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Happy New Year!

...Someone keeps texting me. Once at Christmas, once just now. I do not recognise their number and they never identify themselves. They are clearly a friend of mine. I know I posted my number here, and I have [ profile] mitchy and [ profile] doccy logged into my phone.

I wish I knew who you were so I could label you by name in my phone's address book. But hi!

Right. To start the year as I mean to go on. Pass the coffee, pass the keyboard and lemme write things until I pass out.
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Another long weekend approaches, and despite it only having been a three-day week this week, I could use it. At least partly because I have a desperate need for new shoes - I've worn down the heels on my clogs and am currently reduced to wearing my Chucks to work because I refuse to climb three flights of stairs (one of which is longer than the average) in anything resembling heels, which accounts for most of my comfortable non-clog footwear. I love my Red or Dead ankle boots but ... not on stairs, I don't. My platform Mary Janes? I'd break my neck, particularly when trying to go down the stairs unable to see properly around a pile of notes and the blur that my cheap varifocals gives my peripheral vision. Basically, I need new glasses too, but new shoes are cheaper. Marginally. Actually, I have my eye on Doc Marten loafers ... if I can find a pair in black. Purple DM loafers are kind of awesome, but they don't go with a lot of my clothes. So ... yeah, that's going to be at least part of the weekend.

At least in part because I am never going to Westfield on a weekday again. EVER. Hell, I may not ever go again, full stop, if it looks anything like it did last night. For reference, Westfield is what the USians on my flist would call a 'shopping mall' but that the UK folkses would call a 'shopping centre'. (Malls are different things in the UK; something to do with being outdoors, I think?) Anyway, Westfield is one of the bigger ones in the greater London area, and one of my work colleagues keeps talking about it so I thought I'd check it out yesterday as a preliminary to my shoe-quest. ...It was like Oxford Street, but worse. I now know what a battery hen feels like. I like my personal space and there was simply none in that gods-awful place. I miss Montreal shopping malls.

Anyway ... yeah, this weekend is going to involve shopping. Not just shoes, but headphones too. My current set are ... um ... well, they kind of snapped at the headband a couple of weeks ago and I employed the Mighty Power of Sellotape so that was okay but now they're doing that thing where the wire has to be positioned just so to get any sound out of them because the wiring inside is starting to fray. I don't mind them not looking particularly nice; I just need them to work, and since they're not working, I guess they'll have to be replaced too. 'Tis the season to replace shit, evidently.

I'm also going to do some writing. Fine, it's all fic, but I am sick and tired of those bloody works in progress mocking me. I imagine stuff will turn up on AO3 at some point this weekend. That and Tumblr. Y'know, stuff.

There is no one in the office but me. Well, there's the guy who sits by the window, but he's been in and out, mostly out, all morning. My work colleague is generally in around 10am, but she hasn't quite arrived yet. So it's very quiet. I like quiet. Though at this point, I'd much prefer quiet in my own flat, in my own bed, sleeping for another couple of hours. But since that's not going to happen, I'll settle for faff with occasional bursts of work.
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So, after much discussion with [ profile] mitchy, we have decided that Belgos must happen. Therefore, we are arranging a meet-up on the 19th November (that would be a week Saturday, ladies and gents). She'll be mentioning the same thing on her LJ, so ... y'know, be there or be a four-sided thing.

RSVP in comments below!

Also, I am trying my first DA2 playthrough as Rogue. This is after maybe eight full playthroughs as Mage. I am enjoying this waaaaaaaay more than I thought I would. Sure, it's slow in the first few levels, and some of the armour looks incredibly stupid, but ... hey. A sibling I can max friendship with and some of the Assassin moves are brilliant.

*ahem* Just sayin'.

Con Crud

Oct. 30th, 2011 02:30 pm
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So I went to MCM Comic Con, and have made an executive decision: I am so not cut out for the convention thing.

I mean, Dragonmeet is one thing: you pay your admission, you go in, and while you can shop, there are other things to do. Going alone is not such a big deal because all you have to do is sign up for a game or two and you're hanging out with cool people for a few solid hours, doing a bit of one-off RP and having an awesome time. And I don't recall having to pay for John Kovalic's autograph while I was there the last time ... though I suppose he's not in quite the same league as some of the people at MCM this year.

But, see, therein lies the problem. There are things I just don't do. I'd happily run around in costume potentially making an idiot of myself, if it didn't mean that half the planet would be pointing a camera at me. I don't hug random strangers, however they're dressed. I barely know how to use a decent camera and my phone's camera is kind of crap, so pictures are kind of out. And I have a serious objection to spending a sum that would buy me a week's worth of groceries on a single autograph - a name scribbled on a piece of paper elevated to that level of financial worth just because the name is a famous one - particularly after the amount I spent on the entry fee. I know they have to pay the appearance fees for the famous folks, but seriously, some of that struck me as just a liiiiittle excessive. I didn't have the kind of money to shop, I certainly couldn't have afforded the three autographs I most wanted and on the whole, I felt unutterably out of place and alone.

Meeting the awesome folks off the DA fan communities I'm in ... didn't entirely help, I have to admit. They all knew each other, I didn't even know where to start having a conversation with any of them (beyond the one lovely lady whose name I have since forgotten who left at around the same time I finally got around to visiting the convention hall proper on Saturday) and, beyond taking a few pictures, a few random additions to conversation and a hug from the utter sweetie dressed as Merrill amongst the group, I mainly sat on the fringes and watched everything. Actually, that's how I spent a lot of the weekend - sitting on the fringes and watching things. This is where I prove that however I come across, I really am way too shy for this kind of shit. I can manage to have conversations with people I've never met in person, but that's only after I've talked to them online for months. And while the DA crew seemed like really nice people who I'd love to get to know, I didn't even know if I knew any of them. So on the whole, MCM comic con was a slightly depressing and socially awkward experience...

And I find out via Twitter that I have just entirely missed meeting Adam Howden with the rest of the crew I met up with yesterday, because I couldn't find them this afternoon and went home. FML completely.

Yeah ... I suck at this con thing and am now just really depressed. Fantastic.

Hope y'all're having a better weekend than I am.
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So Livejournal is 'experiencing high traffic volume' again. I wonder if it's people posting on Steve Jobs' death or another Russian government attempt to screw them over. Either way, it's irritating. I like having Livejournal on in the background while I'm at work. It gives me something to read while I'm stuffing envelopes or having coffee or whatever.

