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I admit I've been awful at using my LJ. Sorry, all. Now trying to think of what to actually say.

Well, let's start with the fact that my appointment with the neurologist is tomorrow. Without going into any real detail (I'm going to have to do enough of that tomorrow, thanks), things have been getting worse over the last couple of months. It's really starting to impede my ability to function, and the idea of trying to claim Disability Living Allowance has done more than cross my mind. I can't commute or work like this; I have a hard enough time with day to day living just now. I don't know what is wrong with my brain, but I get the impression that this isn't something that's going to get fixed overnight. I don't like the idea of registering as disabled, but given recent issues, I honestly don't know what else to do. I don't exactly qualify as 'able' anymore, all things considered. It galls me, but at least it's a solution that doesn't lead to a financial arse-fucking.

I now have more than one reason to hope to hell that when I get Chaos Magic written, it actually sells worth a tin shit. There aren't many chapters to go before it's done (though the work has been slow, slow, slow of late; the story's there, but my recent brain-wrong has meant that the words just haven't been coming, which more or less makes me want to cry), and there's so much to do even after it's written. The editing job has been done as I go, thankfully. I'm finding the podcasting a great tool for pre-edit; if I read out a sentence and it sounds off, I can identify it a lot easier than when trying to read it. It obliges me to pay more attention by virtue of having to read every word to speak it. So at least I'm less worried about the editing process than I usually am.

It's the graphic elements that are really bothering me. I think I know what I want it to look like now, which is better than the last few months of "OMG WUT???", but I'm not sure how to put it together. Also, in some cases I'm having to settle because believe me, it is hard to find a free-use graphic of a city block entirely covered in toads. At least we have an appropriate novelty mug in the house. I may just need to find a good Photoshop tutorial to get the visual effect I want in at least one case, and brush up my skills with Photoshop in general. I may also have to buy Play-Doh at some point.

Then there's setting up the Lightning Source account and blah-de-blah, but that's a ways off yet. Suffice to say, though, that the closer I get to the logistical bits of this, the more I want to run away and hide. And let's not even discuss promotion when that's all done. Though at least I'm learning at the TwitterFox-ish feet of the masters in the form of JC Hutchins, Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace. I'd say Scott Sigler as well, but I don't really follow him on Twitter or anything, mostly because I'm not really a major fan and it would feel dishonest somehow.

Oh, and one of my little squees of the moment is that Matt Wallace and JC Hutchins have actually read and commented on my Absurdist Inc reviews of their podcasted stuff. Commented favourably, I might add. I wonder if Mike Bennett will read it when I finally get around to reviewing Underwood and Flinch.

Anyway, at least that's something to occupy my thoughts while things go more or less to hell. Maybe it's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe it's an oncoming train. I dunno, but I'll give everything my best shot, anyway. Beats the hell out of moping over silly online flash games and random free MMOs.
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That is all. Thank you.

Down Under

Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:54 pm
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I'm sure only one person here is going to understand exactly what I'm talking about when I start in on this, but what the hell: Brighton Below is awesome but the Downtime navigation thing is fucking confusing. I've read the Downtime rules over and over again and I still can't work out whether you can navigate the Known Areas without Exploring them first. Investigating them, fine, I get you'd need to do that before being able to find herbs and what have you (not to mention those pesky secret entrances and exits) but ye flippin' gods, I'm hoping I can at least assume my character can get to the places classified as Known Areas. I mean, after all, she got to the Floating Market okay, she can't be that bad at navigating. Plus I suppose there was an in-game look at Saint's map to consider, so at least there's something to pin various bits of information to...

Anyway, with the nifty little spreadsheet the lovely staffers made, I am trying to put together something that vaguely resembles a map of the Known Areas in-game. Now, this is a little difficult as this is a Neverwhere-style game where, much like in the Dreaming, the distance and direction of various things is a bit ... changeable. Just when I thought I'd got a whole bunch of it done ... well, I hadn't. And the format I did that quarter in over lunch doesn't want to let me edit it at home. Which bites, frankly, as it means that if I want something I can work with at home, I now have to start all over again. Lots of pretty little colour bits and pieces and teensy little text boxes with numbers on and aaaaaargh. The amount of research time I put into these things gets just an eensy bit ridiculous at times.

Still, it's all a lot of fun, and I won't deny that for a moment. Currently in the middle of IC-PM-chat with Saint and that's proving enlightening and entertaining. Pondering Downtime actions and ways in which to justify XP expenditure (the great thing about playing a displaced deity is that you can ... probably ... get away with explaining at least one or two expenditures as "regaining that which was lost, in some small way, owing to having people who actually believe in you again") and stuff like that there. Sometimes it is just nice being a player again...

