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*waves* I know I've been pretty crap at actually keeping this thing updated, but my excuse is that I have been busy. Unfortunately, being busy on so many projects has meant that all of them need some attention before I can actually get them to where they ought to be, so there's going to have to be a list. Behold my fearsome list!

- Shopping. This one's essential before I do anything else. I need more coffee, just for a start. Also burger buns and a tomato (there are burgers for dinner tonight - those and my lamb chops with gravy seem to be the hands-down favourites around here, though I've yet to do proper steak or anything roasted), some lunchfood and possibly cola.

- Articles. There are two in the works and they're so nearly done, so if I sit down nicely with each of them they can be done and sent by the end of the day, which is approximately when they're due. I've been really behind on those, but I guess that whole 'day job' thing eats my consciousness.

- Other Writing. So yesterday I sat down and wrote a bit of a flashback thing for [ profile] the_blonde_one's birthday present. (I still need to post the card at minimum.) That and a whole mess of notes on the HIPPIEverse have got me to thinking that maybe Sir Realist isn't where I want to go yet after all. Or maybe I do but I want to make a different spin on it. It's winding together the two plot threads that's becoming a bit of an issue, but at least I've decided on how the action is going to kick off. Having thought about exactly what I want to do with the skinchangers helps a lot, mind, and the creatures of the various Ways are turning out interesting. Rewriting the various mythologies from first principles is actually no end of fun. Still, that's not getting any actual writing done, so I need to sit down and work on that. Still, it kicks off some interesting conversations as [ profile] mitchy pleads for less rarity on the wolf skinchanger front because 'werewolfies are so cute and cuddly'. I haven't even entirely decided what I'm going to do about skinchanger battle forms (if any) yet, but I'll have to give it some thought. ...Anyway, at least Chapter 1 is pretty well sorted and I've got the general gist of Chapter 2. Finally got a handle on who/what I wanted the madam of the supernatural-burlesque club to be (hey, [ profile] redstapler, remember that picture? How do you feel about that picture being used to depict one of Jack the Ripper's victims, resurrected and given dominion over said burlesque club after some serious deal-making with a Lord of the Dead Ways? Hopefully good because it's the best idea I've had so far), which has established the location of said club. So we're moving along but I need to give it some attention this weekend. I thought about Write or Die, but after testing it out, I like the principle but not being able to have so much as a carriage return bugs me.

- FFXI. Now, I know this isn't anywhere near as important as the other stuff, but I am blowing cash on that game and I'd like to actually be around to be of some help to my linkshell. I'm also thinking of maybe asking if people want to go and take on various of the avatars I need to make my SMN a little more interesting. I have the key item I need to go after Shiva, and I can collect the others easily enough, but actually killing the beastie I need to earn the summon ... well, that's gonna take some doing. Then there's going after Fenrir. Going after Fenrir is going to be murderous, but the rewards are good for going after the avatars so I don't think I'll have any problems finding people to go to the cloisters for five minutes. Then there's the stone monument quest to finish, AF gear to get, level cap to up to 65, I really want to get my rank up... Hopefully there's people on my LS who are bored enough to help me farm for some of the bits. Anyway, I'd like to actually do something for the game, given I'm pretty consistently paying for it.

That's more or less it, really. I won't say it's in that order, but the first couple of items are. Shopping first, then put the finishing touches on those articles and get them out. Then I can contemplate the rest. It's good to be busy, even if I did end up with a minor flu bug the last couple of days, but sometimes I have to sit down and attempt organisation, just because the projects get on top of me.

Absolute top of the list, though? Finish my coffee.
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*waves Canadian flag*

Happy Canada Day...
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Doctors are intelligent people. They pretty much have to be, to get through med school. I have nothing against doctors, really. I don't even have anything against doctors who obviously didn't qualify in this country; prejudice is not my style, and foreign accents aren't that hard to render once you get used to the speaker's particular ways of pronouncing things. However ... I really wish the ones whose first language isn't English would take pity of those of us in this English-speaking country whose first language is, in fact, English and ... you know, use it correctly.

It takes me no time at all to audio type, really; what takes the time is reparsing what I'm hearing so that it's coherent. The constant, unnecessary and occasionally inappropriate use of the passive voice and the split infinitives are one thing - sometimes that's stylistic issues that just make my brain hurt, and while I'll change it for brevity, I acknowledge that it's a valid means of expression. However, there are the conjugation issues - pity's sake, people, pick a verb tense and stick to it! Preferably the appropriate one for the job at hand. And sometimes the sentences are just so badly constructed that I have to type out the whole thing in all its ungrammatical glory before I can parse it well enough to fix it.

