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Nov. 14th, 2007 06:06 pm
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[ profile] dodgyhoodoo tapped me earlier and told me that, "Since your LJ gets more readership than mine, could you let people know this?" And so, here I am, letting you know this:

RPG Now is doing a sort of a "Thanks Give-away" thing at the moment, where willing companies allow some of their products to be given away free for a day. Anglo-Canadian Games (read: me and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo) agreed in the hopes that the publicity would boost sales, and so, there we are. For today only, the Affiliates Player's Guide is free to download off RPG Now today, based on Eastern Standard Time. So ... there it is, for a limited time only.

Forum Woes

May. 9th, 2006 12:33 am
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Final thought for the evening:

Yes, it's nice when you have a direct line to the creators of a gaming system in the form of an online message board. However, using the GM's Discussion Forum as a place to solicit industry contacts and suss out openings for submissions or 'creative people' in the (very fucking small) indie company is just. Not. ON. Seriously, if you're going to ask about industry contacts and ability to submit new material, have the decency to do it via email like normal people. Particularly if the Admin's email address is right fucking there to use in such a manner. Otherwise you are going to get a public verbal bitch-slapping instead of a nice private and polite "I'm sorry, we can't use anything right now, but if you're interested, there's this other project coming up..."

[ profile] dodgyhoodoo: When you read this in the morning, a couple of things.

1) I would like that thread locked, please.
2) I would like that thread deleted on Wednesday, please.
3) Could I please have moderator status so I can do this kind of thing myself and don't have to write notes to you in my LJ lest I forget about this in the morning?
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Okay, so boredom eventually pays off. I'm too tired to actually work (not that there's really anything urgent to do anyway, since I polished most of that off last week and finished the rest this morning) so instead, I'm ... well, doing a whole different kind of work.

I'm working on Affils again.

Okay, it's not sourcebook material exactly. Yet. Basically, I remembered that the main bitch about Affils was that it "wasn't GM-friendly enough". Read: not enough blow-by-blow scenarios for GMs to run their players through. I suppose that's fair enough, given that I've seen how [ profile] dodgyhoodoo bitches about not being inspired enough to actually run anything and how unhappy [ profile] corone got when we short-circuited his book-derived Rilasciare Paix plot in 7th Sea (not to mention how hard he tried to run it unchanged right up until the last lot of gunpowder blew up). I suppose I'd want book-derived scenarios too, if I wasn't ... well, me. The way most players don't like being chained to a plot, I don't like being chained to a plot as a GM. After all, how's a book going to know what subtleties and set-up any given party's going to have? They're all different. You can't predict how they're going to end up.

Which is why writing up the kind of 'Case Files'-style scenarios that the reviewers seem to indicate that gamers want is so damn hard. I do not write these things down anymore. I used to, but I wound up throwing it all out the window about a half-hour into the session because I had doubts or there was something I wanted to do more or I wanted to do it a different way or ... well, something. I pull half the Mage stuff out of thin air and ... well, I'll let you in on a secret. Changeling? Has no plot. It has theme. It has ... well, stuff for people to do. It has paths. When people go down a particular one, then there will be plot. Briefly. For as long as it takes for them to get to the next branch point. If I actually get around to plotting it. I don't do this well. I write stuff, fine. I can tell a story. But if it involves other people, I'm not going to lead them down something I roadmapped earlier, because they are going to leave the road and probably the map area and wind up somewhere in Tijuana and I'll be forced to extemporise with the Titty Twister, copious amounts of tequila and fomori strippers a-go-go. (Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Lick it, slam it, suck it, eat the worm', dunnit? Heh; at the Titty Twister, the Wyrm eats you.)

There was a point here once. It's gone now.

