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Apparently, all the luck I haven't had lately? Has returned to me. With interest.

First of all ... okay, I've been temping for a good while now, and it's not good - not in this job market. I have been trying for permanent jobs in a desperate bid for job security. I didn't really expect the effort to pay off, but I had to try because all I was getting was temp jobs. But now, finally, the job hunt paid off and I start a shiny new permanent job on the 20th! It's still medical typing, but not in a hospital - basically the organisation was set up so that hospitals could outsource heavy radiology reporting backlogs and stuff that urgently needed doing despite no radiologists being on call in the hospital. There's also room for advancement in the role, from typist to quality assurance personnel. And, best of all, the job runs from 4pm to 11pm; sure, it sounds weird that I'm thrilled by this but the fact is that despite nearly 20 years in this country, my body h as never been happy on anything but Eastern Standard Time. Sometimes it even defaults to Pacific Standard Time. In this job, I'm working at the hours that suit me best and I get to avoid rush hour. I mean, seriously, DAMN. I couldn't have asked for a better job. And boom, it just kind of fell into my lap.

And then there's the shout-out I got on a Tumblr fandom appreciation blog. I mean, there are no words for the warm fuzzies that I got when I saw this turn up on my tagged posts. It's so nice to be appreciated. Even nicer that my fanfic got a mention in and amongst all the perfumery stuff. Dorky, I know, but hey.

On the whole, things are going pretty well, I think. How's everyone else?
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So ... okay. You know how awhile ago, I was talking about that 'Scent of a Warden' thing - my little side project of perfumes themed on Dragon Age characters? And ... also Mass Effect characters? And a couple of WoD characters now? (I expanded operations 'cos someone wanted a perfume themed on their Corax and I couldn't say no, 'cos ... y'know, Corax and now I've done someone's Son of Ether...)

ANYWAY. Point is that this is still going on. And San Diego Comic Con was just this weekend gone (I think; recently, anyway). There were Mass Effect people there. There were also people I talk to regularly on Tumblr. Some of them were wearing SOAW perfumes. One of them happened to get to talking to Courtenay Taylor, one of the voice actresses from two of the Mass Effect games - does a character named Jack of whom I'm particularly fond - who also does Ada Wong from the Resident Evil games, among others. Apparently, someone who bought the Jack scent showed said scent to Courtenay Taylor and according to Taylor's Twitter feed, she was 'huffing' it. Next thing I heard about it was a couple of days ago, when a friend of mine was one of many to mention who I was to Taylor via Twitter - just she was the only one who knew I was on Twitter to mention me in the post. Because apparently, Taylor had dropped a few Tweets asking how she could get in touch with me for a bottle of this perfume.

So to clarify ... voice actress for character I love in game series I adore likes my perfume. And wants a bottle.

The reason I am still awake and bouncing up and down now is because apparently I am not as good at setting my Twitter text alerts up so they don't wake me up at 1am. This one was from Courtenay Taylor (I Tweeted her myself when I knew she was looking for me). So now I have a Tweet from voice actress about whom I fangirl-squee, telling me that something I did is awesome and that she will be in touch about a bottle of this stuff.

I just ... can't sleep. Too much SQUEE!
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I have been excessively busy. Admittedly, largely with Tumblr. But with other stuff too! Honest!

First is the new job. I'm back to temping, but once again, the agency I'm with is more or less keeping me in the same hospital and has been for over a month now. Big difference? It's a private hospital. The pay's way better, there are fewer people yelling at me and they don't expect one person to do the work of three! (Often.) All in all, it's better, and the only thing that really sucks about it is having to go through Victoria station every morning. I thought King's Cross was bad...

Also, Mass Effect. I preordered the Mass Effect 3 collector's edition but I have been playing it veeeeeeeery slowly because I don't want to play through the ending. Not because I never want it to end, but because ... well, from the massive spoilers I've had about the end, I just don't want that. I'll play it through until the end eventually, but I'm approaching it like a chore, not a thrilling thing. Which is sad because the rest of the game is awesome. Just ... put it this way. When I was presented with a choice of playing through the last half-hour or so of Mass Effect 3 and starting a right-from-ME1 playthrough of my Engineer Shepard ... I chose the latter option. I chose the Mako, the somewhat clumsy combat mechanics and the godsawful approach to mineral surveying over playing the ending of ME3. This ... should tell you something, if you remember me bitching about the Mako the last time. But it really is only that last ten minutes! And I don't know what's happening with that because people seriously got up in arms about it and there's going to be 'clarification' of that mess, according to Bioware. Protip: if you need to sit down and explain the ending to what looks like a pretty hefty majority of your fanbase, you screwed up your ending.

