove a camera down my throat, they're going to dump me full of pseudo-minty-tasting yick and take pictures from the outside, which of course isn't going to show much in the way of inflammation but what're you gonna do? Well, I suppose what I'm going to do is hope like hell that the barium meal isn't anywhere near as bad as the endoscopy was.

Then there's the CbN thing. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really not sure why I bother checking that site anymore. I keep getting thestral coming up to me and saying, "Hey, we should just RP whatever characters we want and never mind not having a board..." or "So were you thinking of applying to any other boards? Let me know so we can play together" or bitching out the mods or what have you for not taking charge and making immediate decisions or I don't know what all; I tend not to pay attention. I mean, I'd tell him I'm on-again-off-again running some CbN-ish stuff for any of the old players who are remotely interested in keeping their characters running, but I don't really want to tell him that. Actually, I don't want to make a big deal of it at all, as this really is just a small thing and no attempt whatsoever to poach players or make any comment on what the old Mage STs are doing. This is just me not wanting to lose a good dynamic. So anyway, the people who actually know it's running are few and far between. I'm also not telling thestral about the new London board, because not only do I know how he talks about mods who don't behave exactly how he wants them to behind their backs, but I've heard stories about his dealings with mods and some of his previous attempts at characters and, seriously, no. If by some chance I do wind up staffing CbN in its new incarnation (highly doubtful, given that it's been weeks since I offered and have not as yet heard jack), I'll deal with the little toe-rag. But ... well, I have no wish to deal with that my first time as a lead and solo admin. I mean, it may happen anyway, but I don't have to invite it with all due foresight.

Beyond that, not much is new. I really need to get back to work on the NaNo; the problem I'm finding with short stories is that ... well, I care less. Or maybe it's the being ill. My knees are still pain incarnate and I'm exhausted and/or suffering insomnia, sometimes in combination, at the weirdest times. I just want the whole thing to stop now, please.
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Charleston by Night-related musing )

Okay, so this has been a really long rant about something that only a few people who read this (not all of them with LJ accounts of their own - hi, guys!) know or care about, so I've put it under a cut. Still, any of you who are on Charleston by Night, I encourage you to read this. Let me know if I'm being wrong-headed about this. I just want us to work things out so that we can go back to having the fun I know we can have. I've lost a whole lot of great RPing to stupidity, and even if I wasn't a part of the backbiting recriminations and general shit that's gone on in Charleston by Night, I still have no wish to lose yet another fantastic role-playing experience to things that could be solved if all parties involved would just put aside the "us and them" mentality and the tendency to blame people for being human, pitch right in and help fix it. Maybe I'm wrong; I dunno. Maybe it can't be worked out. But damnit, not even trying just belittles all the time and effort that all the players, staff included, have put into giving us all so much pleasure over the months or, in most cases, years.

I enjoyed the NaNo meet-up, what little of it I attended. I wound up sitting in a corner of the upstairs room at the Round Table, talking to three guys I remember from previous years and a couple of new-to-me faces about zombies, travel, novels-gone-awry and all the other wild and whacked-out stuff that writer-types talk about. Unfortunately, ill health meant that I could only spend a couple of hours, but it was fun while it lasted. Still looking forward to NaNo; we in fact all agreed that NaNo's really not all that hard, provided you are the sort of person who can put aside their faff for a month and work on the novel in all the time people generally waste in front of the telly or what have you. Then again, the six of us at that particular table are the type who are constantly inspired, somewhat dedicated and don't often get writer's block. Others probably aren't so lucky, so we could really only speak for ourselves in that case.

And incidentally, I still feel like crud.


Oct. 26th, 2006 12:22 am
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I had a lovely time at the spa. Lovely treatments, lovely people, and felt quite good at the end of it. Plus I introduced my mother to the wonderful tempura at Zipangu and found that Watkins Esoteric is stocking sandalwood oil again. All told, it was a pretty good day.

Then this guy off CbN came along and wrecked it.

Okay, look. Charleston by Night's been in a bad situation lately. Things have been going awry. Tensions have been running high for various reasons, communication took a nose-dive, and the server crashed, losing months of work - always disheartening. The staffers were trying to solidify some solutions - as far as I could tell, they wanted to come up with some options to present to the waiting players. The players were working out that one of the options for the future had to be disbanding the site entirely, or getting that idea from the rumour mill and then feeding the rumour mill with stupid statements like, "They don't care what the players want - they're not talking to us about it!". No one I knew of was bothering to talk to the staffers about it themselves, and when I did, I got honest answers and some peace of mind. I encouraged others to talk to the staffers, and those others got a worse reception, which frankly means that the problem lies with the player asking, not the staffer being asked.

Last night, a forum post went up. The remaining System Admin put up a poll asking the players to vote for their favourite option among four that the staffers had come up with before half of them quit out of frustration or whatever their reason (and I repeat - I don't blame them because this whole situation sucks): we could either have a reset with the new technology discussed, we could just move everything and start completely fresh with new everything, we could keep things as they are or we could let the site die. I voted for the third option and offered to staff Mage. I want to keep it going. I love the game and feel that it can be revived if people are willing to pitch in, and while I haven't got a lot of money to speak of, I can at least put my free time where my mouth is.