Oh, right. Case Files. If nothing else, at least it'll be a nice free download for people. Plus it'll be a good place to put the Dragonmeet scenario, if I can ever find my notes. (Basically, my notes were "There is this thing. They must do that thing to prevent this thing from happening. Tell them to go do that thing." Everything else? Came straight out of my arse and the players' imaginations. Explosive green goo. Ha!) Anyway, it'll make a good intro to the Bloodlines book, if I can ever get reinspired on that one. I did have one idea, but this one is going to be the most boring of the bunch. *sigh*

So anyway, yeah. Smythe Affiliated rises from the ashes. Again. It'll keep doing that, I take it. Wheeeeee.
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1) Many thanks to [ profile] pknight. She informed me in a comment on my last entry that Amazon was having some kind of problem getting Affils Player's Guides or something. We have emailed Lightning Source, the printer / publishers, who say that there's no reason they can see why it should have happened and they are going to email Amazon and find out what the problem is. It's entirely possible that it's just Amazon having yet another case of the spazzes (as it often seems to), but in the meantime, we have pointed [ profile] pknight to Barnes and Noble. Hopefully some news that isn't just "WTF? I'll talk to Amazon" will be forthcoming. Bah. I don't know how many people on my friends list actually bought a hard copy through Amazon or anywhere else, but if any of you did, could you please let me know if you had any problems?

2) The alternate-to-Mage-Sunday game shall be Changeling. More details forthcoming soon, but suffice it to say that players should be Seelie. First session (which will probably be entirely prelude and any further character gen that needs doing) will be on 19th March. Can I please have a roll call of those who will be participating?

3) Still waiting on confirmation of my Galliard-auspice Glass Walker for The Hollow City. We're stuck on a minor point about Dex at the moment. A question for y'all: Character starts doing gymnastics and martial arts at age 8, takes up ballet at age 10. Keeps all three activities up through high school, adding cheerleading to the mix. Leaves home and high school at 17 after First Change, travels the country, fights various agents of the Wyrm, keeps in training and pole-dances at strip clubs to make ends meet. How is Dex 5 "not in keeping with the character concept"? I know it seems a little extreme, but the rules did say that Attributes could be raised above 4 with Freebies, and Dex, as can be seen in the background info, would be the one place at which this character would likely be phenomenal. And yet the STs say it's "not in keeping with the character concept". I'm also having minor problems with the whole "We don't generally let people have Attributes at 5 when they start": see above about how the rules say that Attributes can be raised above 4 with Freebies, which is what I did and paid through the nose for it. I'm curious; does it seem that unreasonable?


Feb. 12th, 2006 12:43 pm
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I skimped on the details the last couple of days. Gomen. So list of things I got for my birthday:

1) Engaged to [ profile] dodgyhoodoo (pretty pretty ring)
2) Runaways 1-18 in hardback from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo
3) Culpeper's Complete Herbal from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo
4) Culpeper's Colour Herbal from [ profile] dodgyhoodoo
5) Boston Unveiled (Mage: the Awakening supplement) from [ profile] weaselbitch
6) Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils from Mum
7) Two nice tops (one grey, one red) from Mum
8) One black skirt from Mum (that I still need to exchange)
9) A Perfect Circle CD from Mum
10) Silly presents from Mum (fridge magnet, teeny book on cats)
11) Body Shop products from my stepfather (who didn't get the memo that I make my own now)
12) £25 Amazon UK gift e-voucher from my stepfather; this soon became
12a) Go Ask Alice
12b) Battle Royale 14
12c) Strangers in Paradise 17

There was also a fantastic dinner at a nice little Greek restaurant that I kept seeing on my wanders and thought would be worth a try. My "nice restaurant" radar is still working as well as it ever did, and we both had a really nice time. We did the Camden wander thing first and, despite being depressed at the sheer trendification of Camden in progress, we still managed to have a good laugh at stuff and even do a little business ourselves.