I'm not really just a typist. I am an editor. I take the perfectly understandable mistakes of someone who has not paid the remotest bit of attention to how English grammar works and sort of makes it up as they go along and I turn it into legible prose on the fly. I basically keep perfectly intelligent people who just happen not to be au fait with the language from looking like complete morons to their peers.

And to think, I failed English grammar the one time I took it in high school.*

In other news, there is not much other news. I'm booked solid RP-wise until Sunday (Thursday - conversation with Jack, gods help me; Friday - [ profile] therealsherbs wants a scene with my mortal and I sense doom; Saturday - Midsummer Tourney at the Court of the Bard, all interspersed with whatever else needs to get settled in other arenas, more or less), when I will be taking a break from all that to have a bit of a horrorfest with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo. And possibly some attempted levelling of some FFXI job or other over the weekend. I could level BRD, I suppose - now that there's nomad moogles in Selbina, it's not so much of an utter and complete bitch to try to get to the Dunes and level. Either way, I'm thinking moochunks on Sunday - simple and tasty, as it were.

...It does amaze me how much I can overplan a weekend that basically involves "Oh, you know ... just faff, really".

* = Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. However, fact is I only ever studied grammar in French, owing to the French Immersion programme I was saddled with in elementary school. I can construct a grammatically viable sentence perfectly well, but can't deconstruct one to save my life. And when we did a unit on grammar in my American high school - the only time we were ever going to study it, apparently - I was a little lost and went to my English teacher for help. My English teacher hated me and refused to help me, I got a few things backwards and flunked the quarter. This is what kept me out of Advanced English Lit in 10th grade. I hated that man.
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Things I Have Thrown At People in RP Campaigns/Scenes:

- Government agencies
- Crazy sadistic Denizens
- Nephandi by the bucketload, all in positions of authority
- Really really vicious big chimera, up to and including manticores
- Very powerful elder Vampires
- Shadow Court
- Maeljin Incarna
- Silent Hill

Things That Have Most Commonly Stumped People in RP Campaigns/Scenes:

- Doors*

...I love my guys. Really. I hadn't laughed so hard in weeks.

I'm actually considering taking Wednesday off. I have scene on Tuesday and I'd like to not have to worry about getting up in the morning. Plus [ profile] dodgyhoodoo has the week off and it'd be nice if we could ... you know, do something. And it'd be nice to divide up the week a bit. But we'll see how I feel, and how my office manager takes to the idea. It's not like I haven't been working my arse off, or like I haven't eaten the backlog like it was a bag of chocolate coated espresso beans, or like I can't afford the contribution I need to make to household finances on a four-day week and still have enough money for travel expenses and discretionary cash. So ... it's a 'we'll see' all around.

Now, though, I am very tired. I intend to spend much of the day sleep-typing.

(* - I am not immune to this. I've been in group scenes in which the entire party has been held up by a door for a half-hour. However, at the very least we didn't go through four different attempts at subterfuge in order to get in once we'd decided to knock, partially because one of the characters hit the guy who wasn't letting us in over the head with a half-brick in a sock.)
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This Saturday is going to be a rather interesting one in terms of timing, all things considered. There's a pub meet for various of the JusNoctis crowd but I don't know how long it's supposed to last and I've just been reminded (and am now writing it down so that I do not forget again) that we're going to see Emilie Autumn that night. So I should be able to do both but if push comes to shove ... sorry, guys, but gig takes precedence as it's been in the works for longer. I missed PWEI, I missed the Voodoo Glow Skulls (though that was mainly the booking site being evil), I missed Emilie Autumn last time and I am not missing another gig when I haven't been to one in the best part of a decade. Anyway, it all depends on how comfortably my finances are sitting by then, really. Why does everything have to be so expensive? This, I suppose, is why most of my hobbies are online and free or at least cheap.