Oh, and back to that whole "icon yammer" meme thing I did the other day ... while I'm here, here are [ profile] doccy's picks.

Never-ending icon squee )

Anyway, I'm going to go work on that map for a bit and then I'm going to bail because my right foot is doing that swelling thing again and I think I'd like to give it more of a rest than putting it on the floor gives it at some stage.
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...I think I need to go to bed now. But I thought I'd mention that an hour and a half or so ago, while I was faffing, our floor and walls started to shake. I thought "Noisy bloody neighbours having a party" and ... well, mostly forgot about it? But there were niggles that I could not identify.

Like, how the hell the floor was shaking when we're in a ground floor flat with a concrete floor and no basement.

'Earthquake' never even occurred to me until [ profile] leopard_lady linked me to the news.

So first-hand commentary from the earthquake zone is as follows: "It felt like someone playing bad tribal music with the volume and bass cranked too high. Not exactly life-threatening".

Second thought commentary: "Oh fuck, what's this gonna do to the Tube?"

That is all. Thank you. And I take this opportunity to ... GIP.


Feb. 17th, 2008 02:43 pm
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This GIP has been brought to you by [ profile] endis_ni, and my own great joy in actually being able to more publicly and ostentatiously express my thanks for one of my favourite authors ever. I mean, I also have the Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis icons on [ profile] endis_ni's latest entry, and am debating whether I ought to have the Mike Carey one as well (Hellblazer and lots of it) and the Grant Morrison one (Invisibles!) and feeling bad that, while I like Alan Moore and Terry Pratchett, I don't feel fangirly enough to actually have icons thanking them as well...

However. Fact remains that the one that really got my attention was this one. Jim Butcher is, quite frankly, made of awesome. He's proven himself unbelievably versatile, witty, clever and gifted with each new Dresden File novel. Storm Front was a lovely twist on a 'hard-boiled detective novel' in a world where the supernatural really does exist, and like every good detective novel, it was full of twists, turns, whodunits, red herrings, and foreshadowing. For, like, the next nine or ten books. JK Rowling wishes she could write overarching story that fits together as well as the Dresden Files does. His use of language is great, his characters are wonderfully three-dimensional (even Susan gained some depth after awhile, though to be fair I never understood the Susan/Harry relationship, but I suppose too much of it happened behind the scenes to really know why he actually loved her) and on the whole, he's just brilliant.

I want to talk to this man. I want to see how he keeps concordance, if indeed he does. I want to know whether he, like me, just goes, "Hey, I want to do this ... and I think I can because X happened three novels ago and ... oh, awesome! *typitytypitytype*" I don't want to ask where he got his ideas, exactly, but I do want to ask what kind of film, TV, books and music he likes because I know that's where I get my inspiration from sometimes. I want to know if he's ever played a WoD RP, and what he thinks of the Dresden Files RP in production.

You know what I think would be a great charity thing? If a bunch of authors got together and auctioned off a dinner for two with them on eBay, proceeds going to the charity of the author's choice (minus whatever dinner's likely to cost).

(And is it just me, or does Jim Butcher bear a passing resemblance to [ profile] corone?)


Feb. 5th, 2008 08:33 am
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This Gratuitous Icon Post was brought to you by [ profile] junior29 of the [ profile] loyal_badger LJ community (associated with [ profile] hogwarts_elite) and a love of irony. I think it's generally directed at fanfic authors, but ... Hufflepuffs ftw!

Of course, there's a bit of a theme in Changeling where Rowling the sphinx-cat does tend to informally Sort anyone she comes across. Thus far it's been: Gregory = Slytherin, Rhys = Gryffindor, Julie = Ravenclaw, and Kendrick & Gwen = Hufflepuff. So now it occurs to me to wonder where the rest of the bunch would wind up. Thus far I've got Lucien, Meredith and Ballad in Gryffindor; Pippa, Damien and Lucy-Anne in Hufflepuff, Emily and Selene in Ravenclaw and Arawn and Quentin in Slytherin. I'm sure I'm missing a few, but ... well, I hurt and it's early. Answers on a postcard...
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There was this delightful entity on [ profile] customers_suck who had this icon and it made my inner five-year-old go *squee*. So I asked politely if I could gank it and whaddya know? Permission. Yay!

MUST. OWN. THIS. BOOK. I don't care if it's supposed to be for people about 25 years younger than me. I loved it as a sprog and want it back. That is all. Yay rumpus!