See, we were pootling along in the market building (just upstairs from the Lock) and there was a guy there selling a new comic for which he was the artist. He also had some really nice prints -- his art style is fantastic -- and he reminded [ profile] dodgyhoodoo and I so much of us at Dragonmeet that we stopped to have a word. (Besides, new comics from up-and-coming label always good.) So he gave us his spiel and the comic concept sounds really interesting, and has the 'organised crime' whiff to it so I asked him if he did commissions, then explained why I wanted to know -- I think his work would add a lot to Affils, and always better to have more than one artist on call, even if one turns out costly. He was actually quite enthused (about Affils and Urban Chaote) and we still need to e-mail him and let him know what's going on in that arena so here's me reminding myself. "Quiet" and "self-conscious", [ profile] aberranteyes? Quiet and self-conscious people don't approach total strangers on market stalls with business propositions. ^_^

Anyway, must finish my caffeine, throw clothes on and go to Mage lunch. There are going to be a lot of us today, as [ profile] guido_was_taken is now part of the group. We're going to have to have people on dining chairs now. All's good, though.


Jan. 18th, 2006 03:01 pm
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My friends are too sensible. Far, far too sensible. So I'm bashing away at Bloodlines stuff. Boo.
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We're being all organised about the Christmas grocery shop. [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is going to go out and get a whole buttload of stuff, then I'm going to go and pick up what he couldn't carry. So far the division is going something like, he gets the alcohol, the root veg and the cake fixings and I get the cola, the bath stuff, the cleaning goo and various herbs. Probably also some fruit bits for me. We already have the duck, so that's fine, and there's a pork roast for the Boxing Day feast. There are going to be enough leftovers in the house to choke a small yak. Maybe I should pick up some containers to store them in while I'm doing the shop today.

There is a certain amount of planning being done for the week ahead. Not much, admittedly, but general "What are we doing for New Year?" and "When are we going to have the horrorfest?" (I was thinking the 29th). Most of the rest of the time will be spent relaxing, faffing about with Sims, and watching Buffy whenever [ profile] dodgyhoodoo isn't using the TV. However, there will be a certain amount of work getting done; I never finished the NaNoWriMo story and then there's the Bloodlines stuff, which is actually coming along rather well on a text basis considering that I've only been working on it for two days. Given my not being a numbers person, I'm actually dealing with the whole "making up a dice system and RPG rules" thing rather well, all things considered.

Speaking of RPGs, I was going through my Amazon wish list and doing a browse for Werewolf: the Forsaken stuff (because when Mage finishes up, I think having a shot at new Werewolf would be fun), I happened to notice that a whole lot of the old Apocalypse stuff is still in stock at Amazon. Well, it says so, anyway, despite it being the same principle under which I was waiting for the Vampire clan sourcebooks ('4-6 week' delivery probably being their euphemism for 'when hell freezes over'). Either way, there are other spots where one can get it second-hand that I might try. Things like Book of the Weaver would be seriously useful in the current campaign, not to mention Book of the Wyld and various of the Changing Breeds sourcebooks that I know [ profile] weaselbitch has but would like to own myself. So I've updated my wish list and will have a good old hunt around.

Probably after my birthday, though. In the wintertime, I just can't buy myself anything because my birthday's just over a month after Christmas. Well, I kind of feel good about that despite the fact that it meant no amusement park outings as parties. The reason for that is that anyone buying me presents can take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. Yes, I actually think about these things.

Anyway, despite the lack of Bing-Crosby-in-Christmas-musical-extravaganza, I think it's going to be a good Christmas. And when we've got the Boxing Day relax done, I can have a think about how I'm going to address some comments in a recent [ profile] vampadvocate post...
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The title sentence of this post is going around my head to the tune of Weird Al Yankovic's Polkamon song. This is not a good way to start a morning. But seriously, [ profile] dodgyhoodoo has the lurgy pretty badly, from what he has posted (I know the feeling; that was last week for me), two of my workmates are down with it, and I'm still hacking away like an old hound dog. I hate the lurgy. I'm assuming it's something to do with the change in the weather we had recently, compounded by large amounts of work and stress. However, just because I understand it doesn't mean that I don't hate it. It's kind of like international politics, except you can't call in sick from the PATRIOT Act.