However, I decided to keep my commentary private. This seemed like a good idea until a couple of the guys from the site decided to make their commentary public. Needless to say, theirs was rather less generous than mine. They yelled and bitched about how the site had been mismanaged and that the staffers never communicated with them and so on and so forth and how CbN should just die the death to 'leave it with a shred of dignity after the ham-fisted incompetence of the staffers' or something. So, me being me, I piped up with a whole lot of commentary about the sheer ingratitude on display by these two idiots - about how the communication problems were as much to do with the players who wouldn't talk to the staffers as the other way around, about how real life gets in the way and that the staffers can't be blamed for that, and about how if they put half the energy they spend being vociferously ungrateful for the years of free work that the staffers have put in for them over the years into helping pick the site up again, CbN could actually survive.

And then one of these fuckwits talks to me. Keeps bludgeoning me with his viewpoint no matter how many times I inform him that I will never agree with his point. I kind of beat him with the clue-stick, metaphorically speaking. Eventually, I just blocked him. If CbN survives and I do get picked up for Mage staff, I'll unblock him so I can actually deal with a player under my system. Until then, I just don't want to deal with him. I'm not staff yet, so I don't have to put up with his yammering. It gets too much when he justifies himself by saying things like "They refuse my help even though I'm a pretty good admin" (he says; I don't believe a word of it) and "Yeah, maybe I can be a pushy, arrogant, rude bastard; it's just how I am, but it doesn't mean people have problems communicating with me." (Really? Then why don't I even want to talk to you, you arrogant shit?)

Staff shouldn't have to put up with this ignorant, ungrateful bullshit from people for whom they've worked their arses off for years. It makes me want to hurl, and undoes three hours of spa treatment relaxation. Bastards, the pair of 'em.


Oct. 10th, 2006 12:50 pm
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Posts seem to be pretty well centred around the FFXI elements of my life lately. Why? Because it's pretty much all I've been doing this week. Oh, there's that minor bit of hassle about kai stepping down as Mage admin on CbN and Kyr trying to find a new lead admin, but that's not stuff I can do anything about and there's no point in stressing over it. Either replacements will be found for both positions and the game will go on, or the whole thing will tank in a rather spectacular way and I'll have to go find something else to do. I mean, if worst comes to absolute worst, there have got to be decent oWoD online games out there somewhere, right?

*thinks about Hollow City*

*thinks about Chicago*

...Anyway. I said I wasn't going to stress about that, and I meant it. I'm also not going to stress about how absolutely godsawful I feel right now, because again, there's not much I can do about it. Besides, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo feels about as bad, so I feel a bit crap about complaining. So anyone reading this is just going to have to put up with my eternal FFXI-related monologues.

A few notes on the economy of Vana'diel as applied to deathgnomes. )

Anyway, I'll probably log on again a little later and see who from my LS is still on and whether they want to do some partying. If not, it's a toss-up between buying some crafting stuff and working on my crafting skills or soloing Tahrongi and trying to get up the courage to sneak through Buburimu Peninsula on my own to get to Mhaura and grab the ferry for Selbina. Yeah, I'm considering the Dunes again. Kyr assures me that sometimes Valkurm parties go really well, so I figure I shouldn't be put off by one bad experience. And it's not like I can't afford the 100 gil for the ferry.

[Edit: Or I could follow Kyr's excellent advice and level Monk. Crystal earnage + stress relief. Or maybe WHM... Decisions, decisions. I'm just trying to resist the temptation to lie in bed and groan.]


Oct. 4th, 2006 08:40 am
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I got the doctor who knows what he's doing, huzzah huzzah. I leave in an hour. I hope he does something because this just can't go on. I'm going to have to push on this whole "if it is an infection, would antibiotics help?" issue, I think. With luck, this will clear up with antibiotics and I can go back to work on Monday and not piss my boss off any more than I already have. This whole thing blows. Oh well; I will think positive.

Drop approached me last night with the idea that maybe he and I could run the currently-staffless Mortals section of the Charleston by Night board. Which was amusing because I'd already been thinking about a few Mortals ideas - some carry-overs from when I wanted to run nWoD and some just my usual welter of "what-if?" thinking. So he's talked to Kyr and she wants us to come up with a list of plotlines and so forth. I'm thinking the spooky Lovecraftian library, a few nibbles I got inspired by from "Mysterious Places" (most of that stuff carries over extremely well to old WoD if you do it right, as I've seen from personal experience) and possibly something in the vein of Needful Things. Anything else is going to have to wait until I know what kind of character base I'm dealing with.