Yes, I know I'm a collosal geek. Still, geekdom can be fun and even a bit profitable. About a month ago, I started a little project I originally referred to as Scent of a Warden, which involved people sending me descriptions of their favourite headcanon Wardens from Dragon Age: Origins (or Hawkes from Dragon Age 2) and I made a themed perfume based on said description. Kind of like BPAL. But on the very first run someone asked if I would consider doing NPCs and then I thought it would be nice to add Shepard blends and then the Mass Effect NPC requests came in and long story short? It's going well. People love the idea, it has been incredibly fun and I'm thinking of trying out bath gels. And maybe learning to make solid soaps, or scented candles. Hey, I found a useful way to channel my geekery and my aromatherapy hobby! I can't really complain.

So in short, all's more or less well in the wide world of Thess. I will try to be a better LJer, I promise.


Jun. 24th, 2011 06:54 pm
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Well, that wasn't as painful as I thought it would be...

First thing I did when I got home was start trying to make space for things. It turns out that if I shift bits and pieces, I can actually fit all my sourcebooks on the top shelf of my wardrobe, which has cleared a nice little swatch of floor space. I'm a little concerned about this bookshelf lark, mind, as the place where I meant to put it will kind of involve having it block the bathroom light switch, but I'm sure I can manage something. Haven't moved the bed yet, after all, and I can probably turn the wardrobe around and it really is like Tetris and the theme tune is stuck in my head argh argh argh.

Something came in the post for me today - I think it must be my first lot of fragrance oils. Minor problem in that I wasn't home to collect them so I got one of those 'collect at the post office' cards. The post office to which they were sent is only open from 8am to 1pm on a Saturday (and only 8am to midday during the week, and closed altogether on Sundays) so it's currently a question of whether I want to risk sneaking out dot on eight to try to pick up my stuff before the kindly folk from Argos bring my bookshelf. Which means having to get up extremely early however you slice it. Hello, the suck, this has it. There are serious issues with having so much of the stuff I want needing to be delivered and having to be at work to pay for it all in the first place. Woe. Well, I'll work something out.

Exhausted. It's been one of those weeks. I have a bit more tidying to do before tomorrow but damnit, that can wait for awhile. Not sure what to do about dinner but given how I feel right now, I'm thinking that ordering out is in fact the only way to go. I just cannot feature cooking right this second. Seriously, just ... no.
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Sooooooo I got inspired again.

No, it's not the writing (though I'm doing that too). No, I'm gonna make perfume/cologne. Some will be WoD-themed. Some will not. Either way, there's gonna be perfume.

I tried not to. I really did. I turned around yesterday when this idea hit me upside the head and went to look up the scented oils I'd need in an effort to discourage myself with the prices of essential oils. (The ones I used to have are so old that they had to be binned.) However, not only did I find a couple of sites where the prices are really reasonable, I found a couple that do fragrance oils that you don't normally find as essential oils but you do find as top notes in BPAL or Arcana scents - leather, oatmeal, honey ... jelly bean, for crying out loud. And those are reasonably priced too. I even found tiny 1ml imp-bottles with wand caps!There are still a few oils that are going to cost the earth to have properly (neroli hellooooooo) and I'm going to have to find a good carrier oil or similar (depending on whether or not it haz an odour, I could use Sainsbury's own brand vodka, I guess) but ... yeah, I'm makin' perfume.

So the first few weeks is going to be ordering oils and experimentation. I may have a fairly good idea of what I want to do for scents like Boggan and Satyr and Celestial Chorus and Verbena and so on, but I need to try them out to see if they actually work before I send 'em anywhere. I've also had a few ideas for scents based on the HIPPIE books. (Carl cologne, and Eau de Mike. Dear gods, I am insane.) But I should have something of interest by the end of August.