There were fewer corrections on Affils than I thought, so that's going to IRM for review soon. We also need to get in touch with Team8 about that con in Cork, and I really need to start work on the Socialite book now if I want to get it ready by March without this hassle. Must sort out the kind of non-stock photo art I want so I can talk to [ profile] weaselbitch and not dump an unreasonable deadline on her this time. So that's Mission Two, Mission One being to work out on at least a general level what I'm going to put in the supplement to start with. I suppose it's mostly going to be addressing how one treats the organisations for which they serve as liaison and stuff, along with a few little extras for anyone playing the Socialite (I note that is not a particularly popular character, as people would far prefer to shoot things).

Anyway, I think Mission One for this morning is really "GET TO WORK". Bleh.

Con Tales

Dec. 3rd, 2005 08:10 pm
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I'm hooooooooooome.

Okay, so I barely slept last night, between nerves and lurgy. Still got up, got stuff together and headed out to Dragonmeet with the rest of the team. The taxi ride was nice, all things considered, and when we got there, [ profile] corone was kind enough to help [ profile] dodgyhoodoo with one of the boxes he was trying to haul in. Our trader's stall was huge; in a good area and right next to Travellers, which was kind of neat. So I went out shopping and, after my usual Dice Scoop adventure (they make us use a proper cup now, but I still got 1 d4, 29 d6s, 18 d8s, 6 d10s, 3 d12s and 19 d20s), picked up some great stuff (which I must now remember to take off my Amazon Wish List). I got the Clanbooks for Ventrue, Toreador and Tremere. I also got the Dark Ages book on House Tremere, back when they weren't Wyrm-tainted undead. And then I checked the sign-up sheet for my game. One person, who is apparently starting up an indie games store in Reading. I met him while I was chatting to a nice man named Kevin who was manning the stall selling Deleria and a neat-looking non-collectible card game called Horrific. So the morning session did not go ahead, and I was not happy AT ALL.

The afternoon went a little better, and we made a few sales, but best of all was when not one but two magazines came up asking if they could do reviews. One asked for us to send a PDF copy and said that we should consider them if we want to publish scenarios or errata in a mag. We also got approached by Team 8, a company who, for no charge, run other people's games at cons, and someone telling us about a weekender in Leicester sometime in April next year. Which was a laughable idea, considering how slow business was. [ profile] cholten99 turned up and seemed impressed, but [ profile] corone was too busy to take a peek at the stall, which was a bit of a pity as I was keen to see what he thought of it, but never mind.

We sold all the "Signature Trait: Geek" mugs (I get the feeling those will be very popular at cons in future; must print more next time, and less of the others), and several of the books. To my surprise, [ profile] bibliogirl and her [ profile] rotwang made an appearance, purchased a book (thanks, guys!) and hung out around the place for a little while for a chat. A couple of other familiar faces turned up, though I can't for the life of me remember exactly where I know them from. And, thankfully, I got enough people signed up to run the demo game in the afternoon. That went fantastically -- as seems usual for the few games of Affils I've run, one character winds up taking the de facto leader position because no one else makes any sense, several characters end up at each other's throats, and one character takes a straight left-hand turn into true Affiliate "Simple. Inventive. Nasty" territory. In this case, "Simple. Inventive. Nasty" involved a sabotage tactic to make a power drive leak explosive green goo, a silenced Para-Ordnance, remote-control locking of every door in the building bar the one our assassin was escaping from, a runaway sprinkler system and, in the end, the destruction of an entire building. They were wonderful players and if all groups are even half as good as them, I'm looking very forward to the next con.

The Affiliates bear no longer lives with us, though. He was given to a very good cause, though -- a charity auction for rare stuff. I can order another one, though; it's not like I gave them Clue or anything.