Interesting conversation with my co-admin today, which is kind of rare. Actually, having any conversation with my co-admin at all is rare. What's even more interesting is that it ended up being about horror movies. I asked him if there was anything interesting on at the cinema, as I am contemplating movie-going sometime this weekend and am woefully out of touch. He asked what I liked. I told him, and he actually sounded impressed before suggesting the remake of 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'. The conversation meandered from there and I'm amazed and a little impressed. For instance, he's seen Battle Royale! I've met so few people who've actually seen that movie. He also did not find it scary. Ooooooooookay... Anyway, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, given the conversation we had about zombies at one point or another. Still, given that he seems to be all about the true crime novels, it does come as a little bit of a shock. Still kind of fun.

At least there's some fun out of work, I guess. Given the headache and the flu and the backlog and the phones and the stupid, it's mostly been a suckfest of the highest magnitude. Still, it's mostly settled and sorted. I still want to hit one of the consultants (he's one of the ones whose letters generally go, "Thanks for referring this patient; let me 'briefly' reiterate everything you've already told me in your various letters - and by 'briefly', I mean I'll take three pages to tell you everything you already know because you're the one who told me in the first place", which is time-wasting bollocks, but never mind) ... actually, I want to hit most of them. The one with the letters full of unnecessary backstory. The one who refuses to send me replies to my 'these are typed up and ready to be checked' emails ... at least not ones that include the neat and tidy lists I give him, as he somehow expects me to remember every single letter I've asked him to sign off (thank the gods for Sent folders). The one who not only refuses to sign off the letters in a timely manner but also waits weeks to even dictate clinic letters (seriously, last week she started dictating clinics she ran in early September, meaning it was three weeks before seeing the patients and dictating their letters). But I can't so I'm just going to have to type and bear it.

Tomorrow's Friday. I'd approve of that a lot more if Friday was a better day at the office. But my co-admin isn't in on Fridays so I get the phones. So I suppose I'd better clear as much typing as I can because I'm going to have no time to do it tomorrow, if the phone keeps on being as it is. But hey, lunch in an hour. I just want to go home and sleep for a week. Is that too much to ask?

(Oh, I gave my goblin Shammy some love yesterday. I earned myself a very painful death by Naga after being leapfrogged around a minefield. Iiiiiiiiii sometimes don't get this game at all. Well, I'll just have to find a different approach to the being I've got to kill; one that's not through a minefield and guarded by way, waaaaaaaay too many Naga. Or maybe I should just do the quest where I blast the hell out of them with mortars first? I don't remember this quest chain being anywhere for my Belf Pally. Maybe it's goblin-specific? Or maybe I just somehow missed it when I my Belf Pally was teeny-tiny, opting to head for the crossroads instead. Well, I suppose this is a good thing; the whole point of alts is taking these things in new directions, right? Really should give a bit more love to my Alliance alts, too. I mean, my Gnomelock got a void walker summon awhile back, and that's been more or less awesome; I barely have to throw spells at all when I've got that little bugger spawned! Plus Dwarf Pally is going to be fun, one imagines. Anyway, if I want to see how things like Outland and Northrend work for the other side, I'd best actually level my Alliance folk. If I don't, by the time I hit Outland, I'll just be doing more or less the same quests as I did with the Belf Pally. Well ... possibly not, I guess. After Hellfire Peninsula, there's a lot more scope for different ways of going about things. Particularly once you hit Shattrath.

...Okay, I might be procrastinating juuuuuuust a little bit. Back to work, right...)
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I've been quiet out here in journal-land, I know. Mostly I've been cat-sitting and having a much-needed holiday. The biggest bonus to staying at [ profile] mitchy's place to look after Rob T Furball is that I have had no stress at all over "I should be at work". I suppose it helps that I'm in an entirely different city ... and never mind the fact that the fast train into King's Cross from here is actually faster than the train I get to St Pancras every morning, and they're basically the same station. I'm farther away and thus there is no guilt over "I should be working!" Somehow I have managed to avoid thinking about how much work will have piled up in my absence. Gods, I hope they got a float secretary in...

Anyway, maybe the other part of the non-stress over work absence has been the needy furball. It's not 24/7, the neediness, but he'll alternate between curling up in his cat bed / on the armchair dead to the world, and then all of a sudden he'll decide that if he isn't fussed and petted and scritched RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND he will die of heartbreak. Cue the yowling and the feeling that someone has replaced his fur with velcro. This is not a bad thing, but it can be tricky when one is trying to chat to someone over IM and just stopping the petting gets the big-sad-eyes look and a plaintive yowl. I'm such a sucker. Anyway, the point is that I might feel guilty about taking time off if it was just me at home on my own not doing much of anything, but since I am elsewhere, maybe not seeming to do much of anything but really ensuring that a lovely furball is fed and watered and petted and fussed, at least I am being useful to somebody. Apparently this assuages my work-guilt somewhat. So ... yay!

I'll be glad to be home, though. There are definitely things that my place lacks (bathtub, gas stove, decent-sized fridge with freezer that doesn't frost over every three days, space) but it's mine and I miss it. I miss my bed and my computer 'desk' ... hell, I miss my computer, full stop. Not to mention Warcrack - I decided that it was too much addict behaviour to travel all the way home just to check on my little Azeroth denizens mid-week, so I didn't. I'm not overly jonesing, thankfully, but then again, I had DA2 as a placebo. Not to mention a particularly stellar DVD collection - my tastes and [ profile] mitchy's don't always coincide, but I have to admit that she's introduced me to more TV shows than any other single person I know. Most people, it's a show here or there; it's been at least a half-dozen with [ profile] mitchy - more than anyone else, fewer than it could be (I just can't get into NCIS: LA, but I love the original and Criminal Minds is growing on me).

On the subject of video games and various bits of entertainment ... Sebastian Vael. I swear, the only reason I'm not sorry I got the DLC is that the extra quests give XP. You get him way too late in the game to build him up properly, and you end up with this relatively useless rogue who can't pick half the locks or disarm about a third of the traps and, despite his mail-and-plate armour, goes down like a twenty-quid hooker the minute anyone carrying a sword looks at him cross-eyed. Mostly I just leave him tucked away in the Chantry and don't deal with him until he demands that we go do quest types of things. I haven't got through a full playthrough with him yet so maybe his hissy-fit over the events in Act 3 will make having him as a full-on party member a little more worth it. As it stands, Varric is still my all-time archer in-game BFF, kthnx.