Gods help me if I ever try to vent my Dragon Age fandom onto perfume. *suddenly has an idea for DA-themed perfumes* MAKE IT STOOOOOOP!

Right. Back to work before I really do go batshit because of my own overactive imagination.
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I seem to be making up for all the times over the last couple of months I haven't posted, all in one day. But then there is Stuff To Talk About, I suppose.

Having discovered BPAL-related LJ communities (thanks, [ profile] tithenai), I am thinking that perhaps I ought to step over to the next series or two of scents and decide which of them I actually like the sound of. The more I have on my wish list, the more chance I have of getting what I want.

So here we go with Wanderlust and Steamworks )

In other news, I'm going to be gutting Eshu tomorrow. See, after discussion with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, he's agreed to let me have the hard drive out of Zim. He hasn't used his PC in nine months or so, and doesn't reckon it would make an adequate replacement for Skanklet (his MacBook) in terms of Lightroom anyway, so I get to scavenge it for parts. When we're a bit more stable financially, we'll build him a better system but for just right now, all I really need is more storage space. I've got nearly no free space on my HD and that is never good. I think it should be okay provided I remember to switch Zim's HD onto 'Slave' and don't touch Eshu's current HD from where it's currently connected. (I hope I'm right about this. I don't want to find that I screw up a reformat job and end up having to reinstall everything when I'm done with the improvements...)

After that, it'll be dicking around with iTunes, mostly - the new HD will be exclusively for music and video (it's a 100GB drive or so, and will therefore be about 2/5 full as soon as I transfer what I've already got onto it), so I'll have to delete everything off my iTunes library, swap over the files, then do "Add Folder to Library" with my entire iTunes folder. This will be time-consuming, and I'll have to redo all my playlists, but at the end of it, I'll have 40GB free space on my main HD, which might mean that Sims will run faster and will definitely mean less guilt and fret about downloading custom content. (I am relieved to note that no, I do not have more HD space devoted to Sims 2 custom content than I do to music - 40GB music, nearly 6GB Sims 2 downloads.)

So, you know ... busy day tomorrow. Even more so assuming the computer surgery goes well - and I suppose even if it doesn't, Quest-sceneage with [ profile] therealsherbs can happen via iMisc and a network cable. Woo!
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So I joined the [ profile] bpalmarketplace LJ community. It seems to be the cheaper way of getting what I want all 'round. It's less guaranteed, but the pricing on shipping's better. The highest I've seen for international shipping is $4 on the community but they're charging $13 on the BPAL site and $20 at the CBLDF. Ahahahahaha ... NO.

So we'll have to see if there's any hope of getting any of what I want off the communities. If not, it's going to be sending a friend some cash via PayPal and saying, "Buy me this, please, and we will negotiate postage".


Dec. 29th, 2008 03:38 pm
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Right; that's better. My LJ is a paid account for another year. Woo-hoo! (Though I'm appalled at how much the British pound has fallen in the last few months. Geesh.)

And now there is contemplation of BPAL imps. My issue is the same issue as many BPAL addicts - so many scents to choose from, so little cash. And I know there's communities that do trades and blah de blah but I'm really not into perfume in general or BPAL in particular to make it a thing I yak to people for days on end for. No slur on the people who can make perfume appreciation an actual hobby; it's just not for me. I'm not really into talking about top notes or whatever; I just want to wear a nice perfume from time to time and maybe get some ideas on the next aromatherapy experiment, you know? So I'd feel a bit of a fraud on any of the forums or whatnot for BPAL fanatics.

Which means I'm going to have to be choosy, because I can afford a set of six imps and that's it. At least some of the field-narrowing is done for me, because some of them (like the Neil Gaiman ones - woe) just don't get sold in imps and various others are only in the full set and I don't frankly want them all. However, this still leaves a lot to choose from, so I'm going to have to focus on one series and leave it at that. And since all of them have at least six I want, I'll have to build up a wish list, one series at a time.

I'll start with Excolo, which seems to be god-themed: Divinity smells nice, apparently )

So for the six I intend to order this first time ... argh this shit is hard.


We'll have to see how all that goes.