One of the things we were discussing was whether to include consorts, kin and ghouls under Mortals or leave them in their respective systems. Now, ghouls are difficult in a Mortals setting because of the advantages of sucking down vitae, but kin and consorts really are just mortals with heavy connections, and I know kin in particular feel like they've been getting a bad deal in the Werewolf arena - something about "Too many plots centred on 'The kin are in trouble; let's rescue them' and not enough kin actually doing anything". Now, I know from experience that kinfolk-centric games can be a whole lot of fun, and having them and consorts involved in Mortal plotlines could be advantageous. For one thing, they're liable to know a little bit more about what to look for when things start going Twilight Zone. For another, it's entirely possible that STs from the other systems might look at a Mortals plotline and negotiate expanding it for use in their own system, and having the kin and the consorts involved would open that to at least the Garou and the mages. It's one of the reasons I'm not 100% adamant against ghouls, actually - it'd be nice to use that kind of thing to get the vampires active again. I just worry about them overpowering the system. But we're still in the negotiation stages there. First I must come up with more solid plotlines. Then I will probably have to write up the proposal email to Kyr because ... well, all props to Drop for decent IC-ness and probably good plotlines but, all false modesty aside, in the actual execution of writing something down and getting the point across (and grammar and spelling and stuff), I kick his arse.

Me, a staffer. Who'd have thunk?
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Another afternoon I slept right through. These four-hour 'naps' in the middle of the day really need to stop.

Though I did kick some arse with my death gnome earlier today. This mainly by sticking to areas I knew I could handle and generally kicking the crap out of things. I have discovered that, while Stonega is still inherently dangerous, Shock is a very useful spell that reduces a mob's Mind stat as well as taking down their HP gradually. So ... y'know, score. 2600 points to go before I hit level 17, fine, but at least I'm getting there. Plus I've got a decent amount of gil again, in part because a Goblin Fisher I took down for the hell of it (and got 20 XP for, so hey) dropped a bamboo fishing rod; it's not as good as the one I had, but it's serving well enough at the minute. Grilled some hare meat, boiled some crayfish (lost half my crystals doing it, but gained some cooking skill, so I guess it's not all bad) did some clothcraft and sold the results, plus planted three seed packets so my garden's doing something again. Huzzah huzzah.

Kyr's a goddess, by the way. Despite being ill, and despite the extensive work she plans to do on CbN to fix things after the crash, she's still talking about possibly doing some one-on-one scenes with people to get them back into character after the enforced hiatus. She is a sweetie. I've also got the most recent newbie on IM as well now. I don't think he realised that we'd lost everything since February (despite it being all over the boards and site) and so felt that the majority of the people on the forums were 'standoffish'. Little misunderstandings happen to the best of us, I suppose.

[ profile] dodgyhoodoo is getting curry. I would also like curry but am being sensible and not getting any. My digestive system is not dealing very well in general so putting curry in it is probably a bad move. Wah. Well, there is soup. I am really getting fed up with this.
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So bored.

Amusing conversations with the CbN group - well, specifically Drop - about upcoming whatsis with the game. I mean, it would appear that we're going to be continuing on with the game as it was prior to the crash - at least, one of the STs has posted something that shows 'business as usual', so I assume the rest of us are following suit. So I have a few ideas in terms of character development or possibly redevelopment. I mean, various bits and pieces involving the in-game boyfriend are in various stages of plotting, and I've been contemplating some development for the whole magical-life arena. It could be something rather intense if played right. At least the plotting keeps my brain busy.

In the meantime, it's back to Buffy and a general malaise. Eating still hurts, being too active still hurts ... at least I got some sleep yesterday, so that helped, though I'm still tired, oddly enough. It's back to the doctor tomorrow. I just wish my blood test results were back. Early next week, I suppose. This whole thing sucks.

Anyway, I'm trying not to think about it because it just makes me stressed. Instead, I am contemplating ways to keep myself busy the rest of the day. Buffy helps. FFXI? Possibly; I'm out of seeds for my mog house garden and on my last plant. So it'll have to be back to Tahrongi and kill Strolling Saplings and generally build up my seed supplies again. Also up my XP again. At least there's stuff to do.
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For those of you on Charleston by Night, Kyr has asked me to pass along some information. As this is my preferred medium and no one I talk to is online (apart from [ profile] shadow_lynne, who hasn't submitted her character sheet yet and is thus exempt), and it's something I need to vent about anyway, here goes:

Background for those not in the know is that the server upon which CbN is hosted died a couple of days ago. I mean completely, unmitigatedly died. And rumour was that the guy who handles such things hadn't done backups in "too long". His words, not ours. So a lot of us were sitting around and praying that, even if the last backup was before the "Rainbow's End" SL (aka "Nina Offs a Technocrat"), we at least had backups since Revel, when we all got blowed up real good.

The news I have been asked to pass along is that we don't have backups of Revel. Last recorded backup was February. Mid-February, judging by the boards. Everyone has to sign back up for use of the chatrooms, and everyone who registered on the forums after about 12th Feb needs to do the same. And apparently chat's kind of borked at the minute because a whole bunch of fixes that got put in place since February are no longer there.

Did I mention I joined in May or thereabouts? So I have to re-register for forums access as well as chat and everything I've ever done on that board - the mood posts, the storylines I liked rereading, the media posts I wrote and was actually damn proud of - has gone up in a puff of smoke. The media and mood posts are my own fault; if I'd wanted them handy, I should have kept backups of my own. But gods, what a pain in the arse. It's going to come as a real shock to poor Drop to come back from his abbreviated honeymoon and find that.