I survived Dragonmeet 2005! What's more, I think we were a success! I mean, poor SLA Industries got two people signing up for a 14-person game, and the whole convention seemed emptier than it was last year. I think we did very well for an unknown, looking at it objectively. Now we've got reviews coming in (one of the mags already has their review copy), a bunch of people who might turn around to their friends and say, "Hey, how about we play this new thing I found at Dragonmeet?" and general exposure. I think the ability to participate in the Undiscovered Authors novel competition is a small price to pay for this kind of thing. Then again, I'm now exhausted and am looking forward to the arrival of curry and a nice hot bath. Not bad for the lurgy-infected, though, huh?


Dec. 2nd, 2005 10:55 pm
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Pre-gen Character Sheets & Bio Info: Check.

Brief Scenario Notes: As far as I ever have scenario notes, check.

Bag of d4s: Check.

Notepad, pens and paper: Check.

Player's and GM's Guides: Check.

T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs: Check.

Lock Box and change: Check.

Mascot Teddy Bear: Check.

Snacks & caffeine: Check.

Clue: Check.

The blessings of the Gaming Gods wished upon me by my mother: Check. (?????)

Confidence: ...

Well, I have the other stuff. That'll do for now. Next stop, Dragonmeet.
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[ profile] dodgyhoodoo pretty much ordered me not to go into work today, as I am snuffling, achy and coughing like a maniac. Yep; the lurgy has caught up with me altogether. The day before fucking Dragonmeet! If I'm still hacking my guts up tomorrow, I am going to be so peeved...

Well, it's not like I don't have anything to do today. I need to fill out those goddamned character sheets, get them printed (it's easier for me to fill them out in Photoshop and then print out two copies than to write the buggers out; plus it negates handwriting issues) and then work out some kind of poster for the wall/table. After all, we're out the door at eight tomorrow, for a nine o'clock arrival and doors opening at ten. And there's no way I'm going to be able to get back to sleep like this. I might take [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's suggestion of a hot bath once I've got something done; might at least relax things so that coughing doesn't feel like my lungs are tearing. Probably should also make a foray to Waitrose for Vaporub; we realised the other night that all the cold and flu stuff in the house went to [ profile] nadriel when he had the lurgy the other month and while I've replaced the Lemsip and have throat sweets, I didn't bother with the other stuff.

Right. I guess I should curl up in bed. Actually, the bonus to doing the character sheets by hand is that I can take the books and character sheets and do them in bed rather than sitting up here all morning filling in little triangles. So I'll do that, then.

(Why me? Why now?)


Dec. 1st, 2005 04:01 pm
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Came in from lunch late. Got my d4s (40 of them should do) and some very strange looks from the guy behind the counter at Orc's Nest. He said "But you'll never be able to roll a 6". Nooooooo, not if you only roll one... Anyway, I just told him I was running a demo game for a new system and no one routinely uses d4s so I thought I'd provide some. He shrugged and said "Ah. Cool." Still looked at me like I was mad, though.

Got this link from [ profile] kixie: Man gets life in prison for raping a four-month-old. However, he is up for parole in ten years. Yyyyyyeah. They doubt that he will be released, but still... I think people like that don't need jail so much as mental hospitals because they're obviously unstable. Why is it that the so-called 'normal' ones are allowed and encouraged to take antidepressents and mood-altering pharmaceuticals just to prevent them from having any negative moods at all while people who perform acts like that are merely thrown in jail and given no help at all? I don't get the psychiatric community.
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Still want.


Want it want it want it!


So terribly sad that I a) get this, and b) want it.

I really must stop looking at ThinkGeek. So many T-shirts, so little money.