[Edit: It doesn't. BPAL only ships to the US. Bugger having it shipped to a friend for them to ship to me just so I can get perfume. Pity's sake, have we never heard of international shipping? Next stop for self-treating: ThinkGeek.]

[Edit to the edit: Apparently that only applies to credit card purchases. BPAL does not make it easy for us on our small soggy island to get perfumes. And frankly, I'm not entirely keen on spending nearly as much on shipping as I do for the perfume itself. Eh, well, never mind.]
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And tonight's word count is...

35,050 / 50,000

In other news, I now have a cane. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo unearthed it for me - black with a silver gargoyle for a handle. Needs a bit of silver polish, but it's held up really well given that it's been hit by a bus. It's definitely helpful - there is still pain, but with it, I can get up from a sitting position without wanting to scream. This is a bonus.

And now I'm contemplating bed. I've just done over 3.5k words and starting to be actually knackered. Wish my stomach and knees didn't hurt, but not much can be done about that tonight. I'm thinking of whipping up some kind of warm glycerine rub for my knees tomorrow - I've got a couple of ideas that might help the pain somewhat. I'm thinking ginger, coriander and lemon might work, even if I'm going to smell like a stirfry when it's over. Though to be honest, while my remedies mostly seem to work for other people, they never work a damn for me, so I'm not sure why I bother. Still, anything's worth a shot at this point.

[Edit: I wanted to get in on the 35k thread, so I added a few words to one of the stories I was working on, since I didn't want to get started on the ritual scene I have going in the other story because if I did, I'd be at it all night and I would like to get to bed before sunup just the once...]
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All told, it wasn't a terrible day. I went out on another agency interview sign-up thing, and got up to 90 wpm this time. I get grumpy if I don't get at least that.

Stop looking at me like that.

Anyway, she's given me some CV restructuring tips, and I'll have a look at updating that tomorrow. Not tonight, though -- tired and generally hacked off.

After that, I went into Watkins and picked up a couple of new essential oils. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is still my cavy for such experiments as aromatherapy baths, and does not seem to be complaining. We'll have to see how the new blend goes.

Now I'm home, fed, bathed and about to do some further work on Affils. I got my first submission for the mini-story bits being used to separate out chapters, and while it requires some editing, it's mostly a few cuts here and there. Good job, [ profile] 50ftqueenie. I've done some plot hook stuff recently, so after the editing process, I'll probably go back to work on that, if I'm not working on the NPC face shot bases for the artwork. Either way, some more stuff will get done tonight, by hook or by crook.
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It occurs to me that, with the insomnia I've been having for the last few days, eating over half a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans and washing them down with cola is on a par with attempting to douse a fire with kerosene.

Well, I was hungry! And they're moreish. And now I'm into the "tired but wired" phase of insomnia.

Aw, crap. I am such a spaz.

So later tonight, after I've eaten a sensible meal (read: one that does not consist almost exclusively of sugar and caffeine) and made some further headway into recreating my once massive Sims 2 downloads folder, I will be putting the marjoram oil that [ profile] dodgyhoodoo got me to good use. That, valerian, lavender and jasmine in large quantity to drown out the cat-piss smell of the bloody valerian and a little bit of eucalyptus for the sinuses will go into a nice hot bath, in which I will then soak.

You'd think that if I was going to be unable to sleep, I would at least be able to get my muse to do something writerly. But no, she's somewhere in the back of my head contemplating Manchester and the chaos potential of an eight-year-old who can bind spirits. Pet ownership will never be the same again.
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Now don't get me wrong. I love my Yuki very much. Sweetest, silliest cat on earth, in my opinion, though I suppose most pet owners feel that way about theirs. And if the management company from whom our soon-to-be landlord (that's presuming our references come through okay, and I don't see why they shouldn't) doesn't allow us to keep her, I will be very, very sad. All the same, sometimes she's a right royal pain in the butt.

I have a rather extensive collection of essential oils. Some of them -- the cinnamon leaf, as a for-instance -- are irritants and shouldn't be placed directly on bare skin. Others, like the valerian, have fairly hefty medicinal properties (in the case of the valerian, antispasmodic and sedative) and shouldn't be used undiluted under any circumstances. Of course, valerian is also mentioned in Crafty terms as being a favourite of feline familiars. Either way, the whole collection, from bergamot to ylang ylang, fascinates Yuki. Not only does it all smell really interesting, but the bottles are just about the right size for batting around. And they roll. Funny-smelling cat toys. Whee.