*ahem* Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check to see if the silly Mithra at the Culinarian's Guild wants popoto or tortilla and, if that latter, whether Windurst still owns Derfland so I can buy olive oil off a salesperson so I don't have to mess about with the Auction House. Though thank heavens for the Auction House because both my boxes of Tarutaru rice sold and now I'm in the gil again. How long that will last, I cannot say. I still have ingredients and spells to buy. Damn, mages and chefs are expensive.

[Edit: Silly Mithra at the Culinarian's guild wants tortillas. Popotos are tomorrow. Note: buy Selbina Butter. Windy does not own Derfland - Bastok does. No olive oil at Auction House in Windy but there was some in Jeuno. Now must park my little Taru arse in Culinarian's Guild Shop (now that it's probably open again) and make tortillas. My life is so thrilling...]

Me by Meez

Dec. 24th, 2006 03:29 am
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So I am insomniacal again, and also bored, so I went poking around at the Meez site again. And I think I have pretty well captured me.

Pretty apt, no?


Oct. 18th, 2006 09:30 am
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And, after saying for months that I need one, here is my death gnome icon. Yes, my now-lvl19 BLM Taru looks like this. Except with better armour. And makes things go *foom* rather impressively.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a doctor's appointment in 40 minutes.
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This is something of a GIP, but I figure, hey, if I'm going to grump about my Sims, I may as well have the icon to suit. And yes, I have done this. Except with a buyable fire mod. Heeheehee.

With regard to that, we at least now know what memory my computer runs, thanks to [ profile] nightskywarlock. Of course, I had a previous version of the thing he suggested, but it's always good to have the upgrade. Anyway, we now know that the Frankenbox runs the same kind of memory that [ profile] dodgyhoodoo runs in Zim, and we also know that, despite assertions by [ profile] cholten99, my mobo is not exactly hot shit. Zim runs faster, and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo keeps bitching about Zim (though that may be software, I dunno). But I've got two free slots for memory and can't really afford to get a mobo bundle right now, so I'll have to make do. As long as it runs my damn Sims, I don't care. Frankly, I'd also like a new case because I hate the beige, but my money would honestly be better spent on a flat screen monitor that doesn't take up pretty much the entire vanity table. I should be able to get away from that experience with less than a £130 expenditure if I buy online (I've seen some pretty good bargains on TFT monitors, and have my eye on this one) or find a good deal on Tottenham Court Road (more likely than you'd think, plus a decided lack of delivery charges). Either way, it'd be nice to have the room. Though of course, my cash would probably be better spent on a few summer clothing odds and sods, but I really can't be arsed.

Cut for Hollow City rant )

Sorry about that. Needed a rant. And now, I'll go and do something else.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:48 am
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So I dug around through my icon folders last night (the various ones I made but don't tend to use) and uploaded a bunch of new ones. One of the favourites is the one I'm using for this Not-So-Gratuitous Icon Post. We like the baby sloths.

Beyond that, it's just another day at work. The Hollow City's finally back up so I can happily start working on journal bits and so forth. The head Storyteller, who's been on hiatus for a very long time, put in a call for people to send through some minor details on their characters and themselves so she can get to know everybody better. That's kind of nice, when you think about it.

There's this massive list of things to do - both in terms of desperately wanting to do them and realising that they have to get done. The obligations include Affils supplements (I'm seriously considering taking an entirely different tack on Bloodlines; I'm not liking what I have at all). The want-tos are numerous and strange, but are topped by a desperate desire to resume Sims 2 architecture. But since it's payday today, I can go out and pick myself up a copy of Sim City 4. Then I can spend Saturday going through maps of Silent Hill that nice SH fans have provided online and building an entire Sims 2 Silent Hill. Now, if only we could build round-walled buildings in Sims 2. Well, maybe next expansion pack. After all, MTS2 had several forums dealing with how to cheat a split-level house out of Sims 2, and next thing you know, Open for Business allows you to do it without faffing around. This is useful; I can do the Heaven's Night stage now...

Anyway, I guess I should do some work. I don't think I've ever been less in the mood, but I'll give it a shot.
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I have ganked a new icon. I like my new icon. It seems to fit generally.
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100 user pics woo-hoo!

Well, I was renewing my paid LJ account and thought, why not? It's only just over £5. Now I have even more to keep me occupied over the holiday week as I go and make icons. Well, I have screencaps from Serenity (quite good ones, as well, which is a relief given that I had to wait and let them download overnight and I still have to weed out most of the ones that are repetitive or I can't use) and all manner of anime screencaps I kept meaning to use. But, I mean, what was the point if I only had the fifteen and couldn't come up with any I liked more than my basic ones?

Now, however...