(Also, Sebastian, character-wise, is a cross between Leliana and Hamlet.)

Warcrack-wise ... still hacking my way through Northrend. I do not like Coldarra. It's creepy-death. Or ... well, it would be creepy-death if I weren't playing a Paladin. I would say I don't think Paladins can die but I have seen proof otherwise. (I still want to know how a massive 75-Elite patrolbot managed to sneak up on me in Hellfire Peninsula when I was doing my purgatory time in Outland.) Anyway, a lot of that is Nexus dungeon and since I don't really have the sort of party backing required to hack my way through one, I feel justified in abandoning the zone entirely beyond a couple of little quests and a flyover or the 'Explored Borean Tundra' achievement. I could probably move on to Dragonblight now, but I think I'll move to Howling Fjord and grind a couple of levels there first. I like level-grinding in lowish-level areas. Particularly when I've been logged out in an inn for a week and a half. The 'Well-Rested' XP bonus is going to last forever...

I haven't been on as my belf pally as much as I could be because I don't really like Northrend all that much, though I do hack through a level or two, time to time. I have, however, been working a little on my other characters - I've made a few as alts that I might actually stick with for awhile. Dwarf Pally, Gnome Warlock and Goblin Shaman, mainly - that last a holdover from my first spate of character creation early on. At least there's kind of variety, and a good Alliance/Horde spread. Though given that the Dwarf and Gnome starting levels are more or less the same after level ... oh, six or so? I kind of have to alternate with the other two so I don't get bored out of my skull.

There have been other things - potential writing projects, finally having solidified what I want to do for this WoD site that I still need to talk to [personal profile] lithiumdoll about as re: Jove when she's less busy and had some relaxy time, stuff like that there - but a lot of it's too vague to yammer about here and I'm thinking moar coffee. Then haul my lazy arse (and a mid-sized wheely suitcase full of books OMG heavy) back home, likely via somewhere I can get some lunch. Then probably right back out again to pick up something for dinner because I made sure that my fridge was empty before I came out here. I didn't want to find something gaining independent life in my fridge when I got home.
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It's been ten years now, more or less exactly. Ten years ago I tried to kill myself - again - and that time ended up in a US psychiatric hospital, full of OTC sleep aids and self-loathing, with a liberal serving of alcohol. And then a UK psychiatric hospital. And then a lot of therapy and some antidepressants.

I'm now off the antidepressants. I still have some problems coping with stress. There are the migraines. There are the bouts of self-loathing. I know how far I've come, and that some days are better than others - some days, I won't even think about it; others, I'll slog through with the goal of 'just get through the day' in my head. One thing Susanna Kaysen was right about - once the option to suicide is there, once you've decided that you actually can do that to yourself, it's always on the table and is never going away. It might not be the automatic go-to solution in all cases, but if things get bad enough, it's there. All therapy gives you is the ability to talk yourself off the ledge before you have to get someone else to do so.

There were some very good things about ten years ago. I met the siblings I'd have asked for if I could have chosen, and some wonderful friends into the bargain. I saw parts of the world I'd have likely never seen otherwise. It was in no way the best way to go about everything, because running away from one's self never works and problems like this transcend geography, but I'm not going to in any way belittle any of the good that came from it. There were people who helped me a great deal in a lot of ways and I will always be grateful.

...Not grateful enough to be anything but pissed off at having the fact of the anniversary in question flung into my face first thing in the morning, in a public journal entry, expressed in such a way that makes it sound like I made some asinine attempt on my life in some Romeo-and-Juliet-ish "if we can't be together then I don't want to live" bit of bullshit. (The author of that little gem should also point out that if it hadn't been for my calling a certain umsibling first, I wouldn't have called him at all, and thus he wouldn't have been able to be BigHeroGuy because I'd have just finished my drink and gone swimming in the Gulf with my boatload of sleeping pills and hard lemonade. kthnxbai.)

On that note, did I mention that today will be a mental health day on the grounds of triggers and OMG YOU DID FUCKING WELL NOT? Well, it is.
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I refuse to let this day break me. I refuse. Sure, it's pretty much atrocious and I have begun to hate Fridays as much as I love them (love-hate relationship with Fridays; what a concept) but I am not. Going. To let this day bring me down.

It's been full of stupid. Really. Already. And I've only been here about two and a half hours. This is the first time today that people would just LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE TO DO MY JOB. Somehow one of the consultants managed to hand me a clinic tape that turned out to be blank, one of the clinical assistants has some serious issues with spatial awareness (and her I just want to throttle because her grip of the English language is weak at best and while I can generally get a handle on what it is she's trying to say, I am so not in the mood today) and the phone. Will not. Stop. Ringing. And it's always with the patients who speak slowly and softly and insist on giving some poor secretary way more detail about a problem than that secretary technically needs. I think I'm more or less on top of it now (hence being here, writing this) but dear sweet merciful GODS this was not a good morning. I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm fed up and I just want to chuck something across the room.

I think there may have to be up-and-killing-things on Warcrack at some point today. Not that there generally isn't anyway; I hit level 48 a couple of days ago (more or less comedy quest chain that basically parodied paid homage to Starship Troopers) and have since been doing absolutely nothing but fart-arseing about doing one particularly stupid cookery quest and mining the hell out of things so I can hopefully level jewelcraft some. Also exploring for some of the exploration achievements. Which ended up with me killing a level 40-ish elite mob just because I tripped over it by mistake. No quest involved at all. Just ... me, elite mob, killed it dead, moved on. Well, he was standing between me and a good vein of mithril. I'm looking rather forward to levelling to a point where I am actually in the same region as anything resembling thorium. Or at least truesilver. Bah. At least cookery's going well, though a lot of that had to do with travelling all over Azeroth to pick up the recipes I needed not only to level up but to get all the meat out of my inventory. (If this were anything like real life, I hate to think what my backpacks and bank vault would have looked like by the time I got to use all that bear meat.)

Oh yeah, Tanaris looks like Valkurm fucking Dunes. I really should avoid that place more.