And now, a word from Vana'diel. )

Though I recall Kyr off Charleston by Night saying that levelling MNK was a good way to blow off steam and vent frustrations, and I could certainly use that. I mean, we get some of the dumbest phone calls in this job, and the one boss of mine who cannot or will not talk at a decent pace or, in some cases, include any information about the patient he's supposed to be writing about so I have to either make a wild, uneducated guess or just half-write the letter saying, "I think this is who the good doctor meant - let me know and I'll copy/paste as appropriate". Neurosciences is interesting generally, but I'm hating temping in general and this one consultant for whom I do most of the work is sometimes a right royal pain in the bum. Though I note in today's Metro that Charing Cross Hospital is looking for a permanent med sec in Neurosciences. Though I think I've done Charing Cross before and the commute's a bit of a bitch (but then, so's this commute), it's worth a thought. At least it'd be permanent, and it's something I know I can do. Plus they can't have any complaints about me or else they'd have had me replaced owing to my attendance record a month ago.

Then there's the other issue in this place - the lifts. You'd think that in a hospital, you'd be able to find a working lift somewhere in the building. But apparently not, no. Today, the one operational lift in the place was only barely functioning, and you had to hold the button for the floor you wanted down before the doors would close and start the journey. It's absolutely freakin' insane. Hopefully someone will have sorted that out tomorrow, but one of the two lifts on this side of the building has been out of service for two weeks, at last count, so I'm not holding out an enormous amount of hope. Brilliant, guys.

In any case, one good thing is that I've decided to take a half-day tomorrow. I could use the lie-in time. I still feel rather rough and the last place on earth I want to be is here, so maybe a nice leisurely journey to work tomorrow will do the trick in terms of making me feel a little better. It'd be nice.
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Since a tendon or ligament or something in my right knee seems to be giving me some trouble at the moment, instead of having a lovely lunch with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and [ profile] weaselbitch, I will be at home, in my nightwear, building a Victorian-style Sims 2 neighbourhood. I have new downloads. Yay!

Dear gods, I'm bored already.

Seriously, it's like summer holidays were back when I was in school (at least, before the days that I got shipped off to summer camp for the entire summer every year). It sounds like a fantastic thing in theory - the work is dull, you're generally fed up with the whole thing, you can't wait for the holidays ... and then the holidays actually start, and the boredom sets in. Is it really just that we're so used to having our time structured that we can't cope with the idea of copious amounts of free time and squander it through not knowing what to do with it?

Well, bugger that. I'm going to enjoy my holiday, godsdamnit. I'm going to get up to at least level 35 in cookery in FFXI (I got to 33 last night), and I'll build my Victorian Sims 2 neighbourhood, and I will by all the gods enjoy this holiday if it kills me. I may even do some more writing, depending on time, mood and inspiration. I'm not going to wind up sitting around and asking, "Where did the holiday go?"

In other news, as it's Easter, I decided to revive an old Neilson family tradition. I don't know how many households still do the Easter egg hunt thing, where parents hide a bunch of chocolate eggs and bunnies and such around the place for other family members to find, but we used to do it until I turned ten. Twenty years on, I decided to revive the tradition for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, who laughed a lot and said I was daft. Or mad. Or something, anyway. Still, he seemed to have enjoyed himself, which is the main thing. Yeah, I have my childish moments (xref: "CONFETTI!") but at least they're amusing.
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Our internet connection is decidedly borked. We think this is to do with our two-year-old router. It's funny to think sometimes how arbitrary 'two years' can be. For technological equipment, two years is an awfully long time, and we're amazed if some of it lives that long. For living creatures, two years is a very long or very short time depending on the creature in question (for mice, it's a lifetime or more; for humans, ages for a child but nothing for an adult). All the same, I suppose what counts is the actual thing being referenced. And in this case, we're talking about an old router. Which I suppose has held up pretty well for two years, but that's not of a whole lot of help right now.

Still, reasonably good news is that either I am properly manipulative or my mother and I think very, very much alike. I emailed her recently letting her know about some of the crap that's been going on of late - the jobs that have gone south on me and resultant money problems etc, not to mention the fact that a US trip is probably not the most sensible thing in the world to take in the first two months of any given job, even if it's permanent. (And if it's temping, there's no way I'll be able to afford to do it in late May - I need to rebuild my savings first. Stupid cracked molar.) Anyway, upon hearing that the US trip was a bad idea and that I wanted to ask for a small loan but was reluctant owing to not having a steady paycheque with which to work out a suitable repayment plan, she suggested that she just give me the money she would have given me for the New Orleans trip so I wouldn't have to worry about repayment of a loan. That was, of course, my original idea for how to get out of this financial mess that the various job losses have put me in. I was nervous about broaching it to her that way, but I gave her all the pieces and she put it together for me, so that's okay.