The weird thing is that I'm not angry. Okay, mildly surprised that the guy who runs our backups didn't burn as set to disc as well as keeping them handy on a hard drive or something (and this is where I get confused; he says he hasn't backed up in too long; now he says he just can't find any but swears he did some. Either way, there just aren't backups so I'm not going to quibble over semantics), but not angry. In fact, I feel bad for him more than anything else. Him, Kyr, kai, [ profile] courtcat ... all the staffers have put up with so much shit already lately that this on top of it has got to be a blow. I just want to hug them all lots and tell them how sorry I am that things went all to hell.

Still, just in general, and directed at no one in particular ... sonuvabitch!!! Well, it's an excuse to turn to [ profile] darkdanc3r and/or [ profile] ilyena_sylph and ask if they would be kind enough to send me the logs of the chat scenes I've been in with them prior to Revel. I have the mad shopping ("I'm Pretty Pretty Princess Barbie and I'll go all voodoo on your ass!") and the post-date rundown lunch ("Besides, I'm dying to know how graphic you can be before you bust something.") and everything from "Getting Mandy Peltier" on, but I kind of want to have a larger body of documentation of how Nina started out as a reference point for her bouncing back from the nervous martyr freak she seems to have become. It would have been mood posts and all, but as those seem to have bought the farm, I'll have to make do. Hmm. Wonder if anyone still has logs for Nina's first meet-up with the Barons of Suburbia...

Anyway. Other news is that I have blood tests tomorrow at Barnet, which means I can find their bloody radiology unit and flag up the fax the doc sent on Thursday so I can get an appointment for that too. Additionally, I have a dinner meet-up with my mother tomorrow, and I will be bringing home a Cuisinart-ish thing because apparently, the one Mum's had for years didn't match the new kitchen so she had to get a new one so I inherited the old one. Yay, me. I also remembered that my stepfather's birthday was on Friday, so I picked up a card, a small box of chocolates and a bottle of dessert wine for him as a present. In addition, I'm lending Mum Firefly and our Dark Crystal / Labyrinth / Mirrormask box set and giving her some of the music I've acquired lately. She needs stuff for her iPod and most of her good stuff is on vinyl, so I'm helping.
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To get it out of the way:

"Arrr! Avast, me hearties! This here be the updatin' of the good ship Thessaliad! Now harken ye to my tale or I'll make ye walk the plank, ye scurvy dogs! Arr!"

Right. That's International Talk Like A Pirate Day over and done with.

There is still gut-wrenching pain. I hate the gut-wrenching pain you have no idea. I seem okay for a little bit (if a bit wasted because my sleep and eating patterns have been disrupted right to hell) and then wrench. Ow. I've tried some of my own herbal stuff to at least dull the symptoms, because I've done some reading and it seems that this stuff doesn't do a damn thing for the symptoms themselves. Hopefully this will help. But I'm beginning to wonder if this is less a prevention of NSAID-related ulcers than the treatment of one. In which case, I'm fucked. On the one hand, I don't want to go back to the doctor too soon but on the other hand ... I'm fed up with this. I want to go back to work, even if I don't like my job overmuch. It's been two weeks now; this is ridiculous. I'm giving it one more day and then if I'm not better, I'm going back to the doctor and I will try to find out how long it's likely to take to get on an even keel digestion-wise again because this whole thing is a recipe for disaster.

In other news, the death gnome has now reached level 16. I'm trying to learn a new weapon skill so instead of hitting things with a staff, I am hitting things with a club. Damage isn't as good, but the delay is a little shorter so on the whole, I think I'm getting a fairly good deal. Plus I still have spells. Spells are good. I'm considering at some point trying to up White Mage so I can do a decent job when I take it as a subjob (if I take it as a subjob) but I logged off in Tahrongi Canyon, where the XP is flowing huzzah huzzah. Plus my little garden is growing quite nicely and I am now back in the money thanks to the sale of a couple of stacks of earth crystals over at the auction house. This will help me replace the Tarutaru fishing rod which broke two days ago. That sucked.

And in Charleston news (haven't talked about that in awhile, have I?), my novice Dreamspeaker is no longer an unperson, at least in the eyes of the sleepers. The ID she now has in her possession (thank you again, [ profile] courtcat) lists her as Jessica Wakefield, a name apparently chosen out of thin air but is also coincidentally the name of the shallow, fashion-obsessed Sweet Valley twin. It means nothing to the Dreamspeaker in question (she was more into fantasy than any of that sort of crap) and it really only amuses me. So now things are relatively quiet. I do not expect this to last. Unlike my stomach problems.
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I'm doomed. Doomed, I tell you.

The Sainsbury's near my work now sells iTunes cards. Prior to my discovery of this, my lack of overspending on iTunes has been down to the lack of proximity to the Apple store and my being smart enough to deliberately forget that I can just use my debit card at the Music Store. Now, though? Now is when willpower comes into play. I suck at willpower when it comes to music. Doomed, I tell you; dooooomed. Well, I'll just have to do some more selective memory and forget they're there - except maybe once a month, to treat myself. Or something.