Anyway, so at least I have my stress relief planned for the evening - and, given the joys of windowed play, I can chat to friends and/or RP at the same time. Yes, I live on my computer. I do not have a problem with this. Though I really ought to actually have an outing at some point. Dinner, maybe. Or a drink at the pub. Or something that might constitute 'treat'. Because I seriously think I need one. This week has just been of the suck for no specific reason.

...Why am I so damn tempted to say 'screw the budget; I'm going to Benihana'?
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So ... wow. Future planning. Awesome.

Nothing of magnitude going on in July or August, but the autumn's looking pretty busy for me. Starts in September, when I have a ticket to see Doctor Faustus at the Globe. It is an awesome seat - front row, middle gallery so I don't have to strain to look over the people standing/sitting on the floor in the yard section, on an aisle so I don't have to sit next to more than one stranger, and right in front of the stage. Costly, but hell yeah, worth it. Plus it's got Arthur Darvill (Rory from Doctor Who) playing Mephistopheles. This I have to see.

This sort of thing tends to bring me to the luck I've had with seeing screen stars on stage. I'd say it's a side effect of living in London, but really I think it's just luck. I mean, having to miss David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing was a serious blow (someone on my Twitter feed retweeted a friend of theirs selling a ticket for that night for £25 and while I could afford it, I was more or less still floored by headache and just couldn't go) and missing Ewan McGregor and Chiwetel Ejiofor in Othello kind of sucked, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose. So too does the cookie crumble when things happen like Richard Griffiths getting ill the night I went to see Equus and the understudy more or less phoning in his lines, but Daniel Radcliffe is pretty awesome outside of the Harry Potter role. (Then again, I've seen him singing and dancing in musical theatre in a YouTube clip; he's one versatile little cuss, is Radcliffe.) And then of course there was the utter glory of seeing one of my favourite plays done by truly fantastic actors who just happen to be some of my favourites as well. Yes, that would be Waiting for Godot, which I'd loved since I was maybe fifteen, starring Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Simon Callow and Ronald Pickup. Best. Stage production. EVAR.

Anyway, then there's end of October, when the comics con is going on at the Excel. Now, I might not have ordinarily gone but it seems like there might be a bunch of quasi-local Dragon Age fans going and it's nice to meet the people I'm squeeing with online. I just wish I could sew worth shite; I'd love to cosplay but kind of hard without any kind of costume, y'know? Ah well. Maybe one day. I can dream.

So, yeah. Lots of meatspace interaction on the horizon. Awesome. And I've been poking around at the writing again, trying to figure out where I left off on the last HIPPIE book. I've left it way too long and I need to pick it back up again. Thankfully I have comprehensive notes. I guess they really do come in handy, notes and outlines. Anyway, maybe I won't ever get anywhere with this, but I do have fun writing it and at least some people enjoy reading it so why not actually finish it? Not that I'm not glad I've had a break, mind; just ... y'know. All breaks have to end eventually, and I'd hate to lose too much more impetus. Then again, this whole idea has survived seven years and a really crappy first attempt. I think it can survive a long hiatus.

For now, though, the usual journal-faff, answering the door to grocery delivery (the extra I pay to have it delivered is well worth the not having to wait a half-hour for a bus there and back, or trying to find everything I need for the week in an understocked Co-Op) and then I dunno. Another weekend enters its twilight and all I can think is that it's been way too short. Again.
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There are days when the things I hear from my peers made me cringe. I just heard one of my colleagues saying, "He did not did that." More than once. Now, I sometimes write grammatically challenged characters, but that's one I never considered. Ye gods.

It's not a great day at work today. I'm in one of the departments where you can't get anything done because morons ring up every five minutes, apparently under the impression that doctors don't actually ... you know, attend clinics or do ward rounds or see patients or anything. Which means I get an earful of grief from patients who want to talk to the consultant, and will not accept that the consultant is busy. And actually not in the room. And for all I know, might actually be in an entirely different part of the hospital. Or even in their private practice. Seriously, I wish that patients could get it through their skulls that they are not a doctor's only patient. This seems to be a tricky one for people to grasp. Doctors have many patients. No one patient is any doctor's priority. And they do not sit around the admin offices, waiting for patients to call.

(It is also not my fault that one of the nurses is an unpleasant mare-beast who refuses to answer the phone and passes off dealing with patients as often as possible because she 'doesn't want to be bothered with the aggravation'. Man, I wanted to hit her when she said that.)

I'm so glad it's another bank holiday coming up Friday. My sinuses are killing me. I know it's not a popular view, but I do not like the spring and summer. Give me autumn every damn time. Less pollen, less killing sunshine, more pretty leaves. Though I admit that the reason for the bank holiday still galls me. I can't go to the staff canteen without William and Kate grinning at me from this big Union Jack wedding celebration banner thing on the wall. It's decidedly creepy. Also, one of the Facebook games I play has got in on it, with royal-wedding-themed quests and things. I get that I live in the city where it's all going down and thus I cannot expect to escape from it, but ... seriously? Stupid Facebook flash games?

This griping, grousing blog post brought to you by a fed-up secretary who just wants to go home and RP/play some Dragon Age and not have to deal with patients who cannot even answer a simple question the likes of "And what's the message?" but still manages to answer the phone all cheerful-polite-businesslike ever single godsdamned time.

(Also, consultants who add a PS to every letter at the very end of a tape after all the letters have been typed, forcing a secretary to go back to every single letter and make alterations ... they must die, they must die, they must die. Thank you.)
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It's another one of those days in which I am trapped in an office where all I get to do all day is copy/paste letters from one document to another. *confetti* But at least I have my back to a wall and I can faff if I want to. And believe me, I want to. So much. Sometimes this job? NOT all it is cracked up to be. But at least it gets me paid. I guess anything that keeps me in broadband and Mountain Dew is a good thing.

For those of you who don't live in London, the current state of affairs is 'warm, sunny and stuffed to the gills with tourists'. This last bit isn't particularly unusual, to be fair - London is 'One Of Those Cities', y'know? I mean, it seems to be a running theme that tourists coming to London assume that ... y'know, that's all London's for. It's like they think it's Disneyworld or something, where everyone is pottering around strictly for their benefit and their job is strictly to be backdrop to the tourist experience. Sort of the same kind of mood you'll get in someplace like New York or Los Angeles or Paris or someplace.