Don't know what the hell I'm doing here. I feel like hell and I'm not allowed to have more Lemsip for at least two hours. Argh. I can't afford to be sick. Well, if I still feel this shitty tomorrow, I'm going off sick. I can't be ill on Saturday. Joking aside, I'm not sure I could manage running demo games via flashcards. I mean, I'd have to come up with the likely phrases I'd need, for a start. At the moment, all I can think of is "ROLL INITIATIVE", "ROLL DAMAGE", "ROLL DODGE", "TAKE [number] POINTS OF DAMAGE", "MOVING SWIFTLY ON..." and "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THAT?" Oh, and let's not forget, "PARDON ME WHILE I DISPENSE A CLUE-BASHING."

Must go out and buy dice at lunchtime. There need to be a fair few, but realistically, I can get away with only getting enough for one group. Even if several get walked away with, I'll likely get enough d4s in my dice scoop adventure to not have to worry about it; there were last year, which is probably why I wound up coming up with a d4 dice system in the first place, sitting around and wondering what the hell to do with them all. Anyway, we can always pick up more d4s there if it's an emergency. I mostly just don't fancy the idea of walking into Forbidden Planet, Playing Games or Orc's Nest and asking for 100 d4s (some dice pools for weapons damage will go up to eight or higher). Then again, it's probably a good way to get Affils brought up in conversation in a non-chain gaming store, which in turn is probably a good thing.

In any case, it'll give me a chance to go gift shopping. 'Tis the bloody season, after all. At least I have the basics covered. Yeesh. There's too much on this winter.
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Four sets of character stats down, two to go. I have the four main ones, and that's the really important thing. I do like rolling up characters; trying to work out stats for all the little people my head creates on a regular basis can be truly entertaining. So I have my socialite, my geek, my bruiser and my assassin and just have the medic and the tinker left to go. I should be able to have that done by tomorrow. Then all I have to do is fill in the little triangles and write out some short background stuff for each. Then ... gyah, this is insane.

The worst part? I seem to be coming down with the lurgy. Joking aside, I cannot be ill for this. Arrrrrgh.
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I know you all know this already, but (even though the story's not done yet) ... well, check the icon.

Final word count: 50934

Two years running. I rock. Just don't let me forget to finish this one. (Well, I suppose [ profile] 50ftqueenie and [ profile] dodgyhoodoo won't, as they want to know how it ends, I hope...)

And muchas gracias to [ profile] corone, who got us some ad space in the Dragonmeet programme. There was a mad scramble to get everything done, but it's gone out to [ profile] pond823. This had better be the last goddamn last-minute rush job, I am warning the universe...
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I am feeling woefully underslept. Oh well. We have come to the end of the week now, and I can lie in tomorrow if need be. And I think there will be need, because I'm going to have to at least try to make a final push on the NaNo either tonight or tomorrow. Probably not tonight, though, as I've been on the verge of falling asleep at my desk all day.

However, one good thing is that we got the finalised floor plans etc for Dragonmeet. Lobby; yay! Actually, I think the demo table's about where [ profile] cholten99 and I played Principia Malefax when I first went to DM two years ago. Same side of the hall, a little further away from the stage. Still, it's near friendly faces and my own stall and is in the same room as [ profile] corone is running his Buffy / Dr Who crossover game, so at least I won't be nervous all by myself. Then again, there will be people there to notice me screwing up. I just can't win. :)

So the floor plan is with us, the books are here, and I know we have a wall upon which to stick a sign, should we so choose. Things really are getting organised, aren't they? Now all we have to do is hope that there's not such a huge delay in getting the T-shirts in as there was the first lot; I won't mind not getting the coffee mugs if we can just get the T-shirts in. Also hope that lot's not overly heavy; if it is, I hate to think of the cost of getting a taxi from here all the way to Kensington...
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So [ profile] dodgyhoodoo tells me that the books we ordered for Dragonmeet are already in Borehamwood. They will be arriving at the house today. This means [ profile] dodgyhoodoo is going to scamper off home early to collect them. And that we have books already.