I've finally just about finished up the bitwork. I have been hating the bitwork for most of the week because a) it's unnecessary and b) it ensures that nothing else gets done, so the work has been piling up. And up. And up. At least the piled-up stuff is easy to get through, but gods help me, but it's been a pain in the arse spending the last two days checking and double-checking stuff that if Michael'd just looked a teeny bit harder... Well, never mind. I am secretary and bitwork is my job. Blech.

Tonight is RP night. I haven't been much lately, given various bits of mess that have been going on. I've pretty well bagged Chicago and no one seems to care (it's the "Ignore it and it'll go away" principle and no one's asked me why I haven't been about), Hollow City ... well, there's slow moot that I'm currently ignoring, and Charleston is in a holding pattern that I'm going to try very hard to break tonight. Look, it's not my fault that Whit's spazzing and I shouldn't be put on hold yet again just because he can't take people's perfectly legitimate IC actions. So a couple of us are going on the assumption that yes, we've toured the fucking Hill; we have seen a description so we figure that should do. Of course, the description is not entirely what we expected; we expected remote, but we didn't really expect someplace that medieval. No mod cons to speak of and no way to get any in, no devoted cooking area, pantry situated right next to the 'outhouse' (because, of course, no plumbing either and magics notwithstanding, that's kind of icky), and even getting in is tricky ... and that's if you're not heavily pregnant. More to the point, Nina's concept is "Urban Witch Doctor". Note the 'Urban'. Living (well, more like being stuck) in the arse-end of nowhere isn't exactly going to fit with that. Overall, not exactly the best thought-out 'gift' the Hermetics could have offered a couple of urban Dreamspeakers. Well, never mind. We'll handle the 'turning it down' when we get to it. Of course, having ownership of a property like that might not go amiss - we could use a safe house of our own - but as a Chantry? NO.
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Oh good gods, I wish Michael'd check the cards before printing out these lists... I'm still checking through these lists he printed out and over half of them are "re-refereed, re-refereed, rejected last week, re-refereed, waiting for stats, rejected last week..." It's frustrating and time-consuming. And honestly, if he has a list of ones where the e-card hasn't been updated but it's already gone in for publishing, wouldn't it be easier to just type in a few numbers and fill it in himself, seeing as he's got the card right up on the screen in front of him? Oi.

There seems to be a bit of drama on Charleston by Night just now. As I am out of the gossip loop for the most part, I have no idea what's going on, but as happens, I have snippets from here and there. Mostly what I have is Whit completely spazzing out after a perfectly innocent (if apparently not what he had in mind) IC comment from a character who has several fairly good reasons to be a little antagonistic. I personally don't think the total spaz was necessary in context, but I don't have subtext so all I can really say is that I'm pretty well glad it wasn't anything to do with me. At least, I don't think it was anything to do with me. I don't know anymore; I'll just be glad when things have settled down for people. Cutting people a little slack would also help.

Of course, I've got my own things to deal with on that board, mainly that my application for Arete 2 has been rejected. Something about how a change in Nature from Visionary to Martyr could be argued to be a big step backwards, Enlightenment-wise. Ha. Fucking. Ha. Fine, if it was suffering for suffering's sake. But that's Masochist, not Martyr. If nothing else, the vast majority of her paradigm centres around sacrifice - she will be offering her body as a horse for strange spirits and causing herself pain when she generates the Quintessence to pay for it - and martyrdom is all about sacrifice for the greater good. I've written a whole miniature essay about this, which I will be sending to kai when she's a bit more settled from her interstate move tomorrow.

On the whole, I just want to go home.
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I could almost understand if they wanted to turn the Intrepid Fox into just another trendy bar. Almost. Note how I say almost. But no. They want to turn it into a block of flats. Who the almighty fuck wants to live that close to Soho? I mean, there is a block of council flats overlooking Berwick Street Market, but everything else in the area is ... well, hookers, mainly. It's the red light district, for crying out loud; what kind of investment is it to put a bunch of newly-developed overpriced flats in an area mainly full of council housing and prostitution? Are these people insane? Or, more worryingly, are they riding the crest of a trend towards ... well, trendy? I do not believe this. And while I desperately want to go over to the Expensive for one last drink before the place closes down for good (because while it would be nice if we could make a difference, I don't think Ken Livingstone is going to listen to a small but die-hard bunch of rock fans over the siren call of increased tax revenues), I know full well that the place is going to be packed to the fucking gills and I'll probably be squished. But of course, I'm gonna go anyway because hell, I have to have one last drink in there. Probably two, actually - one for me and one for [ profile] leopard_lady, who loved that place half to death when she was here.

In other news, we have a nice day yesterday. Well, evening for the most part - as [ profile] dodgyhoodoo puts it, I kicked him out of the flat for a few hours. Well, it did give me some more time for deathgnoming, and it does mean that I don't have to listen to him whinge about yet another wasted weekend, but for the most part I find that he's happiest when he's actually accomplished something and I like my hoodoo happy. So he went out and I deathgnomed and then we met up and had dinner, which was nice and everything but I wish the bloody waitresses had left us alone instead of randomly dumping things into our soup pot at random. Well, I know they were trying to help, but it was irritating. I also decided, on one of my usual whims, to pick up some random J-pop while we were in Chinatown. It turned out to be K-pop in the end (BoA) and it's ... something I'd have to be in the mood for but definitely fits in with my occasional cravings for cheesy electronica. Also went for more oriental sweeties - Pocky, gummies in various flavours, those cherry-flavoured chewy things I like and tiramisu-flavoured wafer biscuits, which are proving popular at home.