News flash, people: millions of people live and work here. Yes, it's a city full of history and entertainment and beautiful architecture and all manner of things to do and see. But it's not bloody Disneyworld, okay? The people bustling around in your holiday photos of London are not there just to be 'a little local colour'. They're trying to get to work, or home from work, or grab a quick lunch break, or get to a doctor's appointment, or do the shopping for the week. It'd be nice if you respected that a tiny bit.

I actually recommend a series of bylaws for tourists. Maybe confine offenders to their hotels and stick repeat offenders on the no-fly list.

1) People cannot walk through you and your map. Therefore, there are places that not only manners but simple common sense dictate that you should not unfold a big map and spend at least five minutes poring over it, trying to decide where to go next. Places like ... the tops or bottoms of stairwells and escalators. Or right in front of Tube station ticket barriers. Or any doorway. Or smack in the middle of the sidewalk. Particularly if you are in a group, make sure that you are not blocking someone's way before you start poring over a map.

2) If you are asking for directions, be consise. Know what it is you're actually looking for. Do not expect someone to know exactly where 'that place with the thing' or 'that place where that play by that guy' is on if that's literally all you can tell them. Likewise, do your research and if you're heading for a multi-building complex, know which building you want. Don't stand in, say, one part of University College London, which spreads out over half the gods-damned city, and say, "No, just tell me where UCL is". Or at least, accept that the answer is, "All around you; can you please name a specific building so I can actually help you?" without rolling your eyes like the one who lives here is the stupid one.

3) On that subject ... the dirty looks when we maybe accidentally get in your well-framed picture of Tower Bridge or squeeze past you when you're standing in front of the ticket barrier at Oxford Street? They're unbecoming and unnecessary. We try to be polite. We try to hang back when you're taking pictures. But we would like to get on with our lives and if you're going to be selfish, thoughtless arseholes, we're going to get around you - as politely as possible, but we are going to get on with our lives. We've gone through the Blitz, the IRA, various Roman invasions, the Great Fire and more generalised terrorist bombing crap than you can imagine. We're not going to let a bunch of bloody tourists stop us from going about our day. So lose the 'tude. You're on our turf now. Respect it.

Don't mind me. I'm just a little aerated about the tourists because they're coming out in more droves than usual this week. But that's not surprising. Next week, Prince William marries Kate Middleton and London's going to be a veritable zoo. I feel bad for William and Kate, I really do. I imagine both of them just want to run away and get hitched in a registry office or something, but they know they can't. It's all gone insane, with the merchandising and everything. Though as I understand it, the Charles/Diana thing was just as bad. (I'm a little too young and too Canadian to really remember that one, but I hear things.)

Right. I'm done bitching. Smoke break, and then back to the grind. Yeargh.
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Dear London-based friends (or anyone who might be in London before April):

There's a free exhibit on the evolution of the English language on at the British Library 'til about April. Anyone game to come with me to see it? Looks pretty interesting. But then, I would say that. *g*

So I finally slept reasonably well. This is a good thing, as I have Things To Do today. I have to go out and get some groceries, and a screwdriver. Then I have to ... erm, well, dissect Hardison. Want my hard drive, damnit! Anyway, after that comes the usual deal of reinstalling everything. So far I've got the essentials - Firefox, Trillian, iTunes, Avast, stuff like that. And I'm working on getting the Dragon Age 2 demo on here so I can see how pretty it looks with the new graphics card (and not have it grind to a slow crawl during some bits of combat - so annoying when it did that on Hardison) so there's that 'essential' dealt with. But I've got to put my Sims game and expansions on, and Dragon Age... As much as I'm hoping to be able to rescue the hard drive out of Hardison for my music and writing and stuff, I'm just as much hoping that I'm not going to have to go digging through the Sims 3 fan sites and Bioware forums for all my custom content. I will if I have to, but I'd rather not if I had my druthers.

Getting a new computer is really kind of weird sometimes, y'know? I bitch-bitch-bitch about how I don't really want to reinstall everything, but there's a kind of quiet joy and pride that comes out of getting it set up just as I like it. I'm not really sure what's up with that, but part of it at least was the setting up of my Windows 7 desktop theme. I really like this theme thing. I've got the whole thing set up to reflect my current Dragon Age obsession, and I'll be happy when I find another few good wallpapers to add to the shuffle. Sometimes good desktop wallpaper is hard to find! And the downloading is kind of sucky, but hey; when it's all set up, it just feels more or less awesome. Can't say fairer than that.

So now Dragon Age 2 has downloaded and so I shall install it. And then we'll see what we see. I have to finish my coffee and then I have to go dismember Hardison. (Poor Hardison; we've had to move to Plan M.) A busy-ish Saturday, then.
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Yeah, I know, the posting has fallen by the wayside. Again. You should be pleased as hell that I have decided not to bore you all with the tiny minutiae about my life (DOCTORS WHO CAN'T SPEAK OR SPELL OMG). Still, it's been awhile since I checked in, so here's the news that doesn't involve rampant bitchery about my workplace (not that such doesn't have its place but I like to save it for the real arsehaberdashery and lately it's just been mundane 'jobs in general tend to suck' whingeing) and the like.

So I have now been in my flat for two months and I am still very pleased with it, despite a serious issue with storage space. There is noplace to put my clothes. Like, anywhere. At all. I have a wardrobe and an end table with drawers, but since most of my clothes fold and I have few clothes hangers anyway, this becomes an issue when I want to keep the place tidy. Which, and I realise how out of character this may seem, I actually do. I think I have a couple of storage space solutions that might do the trick but I have to go out and purchase the things, which I have had not really had the time to do, though at least now I have the money. So that's probably today's chore once I finally get my arse in gear.

So I was chatting to a friend of mine from my current online oWoD RP and she just picked up the Sims 3 base game for Christmas. I don't entirely remember how it came up but I started poking around again to see if maybe, finally, some enterprising soul had managed to crack that draconian "NO CUSTOM CONTENT BUT OURS!!!" thing that EA set up back in the day. And lo and behold ... several enterprising souls have. So my big news of the day is SIMS 3 CUSTOM CONTENT! Finally, I can ignore the ugly hair and pudding-like complexions and boring furniture! Finally I can build decent-looking Sims! That's the only damn reason I liked the games in the first place, and now I can do it again! So pleased. My hard drive ... is less pleased, as now there is far less space on it. Ah well. Shit happens. I'm also enjoying the last couple of expansion packs more than I thought I would. There's actually a reason to play the game again, and I'm thrilled to bits.