I will get to the US at some point in the near future, honestly. It's just that right now, with everything going entirely to hell finances-wise, there's no way on earth I could justify doing it. I hate it as much as the people I was going to see will, and probably more - there aren't the words to express how much I just want to get away to new surroundings for even a little while. But I need to be sensible. Gods, do I need to be sensible. And right now, contributions to the household expenses are far more important. I may desperately need a holiday and desperately want to see my friends, but I need a roof over my head and food on the table a whole lot more than that. So it'll have to wait. This can't last forever.

Besides, it means that we'll be able to afford a new router and I'll be able to renew my FFXI subscription for another quarter. Which is a bonus. Well, I have to look on the bright side somewhere.
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My friends are sweeties. Just so you know.

Couldn't sleep last night, so did some faff and checked my LJ comments etc, and found that [ profile] beepbeep had, as a birthday present, bought me paid time on my LJ. Now this thing doesn't expire until January 2009! Such a sweetheart.

Anyway, morning came ... and went without me noticing, as I was asleep. Afternoon, however, was a different story. I woke up, threw some clothes on, checked my FFXI garden - Taru rice! A whole stack! And lots of fire crystals! And I had rock salt and distilled water and everything! All I needed was some kelp and I could up my cookery skill some more! So now I have four stacks of rice balls on sale at the AH and a cooking skill of 31. Oh, and cleared out some of the stuff cluttering up my MH - a definite bonus. Also, someone was selling packets of vegetable seeds cheap so I bought a stack of those, but I'm going to wait until my garden's empty and my Moogle asks for its first lot of time off before I plant those. I need the space.

Then pre-Mage lunch, which was lovely - they've got a new chef and a whole new restaurant set over at the Heffalump so while my much-abused stomach isn't quite liking the idea of Thai green curry, I thoroughly enjoyed it while I was eating it. And [ profile] weaselbitch got me a copy of the new Stephen King, Lisey's Story, which sounds really interesting, so yay!

Then Mage - [ profile] weaselbitch has quotes, but on the whole, they're gearing up for Armageddon. And of course, I'm playing with their heads a bit, but what's a ST for?

So okay - no job, possibly no US trip, and currently a recurrence of hell-migraine, but there are some things to look forward to:

1) Mage-Doom
2) Stuff with [ profile] darkdanc3r on Thursday
3) Lying in tomorrow (at least there's that...)
4) Getting paid at least some money on Friday
5) Equus in March
6) Three new books
7) Valentine's Day, sort of (I think the best course of action, given my skintness, is to send [ profile] dodgyhoodoo out for groceries and cook him something really nice, then snuggle up in front of Time Bandits or something)

I try to keep positive. I'm obviously not the pessimist I tend to think I am.
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I have an appointment with the gastro specialist this morning. However, it did not occur to me until this morning to check what time this doctor's appointment is for. I merely made the assumption that it would be at the same time as the last one, i.e. 9:00 am.

Got up, checked my appointment letter. Which read: 11:00 am. Uh-huuuuuuh.

There are good and bad points about my mistake (so nice to be able to look at the silver lining of your own stupid fuck-ups sometimes, no?). For one thing, it means I'm up and around, and might get out of the house before horrible landlord-man who basically ignores me so long as [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's around gets here to inspect the flat. Apparently, not having testes makes me invisible or somehow less worthwhile. Of course, I don't think [ profile] dodgyhoodoo likes being left alone to talk to the horrible landlord-man, but won't actually turn around and tell me to stick around for moral support because he knows I don't want to be here. So I'm torn. Also, of course, we have no idea when horrible landlord-man is arriving, him not having been good enough to give a time, but ... agh complicated.

It also means that I can salve my conscience about having called in sick today. Not only do I actually feel like something's sandblasting my stomach, but by the time I got through an 11 am appointment, had whatever lunch I could choke down and got to work, there wouldn't be a lot of day left anyway. So meh.

