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That's it. Stick a fork in me; I'm done. MARINES, WE ARE LEAVING.

So today I was working away at my makeshift desk, minding my own business, when office manager walks up to me with the hangdog expression of an individual who is going to ask for something really, reeeeeeeeeeally inconvenient. And then tells me that there is a 'crisis' in another department and they need me there for the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow too, but probably not next week. When they're still not sure they'll be able to find me a desk.

I am sending my CV to agencies now. Even if all they can find me are temp jobs, IT IS BETTER THAN HERE. I can't take this anymore.

So today, or at least this afternoon, I am at a computer that is running an outdated version of IE (so not even gimped Tumblr, woe) and getting condescended to by people who don't understand that I have been doing this shit for at least as long as they have and they don't have to talk to me like a newbie. I hate it here.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm using a transcription machine from the early 90s?

*headdesk* I want ooooooout.
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