And things are moving along apace at the two online RPs I actually give a crap about. We've actually started interacting with NPCs at moot over in Hollow City, and my pack's Philodox is getting rude and uppity at a Shadow Lord after taking exception to said Shadow Lord's tone. There's no damn patience anymore. So I had my Galliard step in, step between and make nice. What else can I do? As for Charleston, we're on our way to the Hill, and things between Nina and the Verditian seem reasonably friendly, as he made comment on Nina's outfit. Given that I expect the most trouble from the totally up herself Flambeau child (sorry, [ profile] courtcat), I'll be glad when the whole damn thing is over, but I can breathe a little easier at the minute, as can the character, who I think still expects to be pilloried.

At work and I don't wanna be here. Oh well. At least there was a long weekend, no?
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The Deathgome is now at level 14, after discovering the Horutoto Ruins. The Horutoto Ruins, as far as I can tell, are three rooms (one large antechamber with two smaller rooms branched off to either side) full of bats and goblins. Goblins everywhere; mostly Thugs with just enough Weavers to piss me off. Of course, given that I've now got a Fire spell that does an average of 60 points of damage at close range, I only occasionally get XP from Goblins anymore, but they do drop a wide variety of wonderous objects for me to sell and I get gil, which is rather necessary when you've just levelled up to 14 and are still wearing level 8 armour. So it's been a long slog through Horutoto Ruins and Giddeus, randomly killing things and praying I get XP out of the deal, mainly. I can one-shot the weaker Yagudo now, but of course I don't get XP for those. It's a pain in the arse, being a mid-level BLM trying to solo. At some point, I'm going to have to try Tahrongi Canyon again, just for some XP.

Still, I now have the highest level robe I can actually wear, slops to match and a pair of decent clogs. I just need to replace the mitts now, and get more headgear. (I had good headgear, but had to sell it off when I upped to a level 8 tunic and discovered that I couldn't wear it and the headgear at the same time. Maybe I should've kept it, but it would've taken longer to get the slops, and Taru HP being what it is, I figured I should get as well-equipped as I could as soon as I could on the DEF scale.) And again, level 14. My new favourite spell is Fire, obviously, but another really good one I got hold of by giving wild onions to a bunch of NPCs is "Blaze Spikes". Basically, you cast it on yourself and when anyone hits you, you do take damage but so does the enemy - up to 7 points of it. It probably made all the difference in the world when I was battling against three Goblins at once in the Ruins.

In other news, I've put in my XP expenditure request at Charleston. It's about damn time I got Arete 2, I think, and I've put in for a Stealth increase (character stalked and killed somebody) and a Secondary Ability - Aromatherapy (it's one of her foci, after all). I've got 3 XP left to me if all of those go through okay, but I'm saving those for when I can negotiate getting Nina some workable fake ID so she can get a damn job (apparently you can buy Resources if you need to; Drop had to do that after Revel so now I guess it's my turn). So fingers crossed I get those. I'm just not sure if I went about it the right way, as I could not for the life of me find a single piece of info on the site on requested format for XP expenditure requests. Still, I gave all the info I could in as consise a fashion as possible, so I think I should be okay.

And now I'm going to go up my RL cooking skill by making dinner - burgers with bacon and Cajun curly fries. Yay. It's been my day to cook - I tried French toast but that bastard deep pan we mainly keep for the party pork chops is miserable at shallow frying because of the rather noticeable dent in the middle and so I set off the smoke alarm twice due to dry, burning bread matter stuck to the dent. *grumble* Really spoiled my appreciation for the whole thing, though [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was okay. Well, never mind. The burgers will work out better. And hopefully I will not, in my distraction and annoyance, spatter hot oil on my foot. Again. (Ow...)
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Dude! Nina got her very first in-game Paradox backlash! I really should be less thrilled about this than I am, but ... well, you all knew I was weird. Okay, sucks for the character, because she's had her coping mechanism torn away as well as the intense back bruising and the three hours or so of hearing screaming in her head. And I'm still working out a way to de-emo this whole thing (I'm currently thinking repress, repress, repress even unto death, particularly around the Verditian fuck). Still, I got backlashed! *giggle*

Okay, yes, I'm very sad.

Work is less fun, pretty much obviously. Currently I am in the process of trying to find a paper that I gave to copy editing in February. Except why the fuck would I still have the paper if I sent it to copy editing in February? It's August! I wouldn't have the card, or the folder, and I do a regular email clear-out that generally means that if it's been accepted, I don't keep the records after a few months. Why can't this be copy editing's problem? I updated the records and sent it to the other end of the room; what more does he want? Incidentally, if Ham-Fisted Editor means Gogher, he should not spell it C-R-O-G-H-E-R on his fucking document.
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The universe at large can bite me.