Still, there's the fact that I hate going to the doctor. I haven't had the results of all those nasty tests people did on me yet, and I'm not sure I want them. Okay, you'd hope that if they were something really bad, someone would have let me know by now, but ... well, if hope is the thing with feathers that flutters in the soul, my NHS career could be considered the metaphorical equivalent of men with shotguns and retrievers. I know the NHS is understaffed, underfunded, overworked and floundering under the weight of expectations and management, so I don't really blame them for being inefficient, but it doesn't change the fact that they are. So likely I could be suffering from some horrible pathology and not know about it until I get let into someone's office fifteen minutes after my scheduled appointment time. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm not going to leave right this minute because if I do I'll inevitably get caught in traffic. I'll give it another half-hour or so and avoid the worst of the rush. Hey, that's the same time I generally left for work when I was working at Mac Keith. Heh.


Jan. 28th, 2007 11:45 pm
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Bloody stupid flag quests...

All I want to do is unlock BST. I don't want to have to wait in Jeuno for ages and turn up in Qufim at a certain (very dangerous) time so that I can pick some bloody flowers. ARGH. But I suppose I will do that anyway. Tomorrow. Thankfully I had a great deal of gil so blowing a whole lot on invisibility powder and silent oil wasn't painful.

As for tomorrow ... I completely forgot about my doctor's appointment. So sod this, I'm taking tomorrow off. I need a mental health day as well as needing to have one more day with minimal being on my feet, as my right calf already feels a bit tortured after a minimum of walking today.

So I will track down my appointment letter, then go to bed. Then go and be prodded by the doc some more. Then come home and try to make BST. So irritating...
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I submitted a proposal for a talk at the Phoenix Rising convention in NOLA - "World Influences on Harry Potter - from Abraxan Winged Horses to Zombies". And I got accepted. Okay, it's not the roundtable I originally proposed - it's a probably-50-min talk. OMFG.

And [ profile] leopard_lady is going now, and we get to share a room. OMFG *squee*

Now, if only [ profile] nightskywarlock could make it. Of course, he has six months to arrange it, if he was keen to try... *puppyeyes*


Dec. 13th, 2006 09:25 pm
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So in FFXI, there are good parties, and there are bad parties. Today, I had a good one. I like it when they're good ones.

Level 25 away! )

Going for sushi with Mum tomorrow. Apparently, Ikkyusan - one of my favourite places, with the mouth-watering sushi and the gyoza to die for - gets completely slated in the reviews. I don't get why, but ... well, just goes to show you can't trust a reviewer as far as you can throw one sometimes.

Then Friday, we meet with [ profile] weaselbitch for a drink. I also want to give [ profile] weaselbitch her Christmas present a little bit early. Well, possibly a lot early, depending on how much difference you figure a week makes. She can't for the life of her imagine why I'd be so keen to give her this gift early. And all I can do is grin.
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Too many cool things going on this weekend; not enough energy.

The Crawl of the Dead had to be on the same day as the NaNo launch party, didn't it? Still, gabbing about the novel trumps wandering around dressed as a zombie, especially since I was too ill this week to even consider going out and getting the necessary makeup. Besides, I know that people I know are going to be at the launch, so I want to at least put in an appearance. Which means I have to swig down my coffee, get dressed and leave, like, now - it starts at 1 but I'm pretty sure turning up at 2-ish isn't going to be a problem because it lasts all afternoon.

Now comes the wardrobe issue: do I wear my old "So many words, so little time" NaNo 2004 T-shirt, or do I break in the new VG Cats T-shirt that came in the post the other day?

Hmm. Well, I know the Aeris T-shirt is clean. So I guess that decides it for me.
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There hasn't been much going on lately, unless you count the ongoing CbN clusterfuck. Yes, it's still going. Yes, it just keeps getting worse and worse for my character ... though, admittedly, not as much as it's about to suck for a local Verbena elder...

Cut in case you find my RP stories boring, which I would understand )

It turns out that endgame happens over the weekend. So there's another few days of this to go. People are trying to be sensitive to the fact that I live in a really screwed up time zone but sometimes, it just doesn't work. Recent group rescue / info dissemination / Roach's mad plan scene went completely fucking pear-shaped because almost no one turned up when they said they would (they have reasons, but it's still irritating), and I'm still trying to get some scenes together to ensure that my character comes out of this somewhat playable. Of course, this is difficult when the shit just keeps on hitting the fan, so it tends to involve tracking the others down, which involves more late nights. Not that I've been sleeping very well lately anyway (I am having what [ profile] dodgyhoodoo refers to [thanks to Transmet] as 'rampaging gut horror') but I'll still be glad when this SL winds down a little. If nothing else, I want to see how it ends.