So a little while ago, I'm doing my standard webcomic check and I hear *clatterclinkthump*. Turn around -- there's Yuki on top of the bookshelf and my essential oil bottles, so painstakingly arranged in alphabetical order, are now all over the floor. So I grabbed her off the bookshelf, chucked her out, shut the door and began searching the floor for scattered oil bottles. After all, some of those cost nearly £10 for a 5ml bottle and I'm not going to be happy about having to replace them barely used. In the end, I found 'em all, though the lavender eluded me for quite some time (it had rolled under my desk chair). That wouldn't have been a big deal, anyway -- lavender's fairly common, relatively inexpensive and used in almost everything, so having a second bottle would have presented no problem once I'd found the first one.

Still. NOT CAT TOYS! I need to find a box I can put the bastard things in. Well, there's also the need to find some marjoram and neroli oil. Those two are notoriously useful as cures for insomnia and depression respectively, so good to have in the stockpile. Still, don't know from marjoram but neroli's wicked costly in pure, non-synthetic form. But if it's useful (and, like bergamot, it's one of the ones I like wearing as perfume, so yes), I guess it's worth it.

And to think I was afraid I was going to become one of those people who spent obscene amounts of money on nothing but RPG sourcebooks.


Feb. 28th, 2005 01:20 pm
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Back to BESM on Sunday, as [ profile] corone isn't happy with missing out now that it turns out he's actually free this Sunday. Okay, whatever.

[Edit: Or not. Straw poll has gone out. I'm sure I'll find out what I'm running (if I am indeed running) at some point before Sunday.]

Yuki has decided that my laundry basket makes a good bed. I suspect this has something to do with its proximity to the shelf I keep my essential oils on as well as the cushioning qualities of my clothes.

Really must get dressed, groom myself and go out. Must make sure my bank card works, need some new base oil, have to renew my travelcard and should probably eat something at some point.

Sumimasen. I'm not in the world's greatest mood today.
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You scored as Hermione Granger. You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.


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Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with

Know-it-all? Hardly.

I woke up in quite a good mood this morning, despite Depressing Movie Marathon yesterday (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet and then Amadeus from a time when Simon Callow was thin...).

The cat likes valerian. Bit of paper I got from Watkins yesterday calls the stuff "a favourite of feline familiars". Which would certainly explain why Yuki keeps trying to get onto the top of my bookshelf to get at my essential oils. However, according to my Herbal Remedies Handbook, valerian is also a reasonably powerful muscle relaxant and sedative. Which definitely explains why I keep having to get up every five minutes and remove her bodily from the aforementioned shelf. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't keep trying to ingest the stuff -- it's concentrated and I like my Yuki alive, thank you. I didn't react nearly so badly when she started trying to drink my almond base oil -- I reckon that stuff, like the earth itself, is mostly harmless.

Must pack Mrs Robinson's Bag again. The new dice for [ profile] weaselbitch must go in, along with ... well, I say the bare minimum of sourcebooks, but you know me. Then again, it really is going to have to be the bare minimum -- the last few days, I've been tromping around Central London with far too much stuff and my left shoulder is complaining bitterly. That'll teach me to wear my rucksack on both shoulders like normal people do. (Actually, no it won't, but even I recognise that it should.)
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5:30 a.m.: Went to bed. Out like proverbial light.

10:00 a.m.: Wake up, as cellphone is bleeping at me. Text from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo basically saying, "You went home at what time? Without your scarf? You home okay?" Responded with "Yes, thanks".

10:30 a.m.: Couldn't sleep; watched Moulin Rouge. Most. Depressing. Movie. Ever.

12:00 p.m. Decided aromatherapy bath would help general eeghy-feeling -- bergamot, jasmine, eucalyptus and chamomile.

1:15 p.m.: Bath was helpful. However, scent combination seems to have put cat on huge amounts of crack.

1:30 p.m.: Got dressed; went to Budgens for dinner-food. Also lunch -- chips.

1:45 p.m.: Cat seems to have calmed down. Start in on chips; put on Romeo & Juliet, Baz Luhrmann version.