Of course, it's not all shiny awesome on Hardison, my poor abused PC. There is something up with the disc drive, I'm convinced. I don't think it's a huge deal - I think what I need is a drive cleaner. It's just that when I'm playing anything that requires the disc drive in any serious way, the game randomly slows down. This is really annoying when trying to work in Create-a-Sim, and beyond annoying when you're trying to fight your way through the Tower of Ishal and everything starts going grindingly slow when a half-dozen genlocks are firing arrows at you.

Yes, I still play Dragon Age Origins. I like it. I don't like much of the DLC and I hate Awakening but I still like the game. And I still repeat Elven Mage as often as I can. Don't judge me. :P

Seriously, I'm actually really looking forward to Dragon Age 2 when it comes out. I didn't preorder it for the same reason that most people who haven't pre-ordered it decided to wait - I want to make sure my computer will run the bastard thing. It looks cool and I don't have to play it like a console game, or so say the previews - I can continue with my pause-and-play strategy and tactics set-up, which I really liked about the first game, and while it's a damn shame that there's no option for different character races in game, I think it'll be pretty cool. But I want to wait until I can hold the box in my hands and read the back for exactly what my computer will need to be able to run it. I've already got two games I can't play because I can't for the life of me find a decent USB controller that'll work with bloody Vista so I can play the stinking things and the keyboard controls are a nightmare on wheels. Those I don't mind overly because they were cheap, but to buy a brand new game and then not be able to play it because it won't run on Hardison would simply suck. And I don't really care about all the optional extras one could get for pre-ordering the 'deluxe edition', mostly because I imagine that they'll unlock those for people anyway at some stage.

Right. I really need to get my arse in gear. For some reason I was awake at 7 this morning but refused to get out of bed until 10am on general principles - it's Sunday, for fuck's sake! But now it's midday and if I want to get anything done (clean out the fridge, travelcard renewal, grocery shopping, pick up some storage things so my clothes aren't all over everywhere), I'd best get moving. I don't want to, but needs must. Off I go!


Dec. 31st, 2010 04:52 pm
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Last night, I stayed up way too late RPing and ended up heading out to the post office before I went to bed. It was nice and quiet and I found the delivery office with no problem ... but those post office guys scare me with the lacksadaisical attitude sometimes. Look, the little card you get in the post says to bring ID to make sure that they're giving the parcel to the right person. I get that. I'm not horribly paranoid or anything, but I do know that in a building like mine, the post all gets dumped into a central foyer. This is not the safest thing in the whole wide world, admittedly, as it makes identity theft a distinct possibility, but that's how it works. So anyone in your building could get hold of your delivery notice card. Which means that anyone in your building that wanted to could get your stuff and use and/or sell it. I don't believe in being constantly obliged to carry ID for any Authority Figure who wants to see it (I mean, seriously, fascism much?) but there are things that I believe should require ID to do. Registering at a doctor's surgery, for example. Getting a library card. Banking. Picking up anything that's meant for a specific someone.

So when I turn up at the delivery office with my passport and the water bill just in case they want proof of address? It might be nice if the slothlike creature behind the counter actually looked at the ID that his office actually requires him to look at!

...Let's just say that I lack faith in the postal system.

Anyway, I headed home, I crawled into bed ... and then, somewhere around two, the fire alarm went off. Again. Apparently the downstairs neighbours got hold of someone who looked at it, prodded it for awhile (on and off ear-splitting wail, hoo-freakin-rah) and from what I overheard from downstairs, could do nothing with it. Also, the downstairs neighbours lied about how it happened in what I assume is a bid to avoid being charged the fee to get the damn thing reset. So we're without a fire alarm for the moment. Which ... y'know, I think we'll survive. We've all got smoke detectors, and they're loud enough to be heard throughout the building. Yeesh.

So now I'm underslept, with a burgeoning headache (though at least part of that is a lack of caffeine; I haven't had my coffee yet). Great way to end the year. Heh. But I have my new Sims 3 expansion to go poke around with and I should really switch the kettle on. I've got a liiiiittle bit of booze and I've ordered enough Chinese food to be leftovers for days, so that's pretty awesome. I mean, this kind of thing isn't exactly what someone normally thinks of as a New Year's celebration, but I'm not paying above the odds to cram myself into a room full of total strangers to celebrate something that, given I more or less ascribe to the idea that the year ended ten days ago, really doesn't mean a whole lot to me anyway.

*ahem* Not that I'm judgemental. Whenever you want to celebrate year's end is cool by me, and I wish you all the best in the coming year. And now I'm going to go torture little pixellated people for awhile.


Dec. 18th, 2010 11:49 am
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Again I suck at journalling. Been busy. Will now play catch-up.

So the holidays are fast approaching, and I'm going to be working on Christmas Eve. I am informed that it'll probably only be a half-day, but still, that's one of the suck things about working in hospitals. I mean, it's not like it matters or anything, seeing as Mum and David are in Australia until mid-February, but still ... Christmas Eve, man.

Yeah, there's a thing; I'm trying to think of ways to make the holidays more ... holiday-like at the moment. I think this is going to be my first Christmas where I'm entirely alone, so I have a couple of choices there. I can either just let it blow by like any normal day, or I can try to make my own holiday specialness. I mean, there's obviously going to be 'White Christmas' played at some stage and I ought to consider getting myself niceness for dinner. I'm pondering decorating the flat, but I'm not really sure where to start, particularly considering the restrictions on sticking things to the walls and lack of space for a Christmas tree. So, y'know ... suggestions on a postcard.

Meanwhile, I wanted to go out today, because the office-home-office-home-brief-stop-at-grocery-store rut is getting to me. I actually pondered going out to Islington 'cos I know there's a shop there that does American sweets and stuff and I have a weird craving for overly sugary American cereal. However, there is the matter of the snow. It doesn't bother me, but it does occur that it's going to fuck up public transport beyond all recognition. Much as I'd like to get out and about, I'd also rather not get stranded out in the north end of Zone 1. I mean, this is actually what I call proper snow. London's not equipped to deal with what I call proper snow. I suppose I could settle for some other random easily-obtained sugariness and settle in for a day's worth of writing or something. But that really does blow the whole 'I want to go OUT' thing out of the water, doing that. Decisions, decisions.