Final Fantasy's been a no-go lately because of server maintenance. Or something. Won't let me log into Asura anyway. This is a pain. I'm hoping it'll be back online soon. I'd like to go back to that some. I suppose there's the weekend: [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is off to his brother's wedding and after some debate, it looks like I'm not going along. The current reason is that I'm still a little worried about Yuki, who seems to be more demanding than ever lately and might wreck the house if left alone all weekend, even with [ profile] weaselbitch coming in to feed her and stuff. Not to mention the 'having procrastinated on buying something halfway decent to wear' thing and the fact that I just plain don't wanna go 'cos I'll be nervous and uncomfortable and I don't like the idea of going anywhere just because it'll 'look funny' if I don't. Besides, if my stomach hasn't improved by then, it's not going to be any fun at all.

And now it's lunchtime, so I'll stop rambling.
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So ... okay. So Nina is not becoming a Trad rep for the Dreamspeakers. Nina is, in fact, becoming the Trad rep for the Dreamspeakers. There are lots of good reasons for this (Dhanni's pregnant, Shawna's not here, team repping is a bad idea because more mages than necessary are lost if the Conventions nuke a Council meeting), but I suppose the fact is that I walked right into it. Oh well. The only real bugger of it is, to have character sheet reflect actual character, I am going to have to blow some of my XP on Leadership while I'm trying to save for Arete 2. *sigh* Well, it can wait a little while, I think.

Things I Need to Do This Weekend
* Run Mage (duh)
* Spend some quality time with [ profile] dodgyhoogoo away from the flat (we still haven't seen X3; the hype must have died by now)
* Play some Sims 2
* Get some sleep

Work is exceptionally dull. Nothing happens when the bosses aren't here. I mean, Michael's here, but I send work out to the editors and since they're on holiday, they don't send it back. Whoopee. So I sit and do squat all. And get bored.

Help meeeeeeeeeeeee ... so booooooooooooored...

If only I could figure out a way of getting some sleep and still look like I'm working...
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I've been toying with this idea for a long time now without doing anything about it. I know the various pros and cons, but I never felt ready for that kind of commitment. Still, it became more and more of a good idea as time went on, and eventually, I just gave in and took the plunge.

I've now got a savings account.

I know I'm not very good with money. I used to be, is the funny thing; I was one of those kids who set aside most of her allowance for weeks to save up for a particular toy or book or whatever. I'm not sure how I managed to grow out of fiscal responsibility when most people are growing into it, but I did. I think it was something to do with a lot of sudden, out-of-the-blue profligate spending happening when we lived in the US and, in my twenties when most people are realising they're on their own in the world and need to make good, a complete disregard for an immediate future I didn't think I was going to live to see. Now I'm doing okay, basically, but I still have some bad habits. I still have to make sure that all my important outgoings actually go out immediately after the ingoings go in so that there's no possibility of screwing things up not only for me, but for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo as well. Which is fine, as long as I can work it like that. That way I know what I have left and where it needs to go. Since I know I spend a fair amount of money on stuff that I don't, in all good conscience, need. So I think that, if fifty quid vanishes from my paycheque and into a savings account that I'll probably forget about until I actually mean to use it, I won't notice all that much. And having less money will make me more careful with what's left. Plus a savings account is a good place for those odd pounds and pence that always get tacked onto the end of a paycheque; at least they'll earn more interest that way.

Part of what this account is for is the upcoming handfasting. At £50 per month or thereabouts, I should be able to afford the rings by the end of August if I kick in some of September's spending cash. (I've been pricing rings over my lunch breaks recently; the area around my work is crawling with jewellers who specialise in this kind of thing, and they're not that expensive when pressure-hardened carbon isn't involved.) Which gives me another four months to start working towards the dress, the catering and the venue. I am thinking about this, just very quietly at the back of my brain. It's eight months; frankly, if I can get my passport renewed, get airline tickets and get to San Francisco from London in three days, getting anything else organised is easy. This is why I am a secretary. Heh.

*sigh* I'd put more into that account, but this month is already screaming with things I need to get. New RAM for the Frankenbox, for example, and a monitor that doesn't take up half my desk. Also a couple of new things to wear because the summer, she is coming. Plus it's Beltane Bash this weekend and it'll be a nice change to actually have some money of my own at Beltane Bash this year, unlike last year when I was unemployed, perpetually skint and singularly miserable about the whole thing. But if I'm good, maybe I can manage a little more next month. And anyway, once I've got used to the idea of putting a chunk of my paycheque away every month, I'll keep doing it and actually have a little fund going to afford some of the bigger things (new laptop, for a start). Plus it'll be good to have something put aside for a rainy day, in case of job stupidity.