Later, text Simson and [ profile] nadriel about times for game tomorrow just to be sure everyone's on the same page.

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I had a really fun afternoon and evening.

You know those text message conversations where someone asks "Where are you?" and you tell them while moving, and then that someone tells you, "Hold up; I'm just around the corner", and then you're about to text them and ask "What corner?" and they turn up right next to you? Well, had one of those with [ profile] dodgyhoodoo to start the afternoon. Then we headed off to his neck of the woods and made immense fun of various adverts on the Tube on the way.

Then went to Leisure Games (yes, bought tiny ships for [ profile] cholten99; also Mage tarot deck, which [ profile] dodgyhoodoo reminded me I wanted, damnit). Mentioned to [ profile] angusabranson that I was looking to move out of current accommodation so must e-mail him with possible date for looking over room he's looking at renting. Wouldn't have had the guts but for [ profile] dodgyhoodoo being there (plus his reminding me on the Tube that mentioning my desire to move to [ profile] angusabranson now might be a really good idea). Must get temp agency gig very soon. I don't expect that to be very hard.

Dinner at Sourcebook Central was much fun. Did not expect 2/3 bottle of red wine before whole thing began, but hey -- meeting up for drinks at the pub prior to dinner is a good thing. Bullied [ profile] dodgyhoodoo into not interfering when I insisted on carrying most of the dinner-related shopping back to his from Waitrose, but in a nice sort of way. I didn't eat all that much, which is probably a good thing for my waistline but a bad thing for lining my stomach against alcohol. Next week -- atomic chili.

Girlie-chat with [ profile] weaselbitch. (Gamer Girls In Snow -- must do cartoony sketch at some point.) "Bridesmaid" had better not mean poofy peach dress.

Did aromatherapy treatment on a rat.

No one laughed at me for interest in Wicca. This is a good thing.

Let those two read my writing. Not the scary thing I thought it was going to be.

Got home safe despite leaving Sourcebook Central at 4 a.m.

Found the freaking short story!

Going to sleep now. But had a lovely day.
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I got to bed at a reasonable hour, and I slept for a reasonable amount of time. That seems so bizarre, given the last few weeks.

Yuki, bless her, decided to tackle my head this morning -- just leapt onto the back of my chair and wrapped paws around my neck. To her credit, she was trying to rescue me from the brain-eating alien centipede that had just, as far as she could tell, attached itself to my head. I didn't have the heart to tell her "No, sweetheart, this is a hairbrush", figuring she'd work that out for herself as she tried to rend it with her mighty jaws. Or, as indeed happened, it wouldn't matter because she'd lose interest and wander away within ten seconds.

It occurs to me yet again that I have purchased a lot of books lately but not a single one of them is strictly speaking fiction. The only one that comes close is Schindler's Ark, and ... well, no. I should go have a look for The Ruby Knight while I'm on the essential oil hunt this morning. I've got a list of new ones that I'm trying to pick up and I have to wonder what half of them smell like (the others on my list are just stronger variations on the ones I've already got). Sandalwood was nicer than I thought it would be and frankincense is interesting but valerian -- yick.

Right; got another busy day ahead of me so I'd best get moving. Saturday, which is the one day this week where I don't have anything planned, will be devoted to normal things like laundry. (Sentaku! Sentaku!)
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I think the aromatherapy thing may have actually worked -- fine, it took awhile, but I did finally get to sleep. I should take my own advice sooner, and more often.

*sigh* So soon after the death of Arthur Miller, I wake up to hear that Hunter S Thompson committed suicide. It's sad, and not just in a "the gonzo journalist offs himself" personal aspect sort of way. We're watching the giants die, and who from this generation is going to take their places? I just worry that the authors, actors, musicians and journalists we have today are ... well, disposable. Good for the short term, but ultimately forgettable. It's sort of as if we've turned the whole popular culture domain into one big whiteboard and scrub at it once a month or so.

Still waiting for [ profile] cholten99's computer parts. They didn't arrive on Saturday and still have not arrived yet. Then I go pick up his duvet from the dry cleaners. I am Errand Girl, Champion of the Humble Chore! ^_^
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I've got a lot on my mind, but after last night's missed sleep, I hope (oh dear deities great and small I hope) I won't have any trouble getting to sleep tonight.