But today is going to be sentaku and getting out of the flat. Getting out of the flat is good. Much as I love [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, solitary time is good. Tomorrow's the real chores, though -- go to the bank, then get my Oyster card renewed (expired on the 25th), then buy a new 'for everyday' nightshirt because mine's full of holes and then meeting [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's sister Kate for drink and gift exchange. And then on the 29th, we have the horrorfest; shlock horror films and horror mortal nWoD. Also burgers and chocolates. Whee!

I love the holidays.

Oh, and we had snow! Wussy, flakey, gone-in-minutes snow, but snow nonetheless. Best. Christmas. Ever.
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I did this chibi avatar thing days ago, but with everybody else posting theirs, I figured I'd redo mine and actually post it this time.

So, here we go: ChibiMe.

Image hosted by

[ profile] dodgyhoodoo says mine is more convincing than his. He should have gone for the emo glasses, IMHO.

Right. Smellies for the Hoodoo, then writing writing writing!

This is the mad season.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 08:26 am
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,316 / 50,000

I need to clean up my old NaNoWriMo icon. At least get the text more legible. (For the record, it says, "50,000 words. Another reason to call in sick.") Right now I'd rather call in underslept, but what're you gonna do? It's nearly the weekend and I can get a metric buttload of stuff done if I put my mind to it on Saturday. And Friday night, I suppose. And I've been looking through the bios I have left to do and it's not that bad. And at least the NaNo is moving along, though I need to get at least 621 words done between now and the end of the day if I want to stay even.

And now I need to get to work. Argh.
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Got bored with my old icons. Put up a few of my new ones instead. Not the default; that's still the same. But some of the others ... well, the 'bored' one, for example, as shown here. I like this one -- think it turned out well. I'll probably shift a few others around and fill that last space up. I really should buy myself more icon space one day. Given the sheer number of the damn things I have floating around, it might be nice if I could use the buggers.

Also, according to this quiz I got from [ profile] angusabranson...

I am a d10

Take the quiz at

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Whoa HUGE picture for the bloody meme thing )

Most of them are, in fact, real people. However, distressingly, most of the ones who aren't real are ... well, me. ^_^
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I did it!

I have coded the journal stuff. I have rectified the error in the new miscellaneous NPC page (I nearly forgot the Creature, how remiss of me). The plot, thank God, was already coded. The interminable upload is now done and dusted, and I can go to bed secure in the fact that I'm not going to have to do this for another month. But of course, by then I'll have the GM stuff to code. I've been neglecting that bit in favour of other stuff. Like, I don't know, actually writing the GM stuff.

I still need to sort out my bloody domain. Of course, by this time, what it'll probably take is my hitting someone repeatedly over the head with a ball peen hammer and telling them in no uncertain terms that they are crap! I just don't have the energy to do so just now.

I really should have rewritten the NPC home page, I realise. The link to the Convivium people is kind of small and diddy at the bottom of the Miscellaneous NPC initial page. I'll fix it when I less feel like keeling over, okay?

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I'm sort of in mid-update of the Mage site. I only mention it now because there was one bit that couldn't actually wait. I was browsing around punk photos for a couple of Skank's chantry mates and found what I consider to be the perfect Skank photo. Fine, still missing the head tattoos and supposed to be completely bald, but the facial expression is perfect.

That is all.


Jan. 8th, 2005 11:10 am
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Awhile ago, I mentioned that [ profile] lain_icons was running another icon creation contest, and that I was entering a few. The winners have just been announced. And I'd be a lot more excited about having won in two categories if those two hadn't had default winners -- i.e. no one else submitted in those categories. Oh well. While it's a shame that the concept for the animated one, which I adapted from an icon [ profile] nightskywarlock did awhile ago, didn't get a chance to stand up against others, it's still kind of nifty. So I'm an icon contest winner now, if only by default. Go, me.

Actually, by-default stuff seems to happen to me a fair bit. When I was going to St Chris, I decided to stand for Student Council Secretary (obviously in preparation for a life of secretarial drudgery later on). No one else stood, so I was elected by default. I refused to do it the next term, but the term after that, the only person who was willing to stand was a guy with a reputation for a short burst of enthusiasm for a project followed by months if not years of extended idleness and incompetence, so half the Council came up to me and begged me to do it. I did, we talked him out of standing (wasn't hard, after I told him exactly what the job entailed) and there I was elected by default again.

Same deal when I took the job with the MDA. Out of the eight applicants, two turned up to the interview, and one of them lied on his job app and the testing procedure proved him inept. Again, a winner was me, but by default again.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, I guess. It's nice to win against competition, but it's not exactly my fault that no one else submitted. Because, hell, if they had, I'd have had my icon-making arse whupped good and proper; I'm really only a relatively skilled novice at this. Just goes to show the importance of actually trying.


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