In other news ... I am going to end up with two library cards for two entirely different boroughs at this rate. Earlier this week, I went home via Dulwich Library and thought I'd stop in to get a library card. The beleagured dude at the customer service desk got my name more cataclysmically wrong than anyone I have ever seen in a professional capacity, seriously (I mean, my surname only resembles 'Wilson' phonetically, and I never actually said it to him; just showed it to him on my water bill) but I came away with a library card and five books. Their anime collection is surprisingly prodigious for a South-East London library. Anyway, I then decided to walk home to see how far away the place was from my home as the secretary ambles. It was far. And uphill a lot. There's actually a closer library around Norwood Junction, so I think I might get a card there instead. Problem is that the Dulwich one is Southwark while the Norwood Junction one is Lambeth, so it's not like I can use the same card there like I might be able to with, say, the three libraries I know about in the Finchley/Barnet area for which my card there worked. So I may end up with two library cards just so I don't have to hoof it up and down those bloody hills and can actually get to a library in less than an hour on foot. I mean, library privileges are awesome but I'd like at least a little convenience. Still, at least I have a library card. Free books and cheap DVDs (so long as I return them)? Awesome.

I ought to get myself a Christmas present. Like, game or something. I did have a yen to pick up the new Sims 3 expansion. That might keep me entertained for a half-hour. But it would necessitate going out if I wanted to get my grubby little mitts on it today. Well, I did need to go grocery shopping, though my area is a little short on anything ... well, anything. I mean, there's a bit more stuff heading towards Norwood Junction, but mostly around here you get Co-Ops, chip shops, a couple of offies and pubs, and that's more or less it until you hit the B&Q, and even then it's more offies and chip chops. But it's not too far from Brixton, so that's something. (There is an awesome pub in Brixton called 'The Rest Is Noise' that I must show more people, by the way. They have apple beer and pear cider on tap and it is awesome.) And Streatham's not far either.

*looks out window* I think I'll go hang up my laundry, which should be dry by now, and then consider how much public transport idiocy I want to brave. Part of me's actually tempted to just go back to bed for a few hours, but nah. I've finally got back on a halfway reasonable sleeping schedule (late nights and early evening naps notwithstanding) and I don't think I want to utterly fuck it up.


Dec. 4th, 2010 01:44 pm
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There hasn't been a lot to say beyond 'new flat!', really. I'm all settled in now, with my books in the rescued bookshelf with the slight drunken list and my Montreal Canadiens flag propped up on the windowsill and all my clothes hung up in the wardrobe and most of the boxes out with the rubbish and everything. My online time is limited but my general cosiness factor is pretty high. I'm home. It's nice. There are a few things that still need sorting out, I'm aware, but that's going to have to wait until my bank account isn't entirely burned from deposits on the phone/broadband that they still won't connect until January and bedding and tableware and all that stuff. Still, all I really need is a phone/answering machine, and there's no point in having one of those until next month anyway. All the rest - mainly shelves and stuff still, as I'd like to be able to have a shelf unit in the bathroom so I'm not having to leave my body wash and stuff on the shower floor, and DVD racks would be nice, and I'm probably going to need another bookshelf at some point - isn't particularly vital. It can hold off for awhile.

I've been making an effort to reconnect with my music collection. At least part of it is trying to weed through my hard drive to find some space, as I am sadly lacking in such right now and there are at least a few cases where things in my music subdirectory have got duplicated or I don't even know why I have them. Yesterday I reminded myself just how much I like REM. Today - or at least for right now - I'm on Nine Inch Nails. It's all pretty random, but I'm having fun with it. Sometimes you get so locked into a playlist that you forget what else there is. Which is sad, but every so often one busts out of the rut and that's what I'm doing RightThisSecondNow. Going to end up doing the same with my DVD collection; last night was Cheesy 80s Movie Night. I think today is going to be Obscure Asian Horror. Though, since it's nearly impossible to multi-task with writing and the like while watching anything with subtitles, I think I'll leave that until later on this evening. It's more atmospheric in the dark anyway. Hee.

So I didn't manage to win NaNoWriMo this year. I probably could have if I'd actually applied myself, but I did have other things to which I had to apply myself. With the flat and everything, it's probably a miracle I broke 35k. Still, I'm a little disappointed; I'd only ever really fallen flat my first year, and that was 2004. *grumble* Oh well. I still have a good start on the story and it's not like the abortive 2004 NaNo, which I actually ditched because it was unmitigated crap. I just did not have the time or energy. But I'm going to rectify that, damnit. Maybe I won't have won NaNoWriMo this year, but that doesn't mean that the actual novel doesn't get finished.

This means that today is going to be music, writing, maybe some Sims when I need a break, and then Obscure Asian Horror. It'll be a good day. But I'd better get to it; I'm sort of rationing my online time right now, given the pay as you go thing. Soon, things'll be sorted and normal and I'll be able to do things like ... oh, I dunno, watch YouTube vids and stuff again and my connection won't be hella hinky. But still, it's better than being beholden to cybercaffs. Never want to do that again.
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So the running:

BT are staffed by gibbons. I will have to try them again tomorrow, after I have topped up my call credit like whoa. (Hold time apparently eats one's pay as you go credits like nobody's business.) However, I do have internet access at home. No, I did not borrow someone's unsecured wireless because everyone in the area that my wireless card can reach has secured their network. Instead, what I did was buy a pay as you go mobile broadband thing, which I can use for the duration and will probably come in handy when I have a laptop. So now I can come on line and tell y'all how the move is going.

The mover guys didn't turn up until about 7pm, owing to apparently horrific traffic in London. However, the two chaps were absolutely lovely and we had some fantastic conversation on the way to NEW FLAT. Steven, the guy driving, turned out to be a video game junkie and we ended up trading off Dragon Age quotes and that was fun. With Alex, who was navigating, it was discussing the congestion charges, the 2012 Olympics (and why I have The Fear after what the Olympics did to the Montreal economy), bendy buses, stretch Hummers and all manner of other stuff. Then I mentioned that I was heading off to the late-night Sainsbury's superstore if I had enough time to do so, and they offered to drop me off on the way to the Chinese meal that their boss was taking them out on as an apology for their own day from hell (the poor guys had been in their van since half-six that morning and had eaten nothing but a Snickers bar in all that time, with only a five-minute break for a cup of tea, poor sods). So that was nice of them.