Typical morning; get off the bus, going to go raid my bank account for smokes-n-lunch money. I enter my PIN, I ask for cash ... it tells me I am not authorised to use my bank card, eats my card and basically tells me to fuck off and die. Needless to say, I am not very impressed with this, given that the branch of my bank I was next to at the time was shut for another half-hour or so and there was no way I was going to get to speak to someone until ... oh, I'm gonna say lunchtime.

Which I suppose was okay, given that it gave me time to go and check my balance online. Not that it would have made any difference to the eventual talking-to-the-bank outcome, because shit, what happened to 'insufficient funds' messages? But lo and behold, my account contains money! (A rarity.) It does not contain much money, but it does contain some. Which makes me unbelievably glad that I never stopped carrying my chequebook around from the last time I was cardless, so at least I can have cash once I get the time to go to the bloody bank and yell at people. I have also taken the liberty, while I was online, of applying for a Maestro card instead of the Solo card I was given a couple of months back, which is usable in many other locations and may come in handy if I ever want to, y'know, travel or order things online from sources that aren't British and don't accept PayPal.

Have I mentioned that things like this make me want to go on random kill-sprees?

And then there's Chicago. I think the only reason I stick with that damned online WoD RP anymore is that it's the only one that lets me play a Corax and gives me a metric fucktonne of XP for inventively profane run-on sentences. The plots are like something out of Anita Blake, and it's hard playing a no-nonsense character when the entire plot of his or her life is nonsense! I mean, seriously, if I wasn't metagaming to stay in that bloody game, my Corax would basically be going, "Fuck the lot of you; I'm going to Aruba." But noooo, instead she's going Rara Avis and mantling at Hunters. Still, 20 XP for a single session? Pretty damn impressive, if you ask me.

Not the only place from which I have recently achieved XP, though. Charleston by Night doled out XP awards for the recent storyline and I'm ... to be honest, feeling a little let down and underappreciated, though I'm trying not to make an issue of it. Now, in all technicality, that was my storyline. Whoever came up with the idea of offing the Technocrat, it was still my character that did it. I had kind of hoped / expected to get at least a bump-up in the XP awarding on that basis. But no: while I did get the top alloted XP for most storylines (4 pts), that really was the extent of it. I am trying not to let it get me down because at the end of the day, I'm still only 3 XP away from Arete 2 and I still haven't applied for 'regular play XP', which among other things will include the Council stuff, the original stalking of the Technocrat and the insane amount of RP to get my Nina back to something approaching normal this last week and a half. Seriously, it's not like I haven't been having fun or anything - I would not be putting myself through this otherwise. I suppose it's just that there's this little part of me - an attention-whore of somewhat epic proportions, I would assume - going "But I've been working my arse off!" and wishing for, if nothing else, a tasteful public mention on the Positive IC/OOC Feedback forum. But I'm going to ignore that part because, whatever happens, at least Charleston by Night is fun, and makes a certain amount of sense, unlike some of the other online shit I get up to.

Hollow City? We've been on our way to a moot for the last month. Don't ask.

I levelled my death gnome up to 9 and have been working on culinary skills. I cannot even make carrot broth reliably; things break, I lose ingredients, it's a disaster. I'll get better. I'm after deciding that it is worth it to keep playing once my free month has expired. It's something to do, anyway.


Aug. 7th, 2006 10:38 am
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Back at work after having to take Friday off sick with the unspeakable gut horror that's been killing my appetite and generally making my life a living hell lately. And no, I'm not, in any real sense of the word, 'better'. Yes, I managed a full meal yesterday. Somehow, as it's the first time I've actually eaten one full meal in the last week, it's not exactly comforting. But still, I'm here and I suppose it could be worse. I mean, I could have got minimal sleep last night.

Oh, wait...

Honestly, that part was once again as much my own fault as anything. Well, sort of. It's not my fault I'm a total freakin' insomniac, and that the fact that I couldn't get to sleep for ages even after I finally crawled into bed at some obscene hour of the morning proves it. Part of it's the stomach cramps. Part of it's the snoring. The quiet when he's away isn't exactly great, but apparently it at least does better things to my sleeping habits. So no, I didn't see the point of going to bed until about 4am and since I didn't actually get to sleep until 5-ish anyway, I stand by that decision so [ profile] darkdanc3r should in no way feel guilty. (Besides, I'm blaming Dropbear because he's infinitely slow in RP - six minutes to write two lines?!?)

And the news from Charleston by Night )

I purchased Grease on DVD on Saturday (£5 at Waitrose; the price was right) and have since realised that when you leave in all the cut-out snippets of dialogue and scenes they take out for pre-watershed TV, that's actually a fairly adult film. Cheesy in the extreme, but still adult. Which vaguely lessens my shame at still liking that happy sappy pile of tripe. I know it's not a good film, but it's a fun not-good film. Some people like their crappy shlock horror; I like musicals. Still want to pick up Funny Girl at some point. And various of the Disney flicks. I know, I'm sad.