...We have books already! Agh! It's just over a week before Dragonmeet, you realise. One week to go and then I'm going to be running games and selling things and ... AGH! I shall go totally bugfuck. I may have to wait until after all the running and things to properly descend into bugfuckery, but it will happen. Just you wait and see.

Too many deadlines, too little time. So far what I have is:

Days until end of NaNoWriMo: 5
Days until Dragonmeet: 7
Days until my mother's birthday: 24
Days until Christmas: 30

There needs to be a plan. So far what I've got is "Finish NaNo, spend the remaining time working on Dragonmeet stuff, do Dragonmeet, have nervous breakdown, shop". It'll have to do. But at least I got niftiness for people. [ profile] dodgyhoodo apparently envies my organisational skills. Which is odd, because I feel about as well organised as London public transport.

Speaking of, I was smart and checked the TfL website before I left the house. It said, "Minor delays on the Northern Line due to a signal failure at Finchley Central". Again. So, remembering the fact that yesterday they were taking "Minor delays" to mean "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!", I took the Piccadilly Line instead. Got to work on time, too, even taking into account the stop I made in Sainsburys' for instant coffee and a cinnamon danish. So it's not all bad.

What is bad is that, following up from my post yesterday about rape statistics and whether or not women who were considered to be dressing provocatively or flirting and then raped were in part responsible for what had happened to them, [ profile] kixie makes mention of a recent Times article in which they talk about a recent rape case that made the papers. Apparently, women who are raped while drunk are losing the right to press charges -- something about how "drunken consent is still consent". One of the people commenting on [ profile] kixie's comment asked if that applied to people whose drinks have been spiked, bringing up 'roofies' as an example. While rohypnol is a problem, I'd also bring up the possibility of simply spiking a woman's drink with more alcohol; things like vodka don't taste like much and it's fairly easy to keep ordering doubles for the lady instead of singles. In short, there are some serious holes in this argument.

I'm not sure I agree with the way this has been done, either. In this case, the suspected rapist was working as a security guard and had been charged with seeing the woman home safely because she'd had way too much to drink. It's fair to say that if the woman in the case was that drunk, she probably didn't initiate anything, though that was never called into question. No one ever really questioned her allegation that she was unconscious at the time, either, which is odd given that it's kind of hard to give consent when you're not aware of your surroundings. They just said, "Drunken consent is still consent", not taking it into account that the suspected rapist might have started to molest her and continued straight on to sex because she didn't say no. It may not have occurred that she didn't say no because she was too intoxicated to protest, which is a different thing than "consenting". It just strikes me as wrong, if easier for the courts to deal with, that a rapist is let free just because his victim made a mistake. Getting carried away can happen to anyone, and it seems wrong that a door has now been opened for men to take advantage.

The worst part about this, though? The judge ordered the jury to vote 'not guilty' even if they disagreed. Direct quote. And no one argued with him. What's the point of a trial by jury if the jury's being told what to do? It just strikes me as a fallacy of justice to have a judge say, "This is what I think; vote the way I think". Gah.
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[ profile] dodgyhoodoo left the house quite early this morning in order to pick up the T-shirts and miscellany we ordered from eQuisto several bloody weeks ago. As he points out, the T-shirts do look good and now all I can do is look forward to trying it on to see how it fits. And yes, the bear is so much fun -- bigger than I'd have expected, and rather cute. It will sit on the stall as a kind of mascot, and if it wanders there will be hell to pay.

And yes, I am "meeping and glibbering", but generally only in the comfort and former privacy of my own home. Can you blame me? I've only done two cons previously, none of them as a trader and certainly never run a game at one, much less a brand spanking new one of my own devising. The only attention I call to myself at these things is generally "You're a non-combatant medic who's gone and done what the gun-bunny would have done if we hadn't fucked up and you've just killed a fomor with a .22 pistol. WTF?", "You found what in the second-hand bins? Shit; how'd I miss that?", and "You got how many dice in the dice scoop? Shit!" This, I can handle. Running a game and potentially fucking it all up? Not so much. Not having anyone sign up for it in the first place? Really not.