I decided to focus on the basics of living and a ready-meal, figuring I could get the actual grocery shopping done the following day. So I got a duvet and appropriate bedding, a couple of towels (because one just doesn't cut it), a dinnerware set and cutlery, kettle, a truly huge coffee mug, some wooden spoons and the requisite edibles (microwave curry, coffee, sugar, yadda), then called a taxi and hauled it all home. I had washing up liquid too, but I think it fell out of the bag and is currently living under the front passenger seat of a south London cab. Aaaanyway, fact remains that I got all that, came home, moved furniture, made the bed, set up the computer, ate my nukacurry, then collapsed for a few hours.

The last two days have demonstrated to me just how far one can stretch one's 'new shit' budget if one has the patience to go trawling for bargains. I spent some time in Brixton, checking the everything-for-a-pound shops and the local branch of Argos, and now I have saucepans, frying pans, slotted spoon and spatula, tea towels, more mugs and some glasses, a set of computer speakers, a clothes-drying rack and all the other stuff one tends to need around the house. And the grocery shopping and the pay as you go wireless doohickey, obviously. I also found a bookshelf in front of the house two doors down, abandoned and unloved and okay, it's a bit rickety and leans a bit in a drunken sort of way, but I think it's endearing and it doesn't look set to fall apart (much), so win.

Long story short? I'm here, I'm unpacked and I am comfy. And I still have a couple of days off in which to properly settle. Woo! Comfiness! Maybe there'll be pictures at some point.
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Everything is packed and shoved into the corridor, waiting for the Man with Van, who I hired for 3:30.

...The Man with Van cannot be here until 5pm.

This is going to throw my timing off badly, thank you very much, you utter eedjits who cannot plan for London traffic on a Saturday. See, the plan was to get everything into the van by quarter to four, be in the new flat with all my boxes around five, and then head out to the Sainsbury's superstore a short bus ride away - one of those massive mega-mart things that sells everything - so I could pick up the necessaries I could have bought here but didn't want to pack and move, as well as groceries. The place is open until 10pm but at the rate this is going, an hour and a half late here is going to translate to a half-six, seven kind of time, and while that still gives me three hours, it's way later than I wanted it to be.

I understand that traffic is an issue, and at least they let me know a half-hour early, but damnit, they said three-thirty! I suppose it's better than being cancelled. And if they do that, I'm going to rip their heads off. With my teeth.

I have my book. And enough time to maybe nip to the corner shop for a bottle of cola or something. Still, my life is sitting in the corridor in boxes and not only might I be internet-less for six freakin' weeks, but my bloody movers are telling me they're going to be an hour and a half late. After I moved all the boxes into nice convenient "You don't have to drag it out of a room or anything" spot for them, too. Fuckers.

It'll all be worth it when NEW FLAT. But all the same, what a pain in the arse.

[Edit: Now we are looking at half-five because apparently someone decided to drive like an idiot on icy road and the Man with Van hasn't moved an inch in fifteen minutes. Yeesh. At least they're still planning to turn up, and this part isn't exactly their fault. Also, there was a very nervous secretary who was very relieved and rather heartened-sounding when I told her that I wasn't going to yell at her because I know it's not her fault. I have been a secretary for a very long time and know what she's going through. I am annoyed, but not at her.]
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Dear telecoms companies of London:


See, there's this flat. It is a nice little flat. People have lived in it. Therefore, it's had the phone connected. Therefore, it should be a relatively simple feat to connect it to the existing phone lines. It always has been previously. This has never been an issue.

Your websites, however, tell me a different story. All of them seem to be of the opinion that six weeks is perfectly reasonable a time for a residence to be without a land line or internet. In this day and age ... how about no? No, it is not reasonable to take nearly two months to connect a flat to the outside world. I'm sorry, but it just isn't. At all. In the least. But you all seem to be of this belief. I blew an hour on comparison shopping - not so much for money as for "Which of you wankstains can get my damn phone connected first?" - only to find that each and every one of you have decided that 10th January is the absolute earliest that you can get a phone connected to a residence. So I basically had to pick one and hope.

It's too late to ring you up and bawl you out about it now. Besides, I have packing to do. However. Tomorrow, in between the running around to go pick up my keys and then come back to help load my shit into the back of a van and then go back to this flat to which you refuse to hook a phone line until the next fucking ice age, I will be giving you a quick bell to ask you, in slightly more polite terms than this, what the hell kind of bullshit are you actually playing at here?

I imagine that what's going to happen is that I am going to ring you up, give you my best 'stern pissed-off professional person' voice for awhile, and someone will tell me that your website is for suckers and that I can get this bumped up. I am not living for six weeks in a flat without a land line phone or internet. I can get by for a week or so with net cafes, but six weeks is fucking ridiculous.

Now, I have to go and forage for food. Then I have to go throw stuff into boxes. I will be fuming all the while, FYI.


One really pissed-off Canadian ex-pat.
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Big day today. Lots of headless-chicken running-about-knees-bent advancing behaviour, or whatever. But it's all been productive, which is pretty awesome. So, the running:

1) Funds have cleared for flat, so I have to go out this afternoon and sign the lease properly. Man, the world thrives on paperwork. How many trees died so that I might have my flat?

2) Man with van has been called. I am a little concerned that he didn't particularly seem to get where I was calling from, despite repeating it three times and then spelling it out for him, but I get the impression this man hasn't been outside the M25 for the entirety of his life. Still, he's been called and will be 'round at about half past three to pack my worldly goods into a transit van and haul them off to my shiny new home.

3) I need to sort out the utilities but that's going to have to wait until I have signed the lease owing to the fact that I don't know the full post code or the utility companies with which the property already concerns itself. I'll have to ask the letting agent. I may be offline a bit as of tomorrow afternoon (not like there'll be that much of a difference to my LJ/Dreamwidth usage, but hey).

4) Tomorrow afternoon, post-mover, I'll have to go do a bit of shopping. The little things; cutlery, kettle, duvet that actually fits the bed, telephone ... y'know, the usual. Thankfully, I can get most if not all of the essentials on the cheap, and of course charity shops are a godsend.

Right. Lots to do, not a lot of time to do it in. Best get moving. *squee*


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