[Edit: 3 a.m. and the deities mock me. Insomnia fucking blows. I have taken my own advice and done the lavender aromatherapy oil bit. I just hope it works.]

Basic bits of news are sort of sad, really. Another 7th Sea PC died this session -- this time Idunn, the Vendel sharpshooter and "it girl", in childbirth. Since my character was the only one not close to the deceased and gifted with the necessary empathy, I wound up playing group Mum to the mourners. And Bjarne, the Vesten rune mage, is apparently mad and walking the earth as an oracle or something. This has been a very hard chronicle from the PC point of view.

[Edit: to clear up any confusion -- Idunn Laars is one of Simson's 7th Sea characters, not the player. I think Simson was cutting out some characters because he felt he was running too many or something. Between me killing off Aidan and him killing off Idunn and basically putting Bjarne (another of his characters) out of the picture, we lost three characters in the space of one chronicle.]

More news on the gaming group front includes our resident Ecstatics -- because Kat and Mark really need a free Sunday every now and then, they have decided to drop Mage. While it's sad to see E and Chloe go, that's not the part that sucks. The part that sucks, in my opinion, is having less face-time with two of my friends. But whatever they feel is necessary to make their lives easier is cool with me. I'm pretty sure I can still run, even after Simson leaves the party for the summer. A three-player party's not so bad; not like I haven't played it before. There are a couple of items that were in Chloe's possession that need doling out so they can stay in game, but that's easily managed. And [ profile] corone might be able to play a few sessions in the near future. Last but not least, we might get fresh meat in if [ profile] nadriel can think of anyone who might be interested. Sometimes it doesn't work as a dynamic, but my introduction into a very well-established group worked okay.

Good news at the moment, though, is that negotiations have freed up Sunday 6th March for a BESM one-off run by yours truly! I have a few last tweaks to make before I send the restrictions to the group, though ... and of course, I'm not 100% sure how large the group's going to be and who's going to be participating -- sometimes it makes a difference. So far I'm looking at a prospective group of [ profile] nadriel, [ profile] weaselbitch, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo, Kat, Mark and Simson -- standard Mage session fodder, in other words. If [ profile] corone is actually free on that weekend, woo-hoo! I'm hoping to make it an episodic sort of game where we can step away for awhile and come back to it as and when necessary, so despite the apparent one-offyness, I'm letting them roll up their own characters. I hope [ profile] corone can manage without his BESM corebook because I'm sure not going to be able to manage without one. Maybe I can get hold of one before the day...

And in real-world news, my "I'm thinking of inviting the Sourcebook Central denizens over for dinner" thing turned into "Hey, want to come over for dinner Saturday after next?" -- "Cool". So I have dinner guests in two weeks. Yay!
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The mother hen tendencies continue apace. Remembering [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's recent post on his insomnia, I pulled my Herbal Remedies Handbook and looked up the problem, seeing if I could find anything helpful. German chamomile, which he hates but was trying at last check, was listed as a fairly weak remedy for the problem. Lavender was next on the list, so I'm going to bring my spare bottle of lavender oil along to lunch tomorrow. A couple of drops of oil on the pillow at night may help matters (and at least it smells better than the eucalyptus, poor [ profile] weaselbitch...). Additionally, something called schisandra is supposed to have sedative effects, and he knows about the valerian already. I haven't got either of those, but having the names should be useful.

Still bored, but have managed not to do the handbag cleaning. There's a fine line between boredom and OCD, after all, and I don't mean to cross it. I suppose I could do some of the necessary Restart site revamps (I found a picture that approximates Emily Swift, scarf and all), but I'm really not in the mood for dozens of tags. I'll give it another hour and if I'm still bored, I'll get on with that. Somewhere in there, I should produce a proper character sheet for the new 7th Sea character I'm introducing tomorrow, but that's a simple job and won't take long; I'll probably do that before I leave the house tomorrow. Given that I tend to wake up earlier than I need to on weekends (as opposed to weekdays, when I get up about 20 minutes after the alarm's gone off and run around like a headless chicken to catch the appropriate train), I need something to do with the time.

Hate the boredom. Hate it hate it hate it!


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