But I can't back out now, so I'm doing it anyway, panic attacks be damned. What I will do is wind up spending the next week and a half making lists and timetables in my head (and probably on LJ), working on character sheets and generally driving myself half-crazy. Which is, of course, the best mental state in which to run games. So now I'm thinking about what I need to bring to Dragonmeet (not including the obvious books, T-shirts and miscellany, providing of course that we actually get the T-shirts and miscellany on time) so that I can get the necessary before Dragonmeet.

I bet you'll all be sick of me by next week... )

If I need anything else, it will occur to me closer to the time, I'm sure of it.

Must get back to work properly on the NaNo. I'm about where I was at this time last year, though to be fair I didn't have this particular project last year. I'm just trying to figure out where exactly I want it to go next -- I have a couple of ideas but I'm not sure which one to use. I suppose I just need to sit down and write until one or the other ceases to be an option. *shrug* These things happen.

And in other news, it's payday. I went out to seek a new set of headphones, noticed that the Dixons on High Holborn is shite and has no selection to speak of, and found myself in WH Smith, just browsing. I gave in and purchased The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack -- well, it was only £10 and my Legacy Sims will appreciate it. Must play them again at some point, too... Besides, with this coming out, there's going to be all kinds of recolours and I'd like to have the meshes for them straight off. And I think it's supposed to be all manner of parties, not just Christmas ones. So that's one item off my Amazon Wish List anyway.
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I've just received the updated list of games running at Dragonmeet this year. Woo. Yay. Whole bunches of stuff I don't get to play because, goddamnit, I'm too busy running demo games and shit. *sigh* They have Ars Magica. They have Deliria. They have Cthulu. They have Serenity. They have SLA Industries. And from the looks of things, they have an Awakening LARP. And I'm GMing. Why didn't they have this stuff last year? (Okay, besides the fact that half of those games were not a going concern last year; your point?) While I understand the need for demo games, and I suppose I take [ profile] dodgyhoodoo's point about being the one best placed to run it because I have been dealing with the gameverse in one form or another for five years. But still, all the pretty games ... and I haven't actually played in four months. Not that I don't have intense amounts of fun running, mind you, but I'm beginning to forget what being a player feels like.

...Okay, not really. If I had forgotten what it was like to be a player, I wouldn't be able to fuck with them so well. And I suppose it's probably just as well anyway, given that I wouldn't be able to make up my mind between all the games I'd really want to play. If I could play, the decision-making process would kill me, so this is better. Please to be looking on the bright side, Miss Thess.

Speaking of the bright side, interesting bonus I hadn't thought of is that, by dint of alphabetical order, Affils is at the top of the list of games being run (or will be when it's posted properly; apparently they're having some website problems). Obviously being unable to think of another name for the game by reason of having thought of that whole group as the Affiliates for five years has its advantages in some cases.

I have a basic schedule for at least my own movements at Dragonmeet:

Cut for friends list neatness )

I sound so organised for someone terrified half out of her gourd, don't I? I need a 'meep' icon.

**Non-Amazon-derived Christmas Wish List Item 2: Renewal of my paid LJ account with extra icon space**

(Don't worry too much about Non-Amazon-derived Christmas Wish List Item 1. That's the iBook G4. If I get that from anyone but parents, I will be very confused.)
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The Affiliates Player's Guide proof is in. While it would have been better to get this first, in a way it's better this way. While the GM's Guide came out well, this came out better; seeing the GMG after the PG would have caused me to be overly critical of the GMG. They centred the cover art better on the PG, and they managed to avoid the pre-media error that got four extra blank pages dumped into the GMG (which we still got charged for). I'd say more, but I have an armload of undetterable kitten.

3:00 p.m. Not worth going in to work, really, is it?


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