I am, to a point, developing fiscal responsibility. Go, me.
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Just talked to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo to see if he remembered [ profile] nadriel telling us about his missing this week's session when he was at that session last month. Actually, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo was very, very sure that [ profile] nadriel had said no such thing. I hadn't thought so either, because I'm usually pretty good at remembering these things. But neither [ profile] dodgyhoodoo nor [ profile] weaselbitch remember him saying that he wouldn't be there. He may think he mentioned it, but he really didn't so far as anyone can tell. I'm less pissed off than I was, but still...

Anyway. It's done now. We'll manage with two this session, as we have many sessions before. And we'll have a chat about the future of Mage over lunch tomorrow, too; we're shedding players like Yuki sheds fur and with the plot the way it is ... well, we'll see. No decisions will be taken without discussion including the two I can most rely on to show up and warn of possible complications.

Why does it have to get so ridiculous?


May. 20th, 2006 02:51 pm
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Never let it be said that I never admit when I'm wrong, or might be so. Text message from [ profile] nadriel informs me that he did mention he wouldn't be attending this week's session at the last session he was at. Fine, that was a month ago, and I really don't remember him saying that, but I will admit that I don't remember him not saying that either. Still wish he'd mentioned that as an aside during the schedule malfunction we were having two weeks ago (as in, "Agh! Now I'm missing two sessions in a row; sorry"), but I can't say for definite that he didn't warn me.

Nice long lie-in, faff, and now, Sims. Also inexplicable sore throat. Better not be getting another lurgy.
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Spent yesterday in bed due to migraine. Return email I got from Michael indicated that I was desperately needed today due to Editorial Board Meeting. I slept, I rested, I dosed myself with painkillers and hoped I would be well enough to take on my responsibilities today.

Today, the headache is still there, nausea has intensified and, just to add to the fun, my wrists feel like someone's dumped hot coals in them. And yet I am still contemplating going to work, because they need me so. Then again, I must face the fact that this chair already feels like a torture chamber after less than half an hour of sitting in it and I may not even survive public transport, much less work. *sigh* I don't want to let people down...

In other news, got really bored while dosed up on painkillers yesterday and found another thread to be a part of, as still not king. Which both my roleplaying buddy and I thought was great. Two members of the thread were like, "New people! Hi there" ... but then the thread got put on hold for a minute while another character came back and when she did, it was like, "Oh, pfft. New people. Never mind you, it's all about me." Never mind that she's been connected to Threads of Massive Plot while the rest of us have been cooling our heels for two weeks; it's not like the rest of us want to roleplay or anything...

Changeling is on the Bank Holiday Monday this weekend, same time as usual. The following weekend ... well, stay tuned.

And on that note, I am going back to bed. Gods, I hurt.
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Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff apparently counts as a game expansion in its own right, rather than just a bunch of installable package files like the Holiday one did. Which means I apparently play it off the Family Fun Stuff disc rather than the OFB one. Okaaaaaaaaay...

So I installed it not knowing it counted as a game expansion (which means I removed / backed up squat bloody all, though it doesn't seem to have hurt my downloads thus far), and then tried to load it. Not responding. Tried a second time and that worked but, since it was an EP in its own right, which means that it defaulted to "disable custom content", which I changed but then had to restart to put those changes into effect. After yet again unsuccessfully loading, I got it to work, then started playing it. I designed a test family (to see what clothes were available with my new pack) and then decorated their house, the kids' rooms with the semi-nifty stuff that I got with the new pack. And then the house was done and all I had to do was put on roof and outside wall cover and see how my Sims liked it.

And then the game crashed. Before I saved or anything. Argh. I really need new memory for that fucking mobo.

So now I need to get dressed and go to lunch and then torture my Mage players. Need to have a private word with [ profile] lokean at some point before we begin. Beyond that, though, eeeeeeeevil! And that's exempting the fact that the Oliphaunt is doing a St George's Day party and it will be fancy dress and karaoke from 2 pm.

Oh, yeah. Happy St George's Day, all.

Ooh! Ooh! And they're now releasing something called "The Silent Hill Collection", which to me means Silent Hill games collected and maybe even special features. Please for the PC. Please for the PC. Please for the PC.


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