Beyond that, not much is new. Levelled up the deathgnome to level 9, and level 10 is within my grasp. Trying to increase my cooking skill, which is hard when the crystal I'm using breaks half the time, taking various useful items with it. Recent amusement on the fields of combat was just finishing off a Crawler (one of the tougher things I beat up on a regular basis) and having a goblin thug led right onto me by a small party of two Taru and a Hume who just sat there and kind of stared at me in horror as I took on this stupid goblin with half my hit points gone. They healed me up nicely mid-battle, so I suppose I should be grateful for that, but if they hadn't led the fucking thing onto me in the first place... I'm considering starting levelling up White Mage, so that I'm ready when I hit level 18 to take it as a subjob. Apparently a common rallying cry is "Level your subjob, you n00b". I don't want to be That Guy.

So overview of the weekend - many, many people are screaming in the general direction of Stevenage (where Whit lives) for not being online to sort things with various characters and put various players out of their collective misery, deathgnome SMASH, and very little in the way of food intake. I think I'd feel better about going to the doctor if I didn't have this horrible feeling that my current status of overweight might prompt a certain lack of sympathy for my not being able to eat anything. The NHS is so het up over people getting themselves into the absolute optimum of physical health before they can be treated as patients deserving of respect. It's distressing to feel that this horrible gut misery and lack of caloric, fluid and vitamin intake might be shrugged off just because I'm fat. Well, if I pass out and/or end up on an IV drip, I'll ... well, complain, really. I hate IVs.
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There hasn't been much going on lately, unless you count the ongoing CbN clusterfuck. Yes, it's still going. Yes, it just keeps getting worse and worse for my character ... though, admittedly, not as much as it's about to suck for a local Verbena elder...

Cut in case you find my RP stories boring, which I would understand )

It turns out that endgame happens over the weekend. So there's another few days of this to go. People are trying to be sensitive to the fact that I live in a really screwed up time zone but sometimes, it just doesn't work. Recent group rescue / info dissemination / Roach's mad plan scene went completely fucking pear-shaped because almost no one turned up when they said they would (they have reasons, but it's still irritating), and I'm still trying to get some scenes together to ensure that my character comes out of this somewhat playable. Of course, this is difficult when the shit just keeps on hitting the fan, so it tends to involve tracking the others down, which involves more late nights. Not that I've been sleeping very well lately anyway (I am having what [ profile] dodgyhoodoo refers to [thanks to Transmet] as 'rampaging gut horror') but I'll still be glad when this SL winds down a little. If nothing else, I want to see how it ends.

Final Fantasy's been a no-go lately because of server maintenance. Or something. Won't let me log into Asura anyway. This is a pain. I'm hoping it'll be back online soon. I'd like to go back to that some. I suppose there's the weekend: [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is off to his brother's wedding and after some debate, it looks like I'm not going along. The current reason is that I'm still a little worried about Yuki, who seems to be more demanding than ever lately and might wreck the house if left alone all weekend, even with [ profile] weaselbitch coming in to feed her and stuff. Not to mention the 'having procrastinated on buying something halfway decent to wear' thing and the fact that I just plain don't wanna go 'cos I'll be nervous and uncomfortable and I don't like the idea of going anywhere just because it'll 'look funny' if I don't. Besides, if my stomach hasn't improved by then, it's not going to be any fun at all.

And now it's lunchtime, so I'll stop rambling.
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Note to any and all GMs: Just because a player goes "AAAAAAAAARGH!" a lot, it by no means indicate a lack of desire to play their character.

The full story for those not in the know. )

All told, my character is pretty well screwed to the wall. Every dream she ever had is dead and the only way she feels she can be useful to anyone right now is to just go away, find a quiet, out-of-the-way corner unassociated with her friends, and die before the Technocracy can get their hands on her and make her tell them all the various tidbits she knows about the Charleston mages (and there are a lot of those). That on top of the actually having killed someone, the Technocracy fuckery committed on her eye and the vicious lies told about her character, nature and actions on local and then national TV and just about every media network you can name.

No, it's not a good situation to be in. But, y'know, it's a WoD game. Shit happens. I will freely admit that I will not be able to play the character anymore if one more thing goes to hell (because, y'know, that's everything now, basically), and I would hate to see that happen because I like that character and I know that I'm not the only one. I'm not complaining because my character has plot, or because I don't want to play her anymore; I'm complaining because I do want to play her, but I don't want to go any more emo angsty garbage than I have to. I don't want it to be annoying. But with this, I don't see any other way of playing her, and all I can hope is that I'm doing it well enough to avoid a call to the whaaaaaaamublance. I don't want to be 'one of those people' you read about on [ profile] bad_rpers_suck.

So tonight's 'Endgame'. The trio who rescued Nina have called for help, and they're going to have a good hard look at what's wrong with her eye, and I'm going to be there when it happens because I don't even know yet. I'll stick this out until I can't anymore, because this is fascinating, in a train-wreck sort of way. Besides, I want to see how it ends. And if push comes to shove, I bring out my reserve Hermetic. Still, I'm now having to set deadlines on my Charleston forays (absolutely positively no later than 2am, at the outside) because fuck me raw, but I can't take any more of this "Getting to bed later than three in the morning when you have to be up at half-seven" shit. This is the problem with big scenes involving an Aussie, two Americans in different time zones and a Brit with a flakey Internet connection.

Tell you this for nothing; I had better be getting a serious wedge of XP for this, and so should anyone who's been in these scenes with me.


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